Ron Johnson, Sen.-WI  Should Stick To Promoting Cheese Turds Curds — HE IS ONE

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BULLSHIT US AMERICAN TRUMPET  —  Ron Johnson is not the only con artist in the U.S. Senate. But he stands out as the senator whose grifting costs taxpayers — in Wisconsin and nationwide — the most.

Just last week, The Washington Post reported, “Sen. Rand Paul revealed Wednesday that his wife bought stock in Gilead Sciences — which makes an antiviral drug used to treat Covid-19 — on Feb. 26, 2020, before the threat from the coronavirus was fully understood by the public and before it was classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.”

“The disclosure, in a filing with the Senate, came 16 months after the 45-day reporting deadline set forth in the Stock Act, which is designed to combat insider trading,” explained the Post. “Experts in corporate and securities law said the investment, and especially the delayed reporting of it, undermined trust in government and raised questions about whether the Kentucky Republican’s family had sought to profit from nonpublic information about the looming health emergency and plans by the U.S. government to combat it. Several senators sold large amounts of stocks in January or February of last year, prompting a handful of insider-trading probes.”

One of those senators, Georgia Republican Kelly Loeffler, was booted from office earlier this year by the voters of her state after she dodged questions about multi-million dollar stock trades that were initiated shortly after she received a briefing in January, 2020, on the severity of the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic.

But the schemes and scams of Paul, Loeffler and their self-dealing colleagues seem petty when compared with the latest revelations about Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s abuses of his position.

Last week, investigators with ProPublica released an exhaustive study of the senator’s machinations during the fall 2017 battle over tax “reforms” that had been proposed by the Trump administration and its congressional allies. Trump wanted Congress to approve a $1.5 trillion giveaway to the rich — precisely the sort of plan that Johnson had backed since his election to the Senate as the most slow-witted member of the “Republican wave” class of 2010.

But Johnson initially resisted Trump’s plan.

Despite having positioned himself as Trump’s most enthusiastic backer in the Senate, Johnson announced at a critical stage in the debate about the tax bill that he planned to vote against it.

“Making the rounds on cable TV, the Wisconsin Republican became the first GOP senator to declare his opposition, spooking Senate leaders who were pushing to quickly pass the tax bill with their thin majority. ‘If they can pass it without me, let them,’ Johnson declared,” recalls the ProPublica report.

The Wisconsinite had not suddenly developed a conscience, and he certainly was not aligning with the Democrats who decried the Republican plan for what it was: a scheme to make rich people like himself much richer. The Wisconsinite was playing politics. And despite his bumbling image as a legislator so inept that one Wisconsin website labeled him “our dumb senator,” Johnson was maneuvering rather skillfully.

According to the new study, “Johnson’s demand was simple: In exchange for his vote, the bill must sweeten the tax break for a class of companies that are known as pass-throughs, since profits pass through to their owners. Johnson praised such companies as ‘engines of innovation.’ Behind the scenes, the senator pressed top Treasury Department officials on the issue, emails and the officials’ calendars show. Within two weeks, Johnson’s ultimatum produced results. Trump personally called the senator to beg for his support, and the bill’s authors fattened the tax cut for these businesses. Johnson flipped to a ‘yes’ and claimed credit for the change. The bill passed.”

Why did Johnson fight so hard against a president for whom he has generally been willing to debase himself as the most willing lapdog in the Senate Republican Caucus? At the time, Wisconsin media speculated that “Johnson Wants a Bigger Tax Cut for Himself.” That was part of the explanation. But in this particular instance, Johnson was not merely thinking of himself.

Confidential tax records, obtained by ProPublica, “reveal that Johnson’s last-minute maneuver benefited two families more than almost any others in the country — both are worth billions and both are among the senator’s biggest donors. Dick and Liz Uihlein of packaging giant Uline, along with roofing magnate Diane Hendricks, together had contributed around $20 million to groups backing Johnson’s 2016 reelection campaign. The expanded tax break that Johnson muscled through netted them $215 million in deductions in 2018 alone, drastically reducing the income they owed taxes on. At that rate, the cut could deliver more than half a billion in tax savings for Hendricks and the Uihleins over its eight-year life.”

Proves the point that being brain-dead is not a problem if your constituents are zombies.  He managed to take the train to Washington and create lies he shares with other elected officials from across the United States and beyond.  He deserves the Big Dick Award as he is convinced of his own stupidity.   And is brainless and a liar to boot.  His support sounds like something from the class President of the fifth grade elections.   Here with other Reptilians he is doing a Giuliani Investigation in the Ukraine.

Ron Johnson is our July leader in statements made lacking intelligence, science, common sense and overpowered by the fact he is a frickin moron.

CNN —   Once again the Senator showed  his ignorance  Sen. Ron Johnson insisted again last week that he is not a climate change denier, but CNN’s KFile found video of him from just weeks earlier telling a Republican group that it is “bullsh*t.” 

 “I don’t know about you guys, but I think climate change is – as Lord Moncton said – bullsh*t,”  the Wisconsin Republican said, without uttering the expletive but mouthing it, and referring to British conservative climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton. “By the way, it is.”

Johnson, a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, continued that “there are more and more scientists” writing books “just laying this to waste” and questioned why the US was focused on the climate crisis at all.   “What are we doing here? Well, we’re killing ourselves,” said Johnson, adding, “it’s a self-inflicted wound.”

Most scientists commented he is a self inflicted cancer in our politics.  Johnson made the comments in early June to the Republican Women of Greater Wisconsin Luncheon at Alioto’s in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

His recent comments come as North America endures a historic and dangerous heat wave expected to last until mid-Julythat scientists linked to the climate crisis. The scorching temperatures are to blame for dozens of deaths and hundreds of visits to the emergency room in the Pacific Northwest. 

Johnson, who has yet to announce he is running for reelection, has a long history of downplaying the climate crisis, but he has repeatedly refuted accusations that he is a climate change denier. 

In a statement, Johnson told CNN, “My statements are consistent. I am not a climate change denier, but I also am not a climate change alarmist. Climate is not static. It has always changed and always will change.” 

The senator offered a similar statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week, and later posted a response with his opinion on climate change on his Senate website, in which he said humanity could “easily adapt” to climate change. 

Johnson’s views are at odds with scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by human activities.

In 2016, Johnson said, “Mankind has actually flourished in warmer temperatures.” He added, “I just think the question always is what is the cost versus the benefit of anything we do to try and clean up our environment.” And in 2010, when he was a Senate candidate, he claimed that sunspots were behind climate change as opposed to man-made activity and that excessive amounts of carbon dioxide “helps the trees grow.” 

“I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change,” he said at the time.   ( He is an ignorant moron…)

Also in 2010, Johnson falsely suggested that the country Greenland was “ Actually green at one point in time,” to dismiss the effects of climate change.  “ Thats just bullsh*t”,   I flew into Greenland and Iceland quit often from Loring AFB Maine when it was open to Thule Air Base with supplies.
Another base at  
Sondrestrom Air Base, originally Bluie West-8, was a United States Air Force base in central Greenland. The site is located 60 mi north of the Arctic Circle and 90 mi from the northeast end of Kangerlussuaq Fjord. The base is approximately 11 mi west-northwest of Ravneklippen and 80 mi east of Sisimiut,  

We used to Joke Greenland is really white with snow and glaciers and  Reykjavik, Iceland is really greener.   

It is quite the base and Located more than 1100 km north from the Arctic Circle and about 1500 km away from the North Pole, Thule Air Base is the northernmost military base located of the United States of America. It is located in the eastern part of Greenland.

Aside from its military purpose, ballistic missile early warning,  glacier sampling and testing for warming trends the base is placed into a piece of paradise on Earth. The area is the only place on Earth where three glaciers get together, not to mention about the impressive sightseeings with icebergs and polar animals.  They are studying the melting of these glaciers

The main mission of this unusual military base is to provide missile warning operations. At the same time, it deals with the general space control. Aside from being the northernmost base of the USA, the place is also the northernmost port in the world. It sees over 3000 flights every year.

And only a few months ago, in March 2021, the Senator reiterated that belief in an interview with The New York Times. “I could be wrong there, but that’s always been my assumption that, at some point in time, those early explorers saw green,” Johnson said. “I have no idea.” The true origin of the country’s name comes from Erik the Red, a Norse explorer who sought to attract settlers to the country.   

In early June at the Republican luncheon, Johnson said that the media and Democrats used the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change to create a “state of fear” and “control.” He also criticized committees in Washington seeking to address climate change. 

“It was all about creating the state of fear as they tried to do with global warming. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s climate change now. Yeah. Whatever works,” mocked Johnson. “Whatever works that they can, you can set up a state of fear so they can step in and alleviate their fear.”

“Of course, you know, the way they are is alleviated and it’s amazing in Washington, you see these committees, all these problems we’re always dealing with. Right. All these issues. I don’t, I don’t recall an issue where the first solution isn’t always more money,” said Johnson. “More money. More money. More money and, of course, you follow the money and the money produces control.”

Notably, a small group of House Republicans recently created the Conservative Climate Caucus, which seeks to educate Republicans on climate change policies and legislation as an alternative to well-known progressive policies like the Green New Deal.

Summing it up Ron Johnson is a trumpet moron, ignorant and his mouth is exceeded only by the score levels of Gerbils engaged in cliff diving…  something akin to “  yah-hooooeee…... splat !!!"

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