👺  Sometimes I Have To Write On An Idiot Level To Reach Idiots —  We call It “ Jerkoff Talk”  —  Thats having conversation with idiots or  those Who reject truth for political means and justification for weak-mindedness —  Simply Stupid!   The Uneducated, Tooth Fairy Lovers, Evangelicals, “ Believer’s” And Schmucks Who Watch TV And Listen To Conspiratorialists, Shock-Jocks, Douchbags And Some Celebrities Who Don’t Understand Or Know Nothing About Medicine And The Truth — Are Doomed— 

👺 Our warning for today is Omicron II B.A.2 Has Arrived and we might be in the beginning of /or have another surge and this one is 80% more transmutable —  3/23/2022  981,000 deaths and a new strain is possible as we mistakingly take down the fences, this could be a disaster.

The new Hybrid versions of the coronavirus that combine genes from the Delta and Omicron variants - dubbed “Deltacron” -  It has been officially confirmed as a new variant.   According to analysis of Deltacron’s genetic code, its “backbone” is derived from the Delta variant while its spike – the part of the virus that attaches itself to human cells – is from Omicron.  B.A. 2

👺 Is it more dangerous than Delta or Omicron?  Possibly,  because of numbers and long term effects on many.  Global Covid death toll ‘may be three times higher than recorded’  Because there have been so few confirmed cases, it is too soon to know whether Deltacron infections which are more transmissible or can cause severe disease. 

👺 There is not yet enough data to ascertain how well vaccines protect against it for the long term.   I fear this is something that we will have to live with till we know more.   What do scientists make of Deltacron?  Experts have been quick to stress that recombinant variants are not uncommon, and that Deltacron is not the first and will not be the last to occur for Covid.
The chief scientist at the World Health Organization, tweeted on Tuesday: “We have known that recombinant events can occur, in humans or animals, with multiple circulating variants of #SarsCoV2.   We need to wait for experiments to determine the properties of this virus.  Importance of sequencing, analytics and rapid data sharing as we deal with this pandemic.”

👺 The latest fear is something only time will tell:   The problem of  “ Delayed Actions” or medical events happening to COVID patients down the road, a far as a year later reoccurrence affecting the heart, lungs, and other area and organs is gaining prominence. 

As I said many times an old —  Al Jacobs 78120

02Ladder—  statement devoted to those who “ ignore”  — from the stem of the noun “ ignoramus”.




👺  COVID-19 symptoms can sometimes persist for months. The virus can damage the lungs, heart and brain, which increases the risk of long-term health problems.

Most people who have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) recover completely within a few weeks. But some people — even those who had mild versions of the disease — continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery.

These people sometimes describe themselves as “ Long haulers" and the conditions have been called post-COVID-19 syndrome or “ Long COVID-19." These health issues are sometimes called post-COVID-19 conditions. They're generally considered to be effects of COVID-19 that persist for more than four weeks after you've been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

Older people and people with many serious medical conditions are the most likely to experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms, but even young, otherwise healthy people can feel unwell for weeks to months after infection. Common signs and symptoms that linger over time include:

  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Cough
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Memory, concentration or sleep problems
  • Muscle pain or headache
  • Fast or pounding heartbeat
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Fever
  • Dizziness when you stand
  • Worsened symptoms after physical or mental activities

ORGAN DAMAGE CAUSED BY COVID-19 — Although COVID-19 is seen as a disease that primarily affects the lungs, it can also damage many other organs, including the heart, kidneys and the brain. Organ damage may lead to health complications that linger after COVID-19 illness. In some people, lasting health effects may include long-term breathing problems, heart complications, chronic kidney impairment, stroke and Guillain-Barre syndrome — a condition that causes temporary paralysis.

Some adults and children experience multisystem inflammatory syndrome after they have had COVID-19. In this condition, some organs and tissues become severely inflamed.

Other data suggest the variant is more contagious. The scientists found that people infected with the variant harbored about twice as much virus in their noses, an index of viral shedding, which may make them more infectious to others. In the lab, viruses engineered to carry a key mutation found in the variant were better than control viruses at infecting human cells and lung like structures called organoids.

 And in one nursing home where the variant took hold, it spread several fold faster than in four other nursing home outbreaks caused by other viral variants. "The evidence is growing that this [variant] is more transmissible than [its] immediate competitors," although not as transmissible as some other variants of concern, says William Hanage, an expert on viral evolution at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. (Variants of concern are coronaviruses with mutations that make them more likely to spread, evade vaccines, or make people sicker.)



“ We Got You Covered” 

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Plain Simple Talk — Simple Truth — For Idiots  —  On Your Level — No Bigly Words

Some of you are killing people claiming your rights to not vaccinate.  You are correct, you have the right to illness and death for yourself, but not to others, you come in contact with.  If you choose for yourself to risk death, it’s called suicide, if you choose ignorance, and contact with someone else as dumb as you, or who is also not protected with vaccine you become a potential murderer.  

But we have a plan for your demise! As soon as possible after being thrown out of purgatory please follow the simple instructions.  Thats the red button on the elevators that go to lower level  666 — 

We Have a Plan For Anti-Vaxers —  Reservations Are Needed  — If you choose to not vaccinate please contact the Angel of Death for an appointment during business hours as soon as possible. President Lucifer Mestopheles of the Underworld refuses to pay overtime so be prompt!   Hell’s Business hours are 9:AM to 5:PM Mon to FRI. 

And after hours or dinner, if necessary the Gargoyles Assistance Group  (GAG) will gladly attend to you after they gorge themselves on the roadkill.  They think people taste like chicken and roadkill is still roadkill.

Note  —  Few rooms in the T-RUMP Hotel-In-Hell are left.  Many more under construction,  sales were brisk as T-RUMPS entire former cabinet and friends bought a block of suites, sold and booked and we wish to take notice with the real estate guys who might have started the rumor it is the only air-conditioned Hotel rooms in Hell.  Not True!  It’s not, there are none. Trump never paid the Electric nor AC company.  We use fire, not electricity.  Please dress summer like, fur coats get burned here and they stink when burned. 

Special Offer From Lucifer For Anti-Vaxers !  For 19.00 dollars a month you can support a Gargoyle of your choosing and we’ll send you a genuine rock-carved Gargoyle Neckless by the Italian Masters you can wear around your neck and show your friends the love and support you have for Gargoyles and Hell.  Five great selections to choose from, something for everyone. 

CHRISTIAN Limited Offer —  We’ll include a handwoven neckless made from the strands of Hangman’s ropes used by the Hanging Judge Isaac C. Parker on many, many occassions.   He’s one of our best supporters.  Always keeping us busy.   We like it when he hangs around.  Offer is on a first come basis and the rope is getting scarce as we are overflowing with GOP politicians who were told the T-RUMP hotel in Hell had AC.  Sorry no refunds.

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 8.07.02 AM

FOR ISLAMIC SINNERS — For our Islamic brethren killers like ISIS and the Taliban we have a special edition, endorsed by  Muhammed and Allah Certified   لها سبعة أبواب لكل باب منه جزء مقسوم  each of the miniature gargoyles comes in a little cage  with the inscription:   “Indeed the hell fire is the dwelling place of them all. It has seven gates and within each gate there is an appropriate punishment for each inhabitant…” 

Jahannam, or the first level of hell: This level is for Muslims who were sinful in the world. It has the least heat among all the levels and has the least painful punishment for the sinners. As the sinners enter through its gates their faces will be burned and the fire will eat their flesh.  Our Guarantee:  Here Allah will renew their flesh every time after they are burned. It’s one of those ongoing things.


👺  Great work T-RUMP fans, only 30,000 to go and one million Americans will have succumbed to this pandemic.   If the friggen political bullsh*t lies and mis-directions by T-RUMP, his ass-kissing acolyte schmuck homophobic, evangelical idiot of  a VP Pence, his fake Quack doctors ( all hailed on FOX as celebrities)  and other sycophants  and the GOP losers were stopped earlier hundreds of thousands might have been spared. the onus of death is on their shoulders.   

👺  May God protect us from these people who support ignorance, stupidity, and denigrate the Medical World who have saved so many in a war we cannot win while the enemy has the ability to change the game . Only total world wide vaccinations and drugs with stop this.  If you do not believe this, I guess being a frickin idiot is your lifestyle.

👺  We do know this, the children are getting clobbered.  Thats the scary part, are there hidden long term effects in this morph we do not know about. We do know it works in kids because of their size as the distance to their upper respiratory system in children is short.  ( If you don’t understand the last statement get a lobotomy, you are a frickin idiot)

👺These post-COVID conditions may also be known as long COVID, long-haul COVID, post-acute COVID-19, long-term effects of COVID, or chronic COVID. CDC and experts around the world are working to learn more about short- and long-term health effects associated with COVID-19, who gets them, and why, of more hearing losses, blood clotting, and lots of unknowns.  

Our science is fighting, unyielding, strong, we are holders of our own, but people are dying, Mother Nature can be a bitch.  Pick your poison.  The partisan gap in Covid’s death toll has grown faster as 2020 wound down.  Good reasoners believe that the death toll during the pandemic’s first year might have been worse in Republican America.  Conservative (Reptilian) areas tend to be older, less prosperous and more hostile to mask wearing, all of which can exacerbate the spread or severity of Covid.   

Liberal areas, for their part, are home both to more busy international airports and more Americans who suffer the health consequences of racial discrimination.  Deaths were factored higher in Republican states, due to a higher level of mis-information, poor local politician choosing, Donald T-RUMP, his acolytes and incredibly large amounts of SIDGINT —  Stupidity, Ignorance, Dumbness, Gullible, Independent Thinking, Nutcases, and Trumpets.

TRUTH:   The true explanation is straightforward: The vaccines are remarkably effective at preventing severe Covid, and almost 40 percent of Republican adults remain unvaccinated, compared with about 10 percent of Democratic adults.   


Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 8.13.51 AM 

MORONS MARCH ON AND ON —  The Delta B-2.0 Version of the latest morph has a velcro type exterior that clings better to new exposures and affects children as well as adults.   

  • And all those stories about children being exempt were not proven nor factual, just rumors and adopted by the Republican scumbags who lie about everything just to cause havoc in the GOP base and loyalty.  
  • Gov DeSantis of Florida — T-RUMPS Mini-Me is guilty of such lies.
  • Seven radio shock jocks lied and died this year from COVID, God was listening and they are all in Hell now.  The whole story is below.   Why do people listen to them?  
  • Losers, morons, liars continue to lie, because there are plenty of mis-placed, ignorant, losers and short-brained morons out there who believe them.   Many of those who support them have grudges against institutions, science, truth, good examples they lack,  and suffer from vengeance because of their own short comings,  lack of self esteem or good causes to follow.
  • They are easily swayed, charmed, bull-shitted, twisted and get screwed all the time and go back for more.  Einstein was right,  “ Do the same thing, the same way over and over again and if you expect a different ending you are an idiot”.  
  • Our planet has lost five million people that we can count, Our counts of Indigenous tribes and isolated areas as in South America and Africa are not accurate. One person can create a morph if their body fights the spore and the spore changes its mot-us operandi  —
  • "Yes, it is likely another SARS variant, or even more radically different COVID-related virus will emerge sometime in the future.   "'Variants of the present COVID-19 strain will keep appearing as long as the virus is circulating in the population; especially in large, unvaccinated and previously unexposed populations that have little resistance to infection, such as Anti-vaxers, many Republicans, and a few other idiots.
  • These 'variants' will contain new mutations of the present COVID-19 strain that might make them more infectious, more deadly, or more resistant to immunologic responses to earlier infection.”  A Dangerous Theory exists and is possible identified another possible factor that could lead to more COVID infections. 
  • There could be a new COVID mutant that "jumps" from an animal host into a human, one that is distinct from COVID-19 but spreads just like that disease and the coronavirus behind the SARS pandemic of 2002 to 2004.  Then we will be screwed.   Defending against it might be futile.

  • In my world where life worthy compassion is only graced with intelligence we would have new rules —  If you are one of those idiots with no vaccinations —  and with no legitimate reason, you get no sympathy from me.   Frankly I hope you croak as you might be harming others.
  • As for your support if you do get ill, you are just unlucky,  I would not be so lenient nor loving if in control,  because it’s obvious you don’t care.  Why should I ? 
  •  I have seen enough death in my lifetime in several wars but this is different.  It’s never easy, but this pandemic has a solution. If we were all vaccinated we could stop it.  You are the problem, your thinking, your demeanor,  your stupidity,  is aiding the expansion of this killer, you are on the wrong team.  


  • No shots,  no free medication —  T-Rump still has 3,000, 000 doses of Hydrochloroquionone stored at Mar-A-Lag-o  —  Try some of his crap and die like those that did. You probably listened to him and his acolytes. One hundred Retired Army  soldiers in a ARMY senior Nursing Home and staff died from COVID after using Donald T-RUMPS Fake Medicine, the bastard was never charged.
  • 2— No free hospitalization  —  Rooms available at area code  (666)-555-1212 and ask for Lucifer Mestopheles.
  • NO Overloading of systems because you are weak-minded and have been supporting lies and endangering others.  You should be made to pay or die.  Simple, fair, and complete.  
  • The percentage of those in ICU are patients who are undergoing mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit (ICU) I have heard from reliable sources its worse than reported and the death count could be as high as severe as 75% . 
  • If you deny science, your demise will not bother me.  If this sounds cruel, think of someone you might have killed with your stupidity.  Like the 1250 nurses who succumbed and gave their lives in this battle. I  honor them and I despise you.
  • Let the anti-vaxers and conspiracy jerkoffs all die, plenty of room for the other morons who believe politicians and witch doctors instead of science . 
  • From Covid  reports on admissions  (90%) close to ninety percent or more had no vaccinations.  
  • Religious poo-pas and bullshitters claim religion over science, we checked with various agencies and found a flaw in their thinking for morons who listen.  Marcus Lamb, the man who put the “ Gospel Of The Money Robbers on TV”  just died of COVID, he was a spokesman for “ NOT BELIEVING IN VACCINES”  — 
  • God does not have a medical license nor a pharmacy.  Free Will means Free Death if you choose stupid. 
  • It costs a fortune to treat/care for/etc 1 COVID patient, which could be prevented, in large part, by 2 or 3 FREE shots.
  • A funeral, if you are unlucky, costs   $10K-20K these days, LUCKY YOU — 
  • The helicopter flights we see go over everyday cost several thousand dollars to fly ONE patient into facility for an illness which might have been prevented or mitigated to a large degree by 1, 2, 3 FREE SHOTS
  • Everything the GOP say’s or proposes to do in regards to COVID is just made up as they go along, like everything else they think, say or do. They are obstructive and share the real ignorance leading to NEGLIGENT HOMOCIDE.


❄︎   Omicron is a heavily mutated Covid Morphed Variant that emerged in South Africa and has spread world wide faster thing we  anything ever seen and estimated  to be 20-70 times more communicable than Delta.  It’s Delta B.2

❄︎   Concerns are the Omicron coronavirus variant will exacerbate pressure on the already stressed-out global supply chain.  "Some portion of that is people are afraid to go to work.  "In manufacturing facilities, people work in person, close together. And there have been outbreaks. 

❄︎  Omicron and the Fed might finally kill this bull market  — Outbreaks from the Delta variant worsened supply chain turmoil earlier this year, causing computer chip and other factories to shut down, especially in Asia. 

❄︎  “ Get vaccinated. If everybody would get vaccinated, it would help enormously, and less worried if 95% of Americans were vaccinated, because it takes the guesswork out of it.”

❄︎  "What we missed about inflation is that we didn't predict the supply-side problems," Powell said, adding that those disruptions are unusual, non-linear and difficult to forecast.   "It's complex. That means it's very hard to solve quickly,"  "All the different ways it's gone wrong: raw materials, labor, logistics, increased demand.”   

❄︎  Omicron is the coronavirus "variant we were fearing,” the new variant's 30 new mutations in the spike protein — the part of the virus targeted by vaccines — were a cause for concern.   The world has a lot to learn about the new variant before any decision can be made on how to address it.  You really can’t make a broad general statement or an extrapolation for what would go on with unvaccinated people or people who were boosted,” Fauci said. “So there’s a lot more to be learned.”

❄︎In total, de Oliveira said the variant contains around 50 mutations. The receptor binding domain (the part of the virus that first makes contact with cells) has 10 mutations, far greater than just two for the delta Covid variant, which spread rapidly earlier this year to become the dominant strain worldwide.  This level of mutation means it’s possible that it came from a single patient who could not clear the virus, giving it the chance to genetically evolve. The same hypothesis was proposed for the alpha Covid variant.


Radio Show Hosts  and Fake TeleEvangelists

❄︎  Four conservative radio talk-show hosts bashed coronavirus vaccines.  Then they got sick  —   Anti-vaccinations have been around for sometime, Marc Bernier, left, interviewing Karl Rove ( another big mouth Reptilian jerk-off ) in 2006, proclaimed himself on his radio show to be “Mr. Anti-Vax.”  He was renamed at his funeral Mr. Anti-Life!

Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 6.18.18 AM

❄︎  Marc Bernier was adamant: He was not going to get a coronavirus vaccination. He’s a Republican and a Trumpet  —  “I’m Mr. Anti-Vax,” he told listeners of his talk-radio program in Daytona Beach, Fla., after the federal government provisionally approved the first vaccines in December.   He died horribly under intubation.

He later declared that the government was “ Acting like Nazis” in urging people to get vaccinated. No you schmuck, they were urging them to live,  and we are expected to go over one million dead.  

❄︎  And he was a T-Rump supporter and as the native Americans believe “ He who tells the tales of the liar is just as guilty of being a liar”.  But in early August, WNDB, On a Saturday, the station said that Bernier had died.  He succumbed to Covid-19 in less than a week.  It seems God does not like liars whose words harm others.

❄︎  Deniers are like the common cold,  they indiscriminently spread lies and people catch on.  Those who bullsh*t for radio ratings do not recognize the danger they put people into.  God was not impressed. 

❄︎  All four men had publicly coached their opposition to mainstream public health efforts in the typically hyperbolic and sometimes paranoid rhetoric of conservative talk radio.  You have a big mouth, telling big lies, paranoid, weak-minded listeners,  and cohort guests,  and you have no conscience. You lied to people and they died, hell welcomes you. 


—  How many of those who trusted them are dead —  

🥀 Mark Bernier, Mr. Anti-Vax, Daytona Beach, WNDB  —  Did not believe in vaccines but he wished he did, he died after three weeks of a living hell intubated from COVID 

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 11.43.44 AM

🥀Jimmy DeYoung, 81, a nationally syndicated Christian preacher also based in Tennessee,  Lucifer liked him  —  At one point earlier this year, DeYoung, host of the “Prophecy Today” program, well known as a “ bible babbler “ asked a guest whether the vaccine rollout could be “ Another form of government control of the people.”

🥀Dick Farrel, 65, who had worked for stations in Miami and Palm Beach, Fla., as well as for the conservative Newsmax TV channel.  
( Newsmax makes FOX fake news look like beginners, Newsmax has better bullshitters)
 Farrel, big mouth , small brains, for example, called coronavirus mitigation efforts “a scam-demic” and described the government’s top infectious-disease expert, Anthony S. Fauci, as “a power-tripping, lying freak.”   That jerkoff must have been confused and looking in the mirror because he was a scam lying freak.

🥀Phil Valentine61, a popular talk show host in Tennessee.  Valentine’s sentiments took the form of a song parody — a format that had also been a favorite of the late talk-radio titan Rush Limbaugh. Valentine’s tune was called “Vaxman,” based on the Beatles’ “Taxman.”   He was very creative into music, Very creative, when you get to hell, you could sing along with the iron rock group, “ The  Gargoyles of Hades” whose hit song,  “ My Burning Desire Came When My Ass Was On Fire  Rose To The Top Of The Charts".

Phil Valentine Wrote A Poetic Lyric

Let me tell you how it will be, And I don’t care if you agree,
‘Cause I’m the Vaxman, Yeah, I’m the Vaxman.
If you don’t like me coming ’round, Be thankful I don’t hold you down . . .

Lucifer Mestopheles “ Wrote A Second Verse For Phil” 

My name is Phil, I never got the shots but did get the germ, I should have 
listened and lived full term   
My life has ended and for things I said, 
I deserved what I got when I landed
in Purgatory and realized I was dead — 

I saw all those who listened to me and balked at the shots, they too were pale, 
not vaccinated, downtrodden and now are have-nots  —  
I'm not in a nice place for this is where the worst go, 
those whose lies hurt others, hopefully you’ll never know  — 

Let me tell you how it goes,
things get hot down here in hell,  forever hot, it rarely snows,
Its not so much fun, it's very humid, and I see lots of people like me, 
Pale ghost white, ashen, about as dead as can be…

I was a greedy jock who lied for ratings and to feed the dumb masses, 
Four of Four Anti-Vaxer Radio Jocks all died from Covid, what asses.

And God gave us a free ride in an elevator — 
 Marked No Returns “ —  Basement Floor - 666 Only 
I fear being 
oft depressed, and very, I’m very lonely
Amongst all this rotten garden-laden baloney   

🥀  Christian TV Marcus Lamb, Anti-Vaxer, Dies, From Covid-19  —  

Prominent Christian Televangelist and ANTI-VACCINE advocate
Marcus Lamb died after being hospitalized with Covid-19 with a
load of excuses he can take with him.

Lamb founded Christian television network Daystar Television Network in 1997.  
TRUTH:   He was very healthy, he ate healthy, he kept his weight down, and always kept his sugar at a good level. 

But with trying to treat Covid and the pneumonia, the different protocols that are used, including many of the protocols they talked about and PUSHED for sales on Daystar, part scams, part voodoo lots of BS, sales pitches, fakes frauds, scumbags,  nothing meds, and fake drugs, and they don’t work, he died.   And many of his followers of Daystar's BS,  most likely joined him.

Marcus Lamb often spoke out against the Covid-19 vaccines on his show.  In an episode earlier this year featuring anti-vaccine activists Robert F. Kennedy Jr. whose family and myself included think he’s a frickin idiot, and Del Bigtree another agree-er idiot.  (With brains of a twig) 

Lamb said the Covid-19 vaccine was "not really a vaccine," but an "an experimental shot" that was “ dangerous. Marcus Lamb alleged that people were dying or having neurological disorders from the vaccine,”  FRICKIN LIES AGAIN and AGAIN — When do these GOD freaks just keep their dumbass opinions to themselves.

Marcus Lamb's son, Jonathan Lamb, described his father's Covid-19 diagnosis as a “ Spiritual attack from the enemy" as he hosted the show on November 23.  “ There's no doubt in my mind that this is a spiritual attack from the enemy” again he said. 

Ed:   Dear Jonathan:
Your mind and what frickin enemy?   Oh, I get it, the enemy is the bogeyman ( AKA LUcifer Mestopheles) and your stupidity comes from your thoughts, programs, statements all based on untruths , lies, bullsh*t and fairy tales. 

May your dad rest in peace finally quieted, no more stories and bullsh*t,  and may his words burn in hell together with the other false ordained religious frauds like Donald T-Rump who claimed to be saved along with Hitler, Mussolini, Duarte, Hirohito and lest us not forget the other televangelists of the Prosperity Theology Coalition who steal from all with “ seed faith”  money that never gets past your’s and their gardens. 

You have spoken like a true follower of crap.  You Ignore science, you babel bablification, and thus praise the bogey man, anti-vaxers die, Lucifer loves fakes, liars and babel bullshitters  — and calls the shots for those who lie. GOD does not support liars, fakes, frauds and users — Where is your next stop?

Ask yourself,  “ What did you really do for your fellow man, because thats what God will ask you if you really make it there”  which I doubt.

The Pretenders 

👺The Most Influential Spreaders of Coronavirus Misinformation Online  —  

—  Dr. Joseph Mercola,
— The Nazi Mengele of COVID — 

I know “ Mercola”  sounds a lot like “ Dr. Mengele", the notorious sadist experimenter of the Hitler NAZI regime during the second world war.   The world really did not need either of these two.   The article that appeared online on Feb. 9 began with a seemingly innocuous question about the legal definition of vaccinesThen over its next 3,400 words, it declared coronavirus vaccines were “a medical fraud” and said the injections did not prevent infections, provide immunity or stop transmission of the disease.

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 8.13.13 AM

Instead, the article claimed, the shots “alter your genetic coding, turning you into a viral protein factory that has no off-switch.”  Its assertions were easily disprovable. No matter. Over the next few hours, the article was translated from English into Spanish and Polish. It appeared on dozens of blogs and was picked up by anti-vaccination activists, who repeated the false claims online. The article also made its way to Facebook, where it reached 400,000 people, according to data from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned tool.

The entire effort traced back to one person:  Joseph Mercola.  Dr. Mercola, 67, an osteopathic physician in Cape Coral, Fla., has long been a subject of criticism and government regulatory actions for his promotion of unproven or unapproved treatments. But most recently, he has become the chief spreader of coronavirus misinformation online, according to researchers.   

“He has been given new life by social media, which he exploits skillfully and ruthlessly to bring people into his thrall,” said Imran Ahmed, director of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which studies misinformation and hate speech. Its “Disinformation Dozen” report has been cited in congressional hearings and the White House.

Facebook said it has labeled many of Dr. Mercola’s posts as false, banned advertising on his main page and removed some of his pages after they violated its policies. Twitter said it has also taken down some of Dr. Mercola’s posts and labeled others. YouTube said Dr. Mercola was not part of a program from which he can make money from ads on his videos.

The Federal Trade Commission brought false-advertising claims against Dr. Mercola in 2017 based on the health claims about tanning beds. He settled and sent $2.95 million in refunds to customers who bought the tanning beds.

He helped found the non-profit environmental group Waterkeeper Alliance in 1999 and has served as the president of its board.    Erin Elizabeth, the founder of the website Health Nut News, who is also Dr. Mercola’s girlfriend.  “Mercola is the pioneer of the anti-vaccine movement,” said Kolina Koltai, a researcher at the University of Washington who studies online conspiracy theories. “He’s a master of capitalizing on periods of uncertainty, like the pandemic, to grow his movement.”

In an email, Ms. Elizabeth said she was “shocked to have been targeted as one of the 12” in the “Disinformation Dozen” and called it a “witch hunt.”    When the coronavirus hit last year, Dr. Mercola jumped on the news, with posts questioning the origins of the disease. In December, he used a study that examined mask-wearing by doctors to argue that masks did not stop the spread of the virus. 

An internet-savvy entrepreneur who employs dozens, Dr. Mercola has published over 600 articles on Facebook that cast doubt on Covid-19 vaccines since the pandemic began, reaching a far larger audience than other vaccine skeptics, an analysis by The New York Times found. His claims have been widely echoed on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Dr. Simone Gold
 — The Lying Bitch With A Mouthy Twitch  —  Con, Liar — 

Last month, Dr. Simone Gold stood before a crowd at a conservative church in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and delivered a talk riddled with misinformation. She told people to avoid vaccination against the coronavirus. As an alternative, she pushed drugs that have not been proven effective at treating COVID-19 — drugs that she also offered to prescribe to the audience in exchange for $90 telehealth appointments.

"Don't text me when you've gotten a positive test; I don't want to hear it," she said to the gathering. “ I've told you ahead of time to get the medicines. It can take a week because we're so swamped."

Almost everything Gold said in her 45-minute talk was contrary to the best science and medical standards of care for treating COVID-19. But there was one thing she said that was at least partially true: "I am an emergency physician."

NPR found that Gold's emergency medicine certification lapsed in December of last year, but she still is, as she claims, a licensed physician in the state of California (her license lists her professional address as a UPS shipping store in Beverly Hills).

Simone Gold's board certification in emergency medicine (listed under her maiden name of Tizes) expired in December of last year, but she still has a license to practice medicine.

Despite more than a year spent spreading misinformation about a pandemic that has killed more than 825,000 Americans, she has what might be considered a professional clean bill of health with no complaints, disciplinary actions or malpractice lawsuits on her record. The California Medical Board, which oversees her license, told NPR it expects doctors to "follow the standard of care when treating patients at all times." But the medical board declined to say whether it was investigating Gold, citing reasons of confidentiality.

She is a fraud, a grifter and her medical recommendations are extremely dangerous.

🦥   Robert F Kennedy Jr —  

His Own Family Denounces Him — 

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  • Three members of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s family are forcefully denouncing his anti-vaccine views, arguing that the lifelong Democrat “is part of a misinformation campaign that’s having heartbreaking — and deadly — consequences.”

  • Kennedy, ( brains of a sloth) the son of late presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, is one of the more notable anti-vaccine activists. He wrote a book in 2014 about mercury in vaccines and lobbied Congress to give parents exemptions from state requirements for vaccinating their children.

  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., does not want you to think of him as an anti-vaxxer. I have yet to meet an anti-vaxxer—someone who spreads misinformation about all vaccines being harmful—who is comfortable with the label. Kennedy is not just anti-vaccine; by many recent accounts, he is one of the princes of the anti-vaccination movement, if not its king. 

  • The website Media Bias/Fact Check calls Kennedy’s corporation, Children’s Health Defense, “a strong conspiracy and quackery level advocacy group.”  Anacademic paper published in January 2020 reported that Children’s Health Defense was one of two buyers accounting for 54% of anti-vaccine advertising content on Facebook. 

  • Kennedy himself is part of the Disinformation Dozen, a gaggle of influencers generating two-thirds of anti-vaccination content on Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent assessment. Instagram banned him from their platform earlier this year, although his corporation’s account remains active.

  • As Kennedy releases a new “documentary” that uses medical failures toward Black people to sow distrust in the COVID-19 vaccines, I asked myself: how did one of John F. Kennedy’s nephews rise to infamy as one of the loudest voices of the modern anti-vaccination movement?

  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., grew up to be an environmental lawyer. The people frequently in his sights? Polluters. When corporations and governments would skirt environmental laws, Kennedy would bring them to justice. Some of these cases involved contamination of waterways with mercury, a theme that would translate to his anti-vaccination crusade. 

  • In the summer of 2005, a psychologist from Minnesota by the name of Sarah Bridges went over to Kennedy’s house with a stack of papers. Her son had been diagnosed with autism and she blamed the mercury in the vaccines. 
    Said mercury was part of a molecule called thimerosal, a preservative used since the 1940s in multi-dose vaccines to prevent bacterial growth. 

  • By Kennedy’s own account, Sarah Bridges would not leave Kennedy’s front porch until he had read these studies alleging a link between thimerosal and autism. Kennedy, who was already familiar with mercury’s effect on ecosystems, was alarmed and started calling regulators. He became convinced they either did not understand what vaccine science was allegedly saying or they were lying.


  • His public crusade began that very summer with the publication of a highly disingenuous article, prepared with the help of an anti-vaccination activist, in both the print version of Rolling Stone magazine and the website Its name was “Deadly Immunity”.   

  • And it was riddled with mistakes, distorted quotes, and unsubstantiated fear mongering. Salon soon appended a number of corrections to it and, five and a half years later, finally retracted it.

  • Kennedy read a 260-page transcript from a vaccine safety meeting and quote-mined it to wring fear juice out of it. Whereby one vaccine advisor at the meeting had expressed warranted concerns that lawyers might use preliminary study results on vaccine safety for their own ends, Kennedy, himself a lawyer, trimmed the quote to make the advisor sound conspiratorial. 

  • Reading “Deadly Immunity,” you were led to believe that the doctors and scientists sitting on vaccine safety committees secretly argue that vaccines should not be tested for safety and that if studies are conducted, their results need to be “handled” to prevent the truth from leaking out to the public.

  • Over the years, Kennedy’s misguided idée fixe has snowballed and gained impressive momentum. He has propagated numerous falsehoods about the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been a mainstay at the AutismOne conference, which attracts fake experts convinced that vaccines cause autism. In his last appearance as keynote speaker, he incited attendees to evangelize for the anti-vaccination movement, concluding that he would see them “on the barricades.”

  •  Kennedy was asked to chair a “vaccine safety task force” for the Trump administration in 2017. (The task force would end up never materializing.) He also served as executive producer for the anti-vaccination “documentary” Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth. Now, his own corporation has released an anti-vaccine movie, one which is directed toward people of color.


  • The movie’s title is sensational click-bait. Medical Racism: The New Apartheid. It is a project of CHD Films, a division of Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense (formerly known as the World Mercury Project). As NBC News reported when the movie was released a month ago, its producers include the founder of a private school that boasts of not enforcing vaccination mandates;

  •  Nation of Islam minister who falsely claimed that childhood vaccines are genetically modified to harm children of color; and a nonprofit CEO who promoted the misinformation campaign of America’s Frontline Doctors.

  • Kennedy himself bookends the narrative by asking the viewers to do their own research and come to their own conclusion, affording him plausible deniability. 

  • Black people are interviewed on the street and not one of them says they want the COVID-19 vaccine. They don’t believe in it, they don’t think it’s necessary, they don’t think it’s safe. One man tells the camera he has heard of Tuskegee. The government wants to study you, he says. “I’m not gonna be their guinea pig.”

  • These off-the-cuff remarks are bolstered by the usual sprinkling of family testimonials. The recipe is simple: a mother says her child was fine until they got the vaccine, and then “ they shut down.” Photos of a smiling baby and a happy family are followed by B-roll of the child with autism and the mother fighting back tears. These emotional appeals were the meat of the anti-vaccine movie Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth and they return here with Black families.

  • To provide more legitimacy, Medical Racism turns to experts and pundits: medical doctors, historians, and professors, but also activists, integrative health practitioners and even a minister, to recount real violations committed against Black people, questionable allegations, and debunked falsehoods until the facts end up coating the lies with legitimacy.

  • One of the falsehoods, and the movie is full of them,  is the CDC whistleblower story. In this 2021 movie, two talking heads repeat a story that was known to be false in 2014. The claim is that William Thompson of the Centers for Disease Control confessed that he and others had hidden data that the MMR vaccine put Black children at a much-increased risk to develop autism. This is not true. 
Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 8.27.57 AM
  • The full story (covered by Dr. Gorski and by Snopes). can be summarized thusly. It was a reanalysis of a 2004 study. The reanalysis was removed from the public domain because of undisclosed competing interests compromising its peer review and questionable statistical analyses. 

  • The original study can be tortured to yield a slight increase in autism rates among Black vaccinated boys, but it ignores the fact that the more categories of people you look at, the more likely you are to get a positive result by chance alone,  the slight increase is probably tied to the immunization requirements for preschool special education for children with autism in the sample, and many more studies, some much larger, failed to find a link. Yet this story, with its conspiracy theme and its turncoat hero, is still flogged by anti-vaxxers because they need it to be true.

  • Not content with fear mongering about vaccines and medicine as a whole, Medical Racism also subtly implies that Black people simply do not need vaccines. We are told that Black people have a very powerful immune system and that vaccines overstimulate it. 

  • Besides, vitamin D, the movie claims, is a potent solution for COVID-19, one that is being suppressed. And the kicker is when an African gynecologist tells us that, with regards to viral infections, “Africa has been protected by our interactions with environment.

  • And we are, actually, quite immune to some of these things, and I say this as a doctor! COVID does not belong to Africa.” The through line is clear: the coronavirus, the movie harmfully argues, is no threat to Black people. The real menace are the vaccines.

  • The website that hosts the movie offers viewers  a collection of memes , shareable images with pithy statements from the film. Just like astroturf organizations can furnish protesters with professional placards,  Children’s Health Defense has manufactured vivid memes for its followers to spread on social media.  

  • “Our bodies, our choice,”  mentions one featuring a smiling group of Black people next to the movie’s logo and URL. “Find out how you can combat government coercion,” reads  another one , “and medical abuse of people of color.” The website also offers  text-based social media posts , pre-packaged, that anti-vaccine slacktivists can copy and paste onto Facebook.

  • From watching Medical Racism and being familiar with Kennedy’s campaign against vaccines, that this is not about medical atrocities committed against Black people. This is propaganda. This is the stomach-churning exploitation of historical abuse and contemporary failings, peppered with falsehoods, to convince a marginalized audience already at increased risk for COVID-19 that safe and effective vaccines are poisonous.

  •  A real empathic appeal for dialogue on this issue would look like what Drs. Sandra Quinn and Michele Andrasik recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Kennedy’s Medical Racism by comparison is crass, manipulative miseducation.  

  • They argued that Kennedy, Jr. “helped to spread dangerous misinformation over social media and is complicit in sowing distrust of the science behind vaccines.”   “wrong” on vaccines and his work against vaccines is “ having heart breaking consequences.”While affirming their love for Kennedy, Jr., the three family members said he’s not with reality.