A Great Story of Real Courage, — “ The Band Of Brothers”  —  Is a series, originally a mini series broadcast and now showing on HBO, tells the story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, US Army.  Based on interviews with survivors of Easy Company, as well as soldiers’ journals and letters, this 10-part series chronicles the experiences of these young men who knew extraordinary bravery and extraordinary fear.   It is possibly one of the greatest war novels on the screen ever produced. And nothing was left to the imagination, nor spared, the concentration scenes are a wake up call. This is probably the most expensive production made costing over 120 million dollars.

Based on the book written by Stephen Ambrose… The brilliant combination of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg produced this epic of war and in the tenth chapter the recreation of the discovery of the German concentration camps is horrific.  being Jewish, it was too much for me…  Almost too real but something we forget too easily,  but truth has to be told, my family was involved, it will not, nor ever be dismissed so easy because some would have it again… 

“ Never Forget”… I live by… The first time I saw Chapter 10, I broke down… I have lived with those images inspired by a man I met decades ago.  It depicted the horrors my people and some of my relatives experienced…  and history repeats itself… And now we are seeing the creation of the Fourth Reich

There Is A “ Fourth Reich” Heavily Transfixed In Germany  —  Some commentators in various parts of Europe have used the term “Fourth Reich” to point at the influence that they believe Germany exerts within the European Union.    

For example, Simon Heffer wrote in the Daily Mail that Germany’s economic power, further boosted by the European financial crisis, is the "economic colonization of Europe by stealth", whereby Berlin is using economic pressure rather than armies to "topple the leadership of a European nation". 

This, he says, constitutes the "rise of the Fourth Reich."Likewise, Simon Jenkins of The Guardian wrote that it is "a massive irony that old Europe's last gasp should be to seek ... German supremacy”.    According to Richard J. Evans of the New Statesman, this kind of language had not been heard since German reunification which sparked a wave of Germanophobic commentary.  In a counterbalancing perspective, the "Charlemagne" columnist at The Economist reports that the German hegemony perspective does not match reality.

In August 2012, the Italian newspaper Il Giornale had as headline the phrase “ Fourth Reich" (Quarto Reich) as a protest against German hegemony. This perspective gained particular traction in the United Kingdom in the run up to 2016 EU referendum and the subsequent negotiations.

👺 The Fourth Reich  —  I Am Jewish and Proud Of It — The Third Reich died, and was reborn on January 6th at the Capitol building by that apparent bastard who wore a shirt sending a message that all Jews should have been in Auschwitz…  He angered me and he was arrested, but I wished I could have been there.  

Hatred does two things, it hurts people usually innocents and creates revenge.  I do own a 1973 Louisville Slugger model #1959 and could use some practice…  I would like to meet this gentleman and express my disappointment with him and change his view.    Possibly by arranging his face to the back of his head.  I abhor violence but times today dictate equality of force.

Force only understands opposing force. When these scumbags resort to force for their cause one must oppose and meet force with more powerful force.  Force only works when cowards use it and fear does it’s job.

When I was a kid growing up we had the usual neighborhood bully amongst us.  I got tired of him picking on the smaller kids and one day he went too far.  We were the older brothers and responsible for them.  I had two buddies and we stuck together like glue,  three baseball bats are better than one.  

We met force with superior force and stuffed him alive in a dumpster garbage can and tied the top on.   Oh we left some of the garbage still in it and debated whether we would roll it down the hill into traffic.  It was his lucky day. he almost knocked himself down the hill. He never bothered the kids again.

And white supremacists militias all designed to create a new party for T-RUMP.  Time for gloves to come off on these anarchists and traitors to your country and mine with their sick reasoning and ignorance.

You saw an example at the Capitol building…  Today we are divided,  the people of truth and the people of lies  — today, seventy years after his demise, Donald J. T-Rumps mentor Adolf Hitler still has the ignorant, naive and stupid followers he needs money from to survive.  He takes money claiming the RNC election fund and steal it.

Are you that stupid to not realize what he’s doing.  I suppose you just might be a bunch of morons.  Republicans get screwed all the time because of him and go back for more.   Dumber than rocks.

Authortarianism (Hitlers thinking) all brought to the surface by one individual in this modern age.  The rhetoric rallies, tweets and twitters were the similar propaganda brought forth by Hitler and his Nazi acolytes and sycophants on radio, rallies and beer halls.… 

It took decades to fix what Hitler had destroyed, countries, ethnicities like gypsies, the mentally ill, those deemed unfit alone number five million plus six million Jews exterminated in ovens, mass graves filled with bodies, bullets deemed too expensive by Himmler and truck exhausts, then dropped in a pit and limed, and then came the ZyLON gas chambers which replaced bullets.  Then came ovens…

When you add the other statistics, World War Two (WWII) estimates of military and civilian people extrapolated came to about sixty-million plus.  One man, caused all that, a guy who thinks like him, is our President…  Like roaches,  the remnants of the NAZI regime still surface from under the rocks.  One is called Donald T-RUMP… and his mentor killed some of my family…  “We Never Forget”… I take that to the grave with me… and hopefully he does too, sooner will be better.


November  8-9, 1923 Adolf Hitler Did His Dirty In A Beer Hall  —  The Beer Hall Putsch, also known as the Munich Putsch, was a failed coup d’état by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff and other Kampfbund leaders in Munich, Bavaria, on 8–9 November 1923, during the Weimar Republic. 

Aftermath… The Beer Hall Putsch had several significant consequences.  First, it led to a split between Hitler and Ludendorff; the general considered Hitler a coward for sneaking away after the police had begun to fire.  T-RUMP also bowed out when it came down to marching with the crowd.  Second, Hitler decided that armed revolution was not the way to obtain power in Weimar Germany. The police, the Reichswehr and police forces victory, a Putsch failure, and arrest of Nazi Party leadership

January 6th, 2021 T-RUMP Did His Dirty in The Capitol Buildings of The US  We cannot let this just slide by, no pardon, no forgiveness, full blown FBI and Homeland Security  tactical take downs,  prison terms and the killer of the police officer hanged.  

  • After January 20th, T-RUMP can’t hide anymore,  when he becomes a target for the law and let the vengeance begin,  bad word… but appropriate and needed to stop the chaos.

  • Redemptions begin to show what his cult really consists of maybe just maybe some will realize their support could have crippled a nation by destroying our core values…   And one half of Congress is a lock-stepping bunch of coward lemming Acolytes who need to go… with Mitch Me-CON-hell the real problem

  • And the worst part is the T-RUMP nation, we have termed the Fourth Reich who are and supporting a following of those making death threats against poll workers, Election Officials, Attorney Generals and Governors.  And his twitts against these elected officials who did a flawless job from states that would not collude and fraud their elections.  

  • They are heroes for defending the truth and honesty of the election.   Truth, not an attribute of the T-RUMP regime, it was not an administration, it was a regime… is only 30, 800 lies ago by T-RUMP and it’s not stopping. No fraud has been found, it was the cleanest election in history. 

  • Years ago I said, the only solution to this man would probably have to be a good assassination, you don’t try to reason with a snake, he’ll bite you every time, you chop off his head.  Based on knowing all about him from NY,  and the lies and damage he and his family did there for forty years… and now I stand by what I said.  When no one takes heed, people will be harmed.

  • Seven people died in this incited event by Donald T-RUMP.  In addition three Capitol Policemen are dead, one by murder, two by suicide…now three, and fifty injured some for the rest of their lives.  ( Under investigation as to why) T-RUMP caused it and his friggen idiots, stupid ignorant followers,  morons and corrupt officials need to pay for those four innocents who died and the murder. 
  • It appeared a second officer died by suicide, reasons unknown and we have some who are permanently seriously wounded.  Total …  One hundred thirty Capitol Police had to be seen at the hospitals.  Over one hundred incurred severe injuries.