CHEF TONY NOTARO  —   AKA Chef Bullsh*t --

🤑  They look like chefs, they are in a TV set kitchen but they are pitchmen.   They dress up as Chefs, usually taking time from their day job as a shift leader or Sous chef at McDonalds or Burger Barf . 

Tony here graduated from his mothers culinary school in the back of their pizzeria.  Great credentials, another self made self closest thing to Michelin Training were the used tires on his car.

Chef  Tony was born to first-generation Italian-Sicilians in Brooklyn, New York.   And thats as far as culinary schooling is concerned.  Heres  the scoop… Chef Tony grew up helping out at his grandmother’s restaurant, while his father sold fresh produce from a horse and wagon and his mother ran a home-based catering business.  

This sounds like a scene from the Godfather, his agent wrote this, probably stolen from the movie.  Key the soulful music with violins... and a few gun blasts....

From the age of 12, Tony helped his mother in the kitchen, paying close attention to every detail of her artistic approach to cooking.   The proper way to place Pepperoni, how to ladle sauce, using a wood shovel to place the pizza in the oven.   

 Almost 320 million Americans also followed Moms skills, it meant you got to the food and ate before the others grabbed all the food.   At 16 he began developing his own culinary creativity in a "Pizzeria", and then went on to demonstrate kitchen products, developing his own recipes at the same time. This opened the door to being chosen as the first person to demonstrate  the T-Fal cookware in America and the first to spread cheap no brand cheese on pizza with two hands.  

Pepperoni still remains a challenge for him and others.  Cheap pepperoni sliced thin tends to curl and overstocked pepperoni pizzas produce severe heartburn and rectal problems.

Spare me, please… nausea is setting in.  Culinary  Creativity in PIZZA?  Do you place the Pepperoni left to right or right to left?  A spoon or should you use a ladle for the sauce.  


A Household Name In Americana Sh*t  -  A Gift To Naive Americans —  CHEF TONY has now built up sales of $1.8 billion worldwide across a range of sh*t cheap Chinese specialty knives, kitchen blenders that burn up, cookers, choppers, slicers, dicers and a multitude of other cheap imported Chinese kitchen tools and solutions. How much of this crap is still sold?   And from his website always looking for more work…stoking the ovens of Pizza stores throughout the US earning his C.P.I.A… Certified Pizza Institute of America “ Hands On Award”.

From His Website  —  Looking for a real professional to launch your product into the mass marketplace? A veteran with over 25 years of real experience in the direct-response industry?  A real chef  ( versus a phony chef)  a culinary expert and a master of product demonstration and presentation?   If you want a real professional and one of the most endearing ( to whom)  and engaging on-camera personalities in the business, then you need Chef Tony Notaro!”  

    You Gotta Be Sh*Ting Me... Excuse Me…I Gotta Throw Up… 

Spin On Todd English - A Curve Ball  —  Todd English was at one time a recognized chef but and its a big butt not a very good business man and financier. In fact he makes the million dollar club in losses.  Cook the food and they shall come unless you destroy the joint, hire jerks and don’t  keep watch on whats going down.

He is again facing another lawsuit accusing­ the celebrity chef of failing to pay rent at one of his restaurants — this time at his flagship restaurant “ Olives”  in Charlestown. English owes about $723,000 in back rent to the landlords, Carey Realty and City Square Holdings, according to a claim filed in Suffolk Superior Court.

Olives, where English built his reputation two decades ago, reopened in April after an extended closure because of a grease fire that had caused an estimated $200,000 in damage. In their complaint, the landlords blame the fire on a lack of maintenance by the restaurant. 

“The fire was caused by Olive’s negligence in failing to clean the grease from the duct work that served the premises, allowing it to accumulate and become combustible,” they said. 

The legal trouble comes four months after English’s former landlord at Faneuil Hall Marketplace filed a separate lawsuit against the restaurateur for allegedly failing to pay nearly $1 million in rent and other charges on his now closed restaurant there, Kingfish Hall.  

English did not make good on back rent despite a judgment entered against him more than a year ago in Boston Municipal Court, according to a lawsuit filed in Suffolk Superior Court in May by the company that used to operate Faneuil Hall.  

At least six lawsuits have been filed against him related to claims of unpaid bills and the closing of several restaurants. Earlier this year, JW Lopes LLC filed a suit seeking $34,000 from English for goods it provided to Kingfish Hall. Who’s stupid? Any idiot letting a restaurant run up a $34,000 dollar bill on credit needs to have his head examined.

Dear Todd Comments - The Touting Game HSN —
😡   Someone wrote on HSN, “  Sorry folks, I won’t purchase cookware with a  TV chef’s name attached to the bottom or sides…to feed their already rich pockets and egos.  Chefs with  no manners, wiping their nose, dirty fingernails, drooling over the crap they just cooked. 

I recently purchased the expensive “ Copper-fused” Green pans. I certainly hope that the quality of these are much higher than the regular Green pan nonstick pans. I hate to say it but I think the only thing higher is the price.   

The last time Joy  Mangano was on with Todd was 2018 and she left but she has returned.   When they were presenting the copper-fused green-pans., a caller asked them if they could explain how to properly season the green-pans. 

It looked like the question caught them off guard.  The caller was promptly cut off after that and Todd sort of mumbled, "You shouldn't have to with these pans." Then they quickly changed the subject.  Looks like they really didn’t know squat about what they’re selling.  

I have emailed Todd English and was told Ingenuous designs would contact me -- hasn’t happened. I want my money refunded, I don't want an exchange for a so-called defective set. My next step is to try the Good Housekeeping route. Although, I doubt I can find my original receipt. What a disappointment and waste of money. Dang, fooled again by the overhype and the oversell.

Joy is back now selling  her other products and is a hit star presenter on the show .  She invented the Miracle Mop.  In TV bullsh*t her selling success through infomercials is the equivalent of Einsteins Theory of  Relativity E=MC2 and the Nuclear Bomb.

A Boca Raton company that created cleaning products for Miracle Mop inventor and infomercial star Joy Mangano is suing HSN, saying the television shopping network owes it millions of dollars.

The Florida company, NatuReal, says in its lawsuit that it began creating the cleaning products in 2015. But shortly after they debuted on the shopping network in 2018, Mangano left HSN. Immediately after her departure, the $3.3 million deal NatuReal had with the network crumbled, according to the lawsuit.

Mangano founded Ingenious Designs, the HSN subsidiary that made the deal with NatuReal to create “Joy Mangano’s Miracle Clean." She was the face of the product, inspiring the movie Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence. But Mangano isn’t named as a defendant or as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. NatuReal’s attorneys say it was HSN and its parent company, Qurate Retail Group, that used their size and reach to take advantage of their client.

Customer Comment:  So hard to believe Todd English got involved with this sh*t. But when it’s your only option,  I truly hope HSN, Joy and Todd do something about this -- customer service is EVERYTHING in business. And why do they keep pushing these pans once a month or so as a T - Special?  Todd, Joy and HSN please refund the money of people unhappy with these products... These products are not performing at all as they are promoted! Restore the trust of your customers! The truth always comes out and it hurts your business ultimately.

Maybe the American customers representing the dumbest voters in the world, have a secondary problem of believing all the shills, liars, fakes, and frauds on TV.  According to the CDC and the Gremky-Freebish institute there is no vaccine for stupidity.  


THIS ROCKED THE INDUSTRY  —  Mario Batali Exits His Restaurants - A year after reports that the celebrity chef sexually assaulted and harassed women, the Bastianich family and Mr. Batali’s other partners have bought out his stake and regrouped.

The 20-year partnership between the celebrity chef Mario Batali and the Bastianich family of restaurateurs was formally dissolved on Wednesday, more than a year after several women accused Mr. Batali of sexual harassment and assault.

Mr. Batali “will no longer profit from the restaurants in any way, shape or form,” said Tanya Bastinich Manuali, who will head day-to-day operations at a new company, as yet unnamed, created to replace the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group.

The new company will operate the group’s remaining 16 restaurants under a new management and financial structure. Mrs. Bastianich Manuali and her brother, Joe Bastianich, have bought Mr. Batali’s shares in all the restaurants. They would not discuss the terms of the buyout.

Mr. Batali is also selling his shares in Eataly, the fast-growing global chain of luxury Italian supermarkets. “Eataly is in the process of acquiring Mr. Batali’s minority interest in Eataly USA,” said Chris Giglio, a spokesman for that company.

At 29, Batali was a sous chef at the Four Seasons Biltmore after previously working as a sous chef for the then Four Seasons Clift Hotel San Francisco, Early in his career, Batali worked with chef Jeremiah Tower at his San Francisco restaurant, Stars.  

Stars was open from 1984 until 1999 and is considered one of the birthplaces of the institution of the celebrity chef. Batali appeared in the Food Network show Molto Mario which aired from 1996 to 2004 and made Batali a household name and popularized the Food Network.

Batali was a co-host of the ABC daytime talk show The Chew when it premiered in 2011 till 2017.

In 2012, a lawsuit was settled by Batali (and B&B) with 117 members of the restaurant staff, who alleged that the Batali organization had skimmed a percentage of the tip pools in his restaurants over a period of years

Several famous chefs and restaurateurs have recently been accused of sexual harassment, but Mr. Batali is the first to surrender all his restaurants.   His orange Crocs a trademark no more, it seems they stepped in doo-doo and sales of those ugly sweat inducing shoes have fallen to zero minus 22.  You can buy them cheap and spray paint them black with rubber paint.

At its peak, Batali & Bastianich encompassed dozens of restaurants and food businesses in the United States, Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Splashy restaurants like BABBO and DEL POSTO made celebrities of Mr. Batali and his primary partner, Mr. Bastianich. 

In December 2017, news accounts of Mr. Batali’s history of sexual aggression touched off police investigations, torpedoed his career and cast a shadow over all the restaurants he was involved in.  Reservations at Del Posto, the group’s luxurious Manhattan flagship, shrank as expense-account approvers shied away from Mr. Batali’s compromised reputation.

Six of the group’s restaurants, in Las Vegas and East Asia, closed soon afterward, when the Sands casino group ended its contracts with Batali & Bastianich.   Others shuttered as the process of dismantling the partnership dragged on. The group’s newest restaurant, the ambitious and expensive La Sirena, in the meatpacking district of Manhattan, closed in December.

Since the scandal began, Mr. Bastianich has insisted that he was unaware of Mr. Batali’s sexual aggressions against women. In a statement on Tuesday, he said: “While I never saw or heard of Mario groping an employee, I heard him say inappropriate things to our employees. Though I criticized him for it from time to time, I should have done more. I neglected my responsibilities as I turned my attention away from the restaurants. People were hurt, and for this I am deeply sorry.”

But three former employees of the restaurant group, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of Mr. Bastianich’s power in the restaurant business, said that they believed it was not possible that Mr. Bastianich remained ignorant of serious misbehavior by Mr. Batali. T

Throughout the industry, they and others have said, both men were known for fostering a sexist, raucous culture that ignored misconduct by male employees and demeaned female workers. (Before the #MeToo movement, however, that kind of atmosphere was hardly unique to Batali & Bastianich.)

Mr. Batali issued a statement on Wednesday morning: “I have reached an agreement with Joe and no longer have any stake in the restaurants we built together. I wish him the best of luck in the future.” He declined requests for further comment.

Batali & Bastianich was not a holding company and had no ownership; it provided management services to all the restaurants in the group. Each restaurant was, and will remain, independently operated and financed by multiple parties.

Although Mrs. Bastianich Manuali, who will run the newly created group, has never had a public role in Batali & Bastianich, she has long managed their mother’s restaurants. She also co-wrote seven of her mother’s cookbooks and has been a producer on her television series since 2006.



This fake TV infomercial raised a new level of suck infomercials when the Aussie Host was surrounded by or in conjunction with a female dingbat idiot level stooge who had trouble boiling water

🚭  NOTE: Boiling water is hard for an idiot …yes…

In addition a bunch of shills, cheaply paid and non-talented character actors who are amazed at the wonderfulness of the product.  Absolutely the worst bunch of  mental masturbating  jerkoffs, horrible actors and actresses presented as relatives and friends all went gaga at the food churned out and the great taste of the hastily prepped food.  

Especially the really dumb looking aunt  ( WHO WAS SMOKING AT THE TABLE ) and what a character actress she was. She looks like she just came from a booger eating contest.  And won!  Something like seventy-two boogers in five minutes. Cheered on by the other moron next to her.

Like these frickin imbeciles never had a shake before.  Using Neanderthal commentary mixed with some of the worst lines of script,  they should have been shot soon after the filming and the directors gonads placed in the whirling dervish blender still attached.

The acting was so bad, I hastily recommended the commercial for the annual awards given out by the Hasty Pudding Club at HARVARD. They denied it claiming it was too professionally a f*ck-up and not fair to the other contestants.

The food which took six minutes to prepare but twenty hours to set up just amazed the actors and actresses.   The audience was selected by Dental Smile Experts on the basis of having all their teeth because they need to smile and applaud a lot to get the free samples.  No guarantee the teeth were real.

And the grandma smoking away easily won the Award For Suck Performances given by the Chinese Western Movie Guild and presented by Kim Jung Un of North Korea,  a very astute movie fan whom the Chinese control and this is now seriously considered the worst infomercial ever made but we are confident someone sooner or later someone will lower the bar and we will have a new winner.   

🚭   The Magic Bullet Pro Media Review  —  The Magic Bullet, and its sequel, Magic Bullet To Go, are two infomercials that advertise a small blender. What differentiates these infomercials from many others is that their format is not unlike a Sitcom, with a whole cast of delightful, colorful schmuck screwball stereotypes.  This factor has garnered it much attention from those who love watching these commercials.  Where did they find these creeps...?

As if that wasn’t enough for you to throw up, there was a sequel, In the sequel, we see our lovely bunch camped out in the middle of the woods. Despite this, they’ve got a table, a “camp stove”, a frying pan, and multiple little bowls, plus an assortment of ingredients you wouldn’t think to bring to a camp-out like eggs.  

This one drops a couple of original characters, and adds a few more, like the unforgettable Dino.  Did they plug the magic Bullet into a tree? When were outlets located in trees?


They seem to have vanished, no more ads…hmmm

🚭   Pros- Brainwashing By Tv Corpo Guano Experts —  Endorsed by Eric Theiss, who loves himself more than what he sells and his sidekick who should weigh 300 pounds if she swallowed all the food that she eats on those boring demos. She must have been starved all her life and then brought to the show.

Copper Chef is a 6-in-1 non-stick, no cleanup pan that works as a roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer, stock pot, wok, and baking dish. Just like all the other non-sticks if they have a lid…

And with its extra deep sides, Cerami-Tech technology, and copper infused coating that’s heat resistant up to 850 degrees, you’ll be able to take your Copper Chef from stove top, to oven, to table in a breeze and burn the sh*t out of everybody.

Moving Copper Chef around will be easy too, thanks to its riveted handles and helper handle, and thats incredible, no more handling hot ptts with your hands.

Arguably the biggest benefit of copper cookware is that it comes with “excellent thermal conductivity.”  If you believe a minute centimeter of copper fused to the aluminum is a miracle worker you are stupid.  But it’s just another conventional build, in Aluminum, with sprayed layer and a metal Paint, it is not a copper pan. 
It is a copper “infused
” aluminum pan ( infused is heat bonded like powder coat) with a stainless or tinned-metal base so it will work on induction.

🚭   Cons -  By Independent Thinkers With Brains  —   But copper cookware isn’t perfect. It is a highly reactive material especially for “ alkaline or acidic foods, which can take on a metallic taste after being cooked.” In other words, you’ll be ingesting copper.  REAL solid Copper pots and pans are also some of the most expensive cookware you can purchase and this is not REAL COPPER-WARE.

Finally, remember that all copper cookware is either lined with tin or stainless steel, the latter being the preferred material due to its longevity. Unfortunately, we’re not told which material Copper Chef contains.

What is Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Technology?  NEVER USE SPRAY (PAM and OTHERS) OILS ON THESE PANS   Non-stick cookware has been around for years (pretty much due to the invention of Teflon), although recently, manufacturers have stopped including this specific chemical since it contains Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

While its positive that Copper Chef’s non-stick coating doesn’t contain these chemicals, there’s essentially nothing online about Cerami-Tech, and thats what we call voodoo technology, other than this brochure for a “high performance solvent free coating designed for use as a resurfacing and lining system to improve the efficiency in fluid flow environments”

We like ceramic coated pans much better than Teflon.  Copper Chef seems to be fairly versatile and large enough to feed a family of four.  We also like the Lifetime Guarantee offer and the free shipping, sounds great but better read the details first, this company is not known for it customer service and is about a two out of five and some referred to their customer service and tricks as more TV bullshit.  

🚭   The Distributor Of Copper Chef?   —  Rated 2 Of 5   —   Chef Theiss’ other Fusion Brand product, the Power Pressure Cooker XL averages just 2.5 stars from people who say they bought it.  The non-stick pans are brought to you by Fusion Life Brands, who also makes the Fusion Xcelerator and Fusion Juicer. 

Fusion Life Brands, in turn, is a division of Tristar Products, one of the biggest ASOTV companies in existence. In fact, they are second only to Telebrands.  As such a large company, Tristar is responsible for some hugely popular products, including Clear TV, Copper Wear, Perfecter Fusion Styler, Power Pressure Cooker XL and many more packages of useless Chinese cooking devices promising to make chefs from idiots.

Between all these products, they have any average rating of 2.3 stars, based on well over 1,300 HighYa reader reviews. Here, common complaints tend to revolve around less-than-stellar quality and customer service, as well as products that don’t work as advertised. Keep in mind we’re not saying this is what you’ll experience with Copper Chef, only that it’s definitely something to consider.  Should you also consider the celebrity endorsement?

“Telebrands cannot be trusted to do right by its customers or to even honor its own 2001 pledge to follow our consumer protection laws.” —John Hoffman, Attorney General  — To date nothing has changed  —  

This is because ASOTV manufacturers have their entire process down to a science; from ideation and manufacturing, to distribution and customer service, these guys know exactly what they’re doing—squeezing every last penny out of the products they sell. Granted, this is the backbone of a free market economy, but if they knew all the details, it’s likely that most consumers would feel that ASOTV manufacturers have taken it too far.

🚭  The Pitchman And Promoter —  Self Claimed Culinary Expert — 

Eric Theiss has been cooking since he received his first cookbook at age 6, and has spent time working in high-end NYC restaurants, earning his angel wings under chef Frank Falcinelli.  Now he wears red pajamas, a tail, pointed ears and raptor hands and feet provide by Mestopheles Cookwear Inc.

You have seen him over the last several years, working with QVC pitching and performing live, on-air culinary product sales. Eric was even the host of Tristar’s Power Pressure Cooker XL 30-minute infomercial!

But here’s the thing: Just because Mr. Theiss is endorsing the product, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he uses it.   Most  professional chefs,  I spoke with laughed at it.  It nothing more than a household tool at best. 

So, while Eric’s endorsement creates some star power behind Copper Chef, we don’t think this should weigh heavily on a purchasing decision. Taking everything we’ve learned here, we don’t think there’s necessarily anything unique about Copper Chef that you wouldn’t find at a local home goods store.  

And with brands of superior non-gimmicked construction.  In fact, if you do a quick online search for “ Copper non-stick cookware,” you’ll find that you can purchase entire copper cookware sets (multiple pots and pans) for not much more than this pan.  The copper is just a coating. And many companies in China can and do  knock it off. 

🚭  Searching We Found Many Complaints  —  

  • Did you buy a Copper Chef pan? Are you frustrated that the “non-stick coating” wore away extremely quickly or never worked in the first place, making it extremely difficult to cook even the simplest of meals? 
  • You’re not alone: hundreds of consumers report that Copper Chef pans are defective do not work as advertised. Food sticks to the pan, the coating wears away, and customers are left with expensive pans for which they paid a premium price.
  • Copper Chef markets itself as a maker of “revolutionary” non-stick, no cleanup pans that will be used for “everyday cooking”. Their products sound extremely useful to many consumers. However, many consumers were left disappointed when their Copper Chef pans turned useless soon after they bought it. A few of these complaints include:
  • “Pan was great for first month. A small part of the coating on the edge chipped off within a week, but this did not interfere with cooking. However, the pan lost its stick-free quality within two months of daily use. We very carefully followed cooking and cleaning instructions…”
  • “Worked fine for 2 weeks, then it didn’t. Food can’t be removed, even with plastic scraper.”
  • “Pans are thin, the coating is thinner. The first time I did stir fry the bottom scratched badly. Within a short time, the so-called non-stick is now where everything sticks. Try cooking eggs – good luck with that, and be ready for a long clean up.”
  • “I bought the 11-inch pan from a store, and only after a few times making sunny side up eggs, it started getting stuck to the pan, and very hard to clean it. Actually, the eggs started burning on the bottom.”
  • The pictures that accompanied  consumers’ negative reviews also demonstrate that Copper Chef pans are anything but resilient. Food sticks to the pans, the surfaces scratch easily and the pans burn: