— The Bitches Of Bullsh*T Town — 


⏺  The First Michelle “  Bat Sh*t Crazy”  Bachmann —   #1 Totally Screwed Up Category — This broad is so far out in left field she was banned from attending any baseball games—married to a Fruit-keg Jesus Gay Straightener (Converter To Normalcy) they deserve each other since they both rob from the government.

 Sara “ The Blood Oath” Palin —  #1 “ In The Best Should Be Eaten By Wolves and Bears Category”,  big mouth, dumb as a rock, bad mother, the Beverly Hillbillies of Alaska — 

 Sara “ Not-a-wara”  Sanders  —   Dumbest Fat Bitch on TV — #1 In The Dumbest Broad Still Talking, she’s Huckabee Daughter, that explains it  — 

 Kelly “ Total FaceJob” Conway  —  #1 She Belongs in an Alternate Universe Category, and her facelift helped, smart, she knew when to get out  —  A smart lady knows when looks, charm and intelligence wins over her position which was wasted with T-RUMP and had to lie low.  She played it till she saw daylight and scooted with no warning.

 Kayleigh McEnany   #1 In The Tiny Miniature Division, With the Biggest Loudest mouth filled with llies and deceit.   Smart, too smart and plays the dark side with FOX for the money because few legit players would want her on their team  —  after the heat she got with lies for T-RUMP.  Well hated by the legit press

 Sidney Powell  —  Attorney on the Giuliani team till they threw her off —  She wins hands down in three categories  —  1)  Conspiritorialist Theory Inventor  — T-RUMP Loss in the Election Fraud Theories2)  Looks — A face that could stop a clock and a mouth to match, Winner Of the Moose Look-A-like Contest --3)  An Over the Top Liar and currently in court with a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the commentary of voting machines and costing the voting machine company millions of dollars and they were all lies.  A very large defamation suit includes other members of the Giuliani team and Rudi too.

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