11335 Starkey RdLargo, FL 33773-4735
+1 727-329-8974

This establishment used to be the restaurant called AMBROSIA and I had eaten there more than a few times. It is now the LARGO FAMILY DINER, very similar in name to the Largo Family Restaurant located in Clearwater, but not the same....

It changed hands about the beginning of the year.  Its table service is familiar everyday American menu, with a lot of sides and several Greek Specialties.  And it’s one of those places where the food is good and almost habit forming... I used to drive the same route to work everyday and it was had I left earlier about thirty minutes, stopped and had a good breakfast.


And the place is inexpensive… compared to these big franchise operations.  The alternate close locations are higher priced and that brings locals.   Locals find the bargains.   Obviously, very friendly locals, lots of good mornings, nice experience, lot busier than before.  Smoking outside, if you must, not inside, FL LAW...

I rarely comment on a place just on one trip or incident and this place changed hands about the first of the year Dec-Jan and went through the usual shakedown restaurant cruise with a different menu and personnel. It's cranking now.

So last week I ate there twice ( both breakfasts with my client) after noting the change and the food and service was good and met the mark for quality, which is freshness, service was right on and the place was very busy and this was off season. Four different breakfasts all great. I love Biscuits and Gravy and any kind of omelets.

Loaded with locals. So something was different.  Our locals are a "tough audience" in the food industry. Trust me on that one... And most of the tourists were gone.   Also they were tough customers... some really hard to please... and after all my years in the industry I will drop a shocker on you.

More complaints come from how eggs are cooked than anything else in the business.  People are fussy about their eggs.   The two gals serving, had the tables under control, the food was hot, refills on the coffee and water and for a smaller homey type place did very well, had they not, I would be saying something.

We had a long very extended arduous tourist season due to the weather up North and in the Carolinas, tourists and snowbirds ( Canadian winter visitors), we had to change plans at certain restaurants which were too busy and long lines to even get into unless we went off hours. It's calmed down now and this is a convenient stop and you won't go broke...

It has a large menu, especially breakfast with super omelettes, Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Burritos, Full Skillets and Biscuits and Gravy.  Burgers and Melts, Angus Beef, Wraps and Lots of Greek Dishes and specialties, and thats a big order for a small place and they have specials all the time and yesterday they had three homemade soups. 

Three locations I screened lately had featured homemade soups, must be a trend in the area, soup and half a sandwich. Which is not a bad lunch deal health wise.  

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