Little Italy Of Inverness Deli


N.  Apopka Ave, Inverness,   FL 34450-4238       1- 352-726-5044
LUNCH   Monday - Friday  8AM to 3Pm  Sat 8AM to 2PM
DINNER  Friday - Saturday 6:30  3 or 7 Course Dinner (reservations only)

ON THE ROAD — It was different and unique.  We met friends there for a short business meeting with the rest of our team who reside there and are part of the INVERNESS MILITARY MEMORIAL we are building in cooperation with the city of Inverness for the men and women who served in the infantry—    

When I got the email giving us the location,  I expected from the name “ Little Italy” we were going to a Pizza Sub place like half a million other places called “Little Italy” throughout the US.   The Memorial is complete and it’s next to the Courthouse in the center of town.

From the minute I walked in,  I thought I was back home in NY four decades ago at my buddies restaurant who had the Americanized Pizza and Hoagies up front,  and the real Italian food in the back dinning room when I ate with his family. 

It was like two different worlds, and this small rustic, eclectic different comical little place had the back dinning room down pat.  This was the four “P’s” of high end produce, product, preparation and passion for the best food.

From the to order fresh food, and authentic imported meats and select vegetables combined with a passion for food,  everything was just right. It might just set the record straight as to what the difference is between an Italian Restaurant and a Pizzeria is.

This place is great if you have a fear of pre-processed corporate food.   Because it is so friendly, and with a great family atmosphere, you almost feel like you are eating at a friends house.  The food was the freshest and the side salad of Mozzarella, peppers, olives, herbs, greens and good Balsamic was delicious.   

ED:  If my mother was alive, she was an incredible cook and kitchen manager and I learned from her and had dined her with us — She would have said , “ This food had “ Tam” which is Textual Yiddish”.  Pronounced — (TAH-AHM) for Taste, and flavor (in culinary and other cultural domains).  According to DNA , it confirms — I a m 79 % Jewish and 21% Italian —  two generations back by DNA.  My favorite expression is growing up in NYC, I was a member of the “ Kosher Nostra" — 

  • tam(טעם) —  taste; 
  • batamt tam—  tasteless; tacky
  • nokh tam —  aftertaste
  • matamem — delicacies, gourmet food
  • tam ganeydn  —   wonderfully good taste

The multitude of sandwiches were offered plain or Panini toasted, and made to order.  The food leaps at you screaming fresh and says “eat me”.  The pictures say it all.

I had the Roast Beef toasted all the way, the Mozzarella based side salad and the soup of the day which was Chicken , Artichoke and Spinach. My associates had similar combinations and a good Chianti Wine.  They have some great imported beers.

The place is small,  intimate and  there is so much repeat business everybody knows everybody and they keep coming back.   

While we were there about two hours,  almost everyone that walked in was greeted  by a first name.  To a critique like me, these are good signs of consistency and following.  

Thats the difference in what I call small town cooking and in Italian “ iccola città ottimo cibo”.   

A different world from corporate  cooking which is governed by bean counters and scientists.   

Its also a great deli, many items you don’t see in most grocery stores and if you want the real thing, they have it and actually walking distance only about a short block from downtown and you can take it home.

Rosario is a fantastic cook and sings, Patty is the hostess and they are more like family when serving and with that said, this place is more like a comfort restaurant with comfort food.

Everything down to the cookies  is home made and then when you taste the difference between the real thing and corporate food, you will appreciate the personal love affair they have with what they serve.  One of our group is extremely versed in Italy, Italian food, their language and culture and he said these folks are real people making authentic dishes the Italian way and commented,  “ You’ll never see them putting a meatball on bread as a hoagie, but they make incredible meatballs as a dish.  

Incredible Selection  —  If it’s on the menu they can accommodate you.  A huge selection of choices if your needs are special.

The lunch Panini is awesome, ten kinds plus fourteen meats and cheeses. They offer four salads  plus the soup of the day , and meatballs... yes on a plate with homemade dipping, homemade bread and a side salad.  You can pre-order many of the homemade specialties , Sausage is made on Wednesdays and Fridays,  Breads include Italian loaf,  Focacia, Olive loaf and all kinds of rolls.

Cheese lovers will go nuts and will have a field day with Fontina, Fresh Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, Locatelli, Gorgonzola, Provolone, Ricotta Salata, American, Swiss, Parmigiano, Asiago, Taleggio, Fontinella, Pepato, Mascarpone, Gambozola, and PepperJack.  It’s an Italian spelling bee.  Wine lovers will find a nice selection to go with your meal.

The Meat Lover will have a choice  of Pastrami, Capicolla, Prosciutto, Soppressata, Salami, Roast Beef, Pepperoni, Bresaola, Ham, turkey, Mortadella, Corned Beef, Genoa Salami and Coppa.  No Bologna or Liverwurst served. 

More parking on the side and the art deco inside is different and comical especially the restroom.  For deserts, Homemade cookies, Sfogliatelle and Cannoli, lots more.

It was a wonderful experience sharing with friends in a unique place with great fresh food in a town dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Forces and the Unveiling of the Infantry Park and monument statuary is planned for December 7th.

Inverness is a great growing small town with a big heart, they partnered with us and heres the whole story.

Sep 17, 2017, 11:42 AM