And the Bible stories come alive by Hollywood Standards. That means totally inaccurate in some cases.  I often recall the scene in the “ Ten Commandments”  where Charlton Heston, playing a gray haired MOSES, parting the Red Sea, and in his deep bass voice bellowing those famous words,   “Let my people go”    just after,  he went to the basement broke the main plumbing lines and flooded their homes and basements, hooked the cistern to the water supply, polluted the water, and encouraged the roaches and frogs to proliferate.  

It was terrible, since few of those things worked in those days anyway but Hollywood comes to the rescue taking those stories written by people who passed them down from generation to generation and couldn’t write anyway. 

And just like the game where you whisper the clue to the next person in a circle and by the time it gets back to the origional person, the whole things changed.  Thats what most of the bible stories are.

Obviously a book that was written over centuries and LOTS wife was not a pillar of salt because she looked back.  It was more likely white volcanic ash that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  They were cities mentioned in the Book of Genesis and throughout the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and in the deuterocanonical books, as well as in the Quran and the Hadith.  Science found the indicators of a volcanic upheaval in that specific area.  White ash looks like salt…

And the four popular gospels were written eighty years after the resurrection, which was two hundred years after Jesus’s appearance and many changes in the stories to make the POPEs happy financially,  two had nothing in support of the story line and they differ based on whose telling it.  

The birth of Jesus in Betlehem is inaccurate as the polls take at that time place his birth 75 miles away in Nazareth.  Just too much inaccuracy for something to be more than a nice story.  there are as many as eight other gospels just not as popular.  

BEST CASE:  Divine judgment by God was passed upon Sodom and Gomorrah and two neighboring cities, which were completely consumed by fire and brimstone.  No salt plants were involved in the making of that destruction.  The volcanic nature of the are and subsequent anualysis with modern day archeology led us to truth .  Neighboring Bela was the only city to be spared.  Sodom and Gomorrah is gone due to a: 


The Only Gospel I Trust Is The Gospel Set Forth By God 

—  I Judge Ye' By Deed,  You Can’t Trust A Lot Of Words  — 

In Abrahamic religions, Sodom and Gomorrah have become synonymous with impenitent sin, and their fall with a proverbial manifestation of divine retribution.  Sodom and Gomorrah have been used historically and today as metaphors for vice and homosexuality, although a close reading of the text and other Ancient Near Eastern sources suggest that this association may be incorrect.  There was a lot of begetting in those days — 

Thats how the Bible, both the Version Old Testament and Version New Testament was written and some versions remade to suit variant Liturgical Christianity when the Popes got their hands on it and were rewritten thirteen times.  Much changed for reasons that increased power and financial input… follow the money

It’s nothing more than a collection of stories and parables massaged, twisted and changed over two thousand years.  The Popes changed it for financial gain, others changed it because they didn’t like the way the Popes did things.  So they rewrote the book and started another religious tributary.

I once started to list all the variations, morphed out of Chritianity and discovered two things.  

Religion is a man tool and man recreates it as needed for his personal benefit.  When Hollywood portrays the stories as the greatest stories ever told, they are right in their Hollywood version of truth as most witnesses to these events are quite dead now.

But thats Hollywood,  unfortunately they are not in some cases the greatest truths ever told.   It all made to sell, sell, sell and to make lots of money, money, money,  just like the TV celebrity story tellers of today giving you the impression they were there.  They want you to think they are divine and quote  the quote like they were present standing right next to the Biblical speaker.  Just more of the act to get your money.

Back To Hollywood And Yul Brynner  —  And in the same movie, Yul Brynner, playing RAMSES, with that stare, his three quarter magnificent profile quoting the memorable line, “ So it shall be written, so it shall be done”. 

And the court scribe yelled back  “Hold that thought chief, I just ran out of ink and got to find a fresh black squid”.

Victor Mature And Hedy Lamar   And how can you forget the beautiful Delilah (Hedy Lamar stroking the Black Olive Oil laden hair of handsome Samson (Victor Mature)  and screaming “ Yuck, you smell like a day old salad, don’t you have hair spray”?
Acts not parables, Deeds not showmanship, not fiction. 
Thats the lesson the bible should be teaching.



Now If We Could Only Get Donald To Read

  😇   I Am The Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Not Have Any Strange Gods Before Me
Trump is not the Messiah, Son of Lucifer maybe  He lies a lot!

😇  Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain
He is not Jesus of New York nor of Mar-a-lag-o

😇  Remember To Keep Holy The Sabbath Day
Unless it’s a good Golf Day    

😇  Honor Thy Father And Mother
And their money from whorehouses and crooked deals — 

😇  Thou Shalt Not Kill
Lets not talk about the lies that killed a Million Americans   

😇  Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
Except when Melania was pregnant with Baron… And
Porno queens were available — 

😇  Thou Shalt Not Steal
Changed to Thou shalt not get caught…stealing —  

  😇   Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor
Unless you can benefit from lying… over and over

😇  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife
If it walks, talks and has female reproductive organs, go for it — 

😇  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods
Unless there is a chance of profit in it…and a “ great reliable fence” —  



Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: 
do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.



All is fair in love and war, cheating, stealing, robbing, overtaking 
and lieing as long as you come out the winner and if you get caught,
be sure you can blame someone else! As long as you win



—  This is real fake news but we can hope, can’t we  — 

🔘   Donald T-RUMP,  the Former Narcissistic Supreme Ruler, today was accidentally clobbered beyond recognition at the tenth tee in a horrific golf cart crash at Mar-a-lago.  He made a right turn, didn’t signal and got rammed by a city garbage truck.  

The accident not fully investigated yet, still under investigation.  The driver Herman B. Clinton said he didn’t see him when the cart cut in front of him.   Mitch McConnell is convinced the truck was driven by an immigrant illegal employee who was not documented.   (This in violation of federal guidelines pertaining to immigration and work permits and would be forwarded to the Head of the DOJ and investigated. )      

 “ Go to Hell,  Go to Hell”  the residents of Mar-a-lago yelling, sounded very sincere. They had enough T-RUMP.  When they heard the garbage truck hit him, they asked nicely was the driver OK and was the truck OK?  Both truck and driver were Ok, and the people cheered outrageously loud!  Alleluia, Alleluia!  The driver is OK and so is the truck.

Outside the gate in Florida 258,000 Americans who lived locally, close to Mar-a-lago and had to put up with the, noise, the closings,  the bullsh*t,  and a million a year in police protection, too many people and press, traffic and sensory overload at Mar-a-lago, when he played golf more times than the last six presidents and staff combined were cheering —  very loud — 

🔘   Judgement Day  —  So T-RUMPS soul appears in Heaven in the holding area and he asks the Gatekeeper for a pass. The Gate keeper tells him politicians and nobility of his stature are treated differently. Strict rules in a directive from the big Kahuna.  He gets a choice, the Lord offered a special trial basis for T-RUMP  “ You can try Hell for one day and try Heaven for one day” .  Then we’ll honor your wishes and carry them out.

The gate keeper leads him to an elevator and pumps the down button to 666 below the basement level, and sure enough he is greeted by LUCIFER Mestopheles who takes him on a tour of Hell.  He is absolutely blown away...

  • Incredible Championship Golf courses just like he created
  • Magnificent Hotels and Towers, Clubhouses, Pools, Bigly Saunas and Hot Tubs filled with Hot gals
  • A Royal Magnificent Clubhouse, on a par with Mar-a-lago
  • He sees all his associates and friends dressed to the nines
  • They are even wearing his brand ties who greet him with great succulation and adoration.  
  • They reminisced about so much money they made off the middle class and the poor.   
  • The incredible nine course dinner was Maine Lobster, Cordon Blu and Ribeye Steak, ( He chose a Porterhouse, well done of course, with catsup, he likes it that way) and the finest wines ever. 
  • Some of those wines even stolen from the last supper and brought out from long time storage, quite a celebration for him.  He chose Diet Coke instead.
  • Next morning he played eighteen holes and basically played scratch golf, several birdies, best game he ever played to the seventeenth.  Then he went three under par for the course with great shots when he birdied seventeen and eagled the eighteenth with an incredible forty-nine foot putt. 
  • He spent the night in the palatial hotel and was visited by two of the local Russian showgirls and they showed him everything including how the shower worked with him.  “ He said they surely know how to relieve tension”  
  • By noon the day was over and Lucifer took him to the elevator, shook his hand and told him, President T-RUMP “ Let me know”.


🔘   He Thanked Lucifer,  He Had A Great Time, “ And He Would Be Back”    Upon his arrival back in the Heaven holding area, the Gatekeeper escorted him to the Heaven blessed clouds where all those in Heaven —

  •  Were singing, dancing, playing bingo, cards , volleyball,  softball, brilliant conversations and smiles, biking and trails.
  •  Eating magnificent healthy Vegan Gluten-Free meals, no meat, happy-happy fruit soft drinks and exotic teas, 
  • Good vibes and lots of harps. Truly a pleasant place, restful and lots of good easy listening peaceful music and love.
  • After the day was over the Gatekeeper then asked TRUMP to make a decision.  Trump replied, “ It’s very nice here but there are many great bigly things I liked in hell, so I’ll go to hell”.  
  • OK, then the Gatekeeper took him to the elevator, wished him luck, and pushed the X-final down 666 button.

👺  Back At Hell  —  The door opened and Lucifer was not dressed as before, he looked different, he had on this funky looking outfit, like red pajamas, and there was fire and garbage, lots of garbage, carnage and waste, and all his friends were blackened by the smoke.  Broiling, it was hot as hell, no air-conditioning and he was given a bag to fill with garbage so he can take it to the fires, and burn it like the others, it all looked the same clear to the horizon.

He Screamed,   “ Lucifer My Friend, What Happened To All Those Nice Things I Saw Yesterday”

Lucifer Replied... Mr. President,  I’m sure you were aware yesterday 

like you, we were campaigning, today you voted —    

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