2530 McMullen Booth Rd.
Clearwater Florida 33761


We had made our intended shopping debut at the mall, successfully completed same, and I’m not a fan of mall superfast food, nor a fan of malls especially around holidays for a million too many people reasons, so we hopped into the cruiser and headed over to McMullen Booth RD and Enterprise which has food on all four corners for any ones taste.

Amazing how many eateries from all of the food spectrum you can stick in this quadrangle of corners, several restaurants there I had partaken of previously and the food was excellent.  Thats a good sign. Good places with differing venues can exist side by side.  The bad places won't make it.

Located in a fairly upscale high middle class neighborhood, it seems that has a lot to do with the various venues.  I believe the clientele determines the success but the food had better be good and you won’t fool these folks, they have sampled good elsewhere.

Diversification, location, consistency, cleanliness, good staff success.

Our server was Holly and she was right on top of things, and we went “ Into menu study  orbit”... lots of items to pick from.  This is an eight column menu. They are a Boars head location so we knew the quality of the meats were good and my friend remembered eating there before and said the food was great.

My leap of faith, and I  jumped into the Reuben sandwich, w/ corned beef. They also had pastrami or turkey as a variation and with a side of fries, I looked at the ceiling expecting my Internist looking down on me doing the Moses bit with a bunch of “thou shalt nots”.

The sandwich was generous, with quality meat. I ate the whole thing  and the fries were hot not greasy, and also a good sized portion.  Meanwhile, my partner, she had a yen for meatloaf and fries and all 115 pounds of her finished the whole thing, now for her thats an accomplishment. 

She said it tasted very fresh and knowing this food business meatloaf can be very fresh or last weeks very fresh nuked. And she's got a nose for not fresh...

We sent some friends up there a week later and they said the had a great meal too. Now when I peruse a place that has outdoor seating, and no help around, when walking in I ask the patrons “ How is your meal”.  I got the same answers, they thought the value and quality was very good.

All in all the place is warm, friendly, popular with locals and tourists and the food was excellent.

The more and more I eat in the little non-corporate places, the more and more I enjoy the quality and the “warmness” of the owner and staff of the establishment.

Pickles opened twenty five years ago and they are the closest thing to a deli you will find in this area

Not surprising, there is less turnover  in these niche places. In some of the larger chains I never get the same servers, every couple of weeks some one else.


Dec 9, 2017, 1:13 PM