Hella's Bakery and Restaurant 

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785 Dodecanese Boulevard

Tarpon Springs, Florida. 34689

(727) 943-2400

REVIEWS ARE TRUE - GREAT FOOD — When you see me quoting from a website or brochure about a place it is because what they have said in print or web is true.  It can be good as in the case of Hellas, in fact Hellas was great.  

On the other hand sometimes the PR people or webmeister for a place write a script and probably never ate at the place they are portraying. I call this Corpo-Guano.  You can figure it out.

As we state earlier any place can have a bad day, thats why we go back with different people on several occasions before I either like a place or hate it. It’s the only way to be fair. 

When you see buffets with skimmed over food on the steam tables, thats ugly.  This month we hit four duds in a row, popular places, none were busy, two of which were terrible. 

Then we found ourselves in Tarpon Springs and things changed, we ran into

excellent delicious ethnic authentic Greek food and top service...

Best Meal This Month!  —  With that said, this restaurant, Hellos is a jewel. Outstanding in their food preparation, presentation, authenticity, staff service, atmosphere, tradition and comfort.  Hellas is not in the realm of Corpo-Guano Food service, it is a family owned restaurant and offers many appetizers and entrées created from home-grown recipes.  Not only was the food great and service very cordial, the atmosphere made you feel you were home and not in some kind of franchise environment.  Portions were generous, my guest and I were raving all the way home.

Authentic Greek Food and Greek Pastries - Tarpon Springs, Florida

So... you have a sweet tooth? Well you've come to the right place. Hellas Bakery offers the finest in rich, buttery and delicious authentic Greek pastries to top off your delicious dinner. Our pastries are so delectable you'll want to gobble them up right on the spot and our fully stocked retail bakery enables you take a little bit of Greece home with you, OPA!

Wholesale Greek Bakery

Hellas Wholesale Greek Bakery, located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, is a distributor of fine Greek pastries and specialty desserts. Hellas Wholesale Greek Bakery can supply your Greek Festival with many of the most popular Greek pastries including: Baklava, Spanakopita, Tiropita, Diples, Flogeres, Melomakarona, Kourabiedes, Katiffi, Koulouri, Tsoureki and much more. All of our pastries are baked fresh daily from only the finest ingredients. Our pastries are delivered either fresh or frozen, cooked or uncooked and serving and cooking instructions are provided with each order. 

Appetizers  —  They offer authentic Greek salads,  Saganski (flaming imported cheese) and Skordalia (potato-garlic spread) while one of the best soups around is the traditional Avgolemono (egg and lemon).

I shared my Greek salad for one, with my guest, and it was a meal in itself for two. It contained a large portion of  lettuce, feta cheese, Greek olives, sweet onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, Greek peppers and oregano, topped with the traditional scoop of homemade potato salad. 

Entrees  —  For lunch and dinner, in addition to the standard gyros, hamburgers and sandwiches, the menu offers authentic Greek dishes and I added the definitions courtesy of Wikipedia for your dinning pleasure.

Spanakopita (Spinach pie)  is a Greek savory pastry in the Burek family with a filling of chopped spinach, feta cheese  onions or scallions, egg, and seasoning.

Tiropita (Cheese Pie)  Tiropita or tyropita (τυρóπιτα) is a layered pastry, made with buttered phyllo and filled with a cheese-egg mixture. 

Combination-Spanakopita and Tiropitamy guest had this and demanded to take it home 

Makaronada - (Homemade Greek Spaghetti) topped with (kima) meat sauce and cheese, no potatoes or rice

Gyro Platter - Served with pita, meat, onions, tomatoes and sauce - open face.

Moussaka Chef's Delight! Casserole of beef, eggplant, potatoes, blended and baked with a cheese sauce.

Pastitsio - Famous casserole of ziti, ground beef, eggplant, potatoes, blended and baked with a creamy béchamel sauce

Dolmades -  Stuffed grape vine leaves, my choice and so far the best around.

Keftedes -  Meatballs greek style

Chicken K-Bob Flame-broiled chunks of marinated chicken skewered with green peppers and onions.

Pork Shish K-Bob Flame-broiled chunks of fresh pork tenderloin marinated,skewered with green peppers, onion.

Lamb K-Bob Flame-broiled chunks of spring lamb, marinated and skewered with green peppers and onions.

Beef K-Bob Flame-broiled chunks of beef tenderloin, marinated and skewered with green peppers and onions.

Combination Platter Gyro, Moussaka, Pastitsio, Dolmades, and tzatziki sauce.

Chef's Greek Specialties swerved with rice pilaf, daily vegetable, Greek style potatoes, fresh baked bread, and fresh fruit of the day

The Bakery  —  Dessert to die for.  This place must cater to heaven.   If my cardiologist would look the other way I would live in the desert section.  For dessert, customers have a vast choice of authentic pastries from the on-site bakery. The Baklava Cheesecake was our selection, and again we split it because of the generous portion, it was to die for. It was exquisite.  It was probably the best desert I have ever had.

From BAKLAVA to the finest in European gourmet cakes. Hellas bakes their pastries fresh daily ensuring that you have only the freshest  in Greek and French pastries.

Greek deserts and pastries, are usually made with a combination (or any one) of honey, nuts, custards and filo. Filo, also spelled fillo and phyllo, is a light, flaky, paper thin pastry made with layers of butter. 

These wonderful desserts are served for special occasions. These occasions can range from someone just coming to the home or a great celebration like a wedding.  Medical Warning: Hellas is habit forming, the food is that good, and you will become addicted. Don’t blame me for the extra poundage.