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TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORK —  One of the biggest and most successful purveyors of pure scam, “False Prophets’  is Paul Crouch, the founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network which came about after Jim Bakker was sent to jail.  And words flowed as only bullshit can from these fake preachers.

Paul Crouch  —  He was quoted as saying:  “I want to say to all you Scribes, Pharisees, heresy hunters, all of you that are going around picking little bits of doctrinal error out of everybody’s eyes and dividing the Body of Christ…get out of God’s way, stop blocking God’s bridges, or God’s going  to shoot you,  if I don’t… let Him sort out all this doctrinal doo-doo!…I refuse to argue any longer with any of you out there! Don't even call me if you want to argue...Get out of my life!  I don't want to talk to you...I don’t want to see your ugly face!”  

It Came About During The Battle Of The Bullshitters  —    When Bakker took the fall for his scandal with Heritage USA ( See Jim Bakker) and Jessica (Great Boobs) Hahn, all the scumbags wanted to take his place and pick up the 200,000 plus financial schmucks who were sending money like clockwork.  

Truly the words of a scumbag preacher who has divinely embraced “ scumbagisim” to its fullest meaning.  But he was followed by Gerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggert, men of great sincerity and upstanding members of the community.   Scumbags all… 

Cool, now there is a man who speaks his mind...he's so wacko, he believes himself!  Once described as looking like death warmed over, he is easily outdone by Jan who learned or taught everything about bad hair and makeup from Tammy Fay Bakker.  The jury is out but Tammy had real hair, sometimes.

False Religionist And False Prophet  (Profit)   —  Paul Crouch is the most dangerous religious con-artist because of his network (TBN) It is the largest Protestant (not all Protestants support this clown) religious network in the world. He promotes numerous false teachers and false prophets, such as Hal Lindsey, sometimes.  He is an ecumenical leader and he has also been a leader in compelling believers to support a false religion (Babylonian Talmudic Judaism)  

Infighting Amongst God’s Leadership  —  Paul threw Hal Lindsey off of his network because he condemned the Arabs/Muslims on nearly every program.   Paul hates anyone who criticisms anyone,  whether the criticism is just or not. He relented and let Halunatic back on his network.  Walking in Jesus's footsteps takes a slight turn with the addition of (see picture above) one of the more garishly decorated sets from his show.  Frankly, the Chicken Ranch or the Bunny Ranch in Vegas isn't done this nice.  

At least at the ranch they are servicing those who donate with value added bonus tricks. If you wish to get screwed go to the Chicken Ranch, it’s better than the screwing you'll get from these fakes. 

No value added, no hands on, no take out, no doggie bags. Plain and simple screwing, and medically safe.  Join Paul’s flock and you’ll become malignly unsafe and broke.

The sets probably designed by Jan's hairstylist, are used for "Praise the Lord," a nightly, two-hour mix of talk, prayer and music. The ED Sullivan of religious mis-doctrine, the Crouches and a revolving cast of guest hosts flatulate forth on a set decorated with stained-glass windows, chandeliers, imitation French antiques and a gold-painted piano.  


Unfortunately The Lord Needed Jan And Took Her  —  Jan Crouch, the religious broadcaster and co-founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, died May 31 following a massive stroke. She was 78.  The Crouch family released a statement on the network’s website.  Sales of Mascara and cheap wigs fell off significantly.  Despite the rumors the lite purple wig was not made from her pet poodle, she bought it on the Vegas Strip at a dancers supply house.Lucifer told us she was a great asset to his organization teaching the witches, and others proper makeup skills

“Laurie and I have just watched the transition of our precious Mother from this world to the next; watched her step into the presence of Jesus   Lucifer and into her  reward. Jan Crouch, known around the world as Momma Jan, has gone home,” the statement said.   “Those who battled for the Kingdom of God knew her as a fighter – someone who didn’t give up, someone who fought relentlessly” to spread the Gospel message worldwide, and all that cash we got.

Crouch, who was born Jan Wendell Bethany March 14, 1938, in New Brockton, Alabama. She grew up in Columbus, Georgia. She met Paul Crouch while enrolled in Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri. They married in 1957 and had two sons, Paul Jr. and Matthew Crouch, who survive their mother. Paul Crouch Sr. died in 2013.

In 1973, Crouch co-founded TBN along with her late husband, Paul Crouch, and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. A year later, the network bought its first television station, KLXA-TV, now KTBN-TV in southern California, and began distributing its religious programs through cable television in 1978.

Crouch was not a humble Jesus party guy. Don't expect sandals and a simple robe. Their sets were merely one part of their lavish life-style at your expense. They reflect the millions of dollars sent to them who fall for their (FIVE-BULLS) stories and far off broadway acting. 

Cry On A Dime For A Dime  —  The tears from Jan, as I suspect and truly believe, come from the realization that she is figuring this charade will eventually end. And that she believes she is going to hell as soon as the Lord finishes with a few others. 

They, like the oil spill, are quite tainted. First I wish to dispel a rumor, that is not her dead pink dyed poodle in the other picture she wears on her head.  The devil most likey will put her in charge pf druggies and prostitutes who made it downstairs.

This is a nicer wig she used, heavy in the back  though to counterbalance the three pounds of mascara on her eyes

They exemplify the Holy Roller husband and wife teams. He is heavily supported by his pink-haired, graduate of the Tammy Fay Baker School of Mascara.  

And a closet full of fake wigs.  When she cries on stage the rolling and dripping mascara is sometimes re-used to blacktop roads in rural USA.  

It's one of the best kept secrets in HOLY-WOOD.  Did Jan Crouch get Tammy Fay Bakker addicted to Mascara or visa versa?  The inquiring mindless want to know.

In this photo she looks like a frozen in time Barbie Doll… 

Gods Work - Not Cheap  —  Paul Crouch died of heart failure on Saturday, at 79.   About forty years ago, he founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network, now the country’s most successful religious TV enterprise. In a good year, TBN takes in close to $100,000,000 in tax-exempt donations, mostly from lower-income Americans. They are the Jim and Tammy Faye that time forgot when they took over the PTL enterprise.

Mr. Crouch, or “Papa,” is relentlessly upbeat as he quotes flurries of Bible verses on signature programs like “Praise the Lord.”.  Praise the money they steal from the Lord is what he really meant.

The New York Times published an exposé of the Crouches’ financial tricks last year. It tells you volumes about how the darling duo spent all that revenue from donations, TV rights, and investments.

Their Granddaughter Fessed Up About The Stealing  —  The couple’s lavish perquisites, described by estranged granddaughter and former financial officer Brittany Koper and corroborated by interviews with two other former TBN employees, include additional, 

1-  Often-vacant homes in Texas and on the former Conway Twitty estate in Tennessee
2-  Corporate jets valued at $8 million and $49 million each
3-  Thousand-dollar dinners with fine wines, paid with tax-exempt funds.
4-   In 2011 officials in Orange County, Fla., turned down TBN’s application to register the Crouches’ adjacent lakefront houses as parsonages, saying they served no religious purpose.  The designation would have resulted in religious exemptions and saved TBN roughly $50,000 in taxes a year.
5-  Former TBN employees also said that dozens of staff members, including Ms. Koper, chauffeurs, sound engineers and others had been ordained as ministers by TBN.  This, she said, allowed the network to avoid paying Social Security taxes on their salaries and made it easier to justify providing family members with rent-free houses, sometimes called “parsonages.”
6-  Crouch family members control the boards of all TBN entities, which makes TBN “ineligible to join” the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, an evangelical self-regulating group.
7-On the air, Mr. and Mrs. Crouch tell viewers that they have almost no personal assets.  Which is technically true, as the assets in question, such as homes and private planes, are provided by TBN, whose board is stacked with family members.  8-  Also, thousand-dollar dinners, and a separate luxury hotel room for Janice Crouch’s beloved Maltese lapdogs, do not count as assets.
9-  In 1989, in the wake of the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker scandal, the National Religious Broadcasters, a voluntary association, investigated complaints that TBN had violated ethical standards. One of the complaints came from Marvin L. Martin, a former producer of “Praise the Lord,” who said he had been fired after questioning the Crouches’ financial practices and moral fitness.
He specifically complained that at a TBN staff prayer meeting Crouch asked God to kill a man who had petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to take over the network’s flagship station in Orange County. Crouch responded that he “probably did pray that God would kill anyone or anything that was attempting to destroy the ministry.” He offered no apology and said his prayer “has not changed.”

Steve Strang, The Founder And Publisher Of Charisma News  —  Was one of the few in the evangelical Christian world who was willing to say moderately critical things of the Crouches, including that they sometimes embarrassed his tribe:

Though they aren’t answerable to us, they are answerable to the Christian public who donate the millions, just as public companies must be accountable to their shareholders. In some ways the Crouches know this.   They gushed over how they love their TBN partners.  They talked about the “little grandmas” who send in their love gift every month. 

Charisma News’ ashes to ashes, dust to dust and scumbags turn to scumbags.  Charisma changed it’s tune and the music went sour. Current remembrance of Crouch mentions not a syllable about the galling ostentatiousness of his lifestyle, nor of the barely-legal thievery and the financial scandals that Paul Crouch engaged in especially in the last decade of his life.  

Per the Christian Post:  As legacies go, Crouch undoubtedly leaves a troubling one — but don’t expect most other Christians to call him on it.  “‏We celebrate Dr. Paul Crouch’s good and faithful work on earth. May all of our scumbags leave a legacy for the Kingdom,” wrote Creflo Dollar, founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International, on Twitter who just scammed his flock out of 65 million dollars for a new airplane A Gulfstream 650.   

Another total lieing bastard preacher: (pic)  Benny Hinn also weighed in:  “On this day of his glorious home-going, please reflect upon the tremendous impact of this man’s extraordinary life,” reads a tweet by Pastor Hinn from Benny Hinn Ministries.

Then it was the Academy Award winning crock of shit for the year:  Preacher Arthur Blessitt’s turn:  “Let’s all pray for his wife Jan and all the family. His focus was always for Jesus. Tears pour from my eyes,” he continued. “I’ll miss my friend but there is joy in heaven where millions of people are thanking him for sharing Jesus with them.”

Get the Maalox Sharman,  I’m going to puke…. 

Thoughts  —  If a man with Crouch’s record goes to heaven, I actually prefer the down escalator, so I may avoid him and his ilk for all eternity.   For example, in the LA Times article alone, it was disclosed that Paul Crouch and his wife, Jan Crouch, earned more than $750,000 in salaries each, and have a collection of luxuries at their disposal, including a TBN-owned jet and some 30 homes across the US.  All paid for with money that could have assisted the poor, prevented childhood disease, cure the ill, feed the starving, clothe and shoe the destitute, instead the money is used for a select few. It was theirs, all theirs.  

Who’s Yo Daddy  —  Nice approach Paul, and I guess you weren't crazy about this snippet either.  In September 2004, the Los Angeles Times published a series of articles raising questions about the fundraising practices and financial transparency of TBN, as well as the allegations of a former ministry employee, Enoch Lonnie Ford, that he had a homosexual affair with Crouch during the 1990s.  Oh, boy, first pillars of salt and now such affairs could cause hair to turn pink.

The Times spoke with several sources that claimed that other evangelists such as Benny Hinn, Jack Hayford, and Paul's son Matthew were aware that an affair had taken place.  No problem, if true they all offered to pray for him. Enoch took a Lie Detector test and passed.  So much for the praying, God was off that day. It was Sunday. Even he rests.

What A Crew!  —  Paul and Jan lived like kings, actually better than kings.  More like Gods.  False Gods.  The way they tell it is "God's work should be rewarding".  Exactly how much of it is God's Work, actually  working for them. Kind of like, "One for God, two for Me, One for Jan, one for my son Jr.  Obviously very well as their holding's are beyond belief, even if you believe in God as a rewarder.


Prudent Living  —  Prudent living in Jesus's footsteps, no caravans here, they had a Challenger 600,  and carefully managed funding have parlayed their viewers' small expressions of "faith seeding" in some cases blown to a 1000 dollars into a Vatican sized scam and worldwide broadcasting empire, lapped in luxury. 

With his silver hair, mustache and bifocals, Paul Crouch comes across as a grandfatherly sort. 

What he calls his "German temper" can rise quickly, however. He often punctuates a point by shaking a finger at the camera.  "Get out of God's way," he said once, referring to TBN's detractors. "Quit blocking God's bridges or God is going to shoot you, if I don't."

Jan Crouch, beloved wife and stands by his side, wears heavy makeup, long false lashes and pink champagne-colored wigs piled high on her head.  She speaks in a sing-song voice and lets tears flow freely, whether reading a viewer's letter or recalling how God resurrected her pet chicken when she was a child.  It will go down in history as the Jan Crouch Chicken Revival.   

NOTE:  Both are suing GOD since he refused to let them into heaven, referring to them as unclean.  He offered them a day in hell vs a day in heaven, same deal he offered T-RUMP…  see The Fake President/Burning Bush

Both Are Fakes Or Whacks (What A Crock Of Sh*t)  —  She and Paul project the image of a happily married couple. But off the air, they lead separate lives and rarely stay under the same roof, according to former TBN employees and others who have spent time with the couple.  The network, little known outside fundamentalist Christian circles, was buffeted by unwanted publicity when it surfaced  from The Times that Crouch had paid a former employee $425,000 to keep silent about an alleged homosexual tryst. 

But millions of people needed no introduction to TBN.  Its 24-hour-a-day menu of sermons, faith healing, inspirational movies and Christian talk shows reaches viewers around the globe via satellite, cable and broadcast stations. Its programs are dubbed in 11 different languages.

In the U.S. alone, TBN is watched by more than 5 million households each week, more than its three main competitors combined. Its signature offering, "Praise the Lord," has as many prime-time viewers as Chris Matthews' "Hardball" on MSNBC — remarkable for a faith network. Televangelists who once dominated the field, such as Pat Robertson, now air their shows on TBN.

Some think she was a former interior decorator for Bordellos in her past life and he was a favorite customer… the devils gonna love this pair.