Televangelist Todd Coontz Begins Prison Term for Tax Evasion

 April 6, 2021 Barry Bowen

Televangelist William Todd Coontz is finally serving a five-year prison sentence for filing fraudulent tax returns and failing to pay his federal income taxes.

On April 3, 2019, WSOC-TV investigative producer Michael Stolp tweeted,”It appears Todd Coontz is officially a prison inmate, but maybe not for long. Per court documents he was scheduled to voluntarily surrender to the Bureau of Prisons yesterday. His attorneys filed a motion for release pending trial, which a 3 judge panel approved 2-1 yesterday.”

Coontz served one day and was then released. Coontz would appeal his tax conviction all the way to the United States Supreme Court, which denied the final appeal on February 22, 2021.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator reports that Coontz is now serving time at the Pensacola Federal Prison Camp, a minimum security prison in Pensacola, Florida. Coontz is scheduled for release on June 3, 2025…



North CAROLINA TELEVANGELIST  —  INDICTED ON CHARGES OF TAX CRIMES  —  North Carolina televangelist Dr. Todd Coontz – author of numerous books on faith and finances – has been indicted on charges of tax fraud spanning more than a decade.

"As a minister, Coontz preached about receiving and managing wealth, yet he failed to keep his own finances in order," Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, said as she announced the charges. "Coontz will now receive a first-hand lesson in rendering unto Caesar' that which is due."

The charges include three counts of failure to pay tax, each carrying a maximum federal prison term of one year, and four counts of aiding and assisting in filing false tax returns, each carrying a maximum term of three years.

Coontz, 50, is described on his website as a “ Pastor, evangelist, television host, author, humanitarian, philanthropist, businessman.” Just some of the words to describe him.   We had a few others, con man, liar, bullshitter, fake, fraud, tax evader, crook and scumbag.

He currently lives in Florida and the books he’s written include Breaking the Spirit Debt and Please Don’t Repo My Car.  The repo book is significant since most of the money you gave him went for the list of cars below he purchased. The count as of 2012 was nine very expensive cars.  keep reading and see where your money went.

The televangelist "promised financial miracles for people who sent money to his ministry," according to Channel 9 WSOCTV of Charlotte, N.C. The news station recounts some examples of his claims:

" 'You need to plant the $273 recovery seed. I’m only going to give you two to three minutes to respond,’ 

According to Coontz, “Several years ago, God gave me the single greatest miracle of my lifetime in one day and the numbers 273 were involved” 

Jim Bradley of Eyewitness News discovered that is the unit number of his 7th floor $1.38 million dollar high-rise condominium! This expose describes Coontz’ opulent lifestyle.

Coontz once told his viewers.  “Coontz posted videos on Twitter as recently as Wednesday, promising financial blessings to the faithful.  " 'Suddenly miracles are happening. I want to work with your faith for quick things, swift things,' Coontz said in the video."

Coontz's attorney Mark Foster said in a statement to WSOCTV that Coontz "unequivocally asserts his innocence of these charges." He added: "Todd Coontz has always endeavored to follow the law and to be a good citizen, father and minister. He trusted others to manage his finances and taxes for him and was shocked to find out he was under criminal investigation by the IRS."

The charges allege that Coontz filed delinquent federal income tax returns from 2000-2014, with federal tax liabilities amounting to more than $326,000.  He also allegedly purchased the following vehicles through his corporations or ministry: "a 2011 BMW, a 2011 Regal 2500 boat, a 2012 BMW convertible, a 2011 Lexus, a 2011 Land Rover, a 2006 Ferrari, a 2012 Maserati, a 2013 BMW, a 2013 Land Rover, and a 2012 Ferrari."

"All payments associated with these vehicles were treated as business expenses on corporate and ministry accounting records even though COONTZ's family members drove some of the vehicles and no records were kept about the supposed business use of the vehicles," the indictment states.

It adds that his ministry purchased a $1.5 million condominium. His corporations also deducted as business expenses more than $200,000 for clothing purchases and tens of thousands of dollars for meals and entertainment.

Additionally, Coontz allegedly perpetrated a check-cashing scheme by filing false tax returns from 2010-13. Ministries would often pay Coontz for traveling to speak to them. According to the indictment, he "hid income from the IRS by claiming the travel as a business expense while simultaneously receiving travel reimbursement that he kept as personal income."

That includes billing the churches for first-class airfare that he did not actually purchase, the indictment alleges.  In other cases, he would allegedly cash checks he received for speeches and book sales, so that they did not appear on his accounting records.  Coontz has been ordered to appear at the US District Court in Charlotte.

Truly an award winning scumbag...

Education, A Strong Believer in Manure  —  As far as I can tell, “Dr” Todd has no real doctorate; rather, he has an MS in Agriculture from Texas A&M University. That might indicate a strong knowledge of manure, and fertilizer,  and otherwise his paper.

His Doctorate comes from an online theological bible thumper degree giving University known for giving doctorates out as fast as McDonalds does burgers at 12 to1 weekdays.   
Incredible, I compared it to my ordination as a genuine Kentucky Colonel, and my membership in the  Captain Midnight Secret Squadron complete with my decoder ring.  
You will find a high percentage of these so-called Doctors are Honorary Certificates based on donations, they never call them bribes. Another difference is that a Doctor of Divinities which is nothing but a fake award given by fake awarders has been awarded to dogs, cats and several goats and geckos.

• • Doctor Of Divinity Vs Doctor Of Theology  —  In contrast with other religious degrees.  Doctor of Divinity should not be confused with the Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree, which is a research doctorate in theology awarded by universities and divinity schools, such as Duke Divinity S

chool and others.

The Fake Degree Todd is displaying is about as useless as teats on a boar hog.  It is an honorary degree anyone can have, and you too can be honored for $29.95 to $79.95,  depending on the quality of the paper, the material the K-Mart frame was made of and the bullshit printed on it... Oh, and what color the seal should be.


Benny Hinn, Sends Todd Coontz An Email.   Another CON man of Religion, played The Black Kettle and the Black Pot burned away on the stove ruse and challenged Coontz.

“ Benny said, he doesn’t go for this seed-faith stuff!” and told  Todd Coontz bluntly. 

Todd had just taught on the thousand-dollar principle during our conference in Dallas. “I’ve believed in seed-faith giving for decades, and I’ve seen it work time after time, but where do you get this $1,000 teaching?”

He showed me from the Bible how Solomon offered a thousand animals to God. He told me there’s something very special about the number 1,000 and the miracles he has seen when people cross that line in giving. Then he challenged me: 

“Pastor Benny, why don’t you sow $1,000 and see what happens, and if it doesn’t work, don’t ever invite me back to speak at your events again.”

I’ll admit that I was skeptical, but what Todd didn’t know was that I needed God to work a miracle in a certain area of my own finances. I was in a situation where I truly had to trust the Lord for a huge miracle.   Cheating on your wife and a divorce are certain ly good reasons for needing money and banging Paula white was expensive.  She goes through money like crazy.

So I took a large step of faith and planted a sacrificial gift into the ministry. I was amazed at how quickly and miraculously God worked on my behalf! It was so dramatic that I wondered if maybe it was just a matter of timing and coincidence. 

Dr. Coontz came to another conference shortly afterward, and I was so intrigued by what had happened in my own life that I decided to step out even more sacrificially. Again, the results were quick, nothing short of miraculous, and totally life-changing! Because of what I heard, and responding to his challenge, I stepped into a new dimension of favor and increase. And that’s the purpose of this email!

Benny Hinn, O.F.S.  ( Order Of The Frickin Scumbags)