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ED-OP BOTTOM LINE:    HERMAN AND SHARRON —  A  longtime local Tampa Bay TV show providing boring book reviews by and from fellow Evangelical pill-pushing, medical theorists,  and unproven crack heads selling or promoting something unproven, because mainstream won’t fall for it. 

And never checked by the FDA —  And always something the audience needs to order or buy.  On occasion always ending with a promotion or gift offer.  

I expected more from Herman, he worked for Toyota as a car salesman, at Toyota he failed, as a TV grifter using religion and selling snake oils salesman,  he did well.  

BACK IN 1987- 1995 — GRIFTERS IN RELIGION APPEARED ON TV  —  There was chaos in the Evangelical TV Bullsh*t Godly Talent Business -  Looking back at the millions griff-ted not gifted one can assume they got better at stealing and bull-shiting rather than finding the truth.

By now even the street-corner atheist knows that the PTL Club was fighting like the devil for its financial life. If good Christians don't empty their pockets to the tune of $7 million by the end of May, we're told, the temples of the PTL kingdom, including the Heritage USA, Waterslide, will come tumbling down.   

Due to his involvement in highly publicized financial and sexual scandals, Jim Bakker resigned on March 19, 1987. He turned all ministry assets over to Lynchburg, Virginia–based pastor and broadcaster Jerry Falwell, who became CEO of the parent organization, Heritage Village Church and Missionary Fellowship, Inc. and assumed control of Heritage USA, the cable network, and of its flagship program. Falwell's involvement was deemed newsworthy,[by whom?] as the PTL ministries were a part of the Assemblies of God denomination and Falwell was a Southern Baptist. Ministry supporters questioned Falwell's intentions and attributed his interest solely to maintaining control of the lucrative cable-television empire owned by PTL to broadcast his own ministry programming.

One commentator noted that "Bakker arranged for Falwell to take over PTL in March in an effort to avoid what he called a 'hostile takeover' of the television ministry by people threatening to expose a sexual encounter he admitted to having seven years earlier with church secretary Jessica Hahn.

" According to Hahn, on the afternoon of December 6, 1980, when she was a 21-year-old church secretary, Bakker and another preacher, John Wesley Fletcher drugged and raped her for "about 15 minutes". Hahn stated she overheard Bakker say afterward to another PTL staffer, "Did you get her too?"

A federal grand jury indicted Bakker for diverting millions of dollars of church funds to personal use. Much of the nation  watched the court case to see the outcome of the $165 million in donations.

The PTL Club continued as a television program for a considerable time after this, first with Falwell as its host and PTL personality Doug Oldham as co-host. Falwell later brought in Christian singer Gary McSpadden as the show's co-host, along with PTL musical talent Ron Aldridge. The show was renamed PTL Today, then—in an effort to distance the show from the PTL name—Heritage Today. Aldridge continued as co-host alongside another PTL singer, Brenda Davis, after Falwell suddenly resigned from the now-bankrupt PTL ministry. McSpadden and Oldham subsequently left the show out of support for Falwell's decision to resign his position with the ministry.

With Falwell's resignation, Sam Johnson, a member of the PTL ministry team, assumed leadership and incorporated a new entity known as Heritage Ministries to run the television program and associated ministry functions. As Heritage USA and PTL assets were now tied up in bankruptcy reorganization, the new ministry and the television program had to move from their longtime Heritage USA broadcast studios to newly bought property on Nations Ford Road in Charlotte that was named Heritage Place.

The program remained on the air as late as September 1988, when Johnson faced problems with the IRS.

In 1989, evangelist Morris Cerullo purchased the network out of bankruptcy.  As of 2012 it operates as INSP from broadcast facilities in Charlotte, with headquarters in nearby Indian Land, South Carolina.

The land of  Evangelical TV promoting a different kind of life of love and perfection.  Really?  It was the biggest con job ever pulled on people, and when PTL was exposed it blew the lid off and the sauce went all over the kitchen.

But did you know that the day of fiscal judgment was also approaching for Jerry Barnard and James Robison and Gary Randall and Brother Herman Bailey over in Clearwater, who still owed $39,000 on those new studio cameras?

Verily, did you know that Herman was on the brink of calling home the entire Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for insufficient funds?   You would think that in the wake of revelations about the mind-boggling misuse of funds by Jim and Tammy Bakker, other televangelists, as a gesture of their abashment and humility, might observe an unofficial moratorium on their begging.

And Jimmy Swaggert and Jerry Fallwell Sr —  stabbed Baker in the back, and PTL was taken over.   But it too changed hands and venues.   Basically it is best explained when you use a comparison to the Mafia Gangs in NYC all operating but looking for the business from an audience and not liking the thought of sharing.

You would expect a few moments of respectful silence for those credulous Christians whose sacrificial donations to the Bakkers ended up in the hands of a Rolls-Royce dealer or a wholesale pharmaceutical company. Now we celebrated the works of  copy-cat.   

THE PRESENT  — Monitoring the TV preachers and they encompass several stations revealed instead an onslaught of bargains, deals, clubs, sessions of forgiving and just about any kind of cockamamie scam,  prayers, hopes and wishes  as long as you send money.

Others apparently have concluded that with the Jim and Tammy Bakkers out of the picture back then, there's going to be a lot more money up for grabs, and they were determined to get their share.   Years passed, But Tammy passed on after remarrying, and Jim got out of jail and some today have declared him a mental wreck looney bin ranked nine of ten, and just waiting for the ambulance and the guys in white coats and straight jackets to go for a ride.

The sins of Jim and Tammy Bakker are constantly invoked but their names are never mentioned. The references to the fallen couple are artfully oblique and designed to enhance the aura of righteousness around the televangelist making his spiel.

Anyone with the thirty-nine ninety five won awards from the fraud religious colleges, diploma academies became a TV Evangelical — 

I SPOTTED AN OLD CO-WORKER —  Goes around, comes around, months ago, along comes Herman and Sharon Bailey,  I saw them at the local Steak and Shake munching down on a Steak Burger if you call it that.   I was doing my usual checks and digestive disorders follow ups within the burger community and having a rough time getting their truffle burger in my system as it was as horrible. 

 I was going to say hello to them but remembered the last time I saw them in person was when I was a manager at a local Toyota store literally decades ago and Herman was a new salesman there.  After a twelve hour day, I was having a headache and Herman offered to  “Lay hands on me” to get rid of the headache.   OK, go with the flow.  His customer was right there. I said OK — Not that the two Tylenol I took a few minutes prior weren't kicking in. 

Unfortunately, for Herman,  our job was to sell automobiles and not run prayer sessions over the purchases or healings with customers in the showroom.  He told the couple they should go home and pray over “ whether they should buy the car”.   My boss got wind of it,  from one of the salesman and exploded.   I was told he no longer resided on the sales force after close of the next shift.  I liked Herman but he had a stronger calling in his head —  

Thats was the last time I saw him other than on TV in person till last year.  But his show if you call it that is more like show and tell about many things, some after investigation,  more like you fib and I second it  and i'll recommend your book because I got paid to say it.  The type of hype or rhetoric by those from fringe groups with non-intelligent often unique ( I am being kind)  thinking.  Where does he find those weirdos?

It has been good to him and Sharron, basically really nice people but his endorsements of off the wall  items from drugs to books from some far out authors promoting some really strange ideas.   Only God knows what else is there for profit,  and for benefit, much because of which my medical training does not appeal to me.  I compared him and a few others to the snake oil salesmen of olden days. 

There are plenty of them,  just look at who  T-RUMP had in the WhiteHouse for a medical staff.   If you call them that.   Lots of quacks out there using religious shows due to the frailty of their audience. It’s just grifter-ing on a higher than mighty plateau.  I wish Herman and Sharron well as they are nice people —  And I stand by my beliefs, I don’t care for people who  are snake-oil representatives using God’s platform for their financial gain.



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