Jack Van Impe, End Of Times Babbling Bullshitter Preacher on TV, Is Dead

Known for his prodigious memorization of the Bible, he mingled scripture with commentary on public affairs.  Jack Van Impe, a televangelist who reached a wide audience interpreting current events through apocalyptic passages of the Bible and prophesying the end of the world, died on Saturday at a hospital in Royal Oak, Mich. He was 88.  January 18, 2020

His death was announced by his organization, Jack Van Impe Ministries International, which did not specify a cause. He had been hospitalized after a fall this month, his longtime consultant E. Dale Berkey said.

Mr. Van Impe (pronounced IMP-ee) often pronounced the imminent return of Jesus Christ and mingled discussion of Bible passages with the news of the day on his weekly television program, “Jack Van Impe Presents.” The program aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, through cable and satellite, for more than two decades and was said to have reached about 25,000 cities.

“He was something of a pioneer televangelist, someone who was utterly confident about his esoteric interpretations of biblical prophecies,”  which many said went too far and lunacy and unstable babble dropped into the conversation

Jack Leo Van Impe dropped out of the womb February 9, 1931.  He is an American televangelist and he presented an eschatological commentary * * on the news of the week through an interpretation of the Bible.   On the crock of sh*t measurement scale of 1-10 he scored a perfect eleven!

 * * Denotes Extreme Interpretational And Warped Thinking

Many of his critics considered him a truly warped and devoted nutcase and the boys in white coats just hadn’t nailed him in time.  His program airs around the world through both religious broadcasters and the purchase of paid programming time on commercial television stations. 

He was known as the “Walking Bible” having memorized many scriptures.  Wonderful, his wife, Rexella, shared his TV ministry as co-host and fellow boring accessory more than a contributor of anything intelligent.   She is referred to as TV rebuild warmed over, lots of praise and good tidings, and known for saying some really weird frikken things. 

Van Impe believed in one particular interpretation of a literal meaning of the Bible (King James Version) that states, according to Revelation 13, that a single world political leader (The Beast) and a single world religious leader (the False Prophet) will emerge, but The Rapture will happen before either leader comes to power. 

Every week for more than 30 years, Van Impe appeared on TV as the host of his own half-hour show, Van Impe Presents, offering eschatological commentary on current events. Alongside his wife Rexella, Van Impe read the latest headlines and explained how they connected to prophecy about the Antichrist, one-world government, and the rapture of true believers that might happen at any moment.

“We only report the news from the latest papers and magazines,” Van Impe once said, “but we use the Word of God to show you that it means Christ is coming.”  And I suppose Jesus will e-mail you before he arrives?


Rexella Van Impe   —  Actress And Cohost  — Co-Bullshitter — Loves Money  

Born  November 29, 1932  in Missouri, USA   
Birth Name:    Rexella Shelton   Nickname:  Death Warmed over
Rexella Van Impe was born on November 29, 1932 in Missouri, USA as Rexella Shelton.  Verified
She is an actress and writer, known for Jack Van Impe Presents (1994), The Mark of the Beast (1997) and Revelation (1999). She was married to Jack Van Impe.  (21 August 1954 - 18 January 2020)   Co-Host of TV Series “Jack Van Impe"

Teachings  (Subject To Consideration, Unproven)  —  Jack Leo Van Impe  February 9, 1931 – January 18, 2020) was an American televangelist known for his half-hour weekly television series Jack Van Impe Presents, an eschatological commentary on the news of the week through an interpretation of the Bible. The program airs around the world through both religious broadcasters and the purchase of paid programming time on commercial television stations. He was known as the "Walking Bible", having memorized most of the King James Version of the Bible.

His wife, Rexella, shared his television ministry as co-host.
He believed that the Bible teaches that the world will be organized into ten political subdivisions, based on the ten-district plan set up by the Club of Rome, and that this ten-division world empire will be jointly ruled by the European Union and the Islamic world, which he believed are represented by the two iron legs of the prophetic dream statue in the Book of Daniel. Van Impe believed in the Prophecy of the Popes, and that according to said prophecy, Pope Francis is Peter the Roman, the predicted pope who will preside during Armageddon.  Van Impe preached a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of 'The Body of Christ'.

( To save space we are dropping the bible bable notations)  Van Impe also believed a one-world religion will form, named “ Chrislam”;  the joining of the world's two largest religions Christianity and Islam. He believes that the Bible states that the world political leader will “come in peaceably" and create a seven-year peace deal involving Israel.  Good Luck

Then, three and a half years into the peace, Russia, along with its Middle Eastern allies will break the peace by invading Israel, and the military of Russia and its allies will be decimated by nuclear warfare and pushed back to Siberia. Then China  will invade, and the military of China will likewise be decimated when Jesus returns.

Criticisms  —  In 2001, Jack and Rexella Van Impe won the Comedic Parodic Fake Nobel Prize in Astrophysics “ For their discovery that black holes fulfill all the technical requirements to be the location of Hell.”

Conflict With TBN And Others Over Doctrine And Dogma  —  Van Impe married Rexella Shelton, a musically gifted and evangelistically minded Baptist who had spent one year at Bob Jones University, in 1952. The couple set off on their own in 1970, founding Jack Van Impe Crusades Inc. They travelled the country together, performing music and preaching in 130 cities in 10 years.

From the start, Van Impe had an apocalyptic message. Popular early sermons included “The Coming War with Russia” and “Shocking Signs of the End of the Age.” Van Impe also preached about current events, warning people of the dangers of communism, homosexuality, abortion, and errant ministers. The last became a specialty. Van Impe frequently attacked other Christian ministers in his crusades—in general and by name.

In June 2011, Trinity Broadcasting Network refused to air an episode of "Jack Van Impe Presents" which criticized Robert Schuller and Rick Warren for promoting "Chrislam." In response, Van Impe ceased airing his show on TBN.

Jack Impe not only pushes the false eschatology doctrines of John F. Walvoord and Hal Lindsey, he is a leading ecumenical who praises John Paul II and the Roman Catholic Church every chance he gets. He also jumped on the Hal Lindsey false prophecy movement making numerous false prophecies concerning the date of the Rapture.  It started a war of  “ words”.

Jack Van Impe, a popular End Times broadcaster, has ended his decades-long run on Trinity Broadcasting Network after a dispute over naming ministers that he accuses of mixing Christian and Muslim beliefs.  Earlier this month, Van Impe named California megachurch founders Rick Warren and Robert H. Schuller as proponents of “Chrislam,” which he defined as “a uniting of Christianity with Islam.” TBN pulled the episode before a repeat broadcast could air.  Michigan-based Jack Van Impe Ministries said its board of directors decided unanimously Thursday (June 17) to no longer work with TBN.

“We would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder wondering if a program was going to be censored because of mentioning a name,” said Ken Vancil, executive director of the ministry, in a statement.  TBN president and founder Paul Crouch expressed disappointment with the ministry’s decision.

He was the Dean of Rapture and other nonsense with a way of promoting his movement that cures both intelligence and constipation with a swift policy of sh*t for brains. The infamous crainial-rectal disorder.

Like the rest of these false teachers Jack supported a false religion (Babylonian Talmudic Judaism).  He is also a leading ecumenicalist who will join hands with anyone as long as they claimed to be a "Christian."  Their doctrines mean little to him.  

I rated him a ten on the Babelfication scale which rates ten as a  “ Oh boy,  here comes the mis-interpretation and fairly tail”   beyond having anything reactive and normal.  In politics we have right-wing and left wing…In religion we have broken -wings, crashed and burnt- wings and pterodactyl -wings.   Did his show with RExella his musically gifted wife and cohort, also “ His agree person or Bablification Supplimentor.”… The You Lie I swear syndrome…

On January 7, 2017, Rexella Van Impe announced that Jack Van Impe had broken his hip, but was recovering. Carl Baugh co-hosted that program as well.  In Jack's absence, Rexella Van Impe co-hosted the program with various guests: Carl Baugh for six episodes, Dave Williams for six episodes, Dr. Robert Jeffress for two episodes, and Walt Sheppard for three episodes. 

From April to May, 2017, re-runs were aired until the May 27, 2017, broadcast when Jack Van Impe reappeared beside Rexella, and the couple announced that, under doctor's advice, they were ending the TV broadcast. Thereafter, weekly videos were posted on the organization's Web site. In 2018, radio and television broadcasts resumed, with Chuck Ohman serving as their announcer.