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4/12/2022  History Repeats It Self —  Russia had czars and “ Pogroms"at the time of the first World War —  The target was Jewish citizens and just like today in Ukraine they had to leave the country — And their hamlets and small towns burnt to the ground.   Two generations ago, just before the first World War, part my family immigrated from Odessa, in a small hamlet twenty miles from the center of the city escaping the Pogroms.

In the second World War, the Nazis had Death Camps, Genocide, the Gestapo, and the Children of the Hitler Youth Corps!   And the noted Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s  right hand man writing the propaganda.   

All for the Third Reich and the Second World War —  Our other side of the family also left Europe escaping the Nazi’s.   The Children of the Nazi's structured and brainwashed from the beginning, and finally sacrificed in the end.  I saw enough tattoos.  Things I will never forget nor ever forgive.

But consideration during these times has to be applied to the future minds of our children.  Especially during displacement and the Covid-19 episodes —  what do we want our children to know and believe in — one word stands out TRUTH, and we can add honor and mutual respect.  They are not getting.it.

They went after children just as Putin does today.  The NAZI’s indoctrinated kids as young as ten to fifteen into the Youth groups and in the end of the war old men and kids were used to “ Panzerfaust"  American tanks, a suicide mission.  Hitler did not care, neither does T-RUMP .

Born-Again American T-RUMP Nazi’s Like Mike Huckabee Have Climbed Out Of Their Ratholes —  
 “ Hucksterbe”  jerkoff says he’s a man of God, excuse me, but Lucifer Mestopheles is not my God,  he’s not my compassionate style,  but I like Lucifer for one reason because his kingdom takes out the garbage every day and never complains.  And with the Reptilian agenda there is plenty of garbage.

Targeting Kids — Fox News is running advertisements for “ The Kids Guide to President Trump," a children's book that will “ help your kids to understand everything President Trump has already accomplished for America."   The book was released by EverBright Media, a company run by former Republican Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. EverBright has been accused of pushing “ Conservative propaganda " to children.  Just like the Nazi’s telling you what a nice guy Adolf was. Please tell all those Biblical Babbling Idiots trying to take good books off the shelves to start with EverBright  if they have a brain in their frikken biased ignorant Evangelical heads to start with this crock of sh*t!  I’ll  bet if Jesus, supposedly a man of love and compassion would love Harry Potter books as it taught more kids to read than all the school systems in the US together.

How The Hell Is “ Total And Irrevocable Failure”  An Accomplishment?  —  The Ad Starts — 
"Hey parents and grandparents," the ad began, “ As we wait to see what's next for President Trump, Mike Huckabee's Education Company wants to help your kids learn all about President Trump's greatest achievements during his first term.”   Mike’s Education Company?  From a frikken lying idiot T-RUMP ?  Whats next should be a public hanging by his heels since he faked his feet injuries.  

The doctor later on who wrote the draft board said he never saw T-RUMP but needed work done on the store he was renting from T-RUMPS dad.  T-RUMP never had heel spurs.  He was a draft dodger and beat the draft.  I lost five friends in that war, it should have been him.

The website URL promoted on the ad leads to a website that states, "The mainstream media has been no friend to President Trump, and they'll never admit that he did a great job leading our country and making the changes that America needs”.  

If havoc, hatred, misogamy,  women's rights, sacrilege, prejudice, stealing, crooked deals, bribes, corruption, and lying  constitute a great job, this dude Huckabee is out of his frikken mind.

“ But, as future voters, our children and grandchildren deserve to understand the truth about President Trump and what made him a great president.”  

The website adds that the book will present an “ Unbiased" portrayal of “ Everything there is to know, from his election in 2016 and his greatest accomplishments as President.  
Most of which could be summed up on a napkin and the used to wipe your ass with.

Hitlers Writers Were Unbiased Too —   At the wars end, in the  Fuhrerbunker beneath the bombed-out Chancellery,   Joesph Goebbels Hitlers writer of propoganda had his doctor knock his children out with morphine and then crushed cyanide tablets between their teeth.   They killed their children because they were so “ unbiased" before Nuremberg.

The Huckabee book includes Trump's campaign pledge to “ Stop radical Islamic terrorism which was hurting America and many other countries throughout the world," and how Trump wanted to prevent "dangerous people" from entering the US by “ Building a giant wall to help stop them from entering illegally,"  The Daily Beast reported.  Thats when we awarded him the coveted ‘ Neanderthal Man of The Year Award".

The Beast accused Huckabee of “ aggressively pushing conservative propaganda for over a decade" through his companies, including EverBright Media.  EverBright Media's other "Kids Guide" titles include "The Kids Guide to Cancel Culture and Freedom of Speech,"  "The Kids Guide to Media Bias & Fake News" and  "The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism."

The company also features "Kids Guide" titles covering Democratic President Joe Biden, America's veterans, civil rights, "America's Greatness," the Declaration of Independence, "9/11 and The War on Terror," COVID-19 and vaccination, as well as Easter and Christmas.

In an interview, Company CEO Bradley Saft said that he wanted to develop education products that "excite, entertain and engage "children and help them retain more knowledge about U.S. history through "a visual learning experience.” just another NAZI pushing propaganda.

Mike Huckabee —  The newest jerkoff  who has been a shining star in failure and stupid moronic philosophy guided by the Southern Baptist Doctrines and Dogma is two time Presidential Candidate and practicing idiot as the former Gov. of Arkansas.      

Luckily he was the first in his family to graduate HIGH SCHOOL, his family and then went to Theological schools where his skills in bullshitting increased ten fold.  No one fails in Southern Baptist Theological Seminaries or Universities. You pass all tests, and memorize the secret answer —  The key is start what you say, your answers with “ Jesus Said’,  pay the tuition and you graduate with a sheet of paper you can wipe your netherland with.

Read about the fraud and fakes in the   THEOLOGY SECTION   with the proof and you see why I place them in the same position as politicians.  They lie, they cheat, crooks, pedophilia, using God’s name, mysterious practices and a truly sick bunch of followers who need professional help not babbling bullsh*t  and they steal using God’s word as protection.

And this moron has once again stepped into the limelight with a sheer act of blatant scumbag up thinking.  Even as the Governor of Arkansas never moved up on the charts.  He talked a good talk but never put the shoes on the feet.



  • Arkansas is unique and is at the bottom of the thinking intelligent list— nor exactly first in education it is ranked forty-first, with fifty states thats near the bottom. Since the rest are islands or totally rural.
  • When it comes to raising a family, Arkansas ranks poorly for its separation and divorce rate, infant-mortality rate, and median annual family income --
  • .According to WalletHub's report on 2022′s Best & Worst States to Raise a Family, Arkansas ranked 7th among the worst states.
  • Arkansas ranked the worst among the health and safety metrics. Along with Louisiana, New Mexico, Tennessee and Alaska,   ( Alaska, you’ll remember Sarah Palin bragging, about what she did for  Alaska, another scum-bitch)) 
  • Arkansas was one of the states with the highest number of violent crimes per capita, WalletHub reported.
  • Remember this,  “ Communities that are supportive and provide access to quality health care, a range of human services, quality education, affordable and healthy food, and safe neighborhoods and homes may positively impact the well-being of children and family life,” Theresa J. Russo, a professor at State University of New York at Oneonta, said.  These states do none of the above.


T-Rumps newest scumbag embarrassment to America proving once again that history repeats itself,  lets have a round of applause and find a hangman's rope for Mike Huckabee the man whose sperm produced SARA HUCKABEE his daughter and now the disgusting T-RUMP Youth Corps.

Sarah, the most pathetic excuse for a press secretary press was hated by every member of the press.   

Her fat can like her lies linked by Crainial Rectal Dyslexia ( Street slang translates as “ Sh*t for Brains)  easily demonstrated her weaknesses and  poorly represented her father in losing his elections and failed.   

Thats how she got her job as press secretary, and blew it so bad, the press stopped sending reporters to the official press meeting in the press room.  They called her  SARAH-NOT-AWARE-A or that “ Dumbass" for short —   What a frikken mistake that was.  The family motto of the Huckabee's is to keep stupidity in the family.  For them it’s a ass-set, their asses are set in stone like their brains.

Science tells us certain genes run concurrent in our DNA and produce similar characteristics in people and their progeny.  In this case science is correct.  Frikken moronicness is congenital and they' re the only father and daughter team I have on my entire website beside the T-RUMPS who prove bad sperm is the cause of many of our problems, starting with Friedrich T-RUMP, Grandpa who ran whorehouses in the west during the gold rush, the real beginning of the T-RUMP fortune.  Pimping and whoring run well in Trumpland.

Especially with the running contest between T-RUMP Jr.,  Donny the “ Dork",  and Eric the “ Dumb”  his brother.  Ivanka is the smart one obviously not thinking with a penis is truly an advantage, she bogged out when the heat started showing up with her corrupt schmuck husband and the 640 million dollars they scammed out of the phony tax scam T-RUMP pulled off during the Covid pandemic. What a crew, America at its best.







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