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Disclaimer:   I welcome you and invited you here to help you find truth, I gain nothing from it, I have no agenda but the truth and we are a nation that will die from within without truth. Domestic terrorism made Hitler who he was, no different today.  

The playbook of authoritarianism, credit that to the NAZI'S is the same playbook being used today.  By Putin, Kim Jong Un, Duarte, former Stalin and Mussolini,  and the other followers of fascist style governments.  Including Mike Huckabee, selling propaganda books for kids, so now we have a Trump Youth Movement plan --

Destroy the real press with lies told by a huge propoganda machine, make lies big, small ones don’t work, loud, very loud, often on all levels. Denigrate the opposition with lies and diversions, it’s not a new tactic, we have seen it before and in the end,  the second World Wide WAR  ( WWII)  resulted in 60 million dead of which 6,500, 000 were Jewish. My family.

Today the border immigrants are a part of the newer authoritarianism picture.   History, like bad food often repeats itself. 

If We, the People, not someone else fail to  take prisoners, we are doomed, no one is above the law here, nothing is off the table, we are scam-hunters, we will find those who are a crooked majority of Politics and Politicians, TV  Theologians, the Unfit Food Industry, Unfit businesses, on television, and expose them. 

I vote and am registered as an Independent — I am not against Republicans, which means simply I believe we need some kind of checks and balances on how we spend our money, which is logical, how we defend the rights of our people, and for those who forgot it — I believe in our Constitution and a Supreme Court for the people, not playing politics.  that is not what T-RUMP  and McConnell have created —   

The Preamble To The Constitution —

We the People,  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I am a Conservative in finances, with a Liberal heart to help the poor, I vote for the person, not too often for the GOP players,  that are poisoned by liars, cheats and grifters who have convoluted corrupt policies and herd mentality in voting.  There are no hero's when the cowards line up — As they did on January sixth. 

I have many Republican friends who believe the GOP needs a House and Senate cleaning, for they know the truth about many who are not for the people.  They are the greedy, self -centered career crooks with the party and will stay around for as long as the people stupid enough to support them, let them. 

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Donald Trum-pets - Please Leave Now

Stupid PEOPLE Not Allowed Here

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We Are America Under Siege, By China, Russia, Pandemics, Anti-Semitism, Hate Groups, White Supremacists, And Organizations Who Are Corrupt Like The NRA And FOX Fake News, And Their Respective Organizations —  They Are All Traitors And Serve No Useful Purpose In Our Country The Truth About the NRA, Global Warming and Advancing Stupidity —  We are also under siege by the scumbags in our Political parties like the ones below from January 6th — 

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The GOP New World Order
Both Generals  George Patton And Douglas MacArthur Were Right When They Both Said “ Lets Take On China And Russia So We Won’t Have To Battle With Them In The Future —   Look Where We Are Today —  I Have Many Years Working With Military People With High Ranks, The Decision Makers — I Have More Respect For Them Serving The Country,  And Their Intuition And Common Sense Than Our Draft Dodging,  Greedy Scumbag GOP Gray Haired Senators Not In Touch With The People Of Today — Politicians Serving Themselves —  And Some With An Attitude Of Screw You America, I’m For Me —  A Few Good Hangings Could Solve That Problem.

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About One Of The Greatest Liars And Cons In History — We Are Waiting On The Final Chapters With His Removal By Any Means From The Human Race — But First A Warning About The Content — It’s Not Rumors — It’s All Truth And If You Are Sensitive To Truth And Prefer The Lies, Please Go Elsewhere And Seek More Of Your Illiterate Kind — 30,000 lies, one Million People Dead, bad trade deals, Women's rights, I don’t have enough room to cover all the bad things he created or ignored like education, infrastructure, to build a wall that doesn’t work, millions upon millions of dollars mis-spent and robbed for his use,  money that could have done great things.
DONALD J T-RUMP gave us tremendous insight as to how stupid Americans really are, at one time we led the world in math and science 

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Republican Donors who claim to be Christians,  or who pretend to be one by word,  and not deed, take notice — we have established and received from God on a burning bush communication that he and Jesus do not have a need for your money to do their work  —  

There is no money in heaven — forget about credit cards, smart phones, or use bit currency —   take it directly to the Pastor at your church and get a receipt and ask what fund does it go into, or the local food bank, the rest is all bullsh*t   

Todd Koontz  ( Below) and his phony 39.95 Honorary degree had a problem with the IRS and what he did with your money and got five years in jail — Fraud and has the balls to keep selling it from his cell .  Prosperity Gospel is a 65 Billion Dollar business and I explain it all.  And putting them in jail solves nothing — Take their communication away — 

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This section of my website is about my thoughts about food today and cooking tastes/trends with the tips, tools, easy recipes and tricks of the trade to make some of your attempts at cooking more professionally rich, safe, appealing and fun. I also bring out the scams.

it's also about truth, if you can’t handle truth and live or die by TV jerks you never heard about with titles like TV Professional Food Expert or Demonstrator or Celebrity, change channels, nothing but a shill and you are the mark.  

Always demonstrating some new gizmo around, in it’s seventh version,  and you believe it will make you a master chef, go for it, and leave here because you are a fool. And be sure to ask for the free Chop-O-Matic which has been around since the Neanderthals.    

I have no patience for fools — if you are a TV dinner aficionado you need psychiatric care as soon as possible, mostly filler, nothing good for you,  and about retirement you will be suffering from dementia and undernourished from the lack of good things in processed food.    Do It ASAP, if not you are A-SAP. 

🔥  From The Hotter Than Hell Collection On Line

The Rise of the Indian Jolokia  “ Ghost Pepper"

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I have a super developed challenging hatred for bad people who cause bad things, bad politicians and their weak-minded supporters, bad theologist fakers, bad food companies, crooks, swindlers and those who are bigots, prejudiced, secularists, fake evangelicals, two-faced liars, scumbags and those who take advantage of the poor and weak —

But I also hate those who impose on others —  Nazi’s, Facist's, White Supremacy, Bullies and Gang Members,  

My life has evolved around serving in some small ways to help people — and when I expose people of a bad nature, I receive threats, promises, warnings, OK  and I  welcome them, you know where the idiots stand and how they think. With one caveat, please bring the name and address of your funeral director if you do think of doing something really bad to me.    Fair Warning : Never again — I take no prisoners — and I will do harm —   

I was from a middle class family blessed with hard working parents, and lots of cousins who were education wise financially able  —  But it was not in my cards,  nor DNA, it seem to follow in their footsteps,  I had to and made my own path and had no choice.  I had to earn and pay my way.

And it shows obstacles are merely simple things like numbers  —  You push through at 79 + outliving most of my tribe,  I handled a recent heart attack, three stents, small skin cancer, and the usual Golden Years for some are when you transfer most of your gold to the Doctors, Insurance plans and repairs.  And watch savings go down the toilet — That just the hard truth —  

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🐡 THE “ FRUGALIST FISHERMAN”  — To Go Fishing Is The Chance To Wash One’s Soul With Pure Air, With The Rush Of The Brook, Or With The Shimmer Of Sun On Blue Water — It Brings Meekness And Inspiration From The Decency Of Nature, Charity Toward Tackle-Makers, Patience Toward Fish, A Mockery Of Profits And Egos, A Quieting Of Hate, A Rejoicing That You Do Not Have To Decide A Darned Thing Until Next Week  — And It Is Discipline In The Equality Of Men — For All Men Are Equal Before Fish” — 

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Herbert Hoover

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