Big Jim's Famous Steaks Tavern & Tap

10395 Seminole BlvdSeminole, FL 33778-4205  ( NEW LOCATION) 
+1 727-518-6201

We used to drop in at the old place but road construction two years or more can kill a business so they moved to the new location on Seminole Blvd and a nicer building and facility.  Hopefully they’ll do well, the inside is nice and comfortable and the food service area and the bar are separated.  Thats usually a good thing especially on sports occasion days like Football and our World Champion Ladies Soccer Team.

I understand they are doing well, but the pandemic throws a ringer in any operation.

The foods basically the same with an expanded menu that made the place famous, at least locally, it’s mid range about anything you can think of, again all the stuff that made Jim’s popular, the Barbecue, the Philly Steak, Tacos, Wings, Soups , Salads and finally Burgers, Chicken fingers, Beef on Weck and finally Steaks, Shepard’s pie and Prime rib. Chicken, Wraps, Cheese fries, Rueben’s, Cold subs, ...... just ask they probably got it. 

And a kids menu… which is OK for kids because of the layout, the bar being a distance from one of the food service areas.  Big events like football and other sports can get a bit above bringing kids along.

Update: There are new owners who bought Big Jim out, just so you know. they are the CHREVIDES CORPORATION.   Big Jim’s sounds better and the business name has a good reputation.

We had the three Taco's lunch special with fries and coleslaw and it was different and tasty, I took the option of three different fillings, Chicken, one Beef, one Pork and she took straight chicken. They were fine and the mango lime drizzle was great, the food was hot and the presentation inviting.   It was a nice different lunch.


The menu is huge, I mean huge, just anything you can think of Logistically, sometimes I worry that a huge menu takes a pretty creative chef and sous team when you feature so many items. 

Many of the dishes are linked and use the same components, just a variance in add-ons and condiments.  Many of our friends gather there, they like the food and here is just about an eighth of the menu page. Just in Barbecue.

No matter how you slice it meat is still meat, fish, or fowl, or veggie or fruit.  Hard single items like a steak have to be watched. 

We’ll go back and try some other dishes to see if there is consistency. I suspect they got it under  “wraps”….   pun intended.  we’ll go in a group so we can get it all on one trip.

All in all it went well, I thought a little pricey, not much  (10%) but thats what it is… Our server Kelly was friendly and efficient, nice job…and the food was a pleasant change from the usual burgers and fries…or chicken sandwiches. 

NOTE:  Overall a nice place and it runs like the old JIms…. or so we thought, things happen when a name goes from personal to corporate and lately reports have not been so hot.

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