WARNING :  If you are a devout T-Rump fan, GOP base voter, Acolyte or Sycophant for the 2nd greatest negligent killer, liar and scourge in the history of our country and a believer in Donald T-Rumps sick disturbed world,  please do not enter this section… obviously since truth means nothing to you…

This section reflects almost forty years of history that I and a host of others have tracked him, from New York in the early days to today, the truth, a man destined to be the second person the devil will throw out of hell … the first was Adolf Hitler, but if you support him, you are fully qualified to go to hell, as well, Lucifer assured me, he has the room reserved for the GOP hoards of imbeciles.

Woodward Book: Worried Trump Could 'Go Rogue,' Milley Took Top-Secret Action To Protect Nuclear Weapons And Go Rogue  —  

Two days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, President Donald Trump's top military adviser, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, single-handedly took top-secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nuclear weapons, according to "Peril," a new book by legendary journalist Bob Woodward and veteran Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.

Woodward and Costa write that Milley, deeply shaken by the assault, 'was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election, with Trump now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies.'

Milley worried that Trump could 'go rogue,' the authors write.  "You never know what a president's trigger point is," Milley told his senior staff, according to the book.

Sheer Ignorance and Stupidity  —  The BBC, CNN, GETTY AND some great writers and fellow photojournalists over decades have contributed truth over fiction, reality over a reality show, and shocking stories proving we can only elect bad officials because America has some of the worst, stupidest  ignorant, dumbest voters in the world suffering from laziness, greed, facial recognition, TV ads, simpleton thinking, lack of vetting skills, almost free hats, really made for profit, and corruption…

Relying on  hats, memorabilia and junk, many of you simpletons elected a person whose ignorance and unqualified, compassionless, corruption and greed was unsuitable  for the job, causing the negligent homocide, murder of almost 640,000 people, and they  died a horrid death… Thats 620,000 dead, husbands, wives, nurses, doctors, aunts , uncles and other relatives because they were lied to.  Families destroyed and abandoned by the loss of a wage earner.  Time and time again by the sickness of one man.  Donald J. T-RUMP who thought he was the Messiah.

Please, if you have a problem with reason and truth,  do not read this section and accept the fact you are a short thinker with poor brain matter sometimes diagnosed as “ Cranial - Rectal Dyslexia” ( Sh*t For Brains)  and truth means nothing, you have been brainwashed…I don’t have help for you…please seek professional aid…

But Wait —  If you still support him, make your reservations in hell early as the place is filling up fast,  the staff told us Lucifer closed the main dinning hall for lack of roadkill but… 

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And we are truly sorry the AC is out of order, we were hoping T-RUMP would build a few nice hotels here with AC but he makes promises and things never happen… he ain’t worth it.  He lies a lot.  We like that in a man.  We were expecting him sooner but the Jury is out on when he gets here, because 100 other Jury’s are taking up his time in NY…  reservations cheerfully accepted and if you have special needs please let us know.

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Lucifer Mestopheles

Lucifer Mestopheles, Manager and Lowest Judgement Director 


T-RUMPS ULTIMATE PLAN — My Brother In Arms,  Roger Sent Me This 

POINT:  T-RUMP shares poetry and loves Kim Jung Un until the little guy played him as fool very well.  His closest icon is Putin so much, in fact many are seeing and thinking that the insurrection on Jan 6, and the stolen election claims are a part of an active plan to weaken the country and turn us over to the Chinese and Russian style of government when he thinks we are weak enough.  It has a name Authoritarianism, and is shared with Hitler,  Mussolini,  Putin,  Kim Jung Un, and others throughout history. 

POINT:  T-RUMP is a Authoritarianist, one who believe ultimate power is his, same beliefs the Fuhrer in the thirties and forties combining the axis powers resulting in the deaths of 60 million people in the world.   Same control the North Korean and the Russian have today.  ( all three believe they are the Messiah, T-Rump is more leaning as a Facist than a Communist ) 

POINT:  T-RUMP opened the door to (more) spying,  cyber attacks and claimed Russia had nothing to do with it and allowed  even more attacks.  ( He lied and thats treason )

POINT:  T-RUMP has turned everyone so against everyone else so that we are as weak as we have ever been, as well as more vulnerable.  He has opened doors and hatred, prejudice and death flowed out…

POINT:  COVID did not matter to Donald, it did however matter to 620,00 families who lost a loved one. Listen if Biden had not won we would be one million in the ground dead… 

POINT:  His support comes from a weak base of many displaced  and Evangelical  humans who call themselves patriots, and support what he tells them ( 30,000 total documented lies)  adding mal-contents,  stupid, ignorant, dumb, wackos, morons and politicians  weak enough to believe him.

POINT:  Republicans gain through his venture is to sell us out to the program by weakening the country by degrees, including voter suppression, questioning a fair election, stacking the supreme court, and sub-courts, etc

POINT:  Destroy our conservation and public lands without proper exploration and science, and oil drilling, claims to bring back coal and dirty our atmosphere and not addressing global warming.  The weather has killed a lot of people this past year further weakening us.

POINT:  Create false news and reports by fellow traitors to the country Destroy the real good news and replace it with propaganda by people like Stephen Miller who destroyed the immigration system just like Hitler tried to destroy the Jewish people and all non-aryans…

Republicans And Conservatives Call Themselves Patriots  —  all the while working on and under a plan to sell out the country.  For power and money.  Part of my mantra is , “ I do not judge by ethnicity, the color of ones skin, or his religious beliefs, but by his actions and performance”.  This applies to everything from Politics to Cooking to Sports and Theology, the things I write about.  I have to be fair and objective.  But frankly and in the Kings English most of these supporters I interviewed were just “ F*cking Greedy Morons” 

Dear Mitch the Bitch McConnell,  SHAME ON YOU! Yesterday Mitch McConnell  said he is doing everything in the Corrupt Senate to ruin anything President Biden tries to accomplish.   If we were in another country like or North Korea, your balls would be hanging from a tree, the rest of you eaten by dogs (Kim Jung Un’s Favorite Method) blown up with and anti-aircraft gun, or poisoned at an airport with a rag filled with instant poison.  If you made your comment in Russia you would vanish, be assassinated or thrown in a Gulag with no name.   

The Scumbag Lives - T-Rump — Americas Worst Curse  —  (CNN) New revelations suggesting that the T-RUMP administration abused Justice Department powers to target his political enemies underscore just how far the ex-President went to destroy cherished principles of American republican government.  They show that the true extent of assaults on democracy by Donald Trump are still coming to light and are probably even now not fully known. 

But this is not just a drama about the alleged misbehavior of a former President. Taken together with the Republican Party's refusal to hold Trump -- who remains the GOP's dominant figure -- to account for the Capitol insurrection and its nationwide efforts to restrict voting, the new allegations also indicate that the freedoms and core values that have underpinned American life for two-and-a-half centuries remain in almost unprecedented peril.

In some of the most chilling exposés yet of Trump’s autocratic tendencies, The New York Times late Thursday unveiled a secret scheme by prosecutors against members of Congress conducting presidential oversight.  In pursuit of leaks of classified information about contacts between Trump associates and Russia, the Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, their staff and even their families, including a minor. In a sinister twist to the story, prosecutors also secured a gag order against Apple, preventing it from informing customers their metadata had been seized.

The story sent shockwaves through Washington and lawmakers are now scrambling to understand the scope of what looks like one of the gravest scandals of the former administration steeped in political corruption. If the new drama is at it seems, it would validate fears of those who argued that Trump -- or his staff -- used the Justice Department as a personal political enforcement mechanism rather than the guarantor of the rule of law. It would also add fuel to arguments of those who warned that a second term for Trump would have further endangered the survival of American democracy,

In this case, prosecutors were not probing the disastrous exposure of a secret weapons system or some secret war plans. According to the Times reports, they were investigating members of Congress, including California Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, also from California. 

"You had the President calling on his opponents to be investigated," Schiff said on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" on Thursday. “One guardrail after another just smashed by this unethical former President."   Swalwell, who told CNN Thursday night he had been notified that his data had been seized, told CNN's Jim Sciutto on Friday morning that he had never leaked classified information and laid out why citizens should care.

“This is about everyday Americans who don't want to see their government weaponize law enforcement against them because of their political beliefs," Swalwell said. 

Why It Matters So Much  —  The reason this latest issue is so important is that it appears to show the executive branch of the government wielding presidential power to target the legislative branch, and the President's personal political enemies. It would be hard to find a more clear and flagrant abuse of presidential power. This behavior would not only be a perversion of the DOJ's critical role in ensuring the neutral and apolitical application of justice -- a key requirement for a democratic society. It would also mirror the actions of autocrats across the world, many of whom Trump openly admired.

Furthermore, all of this was taking place at a time when Trump was railing against a "Deep State" of intelligence professionals and officials and as he was repeatedly lying. And the only reason why the revelations are emerging now is that gag orders on this and other investigations started by the former administration are expiring and are not being renewed by the Biden Justice Department. 

In the Biden administration’s first on-camera reaction Friday, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield called the reports "appalling."  During an appearance on MSNBC from Cornwall, England, Bedingfield suggested President Joe Biden has a "very different relationship" with the Justice Department than his predecessor, calling out the Trump administration's "abuse of power" with the department, and adding that the Biden administration's Justice Department is "run very, very differently."

The newest revelations raise the question of whether there are even more alarming abuses of power by Trump that are yet to be uncovered -- an issue that is going to hike pressure on new Attorney General Merrick Garland to provide an accounting. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco has asked the Justice Department's inspector general to investigate the department's handling of the investigation, a Justice Department official briefed on the matter told CNN Friday.

At first sight, the new scandal appears to deserve a place in the pantheon of the most out-of-bounds uses of government power for political purposes in modern US history, including the Watergate scandal that felled President Richard Nixon and Trump's own long list of transgressions.

The latter category includes one impeachment for trying to get a foreign power, Ukraine, to interfere in a US election and another for inciting a mob insurrection at the US Capitol that shattered the tradition of peaceful transfers of power. Trump tried to bully GOP officials in Georgia into overturning a fair election in 2020 -- part of a campaign of lies about fraud that has soured millions of his supporters on the American political system. And he fired FBI Director James Comey and said he did it because of the Russia investigation.

The new reports are not just fresh examples of assaults on the guardrails of American democracy by the Trump White House. They come as the same goal is being pursued by GOP State lawmakers making it harder to vote and easier to steal elections and by the ex-President’s insurrection deniers in the Capitol. 

More Revelations About Trump’s Autocratic Instincts  —  In another insight into the depth of the assault on democratic values in the US, it emerged this week that the Trump Justice Department obtained a gag order to prevent CNN disclosing another secret leak investigation that swept up its Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr. Journalists working for the Washington Post and New York Times have also recently been informed that the Trump Justice Department pursued their email records and metadata without informing them.

Governments have the right to investigate leaks of national security. And leakers, whose whistleblowing may be needed for accountability in a democratic society, know they face potential prosecution for breaking the law.

But it is not clear that was the case here, and the predicate for a Justice Department investigation is opaque.

That fact alone will renew scrutiny on former Attorney General William Barr, whose initial appointment was greeted with relief in Washington given Trump's previous lawlessness, but who often appeared to act mostly as a personal lawyer for Trump. In the most famous example of this, he publicly misrepresented Robert Mueller's report into Trump campaign ties with Russia and the Kremlin's 2016 election meddling effort. The current leak storm is yet another Trump abuse of power that appears to have been motivated by a desire to cover up what remain mysterious links between the former President's orbit and Moscow, which meddled in the election five years ago in an attempt to help Trump win.

The key to understanding the new case is whether it was justified by any provable evidence of leaking by top Democrats, or was instead a vindictive effort by a President who constantly pressured the Justice Department to investigate his enemies.

The notion that the investigation was justified seems to be undermined by the staggering scope of the subpoenas -- even extending to family members of Congress. It also appears to have turned up no wrongdoing. 

The most concrete outcome of yet another Trump abuse of power scandal may be to underline the truism about American democracy revealed again and again by one of the most corrupt administrations in history. The structures of US government are fragile and the guardrails that separate a President from wielding absolute, almost monarchial power are often only as strong as a commander-in-chief's respect for democracy itself. When an aberrant president is in office, those restraints become far less effective.

A Sudden Fall From Power Always Comes Hard  —  by Simon Tisdall      King Alfred was reduced to skulking in a Somerset bog. A distraught Napoleon talked to coffee bushes on St Helena. Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia hung around the haberdashery department of Jolly’s in Bath. Uganda’s Idi Amin plotted bloody revenge from a Novotel in Jeddah. Only Alfred the Great made a successful comeback.

All of which brings us to Donald Trump, currently in exile at his luxury club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Whingeing amid the manicured greens and bunkers of his exclusive golf course, the defeated president recalls an aging Bonnie Prince Charlie – a sort of “king over the water” with water features. Like deposed leaders throughout history, he obsesses about a return to power.

Yet as Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell moves to kill off a 9/11-style national commission to investigate the 6 January Capitol Hill insurrection, the pressing question is not whether Trump can maintain cult-like sway over Republicans, or even whether he will run again in 2024. The question that should most concern Americans who care about democracy is: why isn’t Trump in jail?

The fact he is not, and has not been charged with anything, is a genuine puzzle – some might say a scandal, even a conspiracy. Trump’s actual and potential criminal rap sheet long predates the Capitol siege. It includes alleged abuses of power, obstruction of justice, fraud, tax evasion, Russian money-laundering, election tampering, conflicts of interest, hush-money bribes, assassination – and a lot of lies.

Let’s take these allegations one at a time. District of Columbia investigators say they have charged 410 people over the Capitol breach. Some could be tried for plotting to overthrow the US government – a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison – or even for murder, given that five people died.

Yet Trump, who urged supporters at a Washington rally that day to “fight like hell” to stop Congress certifying his election loss, is not among them. He has not even been questioned over his indisputably pivotal role.

For sure, Trump was impeached – but he declined to appear before Congress, and Republican toadies made a mockery of the process, voting to acquit him of inciting insurrection. In March, DC attorney Michael Sherwin said federal investigations involving Trump are still under way. “Maybe the president is culpable,” he mused. But updates about this key aspect of the affair are unaccountably lacking.

Letitia James, New York’s attorney-general, last week confirmed a criminal investigation into alleged wrongdoing by Trump’s business empire. This inquiry is running in tandem with another criminal investigation into the Trump Organisation by the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance. Alleged false accounting and tax irregularities appear to be the main focus.

Yet these long-running investigations lack tangible results. Nor do they appear to be examining potentially more politically illuminating allegations such as Trump’s dealings with Vladimir Putin and Russia’s oligarchs, money-laundering via the New York property market, and the past role of disgraced Deutsche Bank. While claiming it’s all a “witch-hunt”, Trump may be happy for these limited inquiries to drag on indefinitely.

Why, meanwhile, has Trump not already been arraigned on charges of obstruction of justice and abuse of power? Exactly two years ago, special counsel Robert Mueller cited 10 instances of the then president allegedly obstructing investigations into collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia. They included his firing of the FBI director, James Comey, and an attempt to sack Mueller himself.

Mueller plainly indicated there was a case to answer, but said he was unable to bring indictments. “A president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office,” he said. Even if that is legally correct, Trump is no longer in office. Merrick Garland, William Barr’s thankfully less Uriah Heep-ish successor as attorney-general, should be all over this. Why isn’t he?

Trump’s well-attested attempts to induce Georgia state officials to manipulate November’s election count in his favour were a crime, Fulton County prosecutors suggest. If so, why the delay? Charge him! Add to the rap sheet allegations of the ex-president corruptly channelling US taxpayer and foreign funds into his hotel and resort businesses.

T-Rump, Who Promised To ‘Drain The Swamp’, Waddled Knee-Deep In Sleaze  --

“Special interest groups likely spent more than $13 million at Trump properties” in order to gain access and influence, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, an independent watchdog, reports. This typified an administration “marked by self-interest, profiteering at the highest levels, and more than 3,700 conflicts of interest”.

In short, Trump, who promised to “drain the swamp”, waddled knee-deep in sleaze. So investigate and charge him!  Ask him to explain his over 30,000 lies…

Trump has much to answer for internationally, too. The UN says the assassination he ordered last year, without just cause, of an Iranian general, Qassem Suleimani, was an unlawful act – possibly a war crime. 

And if all that is not enough, then consider – from a moral if not a legal standpoint – the thousands of avoidable Covid-19 deaths attributable to Trump’s denialism, stupidity and reckless incompetence.

It’s truly strange that in a land of laws, Trump still walks free, strutting around his fancy-pants golf course, holding $250,000 a head fundraisers, evading justice, encouraging sedition, and daily blogging divisive bile about a stolen election. The Big Kahuna peddles the Big Lie. What other self-respecting country would allow it?

The dismaying answer may be that to lock him up – the fate he wished on Hillary Clinton – would be to risk another insurrection. That’s the last thing Joe Biden and America’s wobbly democracy needs. But letting him get away with it harms democracy, too. In office, Trump ruled by lawlessness and fear. In exile, fear keeps him beyond the reach of the law.

Why Is 
T-RUMP On The TV All The Time?  —  Chief Joseph Former Leader of the Nez Perce Tribe summed it up eloquently and simplistic but hit the nail on the head, “  Those who tell and live by the truth need few words to make their point, the liar requires repetition and forces his mistruth onto the weak and vulnerable.  Something T-RUMP learned early from Dr. Goebbels of the Third Reich, his father and grandfather whose claim to fame was whorehouses in the Northwest during the Gold Rush.  the whole family is dirty.  Including Kushner's dad whom T-RUMP pardoned. 

We Elected a Liar for President  — Missed The Signs — Liars Pants Were On Fire — 

Inconsistency  —   We tend to think that liars are the ones who can't keep their stories straight, but we'll list this so-called tell first, and thus least reliable, because there are other explanations for changing stories. It's simply too easy, and deceptive, to rely on inconsistency as a proxy for deceit.

In fact, most truthful people, when they're asked to retell a story several times, will remember additional details each time--which means the stories they tell will change. One theory for this is that when you think you remember a past event, you're actually remembering the last time you remembered it.

Suspicious expressions  —  There are some tells that can suggest lack of veracity: blushing, blinking, flared nostrils, fake smiles. Notice them, remember them, pay attention. However, don't read too much into them, Because while they may be indications, there is simply too much room for false positives to go by expressions alone. It's really difficult even for trained, experienced interrogators to pick out a liar on the basis of facial expressions.

Repeating the question  —  Maybe they're ensuring they heard you correctly. Or maybe they're stalling for time, or else trying to unpack what you've asked, and figure out how much you know. If they're doing this, note it, and weigh it with some of the others on the list.

Unnecessary superlatives  —  Absolutely. Tremendous. Literally. Yes, there are times when these words are appropriate, but they're the exception to the rule.  People who insist on peppering their speech with them might be trying to bolster their argument or distract you.

A desire to shut everything down  —  They don't want to talk, or they want to move the conversation along quickly to another subject. Is that because you're that boring a conversationalist--or perhaps they're eager to move out of the zone of deception into a safer space?  Again, this isn't a foolproof tell, but it's another piece of evidence to consider as you weigh the likelihood that you're being told something untruthful.

Qualifying language  —  People who are being honest sometimes like to remind you that people in general aren't always honest. How? By using phrases like, "In all candor" or "If I'm being completely truthful" or "If I had to swear on a stack of Bibles … "  Be on the lookout for these. Think of it like that old saw "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." Here, if you have to emphasize that you're telling the truth, you might well be lying.

Flourishes in the word no  —  Key tells could be when people "say no and look in a different direction,”   Trick: Force them to say the word no to an oblique or open-ended question. "Did you file a false expense report?" as opposed to "I'm curious about the accuracy of our expense reports. Do you have any insight into that?"

Failing to remember details upon retelling  —  This seems like No. 1 above, but it's different: It's the case in which the person talking doesn't add new details that contradict him- or herself, but also can't recall what he or she previously said.

A trick (also from Bariso's interview of former FBI counterintelligence agent LaRae Quy):  Ask them to tell the story backward. It's simply harder to keep details straight if you're asking them to relate a madeup story in a different order than they learned it.

Inappropriate emotions  —  You're looking here for incongruity: terrible news--but a joking attitude. Supposedly good news--but overly tempered enthusiasm.

Contempt  —  Consider this one a bonus--a tell that lets you know when someone holds you in contempt but attempts to continue the conversation anyway.   Contempt doesn't mean necessarily that someone is lying, but it does mean that you should consider the conversation over. Because contempt is a combination of anger and moral superiority, it's almost impossible to develop rapport with someone who feels that way. 

Whats Trumps key legacy?  —   Death By Stupidity And Arrogance —  T-RUMP will be remembered as the first president to be impeached twice. He fed the myth that the election was stolen, summoned his supporters to Washington to protest the certification of the Electoral College vote, told them that only through strength could they take back their country, and stood by as they stormed the US Capitol and interfered in the operation of constitutional government. 

When historians write about his presidency, they will do so through the lens of the riot. 

They will focus on Trump's tortured relationship with the alt-right, his atrocious handling of the deadly Charlottesville protest in 2017, the rise in violent right-wing extremism during his tenure in office, and the viral spread of malevolent conspiracy theories that he encouraged. 

If Donald Trump had followed the example of his predecessors and conceded power graciously and peacefully, he would have been remembered as a disruptive but consequential populist leader.  Now he is nothing but a beloved asshole, liar, fraud, crook  and troublemaker. 

He thinks he was a president who, before the pandemic, presided over an economic boom, re-oriented America's opinion of China, removed terrorist leaders from the battlefield, revamped the space program, secured an originalist (conservative) majority on the US Supreme Court, and authorized Operation Warp Speed to produce a Covid-19 vaccine in record time.   I dont think so 

A Surrender Of Global Leadership  —  His attempt to surrender global leadership and replace it with a more inward-looking, fortress-like mentality. I don't think it succeeded, but the question is how profound has the damage to America's international reputation been - and that remains to be seen.

The moment I found jaw-dropping was the press conference he had with Vladimir Putin in 2018 in Helsinki, where he took Putin's side over US intelligence in regard to Russian interference in the election. 

I can't think of another episode of a president siding full force with a non-democratic society adversary.  
It's also very emblematic of a larger assault on any number of multilateral institutions and treaties and frameworks that Trump has unleashed, like the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, the withdrawal of the Iranian nuclear framework. 

Trump's applauding Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, really turning himself inside out to align the US with regimes that are the antithesis of values that the US says it wants to promote. That is something that I think was really quite distinctive.

Another aspect is extricating the US from any really assertive role in promoting human rights throughout the world, and changing the content of the annual human rights reports from the State Department and not including many topics, like LGBT equality, for instance.

Putting Democracy To The Test  —  Broadly speaking: Donald T-RUMP, and his enablers in the Republican Party and conservative media, have put American democracy to the test in an unprecedented way. As a historian who studies the intersection of media and the presidency, it is truly striking the ways in which he has convinced millions of people that his fabricated version of events is true. 

What happened on 6 January at the US Capitol is a culmination of over four years during which President Trump actively advanced misinformation.   Just as Watergate and the impeachment inquiry dominated historical interpretations of Richard Nixon's legacy for decades, I do think that this particular post-election moment will be at the forefront of historical assessments of his presidency.

Kellyanne Conway's first introduction of the notion of "alternative facts" just days into the Trump administration when disputing the size of the inaugural crowds between Trump and Barack Obama. 

Presidents across the 20th Century have increasingly used sophisticated measures to spin interpretation of policies and events in favourable ways and to control the media narrative of their administrations. But the assertion that the administration had a right to its own alternative facts went far beyond spin, ultimately foreshadowing the ways in which the Trump administration would govern by misinformation. 

Trump harnessed the power of social media and blurred the lines between entertainment and politics in ways that allowed him to bypass critics and connect directly to his supporters in an unfiltered way. 

Franklin Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan also used new media and a celebrity style to connect directly to the people in this unfiltered way, ultimately transforming expectations and operations of the presidency that paved the path for Trump.

Reshaping The Judiciary  — In what he did with judges, Trump has made a long lasting change over the next 20 years, 30 years in how policies will stand up to legal tests and how they're able to be implemented - no matter what any particular president or administration proposes. 

The courts are controlled by the Republican appointees. Sometimes judges surprise us, but for the most part, the historical evidence is that they pretty much do what their politics and their backgrounds say they will do.

When he supported that package of measures that helped particular people in the black communitylike First Step, pardoning people at the same time that he supported an amendment in the appropriations bill that gave a whole bunch of money to historically black colleges and universities for the first time. 

He put all of these things together, as well as having the first stimulus programme making sure that black businessman and entrepreneurs get some of those loans they've had trouble getting before.

The effect of all of that, which we will see over time, was in the midterms, a lot more young black men voted for Trump than before. And if that's a trend, it may help the Republican party.

Trump also made egregious comments about black people and other people of colour, tried to have protests against police abuse disrupted and in other ways appealed to his white supremacist base.

His lasting impact on race relations depends on what the Biden administration does on policy, and on healing and how long the pandemic and economic downturn lasts.

Contesting The 2020 Election  — The last gasps of his administration were the most consequential, as he exerts a control over his most devoted followers and hes talking about running again.  He forced people to consider what the presidency has become in a way that wasn't true I think either during the Bush or Obama administrations. Issues like the 25th Amendment and impeachment hasn't been thought of since Bill Clinton, really.

Its possible that people now when they think of the presidency are perhaps going to adopt a different stance going forward, knowing that someone like Trump could come along.  Its possible that Congress will delegate less to the President and take away some authority.  T-RUMP is not dead yet politically but they should castrate him because he is a raging bull  shitter.

Standing up to China  —  The president has demonstrated that there's a constituency who's opposed to a lot of these trade deals and that there are people willing to vote for those who will either extricate us from these trade deals or "make them fairer". 

The president has also suggested that China has been taking advantage of the United States in ways that are deleterious to our economic and national security - and I think there's a consensus behind this view. No one wants to be accused of being soft on China, whereas no one cares if you're "soft" on Canada, right?   I think people are going to fall all over themselves to be tougher or at least say theyre tougher on China.  Till they see the prices on goods go sky-high….

Bottom lIne  —  
Domestically the president had a populous tone to him. It wasnt ever fully realized in his policies, but we see more Republicans adopting populist ideas as basically the only thing they do is criticize and do nothing for the American people with false accusations and lies.  We have had enough of this and time for the Vigilantes.  These people are traitors, rather than having them hang around in the Congress, obstructing and getting nothing done,  they should be hanging from trees… 

08/21/2021   aljacobsladder.com