GOODBY FRIDAY’S"  I'll wait for Saturday…

ITS ALL ABOUT MANAGEMENT  —  I liked Friday's, for the past twenty years I have been a casual customer like most, give me the burger the fries, and a coke.  As we get older that changes, and we go for the chicken, the salad and iced tea.  Their Jack Daniels promotion caught my eye and my palate and I had to try it.  In the course of 45 days we visited three Fridays at dinner time and frankly they have fallen off the horse and stampeded on by the buffalo...

BACKGROUND FROM WIKI  —  The company was a unit of the Carlson Companies. Its name is taken from the expression TGIF. The company asserts that it stands for "Thank Goodness It's Friday" although as of 2010 some television commercials for the chain have also made use of the alternative phrase, "Thank God It's Friday's." 

TGI Friday’s, Inc. restaurant chain was founded by Daniel R. Scoggin and partners in 1971. Alan Stillman created the original concept in 1965 in New York. He was an essence salesman and he lived in a neighborhood with many airline stewardesses, fashion models, secretaries, and other single people on the East Side of Manhattan near the Queensboro Bridge, and hoped that opening a bar would help him meet women.  He chased the girls in the same places I did,

Thats where I lived and I will vouch that neighborhood had an abundance of beautiful women.  I lived on the other side of that bridge near Queens and Yellowstone Boulevards and had the same aspirations he did.  In my younger days in NY, the bars and hangouts known today as target rich environments were Barney Googles, Joe Namath's place and quite a few others.  Stillman was an inspiration for young single guys like myself on recon.


GOOD  —  •  11679 W Hillsborough AveTampaFL 33635  -  Stopped in fairly late, about nine, coming home from a long drive, saw this mecca after miles of barren highway and we were greeted quickly, and the staff was friendly, service was fairly quick, the decor nice and we had two of the JD burgers with fries and onion rings iced tea and overall a decent experience.  

BAD  —  •  2501 E Fowler Ave, TampaFL 33612-6270  - The Jack Daniels combos looked good, service was relatively fast and our server did a nice job of explaining the menu and he got the order right. The ribs in Jack Daniels were adequate though I felt a little overpriced for what you were given.  The Wings we ordered as an appetizer were smallish and also on the high priced side.  But the mashed potatoes were a joke. 

WORSE  —  •  2190 Tyrone Blvd N. Across from TYRONE MALL St Petersburg - We thought maybe we were hitting a bad luck streak  So the following week we ate at the Friday's at Tyrone Square Mall since it was dinner time and after a day of shopping, need someone else to cook.   We were guided and dumped as no one came over to take our order.  

After a while a waiter saw we were unattended he adopted us,  he saw we were being ignored and came over though it wasn’t his table. Here’s the rub... the place was basically empty and the employees were clustered bullshitting with each other.

The food was atrocious.  Overcooked everything, dried wings, and as the waiter explained they were twelve oz portions of wings, most places go by the amount of pieces.  This tells me portion control by weight and the back end will get flack from the front because of rules.  

The wings were delivered on a rectangular plate so they looked like more. Had they piled them on a smaller dish, you might hit 1.5 inches. The Burgers were overcooked short of burnt and ugly. I never used that term before but they looked almost grayish cooked evenly throughout. In other words they didn’t look appetizing. 

The whole meal sucked and was low class, overdone, stale and we left.

Conclusion And Meat The Boss Who is Beating His Meat… 

Many of the other critics on various web based blogs came to similar conclusions. Thus we deem this a management and poor training problem.  And if you get a bad meal, please write to Rob, call him 24/7, annoy the crap out of him because he’s serving crap and serving it to you.  

He’s another Chef-in-Chief, who probably reads spread sheets, P&L’s, the Wall Street Journal and has a shoe shiner, his own caddy and never reads the menus and letters.


Corporate Office -  972.662.5400     
Guest Relations -  1.800.FRIDAYS   
eMail:    tgifguestrelations@cybercrs.net

Dear Rob, Your food, service and business sucks…

BALL BREAKING BAD PUBLICITY —  Counterfeit Alcohol Allegations

On May 22, 2013, investigators with the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) raided 29 bars and restaurants around the state, including 13 TGI Friday's franchises; the result of a year-long probe dubbed "Operation Swill". 

Investigators had received complaints from customers that the establishments were substituting premium brand alcoholic beverages with lower-cost brands, while charging them for the more expensive liquor. The investigators found that the bars filled premium-brand bottles with cheaper alcohol, including potentially dangerous rubbing alcohol, or water with added caramel color "to fool the customer, and increase profits".

The ABC, with assistance from the State Division of Criminal Justice, seized bottles of open alcohol from the bars, and demanded records from the establishment's owners. A statement released by Friday's said it "was just made aware of this issue and is working closely with the franchisee and owner of the cited locations to review and investigate these serious allegations."

FRIDAY'S Statement  —  We consider the alleged actions detailed by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control to be very disturbing. If accurate, they would represent a violation of our company’s values and our extensive bar and beverage standards which are designed to deliver the highest guest experience in our restaurants. We have zero tolerance for actions that undermine the trust of our guests and call into question the reputation we have built up over the past 48 years.

Although this is isolated to one group of franchised restaurants, I want to reiterate to all of our guests that we remain committed to delivering the “In Here, It’s Always Friday” experience to every guest in every restaurant. That’s always been and will continue to be our focus and promise to our guests.



TGI Fridays is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining. The company is a unit of the Sentinel Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Partners, who purchased the company from Carlson Companies in May 2014.

In Tampa Bay, the only location in St.Petersburg is near Tyrone Mall
Location:  In Tampa and near USF on Fowler Ave.
Location:  On West Hillsboro in Oldsmar, FL, 
Location:  Near the Highwoods Preserve 1-75 and RT. 581

The location in Clearwater CLOSED…

Customer service: 1 (800) 374-3297
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Founded: March 15, 1965, New York, NY
Parent organizations: Sentinel Capital Partners, TGI Fridays Franchisor LLC
Founders: Alan Stillman, Daniel R. Scoggin

TGI Fridays is overhauling its menu as the chain looks for a way to escape the slumping sales plaguing the casual-dining industry. On Wednesday, TGI Fridays  announced it had reached the halfway mark in its efforts to overhaul its entire menu by the end of 2018.  TGI Fridays just dropped a massive bomb in the ongoing casual chain restaurant wars. 

$10 Endless Appetizers, available today through August 24th…  For $10, you can order an endless supply of any of the following (no mixing once you’ve chosen, unless your friend orders something else and you share):

  • Loaded potato skins
  • Pan-seared pot stickers    
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Garlic & basil bruschetta
  • Tuscan spinach dip, 
  • Boneless Buffalo wings, not wings but white meat in Buffalo sauce ( Dipped Nuggets of Cheap Part of Chicken)
  • Crispy green bean fries…

👺  Fridays Chief Marketing Officer Brian Gies tells USA Today that while sharing is discouraged, Fridays won’t be making servers police the action.  He says,  “At the end of the day, our servers aren’t policemen….We’re not going to slap someone’s hand if they reach over and share someone else’s mozzarella sticks.”  Not surprisingly, this move is drawing some industry criticism. Boston University hospitality professor Chris Muller told USA Today,  
“The risk comes when a crowd of six, or more, decides to get together and pool their resources, all ordering one item and sharing.  Then it is easy to predict that everyone will order at least six refills each, with plates being passed around.”

👺  After a test run earlier this year in Cincinnati. During the test phase, very few people tried something as sneaky as what Muller predicts will happen. Not only that—general traffic, food, and drink sales nearly DOUBLED during the promotion.

👺 President and Chief Operating Officer Ricky Richardson said in the press release: “It’s another example of how Fridays is giving our customers a better time out at every opportunity when they visit our restaurants.”  We aren’t surprised. After all, Friday’s founder Alan Stillman claims that the original Fridays was one of the first places in NYC where people actually lined up for food and drink. No question that they’ll line up to stuff their faces with mozzy sticks until they can’t stand up any longer. #America

👺Please note: Some Fridays are franchised and don’t participate, so do check to make sure the location you plan to hit up has the deal. Otherwise, be ready to experience disappointment, frustration, and rage.


TWICE:    Fridays WINGS were an hour…  and Horrible…Undersized, overcooked and no value at Fridays.  Ten plus dollars for 12 ounces, six of which were bones.  I was told by the waiter when I could find him, they were weighed and twelve ounces.  Excuse me, you weigh your wing portions?  

Who trained you, the District Bean Counter, the Chicken Wing Religious Manager, the Head Chef and the Can You Count Unit Manager?  I was stunned, I never heard such a stupid answer.  Weighed ?  You count by weighing, what frickin idiot came up with that theory, they were undersized and really horrible. 

Hopefully they improved or they should get out of the business. The only time weight is measured in Chicken wings is when you buy metric tons from Alibaba’s suppliers.   The Clearwater store closed up…

The other time at the location next to USF in Tampa, the food and dribs were average, and that was on a good day, nothing to talk about and we between the two visits we decided wasn’t worth it based on their menu and food selection to return.

We tried Tyrone Fridays, near the college and it was worse…. fini…no more