The Most Powerful And Seemingly Unclean Church 

Needs To Look At Itself Before Saving Others

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BREAKING NEWS — Lately Catholicism Has Gone Off The Rails —  Besides all their pedophiles and sexual indiscretions, others in the papacy have gone off the rails in embarrssing circumstance.   I said it before “ Many of the Holy have big Holies in their stories.

POPE EMERITUS BENEDICT XVI —   has broken six years of relative silence with the release of an outspoken letter on the clergy sex abuse scandal. Benedict's analysis differs significantly from that of his successor, Pope Francis, and thus leaves the world's Catholics with contrasting papal perspectives on the greatest crisis facing Roman Catholicism today.

ROME—The last thing most people will now remember about Pope Benedict XVI is not likely his legacy as head of the Roman Catholic Church or his historic resignation in 2013. 

Thanks to an investigation conducted by the German law firm Westpfahl Spilker Wastl, it is likely going to be that before he became pontiff, Joseph Ratzinger knowingly allowed rampant clerical sex abuse to continue when he was head of the Munich diocese. “During  Ratzinger’s time in office, there were abuse cases happening,” 

Martin Pusch, who headed the investigation ordered by the German church, told reporters. “ In those cases, those priests continued their work without sanctions. The church did not do anything.”

That global systemic sex abuse at the hands of priests went on unchecked for decades is well known by now. The German church had found that more than 3,600 victims had been raped and sexually abused by priests between 1946 and 2014, which led to the report.

In his 6,000-word essay, published Thursday in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, with an English translation by the Catholic News Agency, Benedict blames the epidemic of clergy sex abuse largely on a collapse of moral standards in the 1960s and the subsequent failure of Catholic leaders to uphold traditional church teaching. Thus the creation of the term, The Fondling Fathers  Im surprised it was not a reality series because it was real


🔘  Liturgical Corruption On All Levels  —  The worst of the worst showed up on national TV in the last decade.  The strongest offense comes from the Fondling Fathers  (that’s the FONDLING fathers, not the founding fathers of our nation).  The fondlers rose to the ranks of priests and protected by some Bishops and Cardinals.  They are perverts ingrained in a liturgical science that frankly is outdated and frickin corrupt.  Now it appears some Nuns may have been married to more than Jesus liturgically.

This one really gets to me because I understand what abuse is.  I have seen and witnessed enough as a human being for 80 years and as a reporter.  

And I feel I am going to go relentless against this practice because these egregious acts are part of this human drama, that it has been on the books for twenty years and no one has done a frickin thing about it from the POPE on down. 

For all or several POPES on down.  The Church of Supreme Pointy hats who do not care about the flock as much as their public relations and the money the Church takes in.  Massive amounts as each week is like Pay As You Go TV —  Some tithe monthly — 

Its nothing but a huge cash business run like a Bee-Hive, a collective of money, debauchery,  and cover-ups. Hmm and when you put them up against the politicians in the GOP Senate you have the white-haired old Senators doing whats good for them and screw the constituents.  It doesn’t matter, bad actors are bad actors, and no matter what they wear won’t change things.  I call the consequence 3D —  Defrocked —  De-Balled  — De

🔘  Nuns - Dedication Or Brain Washing  —  It’s a sham and a shame.  When will women be allowed to become priests, and also be allowed to marry a man, not a picture, not a statue, not a cross instead of a bunch of drones?    Women in power would change the churches direction of inclusion and temperance.  Thats what the men fear. You’ll take their toys and games away.  

My heart goes out to these women who somehow believe they are married to Jesus.  Nun is the correct name. They have none, get none, nothing, nada. Hopefully a good supply of batteries keeps them content.  Women are more important than the “ Drones”  the Church makes of them.  And they have always been abused by the men and now some stories are surfacing about the sexual abuse they might be currently suffering.   And hidden affairs, sooner or later the truth comes out.

“  Drones” They are like the drones in a bee-hive, subservient lower ranking of the species.   The Pope is the Queen bee and the Soldier bees,  are the Cardinal and Bishops. It’s a sick thought to me to be so relevant to the club and yet have few or none of the benefits.  Prayer, duties and more prayer and more rules and more giving...and more duties and more nothing.  Where is the human love? 

🔘  Destroying Children’s Lives One Priest At A Time  —  

When will priests be allowed to marry, they are human too, aren’t they?  

How can a priest who is celebrant talk to a married couple or a couple about to be married, about anything concerning marriage, he hasn’t a frickin clue.  

Besides the pedophilia, activities between priests and congruence of both the male and female persuasion have occurred sometimes more than you think.  

Many priests have left the Catholic Church and assumed their faith under a different set of rules and the main reason was marriage.  So if it doesn’t work, why keep it?  

Control — Control  —  Control —  It’s so obviously out-dated, prejudiced, imbecilic and stupid and if you tell me it doesn’t relate to this abomination the church suffers from, rape, sodomy, pedophilia, abuse, trickery, lieing, and hidden legalities covered by the upper ranking, using the Lords name for personal sexual gain, then you are my friend, really an idiot.  Get the facts straight — Let us not get into what really happened during history when the Popes had their way.  Popes were married, and sent more people to their deaths than the Kings.

🔘  Fire Those And Turn Them IntoThe Police  —  Some of the clergy need to be just more than let go by the Church, they were shipped elsewhere, swept under the carpet, given non-public jobs.  None were changed with civil offenses.  Why since pedophilia and sexual abuse is a civilian crime were they not charged with rape and sodomy.  In my world they should be castrated, not the chemical kind and then dumped in a prison within the general population.  Other scumbags in prison would take care of these scumbags nicely and efficiently.

Why are they not behind bars. Because the church itself is corrupt and lives in the dark.  Lest you come up with a better answer, greed and power rule here, by virtue of fear motivation and eventually the excommunication from the club.  This is in essence, five star bullsh*t

🔘  They Are Not Alone  —  Not that we can leave the Protestants, Presbyterians, Baptists, Southern Baptists and the other two hundred whatever they call themselves out of the picture.  Florida jails are full of youth minsters, music ministers, laymen, pastors and other creeps who also prayed on those vulnerable.  We average in Florida adding a few each month.

Abusive or pedophilliac behaviors under the protection of the church are the Cardinal sins of our society.  Ironically,  quite a few Cardinals are guilty of it, performing protection of the church's image, is as bad as protecting  a pervert is the act itself.  Transparency does not exist.

The Law  —   Protect a pedophile Rob a bank, drive the getaway car, someone was shot in the course and died, you are equally under the law ( MANS LAW) guilty and subject to the consequence. you are as guilty as the act itself for with no consequence it will happen again and again.  And it has  —  

🔘  What Version Bible Do You Read And What Version Do You Live By?  —  One version is in its thirteenth revision, carefully crafted for maximum performance and financial acceptance.  I have nothing against what they say when they stick to the good parts of the written word, as long as …   Whatever version currently modified for convenience at this time,  promoting “ Love Thy neighbor”,  and “ Love thy Tithe”  even better and when they aid goes to the poor, thats the poor, not the poor church which is the richest country in the world with more land and valuables we don’t even know about.

Other religions especially on TV simply do a lot of fund raising under the Prosperity Gospel , a scam owned by the Protestants, Baptists, Presbyterians, Wackos, and TV Ding-dongs who are promised that God is really a bank you invest with and get back ten times the amount.   Usually,  this promise is made when they need a new airplane to carry on the charade, or their Rolls Royce needs a 15,000 mile checkup which is very expensive. 

🔘  The Boys only Club — But there is another side of Catholicism I am against.  Leadership of a Boys Only Club, suffocation and subjugation of women believers, women are part of the church, treated as a substandard part of our everlasting position on earth and created by God at the same time he made Adam and she is part of Adam, his rib.  God loves and respects women but the Catholic Church doesn’t,  and none of those pointy hats would be here today if it wasn’t for a woman.  

As a food editor I prefer on any given day, ribs instead of fatty rump roasts.  Religion is like politics, we pick and chose what we want to hear and from whom.  I have met many women representing various faiths including my own and felt totally in comfort with them as they spoke of the traditions, not the rules and regulations.  When you were born, the first words you heard were from your mother. She carried you and help create you and you turn them into brainless slaves.

🔘  Is The Church Dirty  —  My main belief is the Church has a lot to hide, has  more to cover up than so far exposed, who made decisions to hide the pedophilliac which is far more rampant that what we know.   And what many of them do, both the pedophilliac and the protector in the church are guilty (doer and worse, those who should judge the doer)  against Children and the weak.

The Vatican Church  I am  being nice, not clean, no transparency, in truth quit dirty and has been shown how well it sweeps it under the carpet.  For more than decades, more like centuries,  I’m afraid the carpet is now two feet from the ceiling.   During its long history, has on occasion been subject to criticism regarding various beliefs and practices.   Within the Catholic Church, this includes differences of opinion regarding the use of Latin at Mass, and the subject of clerical celibacy.  

In all religions because they are made up from man offer interpretation and controversy.  we do not need scholars to talk to God, he called on Moses, a Prince and a Shepard with a burning bush and gave us the rules  — everything else man created.

In the past, different interpretations of scripture and critiques of clerical laxity and opulence contributed to separations such as the schism with the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Protestant Reformation.  We simply express it as follow the money… who has the better scam  —  

The Catholic Church has also been criticized for its active efforts to influence political decisions, such as the Church's promotion of the Crusades and its involvement with various 20th century nationalist regimes.  More recent criticism focuses on alleged scandals within the Church, particularly alleged financial corruption and the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandals. 

Against women in Church roles and Pedophilia… the role of women…The teaching of the Catholic Church on ordination, as expressed in the Code of Canon Law, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, is that,  “ Only a Baptized man validly receives sacred ordination”.   I’m guessing a man wrote it.

Women should leave the Church, that will solve that problem, and take their donations with them.  According to Roman Catholic thinking, the priest is acting  “  In persona Christi’,  that is, in the Person of Christ” acting.   Note the word they all are acting,  some should be in Holy-wood or Washington with the political actors.  And some belong in jail.

In 1979, Sister Theresa Kane, then president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, challenged Pope John Paul II from the podium at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, to include women “ In all ministries of our Church”.   The church responded. The church fears women.

“ No way!  Sayeth Chief Pointy Hats Crew As That Would Let The Secrets Out” 


Catholic Church child sexual abuse scandal - BBC Newshttps://www.bbc.com › news › world-44209971

10/06/2021  — VIVA LA FRANCE  Truth Shall Set Them Free,  Then Hang Them —  

🔘  FRANCE  Some 216,000 children - mostly boys - have been sexually abused by clergy in the French Catholic Church since 1950, a damning new inquiry has found.  

The head of the inquiry said there were at least 2,900-3,200 abusers, and accused the Church of showing a "cruel indifference towards the victims.  

 Pope Francis "felt pain" on hearing about the inquiry's finding, a Vatican statement said.  He felt pain, what about the lives and pain those who were abused have felt their entire lives?

One of those abused said it was time the Church reassessed its actions. François Devaux, who is also the founder of the victims' association La Parole Libérée (Freed speech), said there had been a "betrayal of trust, betrayal of morale, betrayal of children

The inquiry found the number of children abused in France could rise to 330,000, when taking into account abuses committed by lay members of the Church, such as teachers at Catholic schools.

For Mr Devaux it marked a turning point in France's history: "You have finally given institutional recognition to victims of all the Church's responsibility - something that bishops and the Pope have not yet been prepared to do.  

According to the Vatican statement, the Pope learnt about the report after he met visiting French bishops in the last few days.  "His first thoughts are for the victims, with a deep sadness for their wounds and gratitude for their courage in coming forward," it read.  "His thoughts also turn to the Church in France, and that, in recognizing these terrible events and united by the suffering of the Lord for his most vulnerable children, it can take the path of redemption 

The report, which is nearly 2,500 pages long, said the "vast majority" of victims were boys, many of them aged between 10 and 13.  It said the Church had not only failed to prevent abuse but had also failed to report it, at times knowingly putting children in contact with predators.

I simply ask,   Why are the perverts  still in the Church, and still wearing their balls ?    We have the perfect Christmas Gift for the Pedophile in your Diocese, the fabulous French made Mini-Guillotine fashioned after the big stuff.   It needs endorsement  by the Pope and soon you be up to your neck in balls.  Sell them to the Serbs who have an annual Testicle Cooking Competition  The entry could be called Holy Balls     

"There was a whole bunch of negligence, of deficiency, of silence, an institutional cover-up," the head of the inquiry, Jean-Marc Sauvé, told reporters on Tuesday.   He said that until the early 2000s, the Church had shown "deep, total and even cruel indifference" towards victims.  I ask myself so what else is new?
"The victims are not believed, are not listened to.  When they are listened to, they are considered to have perhaps contributed to what they had happen to them," he explained.  He added that sexual abuse within the Catholic Church continued to be a problem. 

While the commission found evidence of as many as 3,200 abusers - out of a total of 115,000 priests and other clerics - it said this was probably an underestimation. "The Catholic Church is, after the circle of family and friends, the environment that has the highest prevalence of sexual violence," the report said.   

Olivier Savignac, head of victims association Parler et Revivre (Speak out and Live again), was abused at the age of 13 by the director of a Catholic holiday camp in the south of France.

He told the Associated Press news agency that before the abuse, he had thought of the priest as "someone who was good, a caring person who would not harm me”.  "We keep this, it's like a growing cyst, it's like gangrene inside the victim's body and the victim's psyche," he said.  The inquiry found that about 60% of the men and women who were abused had gone on to "encounter major problems in their emotional or sexual lives”.
This was over 70 years and more than half the cases were before 1970. But still - for many French this will be the moment they wake up to the sheer scale of the phenomenon of Church sexual abuse. What was once anecdotal and prurient is suddenly a defining feature of society. 

🔘  Where Is The Real Blame  It is the Church    The burden of the report is that ad-hoc expressions of repentance and a bit of tinkering with ecclesiastical structures are no longer good enough. There has to be recognition that sexual abuse of youngsters by priests was systematic.    It was the Church - not rogue individuals - that was responsible. 

Many in the Church will be horrified by what they discover.  Many will welcome the moment as a catharsis. As Sister Veronique Margron, president of the Conference of Religious Orders, put it: "If the Church must tremble, well,  let it tremble.

Celebrated cartoonist and political commentariat Pat Oliphant stood the church congregation on it’s heels with his cartoon of the Church and pedophilliac   He was chastised by so-called “Good” Catholics but as the truth came out, it was damming and a secret no more.  He is in my mind the greatest cartoonist of politics and humanity in the world.

⛪️ ⛪️ ⛪️

🔘  Compensation —  Only a handful of the cases covered by the inquiry had prompted any disciplinary action, let alone criminal prosecutions.  But while most cases are now too old to prosecute via the courts, the inquiry called on the Church to take responsibility for what happened, including by providing compensation to the victims. 

It noted that while financial compensation would not address the trauma that victims had endured, it was "nonetheless indispensable as it completes the recognition process.    It also made a series of recommendations about how to prevent abuse, including training priests and other clerics, and fostering policies to recognize victims. 

"We expect clear and concrete responses by the Church," a group of six victims' associations said.  The president of the Bishops' Conference of France, who co-requested the report, said the numbers of victims and their experiences were "beyond what we could imagine.  

"I express my shame, my fear, my determination to act with them [the victims] so that the refusal to see, the refusal to hear, the desire to hide or mask the facts, the reluctance to denounce them publicly, disappears," Archbishop Eric de Moulins-Beaufort said. 

The French Church has previously announced a plan for "financial contributions" to victims, beginning next year.  Earlier this year, Pope Francis changed the Roman Catholic Church's laws to explicitly criminalize sexual abuse, in the biggest overhaul of the criminal code for nearly 40 years.

⛪️ ⛪️ ⛪️

🔘   How Has The Church Responded?   Here Is the Latest Poop From The Pope — 

Pope Francis called for "decisive action" when he was elected in 2013, but critics say he has not done enough to hold to account bishops who allegedly covered up abuse. In August 2018, he wrote to all Roman Catholics condemning clerical sex abuse, and demanding an end to cover ups.  Under Francis, a special panel has been set up to deal with the issue but it has faced setbacks, including high-level resignations. In 2017, Marie Collins, an Irish survivor of abuse, left the group, citing "stumbling blocks and hindrances.

His predecessor, Pope Benedict, had been accused of failing to protect children and suppressing investigations - allegations he denied.  In 2011, Pope Benedict told bishops, in new guidelines, that they had to report any suspected cases to local police promptly. Previously, all cases were supposed to be referred to Rome.  During the summit in February 2019, Pope Francis promised an end to cover-ups, saying that all abusers would be brought to justice.  His announcement of changes to the law earlier this year marked the biggest overhaul of the Roman Catholic Church's criminal code in decades.

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 1.13.13 PM

 My Letter To The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and Perverts From St. Jacobs  —  

With due respect, I think you should keep your flocked idiots out of medicine and vaccines  —   Go back to exorcisms, mumbling,  and green vomit  —  and overcharging for religion —  and rampant pedophilia so we can convict and castrate you —  then drink the kool-aid.

I watched you on TV mixing drops of water with the wine —  maybe mix drops of wine with the water  —  and I also think it is time Nuns and Priests are allowed to have marriage —  drop the tithe ask people to voluntarily donate.

Deceit, recruiting new money givers at 10%, scaring the BeJesus out of people  —   and if not threatening to throw people out protecting the faith with boring ceremonies  —  same old , same old — brainwashing  —  

The money and keeping the coffers making Giant Gold Shrines and Churches with hard seats  —  Modernize, some services are so long and boring you should be ordering recliners —  you are creating Hemorrhoids!

Release some of the money being held, the billions the Catholic Church collects that the poor never get that you are hiding in the cellar.    
Close the boys club down, and let priests marry — showing the normally dual kind relationship of man and woman as it was intended.  The older earlier Popes did have wives and most were sexually active.

They were banging everything in site, humans, animals, each other, and how does a church eunuch coach newly engaged couples in marital concordances and acts.  Having a lay priest council marriage is like having Hitler doing services on the Sabbath in the local Synagogue.  It is more than a moral sin , it is against the law and so be it.  —

 Keep your hands off the children, it’s a crime and convictions are needed.  If you have trouble castrating them, call me, I have a pair of rusty cow ball removers, still sharp though.

Stop brainwashing the flock with fear of being excommunicated!  Who cares, when they wake up and realize a whole lot of fear motivation for money and attendance is bullsh*t — they should leave anyway  —  

Reaffirm God is in their heart, not found in their wallet.  Then they will communicate with God directly, anywhere on a bended knee as he gave them free will not needing all your steps, practices, customs, BS, Mysteries, acting, and falsehoods —  and perverts —  Since you are more of a business than a hand of God start paying taxes  —  

🔘   Open The Books In The Vatican’s Stronghold Library —  Closed To The Public And Only A Few Scholars, The Vatican Apostolic Archive Vatican Secret Archive known as of  October 2019 is the central repository in the Vatican City of all acts promulgated by the Holy See. The Pope, as Sovereign of Vatican City, owns the material held in the archive until his death or resignation, with ownership passing to his successor. The archive also contains state papers, correspondence, account books,  and many other documents that the church has accumulated over the centuries. 

In the 17th century, under the orders of Pope Paul V, the Secret Archive was separated from the Vatican Library, where scholars had some very limited access, and remained closed to outsiders until the late 19th century, when Pope Leo XIII opened the archive to researchers, more than a thousand of whom now examine some of its documents each year.  Several scholars said what would be revealed about the church would doom it…

Evangelicals And Fundamentalists — Almost every religion on this planet has it wacko-doos and they contribute nothing but obstructionism to a good life for others who don’t buy their beliefs,  or do they as they act distribute fear as motivation. Is it fear?  

The difference between religious fundamentalism and fanaticism is belief and action.   One could be a fundamentalist in any given religion and believe in the literal truth of their holy scriptures and commit a heinous act and tell us God told me to do it. We hear it all the time.

For the most part, fundamentalists act within society’s law, and while it may pain them that secular society doesn’t adhere to God's will, they recognize and respect that they are part of a larger collective called freedom of choice.  The battle of Church vs State will go on and people who put visions against truth simply aren’t intelligent enough to understand. 

The rules, the dogma, the visions, the  stories, the “ written or printed word” created by man and subject to his whims and beliefs and for some a form of creation after a liberal dose of  “ peyote or gange” in many cases can be challenged simply because the author was really not there. 

THE EXECUTION —  When George Bush was Governor of Texas, a woman on death row for twenty years for taking an ax to her husband and whacking him into Sushi size pieces many times.  28 pieces to be exact  The coroner needed a vacuum cleaner and a shovel.  Not without reason, for years she was abused  

But TEXAS, add another S  to the end ( TEX ASS)  is kinder to men than women.  On the day of her execution, after twenty years of appeals, her prison Pastor ( Holy Roller Baptist) had the Congregation outside the walls in a twelve hour vigil, singing, praying, screaming and yelling,  “ You can’t execute her, she found Jesus in her heart and she is forgiven".

This went on till midnight, the scheduled execution time and the phone did not ring from the Governor Busch commuting her sentence.  She was executed  and it was over.  The warden came to the podium and announced the finality and the end of her life occurred minutes just after midnight.  He did have good news to announce.  

He was happy to hear that she found Jesus,  and he was that personally he arranged for her to meet him immediately.

Fanatics, on the other hand, are an extremist sub-set of fundamentalists who see only their own point of view. They seek to force their ideology on others through intimidation and are more than happy to break the law and commit religious blasphemy, including, murder in the name of their God. 

From the Medieval Holy Crusades to modern-day terrorists committing atrocities in the name of Islam, to alleged illegal Israeli settlement in the Gaza strip, you attack them, you lose land, Israel keeps it.  And right-wing Christian groups threatening US government from within, it seems that strict adherence to one’s holy book of choice has been a source of much division throughout human history. 

It's interesting to think how many great scientific discoveries would have happened centuries earlier, if not for religion? What if Copernicus and Galileo were never tried as heretics?  The Catholic Church murdered them.

All religions have their crack head leadership, nutcases, over the top, crazies and morons who do stupid things thinking they will be closer to God for their acts.  Most religions are man-made, and support infertile causes, including mine… 

Think, open a phone book if they still exist and look under Christian religions, hundreds of flavors to suit any ones appetite.   Now they all claim they alone have the secrets to get to heaven.  Obviously of the six hundred that makes five hundred and ninety-nine liars, mis-believers, ignorants or frauds… which one… did you pick?

Vatican 2022 —  We Need Updates… What Have You
Done To The Thousands Of Priests And Church Officials Who Are Pedophiles or Abusers, And Where Are They Now?


🔘    Persons Of Faith     Another thing that bugs me are those who make a claim to be a person of faith.   First, what makes one a Person of faith exactly?   It depends.  If we define it simplistically:

A person of faith is one who is guided by a set of rules and ideals that supposedly creates a path of ultimate righteousness in their daily walks in life”.   It is NOT their personal guarantee to you  of their beliefs which they are implying.  They can say it, many do say it for their benefit, and it not be true.   They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk…  

About 99% of it is said for the person of faith’s own benefit.  Also business people brag about being faithful almost a guarantee I will not do business with them.

It’s getting more confusing every day, the world is changing and not for the better.  And as humanoids, we are human, frail or weak sometimes morally and easily converted or brainwashed by the enormous amount of BS out there, you simply don’t know who to believe anymore whether it be on social media, the TV, or written word.

If you believe on the TV thats you will be saved by some mortal professing a friendship with Christ  —   See a doctor  —  a chance you might live longer.

Churches come in many flavors, and varieties.    They are manmade — Churches are like an amusement parks, you go on the rides you like.   Unfortunately many are pedophiles doing the nether Gods work. Never leave your kids alone with these nuts… 

Since most church doctrine comes from stories past down and altered throughout the ages, no one can claim they know or attended any of these Biblical stories and events, thus the truth remains a rumor no matter how you twist it.    The competition for the right to be first unto the seat of God has caused more deaths in the history of the world than any other reason and not doing what the church wants resulted in the death of some great men and women thinkers and those ahead of their times    😇


🔘    Christian Crimes Against Humanity Have Not Been So Innocent  —  We often think of Christianity as being the savior of mankind.  The problem is a word called science.  This was not always true.  In fact more people, millions upon millions have died at the hands of the religious leaders in all times.  We have had inquisitions, crusades, and wars all in the name of religion.  And millions died, for a belief they never capitulated nor amounted in their favor, and knew little anything about.

We have killed some of the noblest and intelligent men of all time in the name of a Christian God.  We have fought Christian Catholics against Christian Protestants, Christians against Muslims,  Against Jews and the list goes on and on.
Here is simple sampling:  We left out the thousands tortured and dismembered or horrifically removed by those doing the Lords work…It was called the Inquisition… Another man-made ordeal…  Orchestrated by the Catholic Church….And they can’t tell us statistically how many were killed or tortured to death who did absolutely nothing against any laws Canon or Civil.  Some of the greatest theorists of their day were killed by the Catholic Church

🔘    JAN HUS (1369 – 6 JULY 1415)     Often referred to in English as John Hus or John Huss, was a Czech priest, philosopher, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague. Hus is considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli.  He was a key predecessor to the Protestant movement of the sixteenth century, and his teachings had a strong influence on the states of Europe, most immediately in the approval of a reformist Bohemian religious denomination, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther.  Burnt at the stake.


🔘   GIROLAMO SAVONAROLA, 1452-1498  — The Italian religious and political reformer, entered the Dominican order at Bologna. In a convent at Brescia his zeal won attention, and in 1489 he was recalled to Florence. His second appearance in the pulpit of San Marco -- on the sinfulness and apostasy of the time -- was a great popular triumph, and by some he was hailed as an inspired prophet.

His gift of prophecy led to his being cited in 1495 to answer a charge of heresy at Rome and on his failing to appear he was forbidden to preach. In 1497 came a sentence of excommunication from Rome;  He was brought to trial for falsely claiming to have seen visions, and uttered prophecies, for religious error, and for sedition.  On May 23, 1498, this extraordinary man and two Dominican disciples were hanged and burned, still professing their adherence to the Church.


🔘   GALILEO GALILEI  15 FEB.1564 - 8 JAN.1642  —  Was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. His achievements include improvements to the telescope, incredible astronomical observations and support for Copernican’s theory.  

That the sun is the center of the Universe and not the earth.  Galileo has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy, modern physics", and "the Father of Modern Science".

His contributions include the confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter and the observation and analysis of sunspots. Galileo also worked in applied science and technology, inventing an improved military compass and other instruments.

Galileo later defended his views in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, which appeared to attack Pope Urban VIII and thus alienated him and the Jesuits, who had both supported Galileo up until this point. He was tried by the Inquisition, found "vehemently suspect of heresy", forced to recant, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest

It was while Galileo was under house arrest that he wrote one of his finest works, Two New Sciences, in which he summarized the work he had done some forty years earlier, on the two sciences now called kinematics and strength of materials.

🔘   MICHAEL SERVETUS  29 SEPT 1509 – 27 OCT 1553  —  Was a Spanish theologian, physician, cartographer, and Renaissance humanist… He was the first European to correctly describe the function of pulmonary circulation. He was a polymath versed in many sciences: mathematics, astronomy and meteorology, geography, human anatomy, medicine and pharmacology, as well as jurisprudence, translation, poetry and the scholarly study of the Bible in its original languages. 

He is renowned in the history of several of these fields, particularly medicine and theology.  When Calvin requested that Servetus be executed by decapitation as a traitor rather than by fire as a heretic, The Geneva Council refused his request. On 27 October 1553 Servetus was burned at the stake just outside Geneva with what was believed to be the last copy of his book chained to his leg. Historians record his last words as: "Jesus, Son of the Eternal God, have mercy on me.  And last, have you met the inquisitor

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