•  2626 Gulf To Bay Blvd
•  Clearwater, FL  33759  
Tel:  727-799-2019  
•  Open 24 H

Since 1958 Perkins® Restaurants have gained a solid reputation for high quality personalized dining.  
Perkins & Marie Callender's, LLC currently owns and franchises more than 400 full service Perkins Restaurants and Bakeries in 33 states and five Canadian Provinces.  The Perkins system includes 132 company-owned and operated restaurants and 280 franchised units.  More than 50% of Perkins Restaurants are located in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin.  The Company and its franchisees employ approximately 25,000, encompassing both full and part time positions.

I frequent both Perkins restaurants that are close to my home.  They do a good job in the highly competitive mid range of eateries offering a good selection of American style food.   Additionally, they do a great job with bakery items and pies in mid Pinellas County.   Better than the supermarket offerings.  

This location is in the very busy Clearwater intersection of US 19 and Gulf to Bay.  I have eaten at both locations.  They flex their menus offering different menu items ever so often to mix things up. We stopped in for a late lunch after an event we attended which dragged on and we were hungry. OK starving.... OK very starving. 

Our rescuer and server, Brea handling a fair share of the tables but she didn't miss a table and took care of all the little things, she had it under control and fresh coffee in a minute to momentarily quell my appetite. 

New menu item I ordered took longer to prepare, it was the new Ragin' Cajun which is a medley of smoked sausage, shrimp and chicken, all grilled together with green peppers and yellow onions. Tossed with a spicy Creole sauce and served over herb rice. I needed something other than a burger for a change. they call it a big bowl. It was.

A new item, just like with any shake down cruise took a little longer to prepare. Both she and the manager Connie were very attentive and apologized for the delay.  No problem, the food came out, it was was fresh, tasty and the new item I had was done nicely. 

I might add a large portion of the reviews I write consider the service and personnel attitude critical to the environment portion of the meal. 

Brea the server and Connie the manager did an excellent job of staying on top of things more so than I have found at some high end places.

The Clearwater Perkins is in a competitive cluster of maybe ten or more restaurants, most major names and franchises and at times the area gets busy with long waits but we have always managed or sneaked into the Perkins and had a good meal and got served quicker and efficiently. 

Even if we were set to eat at one of the other places and didn't have an hour to kill, it's nice to have the Perkins nearby…When I travel I still have my reviewers hat on and in a strange location one has to kick back to basics and Perkins is on our travel short list. we never have had a bad meal there in years…..    •  Value  •  Service  •  Food  •  

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Jul 18, 2019, 9:56 AM

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