“ Truth does not accept the Mulligans TV preachers sell”   

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❖ Republican donors, take heed, those who claim to be Christians,  or who pretend to be one by word and not deed, take notice.   We have established and received from God the true word that God and Jesus do not have a need for your money to do their work.  There is no money transfers from heaven.  Forget about Credit cards, Smart Phones, or use Bit currency —  that Kim Kardashian, Steven Seagal is selling — And the SEC is suing them for fraud.

❖ Careful analysis and checking  through the banking system proves this to be true neither God, Nor Jesus have bank accounts — Thus the fake promise of  ten times your tithe amount coming back to you is a bunch of horsesh*t —  and cons played by theses fake messiahs. You are the mark, the sucker, the naive and the ignorant if you play their game.

❖ God would want you to support a local church in a neighborhood locally where people are in need with food kitchens, and support, there you can see the work and it is needed as these TV guys steal it, the TV preacher will take your money and will spend it on himself to the tune of 65 billion dollars in 2019 — 10 billion not accounted for.

❖ This is all about how Religion copied the corruption in Politics, these creeps are as fake as T-RUMP and McConnell and will screw you in a heartbeat with a plan with lies, and the TV preachers screwing are you into donations just as corrupt as  some of their political race friends promise.

Chri$tian Pro$perity Theology Is A $cam And You Are The Mark  —  

❖  Please Read Before You Judge:   I am not against religion,  I am for almost any religion based on good deeds. Personal sacrifices for the good of others, I am against false messiah worshipping, giving without vetting, listening to TV morons with ungodly plans,  soothsayers, voodoo witch doctors, fake medical doctors, selling bogus and dangerous drugs, not approved or tested by the FDA.  Grifters, cons and liars came up with these deals.

❖ When your TV religion,  is as corrupt as those  you sent to Washington and The TV church takes your money,  the politicians steal it —  Thats good —  For them you were the mark — You were lied too — you deserve to lose.  We call it naive stupidity.  

❖ Politics And Theology are connected in generations of lies and how they interfere with separation of church and state, challenge our freedoms, and add to social hatred and the horrific discourse  of religious intolerance today  —   The simple answer even for morons is “ Always follow the money”.

❖ We are a nation of many religions and those who would challenge that premiss and call us out if we are not totally of one faith such as Christianity should go elsewhere.    The big lie is not about religion, if religion is based on belief, we all believe in something — even those who believe in nothing —   

❖ This is also embodied in the  prosperity preachers —  who steal in the name of the poor for their lavish life styles and let the poor starve on the money you gave them and they never saw — 

❖ They expound the greatest scam ever — “ Prosperity Theology is a scam dreamed up and a mis-interpreted religious belief who are on TV a lot pressing for fake tithes and donations amongst some really naive, somewhat super ignorant, suckers and weak-minded morons.  

The Big Lie Came From The Protestants  —  
❖ Protestant Christians are told that financial blessing and physical well-being are always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth  their stupid beliefs, a lack of acts, not purchases are the keys to heaven.  That is not the Abrahamic oath. That is a total misrepresentation and a lie and GOD knows all about it— 

❖ The Abrahamic Covenant is really the beginnings of the formal revelation of the covenant of grace, of God's decision to reach into humanity and specifically save people for Himself.  It comes in the form of a promise to Abraham. 

Abraham, who was the son of an idolater, who did not know God.  God takes the initiative with him, calls him into a relationship with Himself, and makes just unilaterally some promises to Abraham. He promises that Abraham is going to be a leader of a great nation, that he is going to be given a land, a place to live, and that through Him, all of the nations will be blessed.

❖ You can’t buy your way in.  That doesn’t count.  God places you in.  Feeding the poor, clothing the poor, helping the aged are acts of kindness, they count.  

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Religion Is In Your Heart, Not In Your Wallet, Cult Or Club—  

❖ If you listen to the lies long enough you will become an acolyte or sycophant of their prosperity scam and induce others. By some really big names in TV Christianity you realize they are no better than some of the dirtbags in Washington.

❖ And the recent surfacing or rise in Christian Nationalism, as shown by the Russian Orthodox Church blessing and cheering the deaths, murders, tortures, relocations and slaughter of those people who called Ukraine their homeland.  
The Patriarch of their Church is  Kirill,  and he is a “ Putin Supporter, Patriarch  Kirill blessing the destruction and killing by the Russian Army —  He has earned a spot in hell for his beliefs”.

❖ We recently read a book about the firms investigated by Dr. John Thornton, in addition to being the author of   "Jesus' Terrible Financial Advice”  is a CPA, a professor of  accounting, and the head and steward of a charitable fund devoted to improving accounting ethics at Azusa Pacific University. 

❖ One of his areas of research specialization is looking at why accounting firms involved with religious groups get fired. He found that the chief reasons were corruption and incompetence.   Rings the bells true!  Who else could the real religious frauds and crooks hire, they need fake accountants to cover the fake pastors deeds?

❖ And we name names  —  If not happy with what I write about,  kindly leave obviously you are simple minded and can’t stand the truth.  Since you are the one giving them money they rob, that makes you an accomplice, not  participant and you are letting people starve to death, and for the believers of the scam thats a ticket to hell.

My job is to report the truth not the lies you believe because of your own failings, shortcomings, self esteem and other problems you created trying to buy your way into heaven from a TV con man or woman.

How much money is involved in religious fraud  —  How?
❖ Follow the money, was the first thing I learned in Journalism class. So true, so True! According to the respected academic journal International Bulletin of Missionary Research, Christian religious leaders alone will commit an estimated $63 billion in financial fraud in 2018 — constantly outpacing the billions spent by Christians on global missions — estimated at $56 billion this year. 

 False Needs —  For example, Dallas-based televangelist W.V. Grant raised a lot of cash claiming at one time to be supporting dozens of orphanages in the Caribbean but in reality was giving insignificant amounts of money to only one orphanage that he used for photo ops and the rest went in his pocket --

 False testimonials —  Fabricated reports of healings or financial miracles are broadcast and printed in order to induce donors to give money. For example, we’ve helped in a series of investigations that revealed people claiming to be miraculously healed by televangelist Benny Hinn were later found to be still sick or had never had that ailment.  Benny Hinn is the biggest con in this game— 

 Seed Faith” Donations  — Viewers and readers are given the impression that if they give a small amount of ‘seed’ or ‘seed money’ to God, then God is obligated to either heal their loved one or to bless them financially and reward donors ‘tit for tat’, times a multiplied factor of ten to one hundred. People in poverty are especially vulnerable to this appeal.         

 ED: They make sure the seeds are well planted and well fertilized with their manure — 

But specifically, how does this break the law  — ?  

 Inurement  —  This is a term used by the IRS to describe excessive compensation and personal benefits derived from a non-profit organization — a massive amount of money given by well meaning donors is intercepted by the organization’s hierarchy to be used for their own private benefit. 

This includes such things as huge salaries, large housing allowances, “parsonages” that are mansions, ministry aircraft (often private corporate jets that become personal airliners for a pastor’s vacations), enormous clothing allowances, luxury cars, unregulated ministry credit card usage, ministry ranches “for the pastors devotional time”.

 Conversion —  Another IRS term that describes creating for-profit companies to benefit from non-profit organizations. The leadership of the non-profit ministries are the same individuals controlling and benefitting from the for-profit entities. Their right hand is giving to their left hand, so to speak.  

One example: the Copeland Cattle Ranch recently grazed its cattle and horses on their own church’s land, Eagle Mountain International Church, run by Kenneth Copeland Ministries.   

 Absolute Church Status —   The IRS makes a distinction between non-profit organizations and non-profit churches when it comes to financial disclosure of information. Our tax code gives an additional advantage to churches by not requiring them to file the IRS Form 990, an informational form which helps donors know where their money is going and how it is used. 

 Bottom Line:  Burning a few of these real heretics at the stake might be  a good start, when you live by the sword you should die by the sword.

The real reason the US Government does not shut down these cons and grifters is expressed by the phrases, “Follow the Money” ,  and the “ Money shall follow you with VOTES to reelect”— 

Lucifer Mestopheles Industries is offering two for one stakes made from paper Mache out of recycled phony prayer guides and fake books usually offered by these crooks.  They were all plagiarized anyway — 

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