The Russian Orthodox Church

Blessed The Russia-Ukraine War 

Patriarch Kirill:    Putin ally faces backlash after ‘blessing’ war.  The Pope and several priests appeal to the Russian Orthodox Church leader after he endorsed the Ukraine invasion.  President Putin and Patriarch Kirill have enjoyed a close relationship for years. On March 16, Pope Francis held a video meeting with Patriarch Kirill, the 75-year-old leader of the Russian Orthodox Church and a longtime ally of President Vladimir Putin.

The head of the Catholic church warned the Russian patriarch against hiding behind religion to justify armed aggression and conquest.  “Once upon a time there was also talk in our churches of holy war or just war,” the Pope said, according to the Vatican press office. “Today we cannot speak like this.”

Ten days earlier, in a sermon, Patriarch Kirill appeared to endorse Moscow’s so-called “ Special peacekeeping operation,” as the war on Ukraine is officially called in Russia.  “  We have entered into a struggle that has not a physical, but a metaphysical significance,” the patriarch said.

He referred to gay pride marches as an example of what outsiders were trying to force on the people of Donbas in eastern Ukraine, on whose behalf Moscow was ostensibly intervening.  “He expressed his view that behind the war in Ukraine there is a spiritual difference between the West and the Orthodox world, and it is obvious that for him, the latter is the better,” Thomas Bremer, who teaches Eastern Churches Studies at the University of Münster in Germany, told Al Jazeera.

“So according to him, the war is not about political aims or influence, but about spiritual, or, as he put it, ‘metaphysical’ aims. Thus, he gives the official Russian point of view a theological underpinning.”

Putin And The Patriarch Enjoy Close Ties, With Patriarch Kirill Describing
Putin’s 2012 Election Victory As A “Miracle Of God”

And as Putin sees Ukraine as part of the “Russian world”, so Patriarch Kirill claims dominion over the churches in Ukraine and Belarus.  But despite their shared origins in 10th century Kievan Rus’, when Byzantine missionaries converted the pagan Prince Vladimir, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine broke away from the Moscow Patriarchate in 2018.

Disappointed, Moscow then cut its ties with the Istanbul-based Eastern Orthodox Church, which backed the independence of the Ukrainian clergy. “Today, the real schism seems to be between the Russian Orthodox Church and its remaining branch in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church,” said Bremer.

Backlash —

👺  “After the war, the Russian Orthodox Church will probably lose a large share of its faithful in Ukraine, as they feel betrayed by the Patriarch,” he added.  And as the war continues, more figures of the Russian Orthodox Church are becoming frustrated with Patriarch Kirill, signalling a deepening split.

👺  Nearly 300 priests and deacons, including military veterans, recently signed an open letter titled Russian Priests for Peace.
👺  “We respect the God-given freedom of man, and we believe that the people of Ukraine should make their choice on their own, not at gunpoint, without pressure from the West or the East,” the letter reads.  
👺  “I don’t follow politics, but now I only see one thing – people are dying,” said Alexander Vostrodymov, a priest from a village near Moscow, who was among those who signed. “The rest doesn’t matter to me.”
👺  “All wars, even those lasting a century, always end in one thing – negotiations and peace. Is it worth all these orphans, widows, cripples and mountains of the dead, only to sit down and agree later? Why don’t we skip this uncivilised part altogether? Every mother gives birth to a son in the hope of having grandchildren in old age. And for her, her Vanya or Magomed – it doesn’t matter – he is the best. There’s no need to interrupt this natural life with bullets or shrapnel.”

👺  “I considered it my pastoral duty to sign this appeal. It is impossible to remain silent at such a moment when a bloody fratricidal ‘special operation’ is unleashed,” he said. “There are those who, although they agree with the content of the letter, did not sign it: some of them are shackled by fear, some are afraid of losing their position as rector, some are worried about their career.
👺  “This is a catastrophe and a crime of enormous proportions. This is a complete violation of the commandments of God. And we, Russians, will have to answer for this and compensate for all the destruction,” he said.   The priest said signatories of the letter have come under pressure from ecclesiastical authorities and state bodies. The only permitted position is to pray for peace, he said.
👺  “Without in any way rejecting prayer as such, it should be noted that we will definitely answer for such silence later,” the priest said. “Of course, religious duty obliges us to raise our voice against such a terrible war.”

👺  Priests have not been spared in the crackdown on dissent. One clergyman in central Russia was reportedly fined $330 for using the word “war” in an article on his church’s website. It has become illegal to refer to the ongoing invasion as a war; rather, the Kremlin approved “special military operation” euphemism must be used.

👺  Meanwhile, Orthodox clergy worldwide have condemned the invasion, including Patriarch Daniel of Romania, Archbishop Leo of Finland, Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and all Africa, and the heads of the Russian Orthodox Church in Paris and Estonia.

👺  In an open letter on March 9, Metropolitan John of Dubna, archbishop of the Russian Orthodox churches in Western Europe, urged Kirill to raise his voice “against this monstrous and senseless war and to intercede with the authorities of the Russian Federation so that this murderous conflict ceases as soon as possible”.

👺  A Russian Orthodox church in Amsterdam split from the Moscow Patriarchate in protest, joining their rivals in Istanbul instead. The Amsterdam church received a solemn visit from a senior Russian archbishop and then threats; the pro-war Z symbol was painted on the Amsterdam church’s gates.

👺  The communists who came to power after the Russian Civil War in the early 1920s tried to stamp out religion by burning down churches and shooting priests, only to revive it to rally the faithful during World War II.

👺  Since the end of Soviet atheist rule, religion has made a comeback and more than 70 percent of Russians now identify as Orthodox, though considerably fewer are regular churchgoers.

👺  Observers say President Putin, an Orthodox Christian, views the church as a symbol of Russian nationhood. The Kremlin has embraced “traditional values” as an ideology, passing laws against the “propaganda” of same-sex relationships.

👺  Cyril Hovorun, a Professor of Ecclesiology and International Relations at the Sankt Ignatius Theological Academy in Sweden, described the church’s relationship to the state as “complex”.  “It is not just about the church’s complete submission to the political authorities,”  “The church also tried to influence the Kremlin. 

In a sense, the Russian Orthodox Church was successful, because the Kremlin at some point adopted the political language of the church, which became known as the ideology of the ‘Russian world’. This ideology originated in the church and then was weaponized by the Kremlin.”


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Talking Shop…The Vatican Meets The Eastern Orthodox Church

POPE FRANCIS:  So, please tell me, how is business, are you guys doing anything with BITCOINS?  We are looking into it, we are thinking of inventing our own, you know one coin for 200 Hail Mary’s, or 400 Our Fathers.  Sinners buy anything… our book stores do very well,  and we could sell a lot of them.

PATRIARCH KIRILL :  Good idea, but please be careful,  BITCOINS could be the work of the devil.  By the way, how do you like our new bigger cross, it’s 20% larger and we doubled the price.

POPE FRANCIS:  Thats really nice, and I’m glad you got rid of the propeller on your hat, the cross looks much better now.  

PATRIARCH KIRILL:  Thank you and you really look comfortable in the beanie style, reminds me when I was a kid.  
The Jews do the same thing, must be cooler in the summer.  I understand Italian suits are the bong, can you get me a deal on some new robes from Brioni.

POPE FRANCIS:  Sure, anything for you my friend... you could wear white in the summer, lots cooler and doesn’t show dust.  I hope you enjoyed those relics we lent you.   

PATRIARCH KIRILL:  By the way, how are you doing with those Priests that were assaulting your young flock.  How do you handle it? Is it hurting the numbers of parishioners?

POPE FRANCIS:  We now take a different approach to this things.  Just like the American government, we stalled and stalled and some new crisis usually makes them forget.  Since this has been going on since Christ was a child, the Holy See and my predecessors have kind of swept it under the table.  But somehow the table moved and we’re back in the headlines.

 I’m finding out that some were transferred to other dioceses and allowed to stay on.  Sooner or later we will have to face the situation,  just like the accusations of the Pope supporting the Nazi’s, and when we blamed the Jews for betraying Jesus and it was the Romans who did it, and the fake Blood Oath, and so forth. 

SOLUTIONS:  What I fear are the “ The Vigilante squads called the Eunuch makers amongst the Cardinals .  They want revenge and they borrowed an idea from the French.  It’s called a mini-guillotine much smaller, mounts to the edge of the table, guaranteed to solve the problem.  Couple of my Cardinals thought it would make a nice gift, you know Christmas for Cigar smokers... Idiots!   I’m trying to put out fires and they’re worried about cigars… 

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A Comedic Letter To The Evangelicals 

It Didn’t Exactly Go That Way… But They Got the Court and It Backfired

Against T-RUMP Who Fake Claims were Denied  —  And He Proved Once 

Again What a Lying Corrupt Loser He Is…

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🔘  Woke ( Slang ) having or marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those related to civil and human rights:

🔘 For months, President Donald Trump’s top aides and religious allies dismissed his softening support with White Evangelicals and Catholic voters as a polling fluke — another media-spun narrative intended to frighten the incumbent Republican and his top donors.   They began to realize what a fraud he was —  The Conservative Groups were TV Evangelical Prosperity Preachers as corrupt and greedy scammers fakes and frauds, just like T-rump .

🔘 The marginal decline in Trump’s appeal among Christian constituencies that overwhelmingly supported him against Clinton has led to finger-pointing inside his campaign. Some aides blamed the president’s inability to garner the same levels of support this cycle on his transactional view of religious voters, suggesting White Evangelicals and Catholics in some parts of the country may have felt taken advantage of. 

🔘 Others accused the Trump campaign of becoming complacent in a race that saw unprecedented outreach by the Democratic nominee to evangelical and Catholic voters. 

🔘   In Collusion With Prosperity Preachers, they take donations from the poor and promise them a ten-fold return which never happens.  T-RUMP screws the poor with fake Tax bills that made him millions.  He takes from the poor and middle class and gives it to the rich… and you people back him by your vote.  

🔘 T-RUMP never read the Bible, his claim is a just that,  a lie, literally proved he doesn’t know one end from another and certainly with 3500 lawsuits, impeachment trials and the Dogs Of War in the Fifth, Ninth Circuit courts and three states chomping at the bit when he get thrown out of office for corruption.  

🔘 Sadly, many Christians today are lacking in a foundational knowledge of truth.  It is not because opportunity to ascertain truth is not readily available. Neither does it stem from the scarcity in the presentation of the gospel. In fact the gospel message has never been dispersed in the magnitude and fake sunshine and bullsh*t for money today — brilliance that it is today.   

🔘 Prosperity Preachers promise huge returns— but what does the bible say:  P-13:11—  Dishonest money gains dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.  P-22:16 — Whoever oppresses the poor for his own increase and whoever gives it to the rich, both will come to poverty… 

🔘  I checked with the Federal Reserve and there was no listing under God as a bank returning ten fold.  God in a Burning Bush-O-Gram mentioned he is not into lending, rewarding, bribing, paying interest, sustaining, exchanging and has nothing to do with money  —  hates the stuff  — too dirty —  

He just wants faith and commitment to a good life and issues truths, however if you are stupid enough to give your money to whoever claims they represent him, they will enjoy it immensely  —  but in truth less than ten percent winds up for the poor.  Billions just vanish and you are at fault— 

He does not charge For giving You a heart, compassion, love, helping others, being A good friend and a worthy citizen.  Thats all free  —   All you have to do is use it.   The Lord said, I made you in my image —  This is all you need to know —  He lives In your heart, not your wallet  —  Your money can do Gods work.  Money is a tool of man, not God and that tool has to be used for compassion.

🔘 In the bible Mammon is mentioned not as a God, or gift but Mammon in the new testament of the bible is commonly thought to mean money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth, and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain. 

🔘 The real truth is legitimate local Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and your knees, sometimes I get down to ask  —  Use the money to feed the poor to help people, with food and shelter, not to make payments on a new $89,000 Mercedes Benz the fraudster is driving or a new airplane that cost 86,000,000 dollars — 

🔘 And when you fall for this scam you have blown the truth —  you are a false idolator, and for you Christians you violate the love of Jesus if you so believe  — As a Jew I believe for your belief  — Jesus never said take from the middle class and give to the rich  —  

🔘 Politics and preachers, not exactly a noble blend when the entire constitution is based on something that starts with  “ We The People”  and separates the “ Church from the Government”.   The separation is the basis of our country, anything else is anarchism.  It does not start with  “ We the idolators need money”.   Thats the real reason behind all the drama  —  the money, Mammon the God of Money.

🔘  You were lied to —  The only naive and scared folks that vote for him religiously were Evangelicals.  That was true — “ The Bible is one of his favorite reads”…  Really,  He reads the bible?  Where is a lightning strike when you need one for bigly lies?  

🔘 He thinks Deuteronomy is a sexual act — can’t even read a prompter and needs a sixty inch TV for dumb speeches, who is he kidding”?    If he read the Bible, on a scale my religious convictions would put me up for the next Pope nomination and I’m Jewish — 

🔘 A religious man he is not, never attended church, his family is not the type.  I can’t wait to see the T-RUMP Presidential Library  -- Two books:
The Art of the Deal by T-RUMP
Mein Kamph by Adolf Hitler
And based on his past “  Lots Of Porno Rentals”.

🔘 All so he make a big deal with the Evangelicals with a strong Jerry Falwell another pervert and liar  —  for their votes and they are,  you guessed it, don’t be stupid enough to fall for it.  

🔘 GOD has to bless them, hell will be a busy place with all his believers in false GODS, Commandment Number One.  Jesus will have a lot of work to do saving all those false believers  —  

🔘 Just google Jerry Falwell and his Wife’s Pool Guy or Richard Roberts and his wife’s possible underage student overnighters.

🔘 If those are your so-called Real People of Faith and you believe them and send them money  —  thats not a sin ? If then what is?   We call those who believe the liars, forget forgiving, you are a Devout Moron  —  Another space is downstairs in Lucifers basement —  


To:      Lucifer Mestopheles — 
Text:  Get Your Gargoyles Up here we have plenty of work for you —  STOP  — Overrun with fake politicians and TV theologians —  STOP —  No shortcuts like the volcano trick  and telling those bad guys it was an elevator — STOP—  Do it the right way, plenty of elections coming and more shootouts — you  will be very busy—  STOP

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