— Repeat Business Stats  - Loyalty Not So Good —  

Could it Be Crap Food?

Arby’s  -  Only 44 percent of customers return to Arby’s for its huge roast beef sandwiches. Some diners call the food at Arby’s expensive and "delicious trash." Many guests also say that they get sick after eating its food. To make matters worse,  Arby’s has been dealing with a nasty rumor and an extra ingredient in their sandwiches that will make you lose your appetite.  It’s not roast beef, it’s glued together roast meat of sorts and the glue is fatback from pig, same thing they glue soles on shoes with.  Hopefully they change their menu…  I do not eat there.  

Starbucks  —  Starbucks is struggling to get more customers through its doors. Their beverages, pastries, gift cards and creative merchandise don’t entice consumers anymore, even during the holiday season when they release new products. Some Starbucks stores are located in malls, which receive little foot traffic. Overbuilt franchise and too expensive.  Their coffee gives me heartburn and I am a pot day coffee drinker…I do not eat or coffee there.  

Wingstop  —  About 44 percent of diners go back to Wingstop for their chicken wings, boneless wings, fries and ranch. Many reviewers compliment their house-made ranch and sweet fries. However, the company still gets some complaints from customers. The biggest issues are the food’s saltiness and the boneless wings, really chicken chunks in hot sauce. Nothing special about their wings, cheaper and smaller. Varies at times…  More Pizza Cheap Crap

Boston Market  —  In the 1990s, Boston Market boasted 1,100 locations in malls and shopping plazas across the nation. Today, that number has shrunk to 400 stores. Boston Market offered customers rotisserie chicken, so they don’t have to deal with the process of cooking a whole chicken at home. However, the chain’s main attraction is also its downfall.  Their chicken is not that good.  Frankly it sucks

Dairy Queen  — Where else can you find ice cream that’s served upside down? Known for its thick blizzards that defy gravity, Dairy Queen has been serving up ice cream since 1940. But guests mock the chain, saying that their cold dessert isn’t even real ice cream. It tastes like plastic and oil, and it melts too fast.   The Chain is Old and Dying

El Pollo Loco  —  El Pollo Loco is Spanish for "The Crazy Chicken." Founded by Francisco Ochoa, the fast food diner first opened in Mexico in 1975. The U.S. didn’t get a taste of El Pollo Loco until 1980, when the company opened in Los Angeles. Only 43 percent of customers return to El Pollo Loco. What’s wrong with it? From service to food, El Pollo Loco suffers from a low quality environment, low quality chicken, and keeping bad on the grill too long… their food basically sucks.   I do not eat there you might become a Dead Duck in a Chicken joint… It sucks 

Taco Bell  —  In 2018, Taco Bell was voted “  America’s Favorite Mexican restaurant.” The Beefy Chalupa, Nacho Fries, and CrunchWrap Supreme are their most popular items. But how could Taco Bell also be the worst in the country? Many guests criticize the food.  Voted:   Highest score thats it’s  ITS CRAP, not what you get, AND CONTAMINATED. On one occasion ordering the   “ El Guano Chalupa Special of the Day”,  I took the Chalupa back to the counter and asked “ What is this, thing you serve? A baby’s diaper had more meat in it, can you make me one like in the picture?”   I do not eat there.  

Bojangles’  —  They were established in 1977, Bojangles’ first set up shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. The business only exists in 12 states, including Alabama, Maryland and Florida. Bojangles' gets some praise for their food, but the company is still considered one of the worst fast food chains in the nation. The chicken and biscuits joint doesn’t attract enough returning customers.  Worst Food Contender

Subway  —  Although Subway has more than 24,000 stores across the country, it also holds a low return score. The famous five-dollar foot longs and Fresh Fit Choices just don’t cut it anymore. In 2018, the company closed more than 1,000 stores.  Foods not that fresh in some stores… and lays all day in those chillers…Freshness is a problem

Krystal  —  CLOSED   Many customers who review Krystal often compare it to another restaurant called White Castle because of their tiny hamburgers. Krystal scores slightly better than White Castle in this list.  Although guests like Krystal’s Corn Pups, the burger joint still has some flaws and the chain is bankrupt, soon gone.   Good Riddance 

Dominos  —  Before 2009, customers complained that pizza from Domino’s tasted like cardboard. The meat that the business used for toppings was gross. People also thought the tomato sauce tasted like ketchup. In other words, Domino’s was committing crimes against pizza. The company was well aware of it too and is launching  a massive turn around looking for better cardboard, not so soggy  

Long John Silver’s  —  Long John Silver’s exclusively sells fish and chips and hushpuppies. However, the fried fish flops and the hush puppies flounder. The food is hard to enjoy because it’s too stale, salty and greasy. The majority of the fried fish consists of batter instead of meat. Other common complaints include the food being either cold or overcooked.    Just consider it low end fish food…   I do not eat there.  

Taco John’s  —  Taco John’s only sees 41 percent of its diners come back a second time. Customers love the Potato Olés, but many of them don’t return because the rest of the menu is a total mess. For instance, salad tacos appear carelessly tossed together, while burritos are wrapped incorrectly.  Poor training and poor food don’t work

Wienerschnitzel  —  The World's Largest Hot Dog Chain, Wienerschnitzel, was established in 1961. Today, the chain serves more than 120 million hot dogs every year. But the company has a low customer returning score. Why is Wienerschnitzel falling short? The culprit is the low-quality food and millennial customers are getting better eating habits while others still go for the garbage corporate food.   Somebody should get them a new weiner

KFC  —  Old school they were OK, but going downhill fastfor decades, KFC went from 5,472 locations in 2002 to 4,270 restaurants in 2016. KFC has been dealing with rumors that they inject their chickens with steroids to create "mutant chickens" or "Frankenchickens." Although the chain has denied these claims, consumers say that they still don’t trust the food.  Many of their store were so old , dirty and years of chicken grease, should have been considered a health hazard. The chickens are weird…I go to Costco.  CRAP, CRAP, CRAP

Cinnabon  —  The Diabetic Capital of the Free World  — Cinnabon attracts guests with freshly baked pastries, like warm, gooey cinnamon buns. But only 40 percent of their customers return. Struggling to survive, Cinnabon has tried to spice up the brand. However, many consumers still aren’t biting into the changes.  And your cardiologist will have you on a treadmill from all that sugar… and  two or three arterial stints before long.   

Del Taco  —  The Mexican fast food chain, Del Taco, serves up taco combos and cinnamon churros to keep 40 percent of customers coming back. Guests note that it seems as if they’re waiting a long time to order and receive their food. The majority of diners don’t return because of the unappetizing food.  Bad, cheap, food or lousy cooking is a real good reason not to return, the other might be the customers burnt it downViva El Dreco  

Einstein Brothers —  Just 40 percent of US customers choose to eat a “ Gourmet” bagel for breakfast at Einstein Brothers. I hate corpo-guano bullsh*t…  I’m from NY and we invented the Bagel… and this is not a Gourmet Bagel

  • The bagel chain receives bad reviews for its mediocre food quality, and freshness. 
  • The bagels are bland, compared to grocery store bagels even from Safeway and WinCo Foods.  
  • They are not gourmet, they are commercial made at a central plant and finished at the store by delivery.
  • Consumers also harshly criticize the coffee and customer service. To put it nicely, the coffee is awful, and the service lacks accuracy or timeliness. 
  • It’s not uncommon for orders to be made incorrectly or take too long to get to the customer.  


I was born and raised in NY on Bagels.  Unfortunately not growing up in a neighborhood not ethnically tuned into bagels causes some to think if it is round and tanned they are great bagels.  No thats just flour and water.  

😇   LARGO  —  Stew’s House of Bagels IN Largo, FL · In Plaza de Sunus Ulmerton and Belcher
😇   CLEARWATER  — Clearwater Bagels located on Gulf to Bay near Clearwater High School

Here in Pinellas County we are fortunate to have two stores that know real bagels, made in house, for decades,  again the bagels are the real thing,  big difference.  Two great Bagel Chefs…with followings for authenticity not corpo-guano fast food crap.  I buy from either, when ever I drive by…

White Castle  —  A low number of consumers love White Castle. The burger joint is famous for its small, square hamburgers, but that might actually be the company’s weakness. Guests leave unsatisfied because of the hamburger’s size. To get full, diners must buy more than just one tiny burger. When I was a Kid in NY,  I usually downed eight and a coke for under a dollar.   They are bankrupt and people saw them as a throwback… people with education have some higher tastes…

Panda Express  —  Founded in 1983, Panda Express has more than 2,000 stores across the nation, making it the largest Asian restaurant chain in the country. Panda Express offers gourmet Chinese cuisine and lets diners create their own meal. However, the food is actually so-so and the items are overpriced.

From BuzzFeed to chef David Chang, Panda Express often gets slammed for serving inauthentic food. BuzzFeed invited Chinese people to try the chain for the first time. In the video, some unimpressed diners criticized and mocked the food. Chang says, “Do I gnaw on my own thumb, or do I get orange chicken?” Basically bean counter engineered food.

Church’s Chicken  — Established in the 1950s, Church’s Chicken specializes in chicken, biscuits and fries.  With an inferior score based on the Consumer Picks survey, Church’s Chicken struggles to win back guests. Consumers just aren’t big fans of the chain’s food, like the hand-breaded fish, honey-butter biscuits and popcorn shrimp.

Although the chicken isn’t too dry or greasy, its lack of flavor disappoints consumers. The biscuits also frustrate diners, who describe the bread as rock hard. But Church’s Chicken plans to improve its food and service to gain more customers in 2019.  Pray for them that they find leadership and a better head chef, the food sucks…

Wendy’s  — With an unimpressive returning customer score, it seems no one is interested in Wendy’s square hamburgers, sea salt fries and their signature Frosty. Many consumers take shots at Wendy’s for its 2005 "finger in chili crisis" or the live mouse found in a bag of burger buns in 2018.

Wendy’s just can’t catch a break. Everybody mocks their overpriced meals of flat burgers, wilted vegetables and stale buns. To end on a positive note, Wendy’s often advertises the fact that their patties are never frozen, which attracts some guests. As a result, the company performs slightly better than some of its rivals.    Consumer Score: 38%  If Dave was alive he would strangle his daughter, fire the company and start over, this is a corpo management problem.

Little Caesars  —  
Little Caesars is famous for its catchphrase, "Pizza! Pizza!" It’s also well-known for selling a large pepperoni or cheese pizza for only $5. Sounds like a great deal, right? Unfortunately, the saying, “ you get what you pay for,” is true with Little Caesars, so you get a $3.00 Pizza for $5.00.

The pizza chain advertises fresh, high-quality ingredients, but consumers are disappointed because the food is actually poor in both quality and freshness. Everything from the sauce to the cheese and pepperoni tastes vile. The chain often gets mocked for its pizza tasting like cardboard.  Why pick cardboard, it’s worse, no taste pizza.   
Consumer Score: 37%.
 I slammed them three times for poor quality, just another joint with cheap recycled cheap cardboard pizza.

Checkers  —  Checkers has specialized in hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and milkshakes since 1986. However, the chain gets mocked for their customer service and low-quality food. Guests say the service is too slow, even when there are no other customers in line.

The chain’s hamburgers and hot dogs are also heavily criticized. Common complaints about the burgers include flavorless patties and giant flavorless pieces of iceberg lettuce adding nothing to the burger. But many customers do compliment Checkers on their fries and banana milkshakes.   Consumer Score: 36%

Sonic Drive-In  — How can anyone resist a retro-themed restaurant with happy hour and carnival-style food? Sonic exclusively sells cheeseburgers, onion rings, corn dogs, slushes, milkshakes and chili dogs. However, the business’s biggest downfall is that the food isn’t fresh or high quality.

A Sonic cheeseburger has all the ingredients of a typical cheeseburger: patty, melted cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles and tomatoes. But where does it go wrong? The patty and the lettuce as the beef is often dry and unseasoned, while the lettuce takes up the majority of the burger.  Consumer Score: 36%

A&W  —  Was founded in 1919, A&W is known for its draft root beer, root beer floats and burgers. As one of the oldest hamburger chains in the country, A&W is loved for its root beer more than its food. Customer complaints usually have to do with food quality and customer service.

Guests slam A&W’s fries, calling them greasy and terrible. Some people say eating the fries is like consuming a cup of oil. Consumers also get aggravated about A&W’s lack of timeliness and cleanliness. For instance, customers wait a long time to receive their order. The dirty tables are often covered in grease and trash, while the garbage bins overflow.  The floors stick to your shoes from grease.  When combined into a chain with Long John Silver and Burgers, ( Some Taco Bells) the food was horridConsumer Score: 35%   

Auntie Anne’s  —  Auntie Anne’s sells doughy treats, like hot, salted pretzels. Established in 1988, the pretzel shop first opened its doors in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This chain is often found at malls, which is its biggest downfall. With fewer people going to malls in recent years, Auntie Anne’s found itself losing customers.

To get more business, Auntie Anne’s started to set up shop where there’s more foot traffic, like tourist spots and street-side locations. Although its location is its greatest issue, Auntie Anne’s still sees some complaints. For instance, guests are disappointed by stale and burnt pretzels as well as rude and unwelcoming customer service.  And cardiac arrest from all the salt.   Junk food.  Consumer Score: 35%

Quiznos  —  Self destructed  —  The toasted subs chain, Quiznos, collapsed due to store closures and financial woes. In 2008, Quiznos had 5,000 restaurants across the country. Today, there are only 800 Quiznos stores left. The company even filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Customers’ biggest complaint? The subs are too expensive.

When its main rival, Subway, began selling footlong sandwiches for $5, Quiznos tried to compete by offering a discount. But the plan backfired. In 2009, the chain sent customers a coupon for a free sandwich, but franchise owners were already experiencing low profits, so many didn’t honor the coupon. In response, customers got angry and Quiznos’ got more problems.  Consumer Score: 35%

Hardee’s  —  Hardee’s is mainly located in the South and Midwest states. Hardee’s is best known for its charbroiled hamburgers and controversial advertisements, such as using supermodels to create "sexy" commercials. Throughout their history, the company has had intense rivalries with Jack in the Box, McDonald’s and KFC.

Hardee’s isn’t afraid to admit their shortcomings. In fact, the company launched a campaign revealing that they were well aware of their shoddy service, gross food and confusing menu in 2003. However, Hardee’s still hasn’t changed because their poor service, dirty dining environment and mediocre food continues to disappoint customers. Sometimes referred to as Vomit town of Freshness,  not nice.  Consumer Score: 34%

Jimmy John’s  —  about once a year they get food poisoning problems.  Notorious for its “ ready Fast, Freaky Fresh” slogan, Jimmy John’s (JJ’s) has a history of bad luck. In 2016, the sandwich shop made their workers sign a crazy non-compete clause, prohibiting employees from working at other delis until two years after the end of their JJ's employment. In response, several states took JJ’s to court. JJ’s was forced to remove the clause from any hiring paperwork.

The problems didn't stop there. JJ’s caused several large food poisoning outbreaks. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, customers got sick with E. Coli or salmonella after eating JJ’s sprouts.  At least 100 JJ’s customers in Kansas fell ill in 2013. Fast forward to 2018, JJ’s was responsible for another food poisoning outbreak.   Consumer Score: 34%

Sbarro   —  "You eat Sbarro not because you want Sbarro, but because it is the food that is available at the moment you want some food," said Neil Irwin from The New York Times. About 34 percent of returning Sbarro customers agree with him.   Sbarro loses customers because of its low food quality and lack of freshness. Customers are more interested in getting custom-made pizzas with better ingredients at pizza chains like Blaze Pizza. Sbarro stores are also cursed because of their place of residence. The chain is often located in dying mall food courts.  Consumer Score: 34%

Burger King  —  Burger King has made headlines for rolling out tacos and vegan impossible burgers. But the chain is famously known as the original Home of the Whopper. Only a small percentage of customers opt for Burger King’s flame-grilled patties due to convenience.

Burger King gets plenty of heat for their sad, plain Whopper burger. The ratio between the hamburger’s toppings is often off. The onions dominate the rest of the burger. In addition, the patty’s size is disappointing, compared to the other toppings.  CRAP, CRAP,CRAPConsumer Score: 33%

Carls Jr.  —  Founded in Los Angeles in 1941, Carl’s Jr. was originally a hot dog stand. Today, the chain is memorable for its controversial advertisements and charbroiled burgers. However, customers aren’t impressed with the food or marketing. Some customers find their hyper-sexualized commercials offensive. 

Guests are also frustrated with the burgers from Carl’s Jr. Although the burgers are large, they’re also messy, which makes the experience less satisfying. Many consumers also question why the food is getting more expensive when the quality hasn’t improved.   Consumer Score: 33%

Jack in the Box  —  Famous for their round-headed mascot and funny commercials, Jack in the Box has been in the burger business since 1951. Although the chain also offers tacos, fries, all-day breakfast and chicken fajita pitas, Jack in the Box suffers from an embarrassing low rating.

Many customers think Jack in the Box is nasty, especially their deep-fried tacos. On social media, the chain’s customers have described the tacos as "a wet envelope of cat food" and "vile." However, some consumers are big fans, saying the tacos are gross, yet they still love them and are unable to “resist" them.   Consumer Score: 33%

#1 The Worst is McDonald’s  —  McDonald’s seems to be everywhere we look. However, the most famous fast food restaurant in the country is also the worst chain in the country. Although McDonald’s can crank out and sell a lot of burgers, the quality of the food is poor. More customers prioritize quality over quantity.

The company proudly uses frozen patties from 100 percent USDA-inspected beef. The patties also aren’t made with any preservatives, fillers, extenders or "pink slime." However, McDonald’s burgers rank the lowest in freshness and food quality. Customers often slam the mega-chain for burgers that look and taste like a “hot mess” with dry patties.  Consumer Score: 28%  They are now claiming fresh…they claim a lot of things… They frankly are full of dead cow meat.

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