2800 Gulf To Bay Blvd — Clearwater, FL 33759 
(727) 797-4008 

CORPORATE HOOTERS — Hooters of America, LLC1815 The Exchange SE
 — Atlanta, Georgia 30339  —
(770) 951-2040

HUMOR FROM THE HOOTERS HISTORY— Several years ago while playing Parcheesi at “The Home for the Visually Offensive,” several semi-intellectual Clearwater businessmen had a sudden urge for the smell of rough sawn lumber and/or the taste of Buffalo style chicken wings. Knowing full well that they couldn’t agree on anything as a group, nor could they get a weekend pass from the “home” to go to Buffalo, they decided to embark upon a major undertaking. 

They would open a place in Clearwater where other people of their caliber could gather and quench their thirst for the finer things in life. It would go down in history. Beer and Wings.

Their venture, however, got off to a slow start. After announcing their plans, the “Hooters Six” (as they are now called) were promptly arrested for impersonating restaurateurs. There were no indictments, but the stigma lingers on.

There were many obstacles ahead, not the least of which was procuring a suitable location. After months of negotiations and a heated bidding war with “Wells Brothers Disposal,” who wanted to use the building for a giant walk-in Dumpster, terms were agreed to and 2800 Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida was theirs.

Now the dilemma…what to name the place. Simple. What else brings a gleam to men’s eyes everywhere besides beer, chicken wings and an occasional winning football season? Hence the name Hooters. Supposedly they were into owls. Strange group.



Hooters of America, Inc… "HOA" announced the completion of a transaction which transfers ownership of the company from the estate of Robert H. Brooks who passed in 2006 into the hands of a consortium of private investors, including Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. 

Hooters, Inc.   is the trade name of two privately held American restaurant chains: Hooters of America, Incorporated, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Hooters, Incorporated, based in Clearwater, Florida. The Hooters name is a double entendre referring to both its owl logo, a bird known for it’s “ Hooting" calls, and an American slang term for women's breasts popularized by comedian Steve Martin on the hit comedy series Saturday Night Live.

Hooters also had an airline, Hooters Air, with a normal flight crew and flight attendants and scantily clad “ Hooters Girls” on every flight.  It’s gone, bad idea, losing 40 million dollars.

The waiting staff at Hooters restaurants are primarily young women, usually referred to simply as "Hooters Girls", whose revealing outfits and sex appeal are played up and are a primary component of the company's image. The company employs men and women as cooks, hosts (at some franchises), busboys, and managers. 

THE FOODS GOOD — The menu includes hamburgers and other sandwiches, steaks, seafood entrees, appetizers, and the restaurant’s specialty, chicken wings. Almost all Hooters restaurants hold alcoholic beverage licenses to sell beer and wine, and where local permits allow, a full liquor bar. Hooters T-shirts, sweatshirts, and various souvenirs and curios are also sold.

In January 2011 Chanticleer Holdings LLC of Charlotte, North Carolina and others completed the purchase of Hooters of America Inc. from the Brooks family.   In 2015 Hooters announced that it is planning to open more than 30 restaurants in Southeast Asia over the next six years.

As of 2016 there were more than 430 Hooters locations and franchises around the world and Hooters of America LLC. owns 160 units. There are Hooters locations in 44 US states, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, and in 28 other countries.

The first ever Hooters celebrated it’s reopening today after a complete remodel in Clearwater, Florida. The Hooters at 2800 Gulf to Bay Blvd. is the restaurant that launched the iconic American brand, which today boasts more than 480 locations in 44 states and 27 countries worldwide. 

Though completely updated and remodeled, the Original Hooters still maintains the same “ delightfully tacky, yet unrefined” historic charm and appeal as it did when it first opened on October 4, 1983.

In order to honor the restaurant’s storied past, part of the old bar and original flooring have been retained, as have some of the walls and original structure. The restaurant now also incorporates a special MuSEEum, chronicling many of the milestones in the company’s “soon to be relatively famous” history. Along with numerous photos and videos for customers to enjoy, it showcases keepsakes that memorialize Hooters’ history.

The first Hooters opened in Clearwater, Florida on October 4, 1983. During its long history, the Hooters concept has actually undergone very little change. The iconic brand has kept its logo, uniform, menu and ambiance very similar to what existed in the original store. The casual beach-theme establishments feature “oldies” jukebox music, sports on television, and a menu that includes seafood, sandwiches, salads and spicy chicken wings. The 7,000-square-foot original Hooters restaurant now has 209 seats, and includes an indoor/outdoor bar and 35 flat panel HD televisions.

Hooters Management Corp. closed the Original Hooters November 28 of last year and has completely renovated and rebuilt it in the same location, preserving some of the elements from the Original. The New Original Hooters is one of 22 Hooters Restaurants owned and operated by Hooters Management Corp. in Tampa Bay, Chicago and Manhattan. 

THE GIRLS and THEIR UNIFORMS  — The appearance of the waitresses is a main selling feature of the restaurant. A Hooters Girl  is a waitress employed by the Hooters restaurant chain, and they are recognizable by their uniform of a white tank top with the “ Hootie the Owl” logo and the location name on the front paired with short nylon orange runner’s shorts. 

Compared to some of the competition, these outfits are conservative.   It’s an illusion, nothing suggestive, and even my gal is not offended because the foods good and service is top notch.  At two competitors she was uncomfortable because she has an 15 year old granddaughter — and some of the kids parading around had more ass on outside  than on inside.   

Some of the copycats have far more skimpier outfits.  They should spend their time developing better food and not trying to out perform the local area pole dance performers.  Just my opinion…And stop hiring 18 year olds, it’s not a good career move for the child and we have a lot of mindless wonders out there heading in the wrong direction.      

The remainder of the Hooters Girls uniform consists of the restaurant's brown ticket pouch (or a black one with the black uniform), tan pantyhose, white loose socks, and clean white shoes. Men who work at Hooters wear Hooters hats, T-shirts with long pants, Bermuda shorts, or attire more suitable for kitchen use.

LOVE OF BOOBS BACKING OFF —  Millennials are less interested in breasts than their elders. People from the age of 18 to 24 are 19% less likely to search for breasts on pornographic website Pornhub compared to all other age groups, according to an analysis conducted by the website. For comparison, Pornhub visitors from the ages of 55 to 64 are 17% more likely to search for breast-related content. 

Millennials' pornography preferences seem to be part of a wider trend.  "At the moment, larger breasts are out, though I'm sure they'll come back," Sarah Pedersen, professor of communications and media at Robert Gordon University, told Playboy. "We tend to react to what went before." 

For “ Breastaurants" like Hooters and startup Twin Peaks, a loss of interest in breasts is bad for business. The number of Hooters locations in the US has dropped by more than 7% from 2012 to 2016, and sales have stagnated, according to industry reports. Hooters opened a fast-casual family location with fully clothed servers called Hoots earlier in 2017. Hoots 

Part of Hooters' struggles are tied to the sales slump that is hitting most sit-down causal-dining chains.  But a lack of interest in waitresses' cleavage — especially when there are breastaurants like Twin Peaks promising more scandalous experiences elsewhere— likely isn't helping. 

Hooters has struggled to win over millennials for some time now. In 2012, the chain attempted to revamp its image with updated decor and new menu items to attract more millennial and female customers. 

"For years they've only been working toward Generation X, but now they need to try to get millennials to come through the doors," Darren Tristano of food industry consulting company Technomic told Time in 2012. 

In light of the decline of breasts' influence in America, it comes as no surprise that Hooters has been emphasizing catering and opened up a fast-casual location with fully clothed servers— women and men.  While porn habits may change, millennials still love chicken wings. 

COPYCATS -  One of their competitors in Clearwater, the WingHouse was reviewed by me, the food I ordered was horrible and the uniforms and young age of the servers (one told me she was 18, legal in Florida to serve but cannot drink) and skimpier costumes really negated any reason for me to return.  They were children,  Idiots, men go to places to meet women, drink and even socialize if their IQ is above the Gerbil line.  But other than the kid candy there were no women in attendance, women do not go to places that are lowering their standards.  

Passing by after shopping that evening the Winghouse was empty and Hooters was full… but sooner or later, these theme places will feel the crunch…regardless of the costumes, the sports promotions the team spirits , shooters, beer by the gallon and so forth… if the food sucks… I don’t go there.  Hooters had the best wings.