TRUTH SAYERS — Both Generals  George Patton and Douglas MacArthur were right when they both said ,
“ Lets take on China and Russia so we won’t have to battle with them in the future — 

Look where we are today —  I have many years working with Military people with high ranks, the decision makers — I have more respect for them serving the country,  and their intuition and common sense than our draft dodging,  greedy scumbag GOP gray haired Senators not in touch with the people of today — politicians serving themselves —  and some with an attitude of screw you America, I’m for me —  A few good hangings could solve that problem.

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 12.11.56 PMScreen Shot 2022-08-03 at 12.09.14 PM

T-RUMP was a perfect example of a total moron and a thousand other names I could call him after following him for forty plus years, he is Satan and Hitler rolled into one.  

I have never heard any of the Military people I do know or worked with on projects liked to talk politics but T-RUMP is an exception, the most dangerous man to come along in seventy years since Hitler.

But we can’t totally blame him as it took thirty-nine million other illiterate morons who voted him in —  And the trend to stupidity is growing larger each day —  Soon we will be a nation of illiterate clones ruled by an established elite core of wealthy two percenters  —  And by control of the money through fake tax breaks — the low and middle class lose ground every day — 

Dumbing Down Creates More Votes From The Illiterate —  My research of our native Americans, other world wide ethnic groups,  and even the ancient Laotians  2000 years ago believed  simply put,  ‘He Who Sings The Songs Of The Liar Is Indeed A Liar Himself” and the chorus grew as the malcontents, lower educated, naive and weak rallied to a very false messiah,  Donald J. T-RUMP --Too much Bible, Bourbon, Bullsh*t, and lots of lies.

And to keep winning you need either stupid, illiterate, weak-minded, over the top religious believers in Bible Bable, the Boogeyman, the Tooth fairy, Easter Bunny,  and Santa Claus level of belief.  They are a group that believe overpowering lies more than truth — Some are totally unresponsive to truth.  Lost, brain dead.  Lies are the  powder of the weapons of the cons and grifters, conspiracy advocates and GOP scumbag political followers.

Just watch the CROWDS attending WWE wrestling  four nights a week and their hero's and stars, a steroid overdosed bucket of actors pretending to murder each other every day of the week.  The biggest moron Governor other than Gov. Abbot of Texas,  Ron DeSantis declared WWE Wrestling on TV was an essential business in Florida during the worst of COVID, and could continue its shows and sales. People came and became carriers a few days later.

Great learning for kids.  There is your GOP in a nutshell — and it’s growing, we simply have too many nuts in politics and they will drag us down as they rise in power.  Remember,  "if you sing their songs you are just as guilty as they are and we have a large choir of imbeciles” .

Bill Clinton  —  Understood — Bill Clinton didn’t ring an interest bell with me till I did some research on him.   It was in a conversation about Sarah Huckabee, the dumbest press secretary, a perfect match for Trump, and her father Mike Huckabee previous Governor to Clinton and first in his family to graduate HIGH SCHOOL — now that is inspiring academia — no wonder the average IQ in Arkansas was around 100 lower or low average — 

The key to the future of this country is education —  Without education we will be overtaken by friends and enemies alike —   Without education the poor and lower middle class will never walk out on their own from the hole they are in —  Without education - the future will bypass them in jobs of the developing frontiers of science—He made dramatic improvements in Arkansas he really never got credit for — 

And Donald T-RUMP stole the Education money in Congress for his wall using Betsy Devos as the Cabinet secretary in collusion with him. When they finally hang him, save some rope for her. 

Reality Is Obvious —  Donald T-RUMP —  We Went Backwards Ten Years  — 

⺞  His immigration and racial prejudices brought out the hatred and anti-semitism we see today  —  

⺞  He put us in the toilet of education with Mrs Betsy DeVos  —  A total and financial detriment to the education of our children she belongs in jail  —  Literally bought her job by donating two million to his pocket to T-RUMP — And with her consent 17 million a year for four years went to T-RUMPS Wall and not for education, now we have no teachers and 68 million dollars of wall debt can’t help out.  it cost her two million dollars to T-RUMP  re-election to get the job — 

⺞  Now when you go to see a doctor or specialist , see what country he or she is from —  mostly immigrants —

⺞    When you watch the spelling bees and other contests see who wins —  mostly ethnic immigrants 

⺞  Our courts from Appellate to the Supremes have been loaded with McConnell acolytes —  Who Lied!  Women already lost their rights to choose abortion which is none of the gray-haired bastards in the Senate business — what next ?   

⺞  Deceivers, cons in power, actively lieing and dumbing down as a nation and ripe for an Authortarianism change in the destruction of our protections and our core values and our Constitution will be destroyed via their power struggle-

⺞  Jan 6th was an attempted coupe, reality charge then as traitors and remove them —  Charlottesville was a T-RUMP warmup when he embraced the White Supremacism cult, and till I see these people eliminated from the country or earth,  I'm forced to keep my powder dry and check my six often —  We are in trouble and have to stop being the nice guys some of these folks have to be eliminated  - Need a list ?

🇺🇸 The Preamble To The Constitution —

🔹We the People, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

What Makes a Good American?

🔷   I am a Conservative brain in Finances, with a Liberal Heart to help the Poor, the Starving , the Children.  I love and defended my country during years of war.  I build monuments to our soldiers who are forgotten many times as soon as the fighting stops.

🔷   I vote for the person, not too often for the GOP party menage of crooks, scumbags, cretans, morons,  liars. and followers, grifters and conspiratorialists —  Even our Supreme Court newest members, who  talked the talk, but fell right on their faces and lied right to our faces taking women's rights away.

🔷   I am liberal in feeding the poor because the richest can’t eat all the money they steal through tax breaks or have taken from the taxpayers struggling to feed a family.    It was the same old , same old tax break scam.  Played three times, by the GOP and all came with tax breaks that went to the rich,  just money making scams and the middle class got screwed.  Every time and our politicians got richer. 

🔷   Think about it, all three Reagan, Bush,  and T-RUMP were not genius’s in finance and trickle down was a joke,  Reagan said it didn’t work, more like “ tinkle down”  and the less fortunate got screwed again and again while the rich got tremendous breaks.  

🔷   Ivanka and Jared T-RUMPS kids got or earned 640 million working for nothing in the WhiteHouse from deals they spent their times creating and 160 million in  in tax breaks — nepotism?  

🔷   A farce, cheating, unfair fraudulent because those with the money didn’t need it and got the lions share of the break.  Again and again.

🔷   The party is poisoned by liars, cheats and grifters who have convoluted corrupt policies and herd mentality in voting.  there are no hero's when the cowards line up — as they did on January-6 th.

🔷    If the capitol police defended them selves with guns we would be in a revolution and many would die — the problem is people are moved by bad untruth TV, internet conspiracies and make believe lies — growing worse because of their own intellect resources and attributes dwindling away — 

🔷  I have many Republican friends who believe the GOP  needs a House and Senate cleaning, for they know the truth about many who are not for the people.  They need to be removed — the greedy, self-centered career crooks within the party and will stay around for as long as the people stupid enough to support them, let them.  

🔷  Those with the truth, are afraid to speak out about T-RUMP a man who thought hanging his Vice President was a good idea.  Based on what VP Pense accomplished in four years as a worthless acolyte, literally he is a co-conspirator, and T-RUMP might have been right —  Plenty of rope available — for both T-RUMP and Pence.  

🔷   Our Native Americans, and I have heard this from many tribes across this land for a story I wrote on heritage, they did all say ,   “ He who tells the tales and sings the songs of the liar is indeed a just as the liar himself ‘' — 


November  8-9, 1923 Adolf Hitler Did His Dirty In A Beer Hall  —  The Beer Hall Putsch, also known as the Munich Putsch, was a failed coup d’état by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff and other Kampfbund leaders in Munich, Bavaria, on 8–9 November 1923, during the Weimar Republic. 

Aftermath… The Beer Hall Putsch had several significant consequences.  First, it led to a split between Hitler and Ludendorff; the general considered Hitler a coward for sneaking away after the police had begun to fire.  T-RUMP also bowed out when it came down to marching with the crowd.  Second, Hitler decided that armed revolution was not the way to obtain power in Weimar Germany. The police, the Reichswehr and police forces victory, a Putsch failure, and arrest of Nazi Party leadership…

January 6th, 2021 T-RUMP Did His Dirty in The Capitol Buildings of The US — 

🔘   We cannot let this just slide by, no pardon, no forgiveness, full blown FBI and Homeland Security, tactical take downs,  prison terms and the killer of the police officer hanged.   After January 20th, T-RUMP can’t hide anymore,  when he becomes a target for the law and let the vengeance begin,  bad word  —   but appropriate and needed to stop the chaos.

🔘   Redemptions begin to show what his cult really consists of some who will realize their support could have crippled a nation by destroying our core values…   And one half of Congress is a lock-stepping bunch of coward lemming Acolytes who need to go… with Mitch Me-CON-hell the real problem —  Wake up America T-RUMP and McConnell are taking your rights and country away —

🔘   And the worst part is the T-RUMP nation, we have termed the Fourth Reich who are and supporting a following of those making death threats against poll workers, Election Officials, Attorney Generals and Governors.  And his twitts against these elected officials who did a flawless job from states that would not collude and fraud their elections.  
They are heroes for defending the truth and honesty of the election.   Truth, not an attribute of the T-RUMP regime, it was not an administration, it was a regime… is only 31,800 lies ago by T-RUMP and it’s not stopping. No fraud has been found, it was the cleanest election in history. 

🔘   Years ago I said, the only solution to this man would be a good assassination, based on knowing all about him from NY,  and the lies and damage he and family did there for forty years… and now I stand by what I said.  When no one takes heed, people will be harmed.  And the nest cockroaches always come from a nest — the GOP who now control some  a majority of the judges, the liars who gained admittance to the Supreme Court — 

🔘   Seven people died in this incited event by Donald T-RUMP.  In addition three Capitol Policemen are dead, one by murder, two by suicide…and fifty injured some for the rest of their lives.   T-RUMP caused it and his friggen idiots, stupid ignorant followers,  morons and corrupt officials need to pay for those four innocents who died and the murder.
It appeared a second officer died by suicide, reasons unknown and we have some who are permanently seriously wounded.
  Total …  One hundred fifty police and staff  Capitol Police had to be seen at the hospitals.  Over one hundred have severe injuries.  Many permanent. 

🔘   ED —  In many foreign countries those who participated would have been rounded up by their POLICE and MILITARY and simply shot — these insurrectionists knew the Police would not fire on them and they could get away with it.  It would not have bothered me, as the police were trapped and they had the right to defend themselves fortunately they did not escalate the fighting.  But we were caught off guard and the President should be hanged for allowing and encouraging it  —  the coward draft dodging bastard did not walk with he protestors as promised, just anther lie and was watching from the WhiteHouse at the carnage and loving them. 


🔘  But the rich are richer by billions, due to the fake tax relief T-RUMP put up, he brags about,  Jared Kutchner and Ivanka the other fraud with discovered bribes involving tariff and permits in China, made 640 million dollars on that deal, and those friggen idiots, his voters thought was great. The poor are dying by thousands.

🔘  And some of  you still support these traitors and acolytes, and if you do not stop the GOP and they do well in the House and Senate in 2022 we are doomed.   Our split country and split politics will destroy our way of life as the Supreme court cannot stop them.  They are GOP clones, and they don’t want too.

🔘  They already have taken women's right away with the demise of Roe Vs Wade— More is coming, lots more , this has been McConnells dream for thirty years to ascertain his power over the country.

🔘  Your world will not be fit to live in if this happens,  it's already falling apart.  Our simple Commandments,  God-Driven World of love, law, compassion, and kindness will be gone.   We will wind up in a subservient Rich vs Poor country ruled by a few.    You will turn greedy, if not already greedy, selfish, immoral, untrue, with no idea of what it is to be humble and caring.  You will do well in hell.  Lucifer Mestopheles has your name tag already printed.



THE REPUBLICAN BASE DISCOVERED —  the ancestors of humanity are often depicted as knuckle-draggers, making humans seem unusual in our family tree as "upright apes.”  Personally I think some apes are smarter.    Controversial research now suggests the ancestors of humans and the other great apes might have actually walked upright too, making knuckle-walking chimpanzees and gorillas the exceptions and not the rule.  Most of those still walking on their knuckles have been elected to the GOP Reptilians Party.  

TROGLODYTES is the scientific name for Knuckle draggers   — In other words, “ The other great apes we see now, such as chimps or gorillas or orangutans, might have descended from human-like ancestors," researcher Aaron Filler, a Harvard-trained evolutionary biologist and medical director at Cedars-Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders in Los Angeles.  Long way to go on that premise. 

One of my articles “ Just Chimping Around" came about after a day at Busch Gardens watching these almost human close cousins of ours living their lives in a well designed habitat.  There is something about Chimpanzee's, that draws my attention.   Maybe it’s because I see CHIMPS, which is the common name for the two species of  Chimpanzees doing things that look human,  and sometimes I see things that humans do that makes them look like both sub-species of Chimps.  

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 1.02.14 PM

They belong to the genus PAN and the common Chimp is called a “ PAN TROGLODYTE".  Now you know what that means when you call your best friend jokingly a knuckle dragging Troglodyte!  

All these years you thought it was a creature from a fairy tale. They come from West and Central Africa. 

The second species or BONOBO Chimp,  “  PAN PANISCUS”  also known as the “ Pygmy Chimpanzee", is found in the forests of the Democratic Republic of the CONGO.  

The Third Specie or Humans acting like Chimps are found throughout the world on all continents and are from the species   “  Panobo Americanus Imbecilus Sapiens””.   


Truth and Commonality Of Beliefs  —
  Another rabbit hole in science.  My travels and  research took me into the ancients tribal customs, cave drawings, sayings and beliefs, drawings, songs, or proverbs indicated some common answers to rarely asked questions.  How things were passed down generation to generation.  

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 1.28.15 PM

In the beginning communication was  grunts and screams, then drums, gradually words were formed,

It was a side track to science, another rabbit hole trying through interviews with indigenous people and their elders to seek when did man first communicate, how, where, when — And the first question was time.  

Did the five major oldest peoples basically learn speech, the answer was startling,  all were about same time in their past.   The school I believe leading the experiment was Rutgers University.

Interesting answers - And common answers -  The first smart phone was a drum - or hollow log hit with a hefty stick and it showed or spoke of in five locations of the old world.   Hollow logs made variant sounds.   In version two they used two sticks, faster communication without batteries.  Just as earlier man stood up when he realized he could see further.  And not get eaten — as often.

Singing and chants were the first operational communication system.  There were no smart drums, just logs, they were cost effective and you didn’t trade in yours every year on a contract. 


Once in blue moon I get a crazy idea to have some bizarre fun.  I had friends at Busch Gardens before they sold out and we put this scheme together.  My camera has a remote trigger if needed.  No wires.  Up to 23 feet. 

So I connected my remote control to the camera on the statues neck, rigged  with a wide angle lens and aimed it directly at people walking by and moved about eight feet away.    The field of vision was perfect.

I  turned away talking to my gal.   People walked by and the ones who moved closer starred at the lens and at the right time the camera took their picture.  Some jumped, shocked, laughed, only I then jumped in and told them he was new on the job and they could get the picture.  From his website. 

I had even made up cards with his pic and website.

My favorite expression is thousands of years old  because it is so appropriate today was expressed not only by the Plains Native American Indians, similar thoughts and proverbs handed down by the elders were shared  by the Miccosukee, their Reservation is the homeland of the Miccosukee tribe of Native Americans in  two counties of southern Florida, United States.   A common thought and a proverb stretch even back to Laotian hand me downs  (1000 Years)  Laotian was simpler  “ One who talks the liars talk is a liar”.   Many variants.  Years ago, this search included the Mongols, the Inuit of Alaska, and some tribes closer to today, as with the Sioux Nations revealed a similar parable.

Why is this so important ? Because we are being lied to every day.   We have  problem calling the Party the Elephant anymore.   Wooly ancient mammoths would be better,  or calling them Scumbaggers  —  they are worse  —        

Again, It is Americas house, yours and mine all inclusive, it was an attempted coupe of our most sacred land, where the Constitution was born, modified  and framed.  

The Republicans only care about money, power and greed, and only represent their bookkeepers and accountants for input we call bribes and collusion in addition to insider information and fake tax bills to support the 2%.  

They have lost the call for democracy or understanding of the core of humanity that used to be our country.  They simply need to be removed and I don’t care how caring about collateral damage.

MAGA Really Means “ My America Got Ambushed   Still, for the right type of Ignorant Republicans, a vast MAGA empire is within reach:    Trump’s fundraising numbers skyrocketed after the election, as his campaign solicited donations to fight nebulous voter-fraud allegations.  Tapping into that energy could give the most fervent MAGA Republicans a boost in the coming years.

In reality M.A.G.A. really should have a new meaning, it means “ Make America Great — ASSASSINATE!  Lets rid this country of those we elected to govern, provide common sense solutions who are not doing their job. They get paid well, steal a hell of a lot, take bribes, access illegal stock market information, and falsify almost everything they do.  

They do  nothing creative,  nothing  just sit and bitch with short speeches, mostly lies and bullsh*t for photo-ops and as useless as the teats on a boar hog.

We did not elect them to create problems and pretend to fix them. We did not elect them to lie and obstruct for their political good and wealth acquisitions.

All in all, seriously,  after listening to that bunch of crackheads —  The GOP bottom line policy for the future is worse than a TACO Bells meat allocation  —  as a friend said once,  more meat is in a baby diaper. 

  The Women of the GOP    The Men of the GOP      

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