Missouri Avenue  North of East Bay
East Bay Drive Near Starkey 
Ulmerton near  Belcher    

I have always been satisfied with their product, their franchise values and generally I preferred nice sandwich to a burger and give my stomach a break. My partner was with me from the paper and we agreed food was our next priority.

I should be so lucky and I sauntered in and saw a photograph above the backdrop of the counter. The most enticingly beautiful sandwich I had ever seen, brimming, overflowing with meats and salad material on a wheat roll.  My decision was made and I told the clerk of obvious foreign origination, “Make me one of those”.  He laughed in his native language made a remark to an associate, at me and in English he replied, “You don’t believe everything you see in pictures do you”.  Never say that to a Journalist with a huge Nikon D-series Camera wrapped with my press pass hanging off my shoulder.

Meanwhile my partner came out of the mens room to order and said forget it,  and told me there was a gaping hole in the floor and he could easily see and smell the toilets cracked pipe and odor.  Then I looked up at the ceiling and it was black close to the air vents over the food. 

I told him forget it, “ Sorry to bother you, for your information I am a photographer and I believe everything I see in pictures that I take”.   I replied to the clerk he was in violation of health codes and to forget my order and said it loud enough for others.

I snapped a pic or three and left, I called the County Health Department and the Subway Franchise World Headquarters,  
325 Sub Way,  Milford, CT 06461-3059 USA,  Ph: 203.877.4281

EDITOR: In the course of any coverage you sometimes fall into stories and they become the ones you remember the most.  The strange part is SUBWAY is one of the strongest company policy franchises there is period. No leeway, you do it the company way or else.  How this guy got past the health department and SUBWAY franchise management, I never know but they got a scathing letter. 

Update 2014-2016 : The store is gone and so is the strip mall located on one of the busiest crossroads in town.  The entire area three of the four corners is revamped with a Super Wal-mart and Wa-Wa’s  New Majors and new buildings, three new fast foodies.  And they’ll have a deal to come back and I will be looking over their shoulder.  And thats what happened, it’s called Tri-City center.   Besides I’ll have Chipotle’s to keep a Listeria eye on.  Smash Burger, and a New Pizza joint.

And then there’s the guy Jared Fogle, who lost all that weight and you are motivated to go there.  He pushed health, good food, fresh, great place to eat.  In fairness, many of the SUBWAYS I have eaten at have been clean.  My only complaint is when they give you a sandwich which looks nothing like the one in the picture right over the guys head.  

OK their standard bearer was a pervert they made into a hero, and they became the laughing stock of the food industry.   The next 15-plus years will be difficult for Fogle, even if he is transferred to a different prison. “That stigma of what he did will follow him wherever he goes,” “He’s four months into a 16-year sentence and he’s already been assaulted several times by a hierarchy, with varying degrees of respect shown for a wide-ranging array of offenses with sexual assaults against children, the most deplorable. “People like Jared are with the rats and the snitches. No prisoner wants to associate with a child molester. 

Representation in any form is critically analyzed and must be perfect.  But this was whats part of the food rub, what they show you is not what you get.  That's why they rate a three. And portion control does not impress me.  Portion control is like a marriage without love. Sure they will fill you with the fillers but like the old lady screamed, wheres the beef, or the chicken or an extra meatball ?

Industry wise SUBWAY is a very successful franchise environment, ranked in the top and most places do well for the lunch and casual eater crowd.  They had gone to five dollar specials in their advertising and actually did it with some of their favorites. It became popular and a jingle and ads came forth for their “5.00 sandwiches" and they made a following.  

But sometimes it also lowers the bar. If you cut the meat portion by 10% and raise the drink and chip prices by 10%, you just hit the bar at about $7.50 per ticket.  The food business is a carefully balanced game of cost vs. profit and to the average consumer most times you will not notice subtle changes like one less slice of something, the cheap stuff , all you want to fill the bread hole.   Most, a very high percentage are excellent.

Food writer and Health Guru Chris Powell’s 2nd best pick was Subway.   He likes Subway's easy-to-follow nutrition guide. "We can create the body we want simply by following these numbers right here," Powell said. "It's like the blueprint to our body just waiting to be discovered."  From Channel 10 News.  

At around 300 calories, Powell picks Subway's Fresh Fit sandwiches, but forget about the cheese, avocado and dressing.  "I'll tell you what a fantastic option is; vinegar," Powell said. "Believe it or not just a little vinegar, not vinaigrette because vinaigrette is vinegar and oil, and here at Subway they've got that."

Powell said another good choice at the sandwich shop is a turkey flatbread sandwich with loads of veggies. So for $4 you're out the door with a wholesome, well-rounded meal. If ordering a combo meal at Subway, Powell recommends skipping the chips and soda and going with apple slices and a bottled water instead.  “It's going to keep you, No. 1, within your budget, and No. 2, on your diet," Powell added.


TAMPA, Fla. - New this fall, Subway is offering an ‘Autumn Carved Turkey Sandwich’ but one local subway couldn’t serve that or anything for over seven hours last week.  
Our ABC Action News I-Team uncovered that on Tuesday, October 11, Subway at 1951 East Adamo Drive Unit C in Tampa had to temporarily close from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. after inspectors saw over 20 live and dead roaches near the bread warmers, bread machine, sandwich cooler, counter, near chips for customers, reach in cooler, and the cookie display.

🐭  RATS  The state also found evidence of rats inside the kitchen with over 35 rodent droppings under the dry storage shelving area, behind the bread warmer on the front line and rodent chew marks on the wood under the shelving area.
Pesticide/insecticide labeled for 'household use only' was also present in the establishment, which is a violation as restaurants need to have a commercial company spraying for insects.

Among the 30-violations documented last week, inspectors also discovered employees failing to wash their hands, build-up of a mold-like substance near the customer's fountain machine and ice chute on the self-service drink machine and no required employee training certificates for the staff.

Just three months ago, inspectors also found other high priority violations with cold food at dangerous temperatures that could make you sick.  The state found Swiss cheese at 45 degrees, egg patties at 47 degrees and milk at 49 degrees. All cold food should be 41 degrees or below.  The state also documented hot food not hot enough with chicken at 128 degrees when it should be over 135 degrees or above.

Subway’s Statement:    The franchisee took immediate corrective action to address the issues brought forward by the Board of Health. As a result, everything is in compliance and running smoothly now. The Health Department has given the location a clean bill of health. We have taken this opportunity to re-inspect all shops in the area to ensure compliance with our strict food safety standards.