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Salt Water Sportsman is a monthly magazine about recreational marine fishing in the United States and throughout the world. Originally published in Boston, Massachusetts in 1939, Salt Water Sportsman expanded from its roots covering New England waters to address saltwater fishing issues throughout the world.  This magazine and it’s related webpages are the cornucopia of Salt-Water Fishing.

Expert saltwater fishing tips and advice on fishing rigs, fishing knots, fish species and more from Salt Water Sportsman. The magazine and their online are some of the best of the knowledge base in fishing in Salt Water Fishing In-shore, Bay and Ocean.

The number of species and fishing styles available to saltwater anglers is nothing short of spectacular. Fishing experts, such as charter captains and tournament anglers, often excel at one particular style of saltwater fishing. Whether it’s trolling offshore, fishing wrecks and structure, live-bating inshore inlets and bays, or fan-casting the flats, the list of different fishing techniques is extensive.

At Salt Water Sportsman, we’ve picked the brains of the best anglers for decades, uncovering tips and techniques crucial to successful fishing trips. Answers to popular fishing questions related to baits, lures, fishing knots, boats, boat maintenance, fly-fishing, and even recipes, can all be found within the easy-to-navigate sections.  

These are some of the best fly lures from the magazine and here is their URL. 


More Information About The Salt Water Sportsman Streamer Presentations By The Premier Magazine For The Serious Fisherman  —  Shown Below Are Popular Favorites And Producers By  Bob Clouser - Deep Minnow, Lefty Kreh - Deceiver,  Enrico Puglisi - Peanut,  Homer Rhodes -  Chico Fernandez  — SeaDucer,  Flip Pallot - Prince Of Tides, And The Authors Unknown Streamers,  Woolhead Mullet, Marabou Mudder, Glades Minnow, and the Yak Hair Pinfish — 

Topping The List Is The Simple Glass Minnow By Carl Hansen — Who Was A Friend, Conservationist,  and Fisherman, a great human being who always was willing to teach the gentle art of fly fishing.    Directly Below and How to Tie It On The Next Page — Just Click Legacy

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Carl Hansen Legacy

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