⏺  The Oath Keepers  — The Justice Department escalated its January 6 investigation by bringing seditious conspiracy charges against 11 defendants, including the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes.

The latest accusations -- with a charge that had not previously been brought in the department's US Capitol attack prosecutions -- remove any sense that prosecutors believe the riot emerged from just a group of overzealous protestors, with new details about the planning and logistics alleged to have predated the Capitol breach.

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 5.38.37 PM

The Justice Department until now had been careful not to push the idea of sedition, instead charging defendants affiliated with right-wing groups with conspiracy to obstruct the congressional proceeding on January 6. The seditious conspiracy charge carries the same possible consequence as an obstruction charge, but is rarely used, politically loaded and has been difficult for the Justice Department to use successfully against defendants in the past.

The new indictment brings to light planning the Oath Keepers are accused to have done ahead of the Capitol attack, as they allegedly recruited members, stocked up on weapons and organized to disrupt Congress' certification of the 2020 election. 

Prosecutors say they also continued to plot "to oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power" after the Capitol riot failed to block the electoral college vote, according to a Justice Department statement on Thursday.

One Oath Keeper claimed to travel to Washington, DC, for a scouting trip ahead of January 6, according to the indictment. The new court filings also detail accusations that the defendants stashed weapons at a Virginia hotel and that they were prepared to "rapidly transport firearms and other weapons into Washington, D.C." to support the efforts to stop the presidential certification vote.    Rhodes was arrested Thursday in Little Elm, Texas.

 DEFINING WHO WE ARE  — Separation of Church and State — Why is the lack and belief in the  “ Separation of Church and State”  the most dangerous platform against the Constitution —
Simple,  because the separation defines whose country this is.  Is it a country for all beliefs ands peoples or is it owned by a secular group. We are not the United States of Christianity because an Evangelical bunch of radical over the top believers thinks it should be.  Our core is the belief that all people regardless of religious beliefs are entitled to the freedoms and benefits of a free nation where you make the life decisions and changes for yourself as long as it does not affect others.

Titles, I am not a Traditionalist, nor Conservative, Socialist, Communist, Democrat or Republican, I vote Independently for who can do the job best, not the clone, acolyte,  imitator, schmuck, frickin idiot or imbecile sponsored by the party with lies and deceit as it’s do-nothing obstructionist platform.

Or the party serving those who would turn our country and its freedoms for all into an authoritarian form of management defining one group over the others.  And in our case the definition is clear, those who have money,  wealth,  and power and then there are the other ninety-eight percent who are just getting by.

POINT:  Hitler tried that, it took 60 million deaths to stop him and other members of the NAZI  PARTY and six years of hell, annihilation of those who were not of a certain Aryan kind.  And the Angel of Death,  Adolf Hitler found likewise thinking and incorporated other thinkers and leaders from Japan and Italy to his side.  One mans sick belief, that  he was ordained to save the GERMANIC people almost destroyed the world.  Sound familier?  T-RUMP is going to save America !  

I am however a native born Jewish American Kid from Brooklyn NY  whose last generations escaped the pogroms of the Russians,  and lost many relatives to the holocaust and the Nazi’s Third Reich.  Now I have to face Secular Prejudice from Internal Terrorists in the country I fought for, I lost many Brothers in Arms and friends and I will not go down easy.

⏺  THE GOOD  — THE  VERY BAD — THE UGLY and COHORTS  — Primarily we have two parties in the United States — The Democrats — constantly trying to make life better for all people, and then there are Republicans.   It’s quite simple, one is for the rich and the other is for the people.  

The Bad — The GOP serves those who are rich and basically takes what it wants in the forms of tax breaks and puts the burden on the people.  It’s all about the money, forced control, graft, insider trading, fear of reprisal and the lies, fraud, corruption, by a goose-stepping army of Representatives and Senators who dance to the music of T-RUMP , McConnell, McCarthy and other corrupt leaders in the GOP.  

They should be turned over to the Vigilantes as their oaths they took are broken and lies, they are corrupt, cheated and stolen from us all and should be removed from office and hanged. Rope is cheap, sustainable and reusable so it meets Conservative values.

⏺  I am looking at the establishment of the Fourth Reich led by Donald T-RUMP  certified Authortarianism believer who admires the cretans of the past and present like Hitler, Mussolini, Putin and others  —  He is best defined and literally once declared himself the King, the Messiah, the True One and a bunch of other titles to cover his real identity — An ignorant scumbag defined by a callous, indifferent,  narcississtic and vulgar personality developed and nurtured by his father and grandfather.  His hand picked cabinet did more harm to this nation in four years than the last three Presidents.

ED:  Mrs. Betsy DeVos  paid two million for her job as Education Cabinet Minister and never taught, she has no degree in Education, nothing other than secular Jesus schooling,  never wrote nor published a paper, and took Education Government funds, gave to T-RUMP for the T-RUMP bogus wall  —    Seventeen million dollars a year got pissed away for votes and our kids got a dose of stupidity in return.

There were many other appointees too inept, not up to do the job right.  One man to blame as the expression goes   “ The buck stops right at the Whitehouse and Donald T-RUMP lives there”.  His cabinet changed the name of the WhiteHouse to the Sh*thouse.

And T-RUMP FAMILY values — His daughter Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner were appointed in spite of cronyism recommendations as senior advisors to the President and graciously stated they would not take a salary.

The T-RUMP tax breaks, incredible perks at government expense, crooked trade deals with other countries and support for their fake business deals netted them $640,000,000 thats six-hundred forty million dollars in tax breaks and payments.  Of government money. Nice corrupt paycheck.   Send them to jail too, take the money back and feed the poor.

⏺  The UGLY —  DONALD T-RUMP  — ONE MILLION DEAD AMERICANS  —  T-Rump Called The Covid A Killer Called A Flu  —  By February 2022, the delays, lies , stalls, mis-directions and corruption of T-RUMP will establish a new record in the United States because of the COVID being ignored.  Months later, was too late to realize T-RUMP did not have a handle on it.  It spread due to a lack of leadership, lies , corruption, cronyism, favors for election funding,  not only in health issues but just about every cabinet position there is.

⏺  THE GOP IS DEFINING —  Women's Rights  —  Who the hell do those grey-haired GOP bastards think they are?  Women's Rights, Gender Rights,  LGBTQ rights, we are all equal, pro-choice, the mother body, the mothers choice, and pro-civil rights. We are all equal and the laws have to be equal for all.  

How in the name of heaven can you vote for someone who takes a woman’s right away by some political hack ass-hole Governor looking for the Evangelical vote.  He denies a woman her rights, it’s her body and soul, not those grey-haired schmucks, and I believe Rode Vs Wade had it right.    Time to dump a few of these Evangelical nuts by any means possible and not tell the rest of the country what to do.  And dump the phony supreme Court it is tainted by political appointees who are hacks and corrupt and really sing off-key.


The pollution of the voting system by the all out war on a persons right to vote needs in 49 state's to be repealed and those who promulgated this atrocity sent to jail.  Let's get rid of those by simply having all the women voters stand up and vote.  Examples by GOV. Abbott, DeSantis, Kemp, others are hacks, Politicians looking for the promotion of a bad decision, and not allowing women their medical, safety and allowing her life to go on uncomplicated need to be castrated in return and set forth as an example of staying out of bad policies.

The only way is  “ No child is left behind"  I believe the state  government has NO right to dictate morality to the public unless it is in the protection of a person's constitutional rights and does not violate their rights.  Morality is the church domain but not the law. They deal with souls not cells.

 Our Structure — I am an anti-federalist within reason.  Republicans talk a big game about “small government”  but they never actually shrink it.  They waste more than they create.  I do not think we should have No Government and that everything should be handled through the private sector. Our country is just too big to allow states and imbeciles in power to make decisions. 

⏺  Death Penalty —  I am in favor of the death penalty. Uncontested cases to be carried out in thirty days and televised for the benefit of those thinking of doing something really heinous or stupid.  When we took the death penalty out of the picture, things got worse. Jails are overcrowded and the professional prisoners are great teachers of the secrets for those getting out can use.  
Lawyers got richer with appeals after appeals.  Bad guys got better training in prison. Millions of dollars wasted on garbage with no benefit to society.

⏺  War On Drugs  —  I am for the war on drugsIt is a billion-dollar effort that has resulted in broken families and our rights being restricted.  The government does have a right to tell people what they can and cannot consume if it is a danger to themselves and others. I will not pay for your drug habit through taxes, but if you want to smoke, shoot or rub your genitals with meth, go for it, it is your life and hopefully a short one to end your misery.  But if you commit a crime and drugs involved — automatically the death penalty.

⏺  Good Cops And Bad Cops  —  I am against bad police, and for full support of the good cops who risk their lives everyday.  I  believe the job of the police is overly hard and I side with police on most of the “controversial shootings”   IF JUSTIFIED BY A NON-PARTISAN CIVILIAN BOARD TO MAKE DECISIONS.  
We need to shift the police back to a protection role by backing them, not criticizing them unless it is quite apparent their decisions might have been wrong.

⏺  Unfair Tax Cuts And Fake Programs  —  I am against arbitrary tax-cuts and deficit spending. I get that tax cuts are popular but the government needs the money they need. Cutting taxes and taking on debt is stupid. If you want to cut taxes, cut spending, waste and integrate some common sense into the stupidity our Politicians show us on a daily basis.

⏺  Reaganomics Exposed  —  We have a new version of an old phrase coming from the right side of the coin, its called trickle down economics, the bastion of Republican reform.  It should be called the  “  Bastard of Republican stealing”   

  • But, Reaganomics 101 and the world economical and political picture don’t seem to be on the same page.  It's more like tinkle down economics. The middle class got pee'd on.  Thats where the Mexican word phrase "peons" came from.

  • Someone rewrote the book.  Mr. Greed. In the US we did get a little lazy and  the world stepped up their game. We are not the only players anymore. 

  • The Republicans continually offer trickle down economics as a way of re-development in this country.  Fine if you look at the economy and carefully at the middle class of that Reagan era. It’s simply not the same world. We are very much in competition with ourselves. We trained the world to do better and now they do it better than us. 

  • Let me best explain this a different way. When you were born if you are middle age or older, your world consisted of a circle perhaps in a diameter equal to a days march.  Those events occurring outside that diameter rarely had an effect on you.  In todays economy and literally the world this is not true anymore in the United States. 

  • The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the gas you buy, the computers and TV's you use, the watch you wear, your shoes, the drywall in your home, the nails and screws that hold your house together, the parts in the car you drive or the car itself,  all came from some other part of the world.   All by companies that have US names and foreign workers.  In a Reagan world the US companies would get the breaks and funds only to be used by the foreign workers.

⏺  The Great Orator —   He died quite a few years back.  I feel some Republicans haven't heard the news yet as they constantly talk about him.   

  • Being their friend and it was just yesterday he was with them —  Easier to talk about him and get applause then come up with some strong answers for tough questions. And most of them are not appreciated and he was.

  • They quote former President Reagan so we will assume they are of the same thinking and skill set of the late President. Not so. They are of the partisan thinking set, a distorted idea that says, we rise due to others failures. They wish us to think their ideas and ideals are rooted in success. 

  • It's psychologically pacifying to quote a better time and era and the mind is happy again, so they think.  And that’s why these buffoons in Washington are always quoting Reagan. Truth is they don't have answers for today. They are firing blanks, big blanks.  Hey,  in case you didn't know it,  he's not alive and neither are the conditions the same,  nor the talent he had for picking good writers and appointments and the talent today sucks.  If it’s not a party line approved lie it’s just not acceptable.

  • These full time shysters and goniffs know the buzzwords and clichés ad nauseam. "The Party of Reagan", "The Eleventh Commandment" "Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev". 'They believe in quoting the Great Communicator so we will assume the brilliance of the man and his financial moves trickled down to who is referencing Reagan and it will work again in the same fashion.  

⏺  Trickle Or Tinkle —  Trickle down economy works when you have a path to trickle. That path was also known as the Middle class, virtually non-existent today.  Destroyed by the American corporate greed, personal greed, and union greed, political greed, greed in general is to blame. 

  • Everybody got greedy. So, today without a middle class, “Trickle down Economics” refers to living on the ground floor of a two-story out-house.  More like “Tinkle Down Economics”.
  • Inherently we have a problem, the trickle will go to the investors, owners, overpaid executives, cronies and fraud and the importers.  The middle class gets “ TINKLE"
  • The stockholders are who the corporations are beholding to. 
  • The middle class kept that money in the states. You got paid, you went out to eat, you bought shoes and clothing, you went to the dry cleaner, you got your teeth cleaned, you went on vacation, you played golf, you owned a small boat, you went fishing, you could afford the car wash, you had a full freezer, TV’s all over the house and you were happy.  
  • You spent money here that was turned over again by the dry cleaner and the car wash people who spent it on others here. The key word is here. The same dollar got used many times. 
  • Millions of Americans watched their jobs go overseas and their jobs and dreams vanish because that dollar didn’t stay here. 
  • Today almost everything has the word China or other offshore stamped on the back. Why? So the American Corporations make more profit, and the stock market grows with those profits. BUT the profits go to the investors, not the workers since the workers are NOT THERE.  And the overpaid executives not the workers in the facilities, and donations to the Republican crooks who made all these tax-break deals.
  • So when we, as buyers, spend money into the system, seventy-eight percent of every hundred dollars goes overseas.  Then it comes back in loans to us. Is every body blind as to what happening?


  • Wal-Mart is probably the best example. When we had Mom and Pop stores we had only forty two percent of the dollars went away or out of the country.  Literally four-fifths or more of our economy dollars you spend vanishes each time you shop at Wal-mart and every time the stock market goes up a few points.
  • Since the Republicans and Democrats have their hands invested through lobbyists in almost every major corporation that looks good, the more money that goes into them means better profits for our Congressmen and Senators. It’s about greed. It always has been greed, it’s nothing to do about serving the country. It’s career and money and greed on both sides of the coin.
  • Remember the car industry, those great days of FORD and CHEVY, and the production of almost anything like washers and dryers, radios, TV, furniture, carpeting, clothing, shoes, tables, chairs and food, consumer items that were the strength of American production. These were the jobs that supported the middle class.  So I state again, what middle class? 
  • Wake up America, they are gone. Number one selling car in the US is Toyota outselling General Motors. Their part of America was funneled to the stockholders.  The rich got rich, the workers got pink slips. That’s what made the stock market recover, the infusion of all those dollars that never made it to the workers plus the Government gave them anything they wanted. And they want to take that taxpayer money and give bonuses to the same folks who bankrupted the nation.  Shame!
  • Wall Street and the investors are not for the people. The bonuses are still getting paid. The stocks went back up, breaking 36,500 points and no jobs came from it.  The middle class bailed out the holders. The top end gets as much as the corporation see's fit to pay the rest. What a gift. They lose the empire and we buy it back for them.

⏺  WARS  —  The military is over-used when you fight a war for twenty years and there is a ton of waste, Militarily, Financially, Morally, and with a Loss of Life.  The twenty year war cost us 2641 troops and 3678 Contractors and we gained nothing.  I am a contractor for the troops. I know what that pain is.

I have a problem with mission creep, our favorite way to kill our youth and gain nothing, it’s called “ Nation Building" when there is no nation. Groups, tribes, warlords, clubs, gangs and gatherings do not constitute a nation.   And if we go overseas to create a better world we have to totally eliminate the opposition, not try to deal with 15th Century illiterate morons. 

I don’t like how the RNC used executive orders to do bad things. T-RUMP contaminated a nation. I want it to be harder for the federal government to do anything unless really needed. 

⏺  POLITICIANS GET CAUGHT BUT ARE INVULNERABLE  —  These were all pretty fundamental differences with the GOP of yesteryear and worse today working with the New Reptilians in Congress.  They get away with murder as with several who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and a few who got caught with their hands in other peoples clothes suffered little.  They were censured which was a joke since they all took refuge in the Mitch McConnell Washington Two-Step Exoneration Program and still get all the benefits if they left office.

The Mitch McConnell Two-Step was simple, it’s worked for thirty years , “ Speak Not Against Me and I Will Speak Not Against You”  —   They simply covered each others asses since they are all guilty, thats why we need term limits and a hanging at times to instill some fear in these untouchables, again the Vigilantes  —  Let’s hang them first and next week give them a fair trial — 

 STUPID AMERICANS — Our problem is the voters, they do not research whom they vote for.   Many are small-thinkers and vote based on their in-ability to sort truth from fiction.  Unfortunately when books were popular fiction easily outsold non-fiction.  Overseas almost to a country their folks think we are the stupidest voters in the world.  How do we fall for all the sh*t dropped on us by our politicians and conspiratorialists.  Why do they continue their lives in myths and religious beliefs by great story tellers… starting with Santa Claus, Big Foot, Some Religious Fanatical Ceremonies, Pointy Hats, Golden Cathedrals, Pedophilia, Abortions, Secret Militias, Cults, Shock Jocks, False Messiahs, Radical Thinking Groups and the Tooth Fairy.   

As Moses once said when Jesus walked on water, “ I showed him where the rocks were" —  And Sodom and Gomorrah were built on a volcano base, no salt mines were ever found, just white volcano ash  — Lies and stories have been around a long time.

They decide using the TV ads for name or facial recognition, rallies, hats, and negative rhetoric, they are crowd supportive, somewhat ignorant, lower education obviously a challenge and many are just plain dumb.

Those in the forefront ( Politicians ) who moved ahead used a simple process, fake your concern for the naive behalf and their situation, our Coal Miners are a good example.  

Global warming was truth, is truth and we are destroying the earth but they were promised coal would be back.   ( T-RUMP) Never happened, and never will, with tremendous damage to our natural resources whose recovery in some areas will be in the millions if repairs can be made at all.  Those promises made negated those miners who were offered new free training in new modern careers.

Now they suffer. The world has turned its back on coal, the East Germany factories, formerly Russian were the last to buy coal from us so we thought but the real pollutant is China because they are so busy building an Army and a cold war,  the people are the last to reap benefits.  

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