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Who says great things can't happen twice... I live in Largo Florida and twice a week I go to MacDill AFB in south Tampa. When I did a writeup on the German Bistro located in South MacDill Ave. near the base, and doing very well, I noticed a reviewer had mentioned they opened a second location in Largo,  Florida.  I live in Largo. 

Thats funny, how did I miss that?  Because I could walk to their second location, a probable golf hit with a three metal wood for someone other than me.   Simple they just opened it, having one location on the east and one location on the west side of Tampa Bay.

That close, really walking distance. I had promised my friend, I would take her clear to the Tampa location, and that trip is not needed now, we scooted over literally and met the owners.

Yes, they are related to the folks in Tampa. Same family, same great service, yet Mom holds a little autonomy and tries a few different items. 95% of the two places are the same but the specials can differ. Great, because I mostly eat lunch in Tampa but dinner closer to home.

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 3.11.28 PM

They are in a great location. Almost a small food mall as the other occupants are a Cuban Sandwich shop with  the best Cuban sandwiches in town and a a Mexican Latin style  grocery, and a respected Thai restaurant. A United Nations all within walking distance. Good for me.

We decided to have lunch there today my friend Tom and His wife Peggy and we received a nice warm welcome from Ileana and the family. 

This place is more like family  dinning than any other niche restaurant in town. You really feel like you are in someones home.
I had the Chickensnitzel with mashed potatoes, red cabbage, bread and coleslaw all fresh all homemade, all hot and all delicious. (Top PHOTO)  lunch here is like a dinner elsewhere. 

Tom had the jaegersnitzel with spatzel, red cabbage and the bread  and coleslaw.  For those not familiar with German Food, dark gravy, light gravy any color of the rainbow gravy is required to be poured over anything on the plate as you can see in the photos. It’s a cultural thing, they like their gravy, so do I.   And obviously Tom loves gravy.

To the left you will see what started out as a three way strudel with whipped creme and ice cream, all homemade and to die for. 

The problem is the three of us attacked it before I could grab the camera and we are 25% into it when I got the shot.  Those are forks sticking out of it.

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 3.11.51 PM

Quote, Tom and Peg, “No desert, they were stuffed”   till the strudel hit the table and it was best explained as a shark attack.   A one second pause was called  for the picture and the feeding frenzy started up again.

I have been in there several times, the last trip I had the large hand made, not commercial, Salmon cakes with spatzel, and dill sauce, on a bed of greens, red cabbage and potato salad, a PauliGirl light, and apple strudel for desert. It was all fabulous. 

My friend had the Pork cutlet in Mushroom gravy, (Jaegersnitzel) the potato salad, a regular salad and fought with me over the strudel. Battle of the forks, that good.   Being the consummate gentleman I let her win. Everybody fights over the strudel.  Something about that strudel…..

I love these little intimate places, you get to meet the owners, you "kibbitz", you exchange recipes and these people are friendly. 

I said this about the two locations, tho' they differ in atmosphere and location, obviously the base location does more lunch, we were treated like we were eating in their home. 

You just don't get this in fast food, in corporate quick turn over places. They do have take out for those who prefer their home. 

I hope this trend continues and more and more places like this open, we’ll get better food, prepared right, and a variety of food that didn't go from chiller to oil bath and dumped on a plate.  I like both locations.... and wish them success.

Visited September, 2012,  to February 2022