The biggest religious sham creating a a false gospel and mis-interpretation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  It is really the beginnings of the formal revelation of the covenant of grace, of God's decision to reach into humanity and specifically save people for Himself.  It comes in the form of a promise to Abraham.   Not a commitment to send money — those are the liars.

Abraham, who's the son of an idolater, who did not know God. God takes the initiative with him, calls him into a relationship with Himself, and makes just unilaterally some promises to Abraham. 

He promises that Abraham is going to be a leader of a great nation, that he is going to be given a land, a place to live, and that through Him, all of the nations will be blessed. God was directing Abraham a a tool — 

You can’t buy your way in, that doesn’t count.  Being right with God is by action, not words, not money, I expect a lot of the rich will enjoy hell for their corruption. 

 Feeding the poor, clothing the poor, helping the aged, being a good Samaritan  are acts of kindness, they count.  If you listen to the lies and fake stories  by some really big names in Christianity you realize they are no better than some of the dirtbags in Washington. 

Your donations to these cons will never see daylight for the poor and needy or you for that matter —  God, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, the Devil do not have checking accounts — your donations and expecting a ten fold return is the scam and it makes you a partner of the con—



✞  Oral and Richard ROBERTS     ✞ Billy and Franklin GRAHAM     ✞ Jerry FALWELL Sr. and Jr.


✟   Prosperity theology is a scam dreamed up to make money.   It is a direct mis-interpreted religious proverb belief twisted to appeal to amongst some really naive  believers and we add after interviewing a few quite ignorance and stupidity flourish.   Protestant Christians who unchallenged seem to believe anything you tell them.


✟   Abraham made covenants with God when he received the gospel, when he was ordained a high priest, and when he entered into celestial marriage. In these covenants, God promised great blessings to Abraham and his family. These blessings, which extend to all of Abraham’s seed, are called the Abrahamic covenant.

Among the promises made to Abraham were the following:

✟   His posterity would be numerous (see Genesis 17:5–6Abraham 2:93:14).

   His seed, or descendants, would receive the gospel and bear the priesthood (see Abraham 2:9).

✟   Through the ministry of his seed, “ all the families of the earth would be blessed, even with the blessings of the Gospel, which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal” (Abraham 2:11).

✟   A person can receive all the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant—even if he or she is not a literal descendant of Abraham—by obeying the laws and ordinances of the gospel (see Galatians 3:26–29Galatians 4:1–7Doctrine and Covenants 84:33–40).

THEY  ADDED TO THE COVENANT: THE FOLLOWING  That the financial blessing and physical well-being are always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth 

It is simply a twisting of the Abrahamic Covenant which is some of GODS most gracious gifts and is God’s work.
The fake TV messengers of God portraying themselves as Bishops, Pastors, High Priests, Ministers,  Omans  Pointy Hats, are nothing but a bunch of clowns, actors, grifters, cons and bullshitters , TV spokesperson jerkoffs and actors claiming to be the messenger — and you are the target , the mark. 

God sends angels, not schmucks with big hair and really expensive taste  which includes Airliners, Rolls Royces, Land Rovers, Caddilac's, BMW's and Porsche's — More than two or three fine Estate Houses, five hundred dollar shoes,  twelve hundred dollar suits, in comparison with Jesus who did it with sandals and perhaps a donkey —  who was happy to serve him — 


  I suppose the Tooth Fairy is real — And now you get 1. 50 cents under the pillow due to inflation —  And we all believe that Santa does fly his Stealth GPS sled to over six billion people on one eight hour shift —  NASA wants the plans —  So do the Russians, the Chinese and the North Koreans — 

✟   We learned that Pat Robertson thinks he has Gods cellphone number —  We found out —  he was disconnected because Pat supported people in Africa who dealt in Blood Diamonds and is in to Horse racing.   That old bastard has been screwing people out of their money for year.   Pat was dis-connected — from the truth and Christian beliefs, he talks the talk but many times it makes no sense, not the talk of GOD wishes, but the talk of Tv ratings and tithes — 

✟   Some of our blessed and sub-intelligent Evangelicals believe Adolf Hitler had a rough childhood — And should be forgiven —  Lucifer Mestopheles liked Hitler because even today he is always bringing new Hitler bigots down to hell to help with the fires something NAZI’s  know a lot about — 

✟   Donald T-RUMP is the second savior -  because he said so — And when Donald says something you can put it in the bank, as long as it is his account, because you’ll never see it again --

✟   The Republicans care about you and your social needs  —  as long as you vote for them —  And then they gotcha and you will never hear from them again — until their rich friends get wise and realize they are backing losers.

✟ TRUMP  fixed things all right — But failed when he tried to fix an election — across the entire nation— Somehow almost a million Americans are dead when T-RUMP denigrated science —

✟   We got stuck with the war he should have ended, but delayed and dumped it on Biden — The moron Evangelicals vote Republican — and support many of these statements — 

✟   Food and gas prices are off the map because of geed and some really bad moves in America first and we shipped it all over seas, thus world wide bad is bad for us.  Big Corporations killed America —  

✟   Two thirds of Government are corrupt — The GOP Legislative Obstructionists and the Conservative Supreme Court please bring back hangings and lets call theses liars what they really are —  traitors —

✟   I solemnly promise never to say,  “Someone Is Dumber Than a Rock”  —  Why ?  I have now proclaimed:  Rocks are smarter.  Rocks never attacked anyone by themselves or lied.  Rocks are positive and used to build things —  Humans tear things down —  I now say dumber than an Evangelical who believes TV preachers.  Now thats truth —      you can in this time of panic and fear, loss of life and privilege, help others as the lord intended, not these crooks  — He’ll drain you and then go after your friends —  

QUESTION — Where in the bible does God get involved asking ask for money to

carry on his mission?   ANS:  He Doesn’t and he doesn’t need theses clowns to sell his story --

✟   You have good food banks and good street ministries that directly help people and thus cut out the 90% that goes to the fraud and money changers, from the bible, they change the money from your wallet into theirs.  That why they call it Prosperity Gospel. ( They just don’t mention, it is for their prosperity) 

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 7.08.34 AM

✟   They lie and tell you that God pays you hundred of percent interest on your tithes.  This is a scam, the biggest in the world.  Shows you weak minded believers always want the easy way out.  Thats not how you win.  If you give,  you are a sucker,  not a person looking for the righteous path.

✟   Jesus is stated to have visited the Temple in Jerusalem, where the courtyard is described as being filled with livestock, merchants, and the tables of the money changers, who changed the standard Greek and Roman money for Jewish and Tyrian shekels.   It was more than that, it was a corrupt place and filled with thieves just like today. 

✟   “  Constipationalists— Not the Constitution —  It sure looked good for the Evangelical press, The problem with Politicians like Donald T-RUMP and the Pastors many in the award winning photo below is they are the real thieves.    Both fake pastors and fake politicians have the same Evangelicals supporting them, but they are Fake Evangelicals, who talk the talk a lot but don’t exactly trade their three hundred fifty dollar shoes and twelve hundred to two thousand dollar suits for sandals and a robe. 

1st Place Winner Photo-Op Contest  —  Creative Category

 “ Entitled Rectal-Mental Constipation” 

Check out the picture,  an incredible testimony —  A great photo opportunity for Donald  T-RUMP, MD — the  Master of Deception —   More like “ A test-of-money”  —  a quality of the devil well played Donald!  Faking being humble and observant of life is easy if your greatest acting  achievement and failure was a reality show — full of lies and deceit. 

Nothing but a great hair day —  and a lot of great acting — By the fullness of these TV smooth talking fakes and acolytes is was  a missed  opportunity by GOD  - one Hellfire missile could have go them all.  Funny, the missile us is called a “Hellfire”. 

MIKE PENCE —  Preparation H man Of The Year —  This would make an incredible commercial for EX-LAX —  All these schmucks trying to outdo each other saving the soul of Donald T-RUMP.    Its rumored Jesus hung up the phone.   And lest us forget the incredibly boring, acolyte,  our ass-kissing Vice President Evangelical Mike Pence,  just voted PREPARATION MAN OF THE YEAR for having his head up Donalds buttocks for four consecutive years.  

And not a single drop of blood!  When it came to the electoral college vote in the capitol, T-RUMPS coup wanted to hang Mike Pence and that jerkoff still supported T-RUMP, what a ball-less excuse for a human being.   He might have awakened but he too like T-RUMP has baggage.  Lots of baggage and bullsh*t.  

Prosperity Gospel Works — For Them  —  Mercedes Benz, Caddilac, Lexus, BMW, Porsche, Gulfstream Jets, Challenger Jets, Lears, Canadair,  Million Dollar Expensive Houses on both coasts, Servants and expensive travel, road trips and cruises. They belong to a sect promoting “  Prosperity Gospel “.   It has two levels, givers and takers, you are the sucker if you give them money, it will not feed the poor, they might get beans.   Meanwhile the pastor enjoys fine 100-200 dollar a head French Restaurant meals. They have been caught so many times.

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (record keepers from 2011) says US Christian religious leaders committed $90 million in financial crimes, and the fraud is growing at a rate of 5.97% each year. The International Bulletin also estimated, ecclesiastical crime among Christians will hit approximately $80 billion annually by 2025. One bit of truth, world wide 62 billion dollars came in religious donation and the poor never saw 90% of it.   Yes, just as  —  politicians, they steal — by promising you wealth and safety — this gang promises you heaven which they cannot give.


—  We Name Names — The Great Fakes Of Prosperity — 

#1 — Oral Roberts    It was originated and the biggest lie ever told using GOD as the tool.  It was concocted by Oral Roberts… He threatened to die and be called by the Lord if he did not receive ten million dollars by the next day and  since it was all bullsh*t,   

I thought if I could find 10 million dollars in monopoly money?  It could speed things up!

More than10  million came in from the suckers but he died soon after anyway, because he was old, demented and sick, and again just before he died the son went back to the well a second time,  with a really dumb follow-up letter signed by the younger Roberts’s that affirms that without the money needed to send out missionary healing teams, “God will not extend Dad’s life.”  I sent an email:  Good riddance !

His son took over but lots of scandals on the college properties and questions of improprieties and was thrown out of Oral Roberts University where he lived like a king amongst quite a few indiscretions.  Christians are very forgiving.   Sometimes thats stupid —  He and his wife have nothing else to do with the University known more by ORU.  Ridden with scandal and misappropriation of funds for personal glory. 

Even though his wife was observed or caught didling  (Fornicating on multiple occasions with young students) with  underage from the school on nine occasions, of course she denied it —  and appealed it and the judge said no way didling, or begetting in biblical babble not acceptable —  Nine times, lots of noise and denials but the school is keeping things under wraps.  It’s not good for business. 

 Lindsay Roberts, wife of former Oral Roberts University president Richard Roberts, lost her bid Monday to be dismissed from a wrongful termination lawsuit accusing her and her husband of misspending school funds and other moral and ethical lapses, called illegal sex with the flocker (SEX) by banging students from the school. 

And Richard Roberts, son of school founder Oral Roberts, stepped down as president in November amid the accusations. He and his wife have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and are still bullshitting live on TV looking for money. Their true God.  And you dumb naive morons are still following them and send them money and your neighbors might be starving…

 #2 — Franklin Graham —  Billy Graham, was a great orator and speaker,  also went with the Prosperity Gospel program with his version of titheing, but Franklin kept it a little quiet after he died in 2018. Franklin however the son exploited it and it exploded.   Samaritan’s Purse reported gross receipts of $414,031,085 during the 2010 federal tax year.  Thats a lot of money for words.
Not that Franklin worked for nothing, a nice payroll and according to 2014 data, Graham is the highest paid Samaritan’s Purse employee “ reported”  at  $622,252 annually and leads other charities in compensation.  It’s really easy to hide a million here and there when you have millions so we believe none of this. We think it is more. All these certified and sanctified companies supposedly watching the cash may be compared to the Fox guarding the Henhouse.

Ask these TV preachers who their best friends are and you probably get the name of their Lawyer and Accountants whom they hold dear to their hearts and wallets.

Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association —  Damn,  thats good money for leading two ministries where you just talk a lot and ask for money.  This is not Gods work, this is a business and he’s on TV every morning promising salvation by a simple prayer, and donation rather than acts of compassion.

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 12.18.15 PM

Estimated  —   He makes a million + a year plus benefits, cars, airplane rides, trips, appearances, etc.
Born: July 14, 1952, in Asheville, North Carolina   
Married: Jane Austin Cunningham Graham, 1974
Education: (B.A.), Montreat College, (AS), 1974;
Appalachian State University, 1978
Ordained: Grace Community Church, Tempe, Arizona, 1982  —  The only requirement to become an ordained minister is to uphold our Oath of Ordination and Statement of Faith. Become an ordained minister today just select a package below.  Don’t bother, you will be as phony as he is!Ministries /Board of Directors: President, CEO of , Samaritan’s Purse and  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Honors:  Honorary Doctorates:  ( Also Known As Toilet Paper Certificates)  Hall of Faith, Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists, 2014,   Watchman Award, presented by the Family Research Council, 2014,   Honorary Chairman, National Day of Prayer, 2010,  “Daniel of the Year” by World magazine, 2002,   “Tar Heel of the Year” by The News & Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina), 1999,   William Booth Award, presented by the Salvation Army, 1996  --
Whitworth College, Toccoa Falls College, LeTourneau University, Lees-McRae College, National University, Liberty University  ( These are Honorary Degrees,  basically a Thank You and you can get one for #29.95)

#3 — Jerry Falwell Jr  —   From the outset,  T-RUMP has surrounded himself with people who hail from the fringes of the Evangelical community that is steeped in the language of biblical prophecy, and his administration regularly reflects that language back to them in it’s messaging. 

Evangelicals thought that T-RUMP speaks their language.  He doesn’t, doesn’t live it but, he acts it well and stupid people believe him.    

Have you noticed that some of these people T-RUMP hires are just as sick as he is and just as incompetent. And they realize without the sick Evangelical vote T-RUMPS chances of re-election for four more years of this nightmare get better?  

The day T-Rump is out,  these people will be liable for some of their actions lies and misinformation and no chance of pardon.  It was Falwell who brought the faithless to T-RUMP.  

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 10.58.21 AM

Donalds Secret Helper  —  Falwell is deeper in the bag for T-RUMP than just about anybody.  But there’s a curious element to Falwell’s relationship to the president that goes beyond Trump’s dearth of Christian values.   In May 2018, Buzzfeed News published a story about a lawsuit involving Falwell.  He plays around.

The story then became news because a lawsuit revealed a bizarre relationship between the Evangelical leader, his wife, and a former pool attendant at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. It involves private planes, an exorbitant loan to start a business, a mysterious set of compromising photos, and Michael Cohen. 

It also may have had something to do with Falwell’s decision to endorse Trump in 2016,  Falwell, 57, is the president of Lynchburg, Virginia’s Liberty University, one of the nation’s most prominent Christian colleges. More importantly, he’s President Trump’s principal liaison to evangelicals, the political involvement of which was fashioned largely by Falwell’s televangelist father, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Sr., who co-founded the Moral Majority movement in the ’80s. 

Falwell Is Not A Pastor Himself     A Fraud Maybe — But he’s taken on an overlarge role in the Fake Evangelical community after his father built Liberty University into a national powerhouse of Christian education.   Falwell’s profile has grown since he cozied up to T-RUMP  who, according to Falwell, offered to install Falwell in his Cabinet as Secretary of Education, an offer he says he turned down.  

So What’s This About A Pool Boy  —  In 2012, Falwell and his wife Becki visited the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. While there, they befriended a 21-year-old pool attendant named Giancarlo Granda. Granda soon began traveling with the Falwells, both to their home of Virginia to hike and water ski, according to the Times, and to the Cheeca Lodge in the Florida Keys, according to the Herald. 

The latter paper published photos of the trip to the Keys, with Granda smiling next to Falwell, the two looking like father and son. Just months after the friendship commenced, the Falwells offered to help Granda, who had practically no business experience, set up a venture in Miami. After consulting with his friend Jesus Fernandez Jr. and Fernandez’s father, they agreed to open a hostel. Falwell ponied up $1.8 million.  But the deal went south.

Multiple compromising photos of the Falwells became a central element of the legal battle, according to the Times, which spoke to several people involved in the case.  Falwell has denied the existence of the photos — or at least that they’re of him — but the Herald reviewed three of them, which show Falwell’s “ wife in various stages of undress.” When they were taken or by whom is not known, but, according to the Herald, two of them appear to have been taken at the Falwells’ farm in Virginia, and one at the Cheeca Lodge.

Enter Michael Cohen  —  Michael Cohen accompanied him, and the Apprentice star and his fixer developed a relationship with Falwell  (Granda was in attendance, as well; the Times published a photo of him holding a copy of The Art of the Deal on a private jet.) 

In 2015, as the potential release of the compromising photos was becoming a problem for Falwell, he enlisted the help of Cohen, a revelation reported by Reuters last month. Cohen reportedly then flew to Florida to meet with the attorney of the mystery figure who possessed the photos. The issue was resolved, and the attorney told Cohen that the photos were destroyed.  For how much we do not know but a lot of money — 

Falwell The Fraud — Sexist Spiritual Leader —  We heard little truth during the RNC, from a demented and irrationally sick leader dedicated to himself first, before the country, relying on his friends for support.  Just another religious pervert who liked watching his wife being banged by the pool guy  —   another T-RUMP friend spelled fiend.  

Falwell Jr — Was just another fake that fit in so well with the fake T-RUMP.  Falwell joins the ranks of  Richard Roberts, son of Oral Roberts and Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham looking for money for their million dollar a year phony positions while parishioners starve. And live more than the high life, more like a deviate life on the backs of those who donated to their causes which are all shams. Thats why I place TV Prosperity Theology Preachers like this group and forty others on my list of Politicians.  Scumbag to Scumbag — 


 The Re-Pastorization of Donald T-RUMP — 

If at first you don’t succeed,  try, try again or fake it better  —  OK Got it that time —

So they tried again with the help Of Paula White  — Now T-rump claims God anointed him through his  “Pastorization”. He can forgive peoples sins

EDITOR   We had hoped it would be done in boiling milk — or sacrificial wine - that cheap crap his son Eric sells at their winery they own.

Within 24 hours he was out again doing T-RUMP actions and screwing people…

When it crossed Jesus’s desk, Jesus said, “ you gotta be frickin kidding”  so they came back  —  for the free lunch  —  and called Mestopheles crisis management for new ideas —  If you believe in this picture that this mans heart has changed, consider a very long talk with a legitimate representative of the US based American Psychiatric Association  —  

Again, I would like to see a real Pastorization of Donald,  Instead of boiling him in oil, let's use milk  —  and show our solidarity by using both Regular 2% Milk and Chocolate Milk because “ Chocolate Milk Matters”.   A large majority of Americans think Brown Eggs come from Brown chickens and Chocolate Milk from brown cows. 

Tell me our DNA is going bad. Or our education system has collapsed under T-RUMPS appointment of  —another frikken Evangelical nutcase Ms. Betsy DeVos. former Secretary of Education. Now there’s a real piece of screwed up rich persons with little common sense and compassion trying to pay her way into heaven. Grab a shovel bitch before Home Depot runs out.

SIDEBAR  —   Quote Mr. Lucifer Mestopheles, President Of Hellish Enterprises now thinking oF adding a five hundred room new hotel built by Donald T-RUMP in a subdivision called “ Hell’s Half Acres".    “ T-RUMP is an equal opportunity targeting entrepreneur and screws everybody regardless of faith or ethnicity.  He wants to Air Condition Hell!”  Lucifer Mestopheles said,  he’s my kind of Guy”.

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 7.50.36 AM

NOTE:   But Lucifer,  is shrewd and as he is,  got paid up front from Donald’s donation fund —  those dumb bastards stupid enough to  giving him money —  even knowing about and having had previous disasters and frauds, causes and chaos with Donald before.  A rumor spread that this is the first hotel in hell with Air Conditioning.  ( Extra Fee)  which was another T-RUMP lie.

 Lucifer was smart, he got paid up front in Gold — and had the money changers of the Bible test it  — It was fake painted bricks.  There is no air conditioning in hell.  Period! T-RUMP LIED AGAIN,  Lucifer Mestopheles said again,  he’s my kind of Guy”. I’ll forgive him , we need more rooms — 


Other than Jared and Ivanka who are now Jewish, in words, practice, not their morality, nor do they think laws pertain to them — they are T-RUMPS ears and crooks, all the T-RUMPS were agnostics, atheists, scumbags and liars under a blanket of lies —  We call them Mammons, not to be confused with Mormons.

Mammon —  in India is the money GOD - in Western circles is the  biblical term for riches, often used to describe the debasing influence of material wealth. The term was used by Jesus in his famous Sermon on the Mount and also appears in The Gospel According to Luke.  Medieval writers commonly interpreted it as an evil demon or god.

Crooks come in all denominations and so do the over the top far extremists, like certain Christian Fundamentalist and Jewish Orthodox groups like the Hassidim.  They can get pretty crazy — No exceptions as there are radical and extremists in every man-made religion —   

T-RUMPS God was based on what his father taught him… Money is God…  His LORD and Savior was his Dad’s money, almost 411 million dollars.  Which came from Grandpa who owned —  

  👉🏼 Whorehouses During The Great Gold Rush Out West   (CLICK)


T-RUMP never attended Church, but  claims he did,  his usual lies and bullsh*t , more lies, and again, the T-RUMPS in any generation are not formal Church attendees.   And he ran into a bigger liar than himself — Paula White — He seems to like liars — Just look at all those she hangs with —  Thats what will become the Fourth Reich and Destroy America — 

The only time T-RUMP went to church was to see what land it was on and how to get it.   That did make the papers when he threw an elderly woman off her land for his golf course.

He found Jesus  —  suddenly, soon voting time for 2020 and he found religion when he met Paula White after her divorce.

She is as big a show person and fraud as many of the Hell-Fire and Brimstone, throwing bullsh*t  Smitten all over the place to the screaming idiots that like her.  

Actress, Fake, Fraud, who doesn’t like a life of honesty telling others what to do and she has a great bod!  

That is what caught Donald the perverts, eyes.   But she was still banging Benny Hinn after he dumped his wife for her,  and she converted T-RUMP to Christianity even though Jesus had to look sideways on this conversion wishing she was a Muslim —  

🔥  Jesus was a former Rabbi  and really spelled Rebbe correctly in Yiddish means teacher.  “ He Said I need T-RUMP to be born again is tough, the angels will start a revolution,  like I need a hole in my head” Call Lucifer!

I already had a ton of Rebbes handed to me by the damn Romans,    “ He’ll be pandering hotel rooms in heaven soon, with Russian prostitutes”   —  “  Lucifer my friend help me out on this one, you owe me”  Upon checking Lucifer did not return any of our calls. 

She heads up the Donald T-RUMP President’s Evangelical Advisory Committee  “First Fruit”and thats a  joke by itself.   She then demanded her flock make a donation to her ministries to honor the religious principle of  First Fruits.

She said is the idea that all firsts belong to God, including the first harvest and, apparently, the first month of your salary to be sent to her.  Change the wording from "First Fruit to First Fruit-kegs”.
In Yiddish we simply call them “Schmucks".


🔥 JUST ANOTHER TV FRAUD —  Following Donald Trump's inauguration, publications such as Slate highlighted Paula White's lack of credentials — notably, that she calls herself a doctor without an actual degree, those mail away $39.95 degrees do not count other than in idiots , morons, marks and ignorants minds. 

🔥 And that in 2014, she lost everything when her first church went bankrupt, with $29 million in loans (despite living in a $2.2 million mansion).  But perhaps she wasn't such a strange pick:   Trump's businesses have declared bankruptcy multiple times with 3500 lawsuits, seven huge bankruptcies, two bank failures, and the hatred of millions.

🔥But that's not all that's bizarre about Paula White. In early 2020, according to The Guardian, she was broadcast on video commanding “ satanic pregnancies" to "miscarry." (She later claimed this was taken out of context.) 

🔥 White believed that she had been appointed as Trump's adviser on assignment from God, believed financial prosperity was part of God's approval, and had faced allegations of misusing church funds before. In fact, Paula White's church took in from $150,000 to $350,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program.  Many churches and televangelists did.

 🔥  Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of brainwashing and posturing that goes along with most religious thinking, the conversion from reality to your program, and you may not like what I have to say till you read it all and open your mind.  

🔥 The danger is you might be too far gone —  Counseling with several psychiatrists from my sources I have learned that admittance is a true act of courage and those who deny truth lack courage.  “ Those who fall for the lies and promises are reluctant to admit they got taken advantage of or don’t have either the guts or resources like vetting  proving they were —  people who were screwed every day by these fake soothsayers complain to the Police almost every day and try to get their money back   — but the proverb, “ a fool and his money are soon parted” is true.

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 7.53.33 AM


JEWS, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS    and some smaller off the Wall,  all have those in their cults who live at extreme both ends of the belief.  And it can be very final in thinking, It stretches from non-believers ( who would be killed in their world) to ultra-believers ( who would do the killing)  Not a good answer,  but the truth —  Just ask the Taliban.  There are also non-believers --

ATHEIST — is the non-believer —  This generates the following definition: atheism is the psychological state of lacking the belief that God exists. In philosophy, however, and more specifically in the philosophy of religion, the term “atheism” is standardly used to refer to the proposition that God does not exist or, more broadly, to the proposition that there are no gods

AGNOSTIC —  is a little more complicated  —   an agnostic is a person who has entertained the proposition that there is a God but believes neither that it is true nor that it is false. Not surprisingly, then, the term “agnosticism” is often defined, both in and outside of philosophy, not as a principle or any other sort of proposition but instead as the psychological state of being an agnostic. Call this the “psychological” sense of the term.  I would use  “Skeptical”.

WHERE IS GOD IN ALL THIS YOUR HEART and SOUL — NOT YOUR WALLET —  You can’t buy your way into heaven —  If you want to help the poor do it direct TO THE CHURCH OR BELIEF OF YOUR CHOICE  not through a religious sales person mostly found on TV babbling along with prosperity lies and fake stories.  That way you are assured your gift of compassion is received.      I checked with the Federal Reserve and found out God does not issue Debit Cards, Checks or Bonuses for Good Behavior.  Nor does he pay ten times what you tithe -  If he did and if it was real not bullsh*t — The banks would be doomed.  Just call your local IRS office and ask them if God sends you money do you have to declare it on your income tax — 

IRS AGENT RESPONDS WITH HEALTH SOLUTION SINCE —  I believe that you should be dialing 1-  800-366-7664  for those with obvious believe in TITHE TOOTH FAIRES — Please contact the APA through one of the following:      ONLINE ON THE WEB at    EMAIL APA at for assistance
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“ The Alternative Life with Lucifer Mestopheles” 

✞  GOD  Expects Good Behavior And If You Choose Stupid, well, even if you think you are doing right, giving these TV clowns your money is a sin.   The course you are on is 50,000 feet below the South Pole.   It’s warm there.   Beautiful rivers of mountain lava —  No winter coats needed — in fact no clothes are needed.  This months specials include free shovels provided by Home Depot who gets them made cheap in China — they voted T-RUMP —  

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 8.29.26 AM

—  Accommodations by Lucifer Mestopheles Booking Services  —  Free Registration — Purgatory Discounts— Very Hot  Ghost Pepper Wings while you wait  —  — Great Talent Shows  -  On This weeks Entertainment list In Hell are “ The Fabulous Four Bottoms”,    The Four Tops went to heaven.  

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—   Personal Escort from Purgatory  by Lucifer or the Gargoyle of the month  —  this months celebrity Gargoyle is  Helloweinier — Very popular in November  and December — Make your reservations early — We get a lot of bookings during the holidays for mortals suffering  Holiday Depression— our busy season — 

NOTE :  We Apologize — Sorry, No Air Conditioning .  Many Evangelicals who found out they were lied to by Donald and his AC Hell scam. Many tried to prebook rooms in the T-RUMP HELLS HALF ACRE Sports Complex and TOWERS— with Air Conditioning that Donald was going to build—   

The rumor of AC was just a rumor and Donald T-RUMPS personal check and fake gold bars bounced and the air conditioner vendor quit.  In fact the project might quit — The vendor told Donald to go to Hell — Lucifer said soon, enough, right now. 

UPGRADE:  We are getting a forty seat buses to run from Purgatory to Hell twice daily.  Each day arriving for a great meet and greet all those from T-RUMPS former Cabinet members —   And better hurry as over 860 recent GOP fake candidates for office and Jan 6th terrorists are grabbing all the rooms!   

NEW   Try out our new sauna,  just part of the amenities offered here in Hell after a hard day and night shoveling and burning garbage —  

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Sorry that should read Hottest In Hell” 

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