“ Sins Of The Fakirs”

“ They blame the Jews’ for the Crucifixion of the Son of God”.  

  • Jews suffer not from the Easter riots on this one-day of Easter.  Every day, all the year round, there is an injustice, an anguish, which, considering the modern times in which we live is quite hard to bear.  The claim it was the Jews who killed your Savior.
  • ANS:  We as Jews did not kill your Savior, the Romans did.  It is not in our DNA and the tenets of God handed down to us.  All one has to do is look back in the history, the road entrance alone to Rome at one time held the crucifixions of as many as two hundred thirty crucifixes at one time.   
  • Crucifixion was used for slaves, pirates, and enemies of the state for high treason. It was considered a most shameful and disgraceful way to die. Condemned Roman citizens were usually exempt from crucifixion except for major crimes against the state, such as high treason.
  • Notorious mass crucifixions followed the Third Servile War in 73–71 BC, actually the slave rebellion under Spartacus to frighten other slaves from revolting.  Crassus crucified 6,000 of Spartacus' men along the Appian Way from Capua to Rome.  Other notable highlights were the Roman civil wars in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC, and the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.
  • Josephus tells a story of the Romans crucifying people along the walls of Jerusalem. He also says that the Roman soldiers would amuse themselves by crucifying criminals in different positions. In Roman-style crucifixion, the condemned could take up to a few days to die.
  • The dead body was left up for vultures and other birds to consume. Under ancient Roman penal practice, crucifixion was also a means of exhibiting the criminal's low social status. It was the lowest form of death imaginable, originally reserved for slaves. The citizen class of Roman society was almost never subject to capital punishments; instead, they were fined or exiled.
  • Josephus mentions Jews of high rank who were crucified, but this was to point out that their status had been taken away from them.  The Romans often broke the prisoner's legs to hasten death and usually forbade burial. They left them for the vultures.  

 “ That Jews were slaughtering Christians, their blood for Passover bread”    

  • Nice touch but it will never change the dynamics of unleavened bread called Matzohs.  Thank goodness this one has slowly drifted off the table.  What scumbag could have even though this statement up.  It was perpetrated by the ignorant, sometimes brutal, fanatical, priest-ridden people, in their complete ignorance of what God had done for the Jews.

  • Again, our Passover bread is unleavened bread meaning no rising ingredients or yeast. Let me tell you something of Matzos, this bread is made entirely of wheat, flour and water and contains nothing else, period and it looks like and tastes like cardboard, yuck! I guarantee you because Manishevitz the certified Matzo maker vendor of Passover guarantees nothing other than 100% wheat, flour and water, and by themselves Matzohs taste slightly edible but horrid.  And if it wasn’t for jelly, butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, liberally spread on, I could not get it down, period.

  • My mother would crumble it and make it into three egg omelets for me and my brother, liberally covered with sugar, jelly, butter, cream cheese, maple syrup or peanut butter.  Tolerable and well disguised.  The Lord allowed Matzoh to be changed, altered, up-graded and made more digestible   It truly follows the path of Ramen Noodles going through the same metamorphosis to palatability by our college kids

  • We, however, live in a different age, under a different spirit, and amidst a different humanity - a humanity that is tolerant but not perfect.  In the eyes of the Law, Jew and Christian are alike, and in worldly relationship we mingle freely with one another.  Sort of putting up with your brother in law you can’t stand but tolerate him certain times of the year.  Prejudices and hatreds exist and separate us wide. 

  • Some Sunday and some Public Schools, in violation, contrary to the Constitution still preach against the Jew during fundamentalist Easter services preached to-day. With fervent eloquence, emotion, passion, it is the story of the blood-thirsty Jews.  If this story had been true, even if such a crime had been committed by Jews, it would be very unlike the spirit of Christ to keep on preaching and enacting it.  The true Christian does not engender prejudices and hatred.  Nor inciting assaults and outrages, against Jews of the present day, for a crime their ancestors are charged with having committed nearly two millennial ago.

  • The church has much to atone for, for it has done enough evil… hatred exists today and in the next chapter we explore the not so nice exploits of the Church.

THE DA VINCI CODE  —  Loved the movie and the book…  The Catholic Church powered by the POPES, would rather never of seen the book, a best seller, "The Da Vinci Code",  which delves into the conversion of Paganism to Catholicism during the turbulent period of time of the Priory of Scion and the Knights Templar.  It's a fascinating read. I had to read it twice, saw the movie with Tom Hanks and started to define a line between reality and creative writing. 

A murder inside the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity. The book does get very close to reality about a subject that might not be real to some and the basis of belief to others. 

The theory that true lineage of the faith is passed down through the woman,  just as it does today amongst the Jewish faith,  really upsets the Catholic Church.  The coven just won't buy it because it would kill business they carefully construed oner the years.  Best use of fear motivation on the planets, sorry the Baptists came in second.

The good old boys club who have rejected women for years in the church would turn upside down if it was true that Jesus's lineage is alive and well and passed down through a woman.  Does that mean they would have to give all that money back they have been taking for years and stuffing it in the Vatican?  Never happen, they will quash and quell any attack against the “gold old boy's club".


You think the Jersey Shore TV Reality crew has a bunch of nuts.  They rewrite decency and ambition, good taste and morality.  

  • Ironically,  so does the TEXAS SCHOOL BOARD also known as the "TEXAS TALIBAN", who recently rewrote history based on their strict beliefs basically enforcing their viewpoint on others.  This is against the basic tenet of Church and State.

  • Nine members of that board, recently were elected in a landslide, bused the churchgoers in to vote, and are "Bablically Declined". It affects us all as many states follow the Texas school board guidelines and that means a generation of children getting indoctrinated in creationism with books that play down science and upscale creationism.
  • The problem is many states too poor and lazy to get their own school book board, go with Texas decisions on the subject.  Great news, this leads to those districts with more secular schools and a further deterioration of the school system. 

  • This Good Book Club bans miracles other than their own. Lest us not forget, enough strange miracles, to teach Harry Potter a lesson or two.  Harry never parted water, sought plagues, turned people into salt, or did the Zippo lighting fluid burning bush trick.  

  • He did his miracles (and notice no mortals were wounded in the course of Potter events), without large rods, no big staffs, just a small 12’ Merlin Inspired deluxe leather bound wizard stick made from cocobolo wood.

  • And for those on a budget with smaller wizards in your house, just liberate some chopsticks from your local Chinese restaurant, some spray paint, and when the paint is still wet, just sprinkle some sparkles on theme. Hint: Use Chinese chopsticks, 9 inches long vs. Japanese chopsticks 7.5 inches, shorter and too pointy. 

  • Potter did other strange stuff. Thats called fantasy.  I find that pretty amazing since the loyal readers of this Good Book Club often call the Potter books blasphemy and out of the box.  Thats just it. Who's box? Not mine. The Good book has a lot of fantasy.

The Potter books taught kids to read.  More than the good book did.  It got them excited about reading. The Good Book sometimes scares kids… and a lot of begetting, a biblical term for screwing anything that walks…virgins, vaginas and vixens or not.

Church And State - The Texas School Board  —  About The Same As The Gestapo — 

Historians and teachers have reason to be deeply concerned over the actions taken by the Texas Board of Education regarding social studies curriculum standards.  The board has moved aggressively to put its hard-right conservative religious stamp on what students need to learn about the American past.  F*ck them, parents get your own library 

  • Among the changes made by the board was the elimination of Thomas Jefferson from a list of thinkers who had inspired revolutions around the world.  Conservatives object to Jefferson’s support for a clear separation of church and state.  I see them for what they are, they simply don’t understand nor think in terms of accepting other peoples thoughts and aspirations. 
In the old days, I just see them as a bunch of zealots, and selfish scumbags.  
  • Your kid will be exposed to ADAM and EVE and a snake instead of the proven theory that Amino Acids triggered by water vapor from asteroids landing on the molten mass called earth containing a catalyst that created the first cells on earth. And the earth, and the other planets rotate around a sun and thus in a moment in the spirit, God decided earth was good and the home resales on Venus weren't that good, and the golf courses on MARS had too may sand traps so he stuck with earth. What do these idiots really think? It goes beyond me. 

  • And the earth, and the other planets rotate around a sun and thus in a moment in the spirit, God decided earth was good and the home resales on Venus weren't that good, and the golf courses on MARS had too may sand traps so he stuck with earth.  What do these idiots really think? It goes beyond me.  

  • Pathetic, I have witnessed in a middle school here, the 1000 page book devoted to the Social studies with only six of those pages about WWII.  Half the kids could not name who the enemy or the AXIS powers were.  We learn from the past to help plan the future….no wonder we are in a mess.  
    I guess the past and the sacrifices don’t count anymore.  

  • 60 million people were the estimated death toll when World War Two was assessed.   to just six million of my people, that was just the death camps…  Maybe this explains the dumbing down of the American students in Math and Science levels in the world.  We are twenty-eighth.

  • However they do text well.  And that will become important as these students deficient in math and science will seek jobs in the Coffee Bean Picking Fields which by virtue of their dexterity will earn them 1.50 an hour.

Surprising Answers
 —  We are a worldwide society of people who follow some really strange customs. These strange customs cross faith, all faiths with doctrine usually found adapted from the “ Written word".  I like to cut to the chase. I see much more harm than good when the written word gets mis-interpreted and false doctrine appears. If you can’t handle truth, be gone with thee.  

•  The biggest misconception today is the proliferation of the thinking that the Church and State are one and this nation was directly formed as a Christian entity by the founding fathers. I don't quite believe this to be true as they had this in the old world and it was what they were escaping from.  The religious intolerance of the church ruled nations.

•  The art of talking the talk, not walking the walk, and the survey said that Atheists, Jews, and Mormons know more about religion than Catholics and Protestants. It’s true

•  Passover and Easter, are written and encircled with great promise for both the Christian and Jew.  But to the Jew, the Resurrection story celebrated at Easter is repugnant because of what actually surfaces during  Easter by extremists injected with the deep lines of hatred.  Passover, a season of Jewish freedom on one hand and Easter a legacy of martyrdom for the Christian and fear of reprisal for the Jew on another.

•  Jesus, the healer of Nazareth, the enthusiastic lover of his country and people, felt himself called, to deliver the Holy Land from the hand of the cruel Roman, who at that time held Palestine as his tributary province.  His enthusiasm, seconded by a number of faithful disciples and a host of followers, begot in them the thought that their inspired Master was in truth their long-expelled Messiah, the Deliverer of the people, the Savior of the nation. So goes the story line.

 Christians Weren’t So Innocent.  

  • The stories of the massacres of the Saxons, Waldensians, and Albigenses.
  • The atrocities against Mohammedans and Jews during the Crusades, that cost the lives of five millions of human beings.
  • The story of the Inquisition, which, during the five hundred years of its accursed existence, gorged itself on the heart’s blood of hundreds of thousands of Christians as well as Jews.

  • The story of the St. Bartholomew-night massacre, that cost the lives of fifty thousand human beings, and in honor of which Pope Gregory XIII went in solemn state to church to render thanksgiving, and had a coin struck, and proclaimed that year a Year of Jubilee.
  • The Big Ten - Thats where God is explains the core elements of his plan to the Israelites.  According to scripture, God spoke to Moses and explained the basic ground rules in the Ten Commandments.  He said: -I am the Lord your God - You shall have no other gods before me - You shall not make for yourself an idol -     You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God……. SOMEHOW MAN DID NOT GET THE POINT…

Modern Day Sick Bastards   Westboro Baptist Church  —  issued a statement saying it will protest the funerals of slain soldiers.   Westboro Baptist Church, considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is known for its anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, inflammatory signs and protests at funerals for fallen soldiers. The group links the deaths of military members to an acceptance of LGBTQ rights, and claims the deaths happen because of God’s wrath.

“These soldiers are dying for the homosexual and other sins of America,” the statement said. “God is now America’s enemy, and God Himself is fighting against America.”

The Kansas-based group has been the subject of free speech debates in recent years. In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled the church’s speech and picketing of funerals were protected under the First Amendment.

Congress later passed the Honoring America’s Veterans Act in response to the Supreme Court ruling, adding restrictions to the group’s protesting. The act enforced a distance protesters can picket funerals for fallen soldiers.

Westboro Baptist Church’s statement said the group will protest outside of the auditorium where the public funeral is being held and in a “lawful proximity” of the service.   Their signs are incredible…

Fred Waldron Phelps Sr… (November 13, 1929 – March 19, 2014)  was an American minister and civil rights attorney who served as pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church and became known for his extreme views against homosexuality and protests near the funerals of gay people, military veterans, and disaster victims who he believed were killed as a result of God punishing the US for having "bankrupt values" and tolerating homosexuality.

The Westboro Baptist Church, a Topeka, Kansas-based independent fundamentalist ministry that Phelps founded in 1955, has been called “arguably the most obnoxious and rabid hate group in America”.  Its signature slogan, "God Hates Fags", remains the name of the group's principal website.

In addition to funerals, Phelps and his followers—mostly his own immediate family members—picketed gay pride gatherings, high-profile political events, university commencement ceremonies, live performances of The Laramie Project, and functions sponsored by mainstream Christian groups with which he had no affiliation, arguing it was their sacred duty to warn others of God’s anger. 

He continued doing so in the face of numerous legal challenges—some of which reached the U.S. Supreme Court—and near-universal opposition and contempt from other religious groups and the general public.Laws enacted at both the federal and state levels for the specific purpose of curtailing his disruptive activities were limited in their effectiveness due to the Constitutional protections afforded to Phelps under the First Amendment. 

Gay rights supporters denounced him as a producer of anti-gay propaganda and violence-inspiring hate speech, and even Christians from fundamentalist denominations distanced themselves from him.

Although Phelps died in 2014, the Westboro Baptist Church remains in operation. It continues to conduct regular demonstrations outside movie theaters, universities, government buildings, and other facilities in Topeka and elsewhere, and is still characterized as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Their sick signage ( More that one hundred of these ) tells it all…

WESTBORO visits Tampa With Hatred — They Tried It In Tampa At Churches And A Funeral For One Of Our Own —  A group of counter-protesters Sunday in Tampa responded by supporting a United Methodist church that had been targeted by the anti-gay, anti-Semitic group.

TAMPA — The never-ending question for communities when the Westboro Baptist Church comes to town is:   Is it better to ignore the Topeka-based group’s colorful  signs and not amplify their anti-gay, anti-Semitic platform? Or is it more important to stand up to the group and protect members of the community from hate speech through direct action like counter-protesting?

For a group of protesters on Sunday at Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Tampa, the answer was simple: You do the latter.  “I think that it’s important that we confront this type of speech everywhere it manifests itself,” said Aaron Walker, a professor at University of Tampa. “It’s unfortunate that Westboro has figured out how to get a lot of impact for them in these circumstances, but I think we have to be here and I think it’s really important to support these communities of people that are being picketed. I’m here as much for the church-goers, as I am against the message.”

Five members of Westboro, as planned, picketed three churches in Tampa on Sunday (March 19), with signs that read, “Mourn For Your Sins” and “God Hates Your Tears,” but they were outnumbered by about 60 counter-protesters at Hyde Park UMC who came bearing signs of their own saying: “All You Need Is Love” and “We Protect The People You Reject.” The action, which was organized by LGBT-advocacy group Out and Loud Florida, had representation from several local activist groups, including Black Lives Matters and Food Not Bombs.

Aaron Muñoz, a co-founder of Out and Loud Florida, said he knew exactly how to respond to Westboro when word came that they were coming to Tampa. His group has been dealing with Westboro-style “preachers” in Ybor City every Friday night for several months by forming a “Wall of Love.”

“When we found that Westboro Baptist Church had planned a trip to Tampa, we decided that it was the right thing to do what we do every week in blocking out hate and bring it here. Hyde Park UMC and all the United Methodist churches in the area are really supportive of the LGBTQ community. They do a lot for us, so we we’re here to show up for them,” he said after the protest.

Muñoz said that the Westboro preachers were “docile” compared to the Ybor group, which has been documented on video pushing and shoving protesters into the street. And in fact, throughout most of the morning, the Westboro contingent, which was mostly comprised of teenagers, appeared to be tired and disinterested.

But even a low-key Westboro picket can be a startling and jarring experience to those they target, and so the efforts of the protesters did not go unappreciated by the pastoral staff at Hyde Park UMC. They said they saw the outpouring of support from non-church members as validation that they are staying true to their mission statement: “Make God’s Love Real”, which they try to adhere to within the walls of the church and out in the greater community.

Campbell-Evans said the church recognized Westboro’s Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly, but would remain resolved to being an all-inclusive house of worship, despite the group’s disdain for their philosophy.  “When we learned that there would be some counter-protesters coming to form a Wall of Love, that was encouraging. It made me feel that the people in this community understand that we are an open congregation and that LGBT people are welcome here. They’ll always be welcome here and we just hope they feel the love of Christ.”

“They do this in order to get media coverage,” said Walker. “So we indulge the media coverage every time they show up and we counter-protest.  But I think it’s just as important that we put messages of love in the world at the locations where messages of hate happen. So if they send hate out into the world, I think it’s our obligation to come and try to counter-balance it. I wish we didn’t contribute to their platform, but I don’t know of a better way to do it.”

Walker, who is a native of Wyoming, said he is still hurt by the actions of Westboro members in 1998 who picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard, the openly gay University of Wyoming student who was tortured and murdered by fellow students, bearing signs like “Matt in Hell.”  The group made a name for themselves nationally and continued to hound the Shephard family throughout the trial of his killers with constant picketing.

When they did show at a funeral burial for one of our soldiers, near Tampa a large contingent of motorcycle veterans, friends and supporters made a dividing line to stop any attempts at disrupting the service.  The Westboro Baptists retreated under that pressure, I think had they gone too far, the ER would have been overloaded… 

SIDEBAR:  I would have preferred twenty guys with baseball bats and get the point across, it’s dangerous for you to be here.