We Discuss His Mental Health

Opinions Based On Commentary From Respected Others And Institutions  — 

It’s Ballsheimers Not Alzheimer’s  —  With deepest concern and sympathy for those families besieged by the effects of Alzheimers, I make no smallness of the battle they are in.   I lost my Brother and some close friends to this horrid disease.  It attacks anyone, has no barriers and brings hell down on those trying to help save a life.  There are few drugs which do not cure but immobilize and the present thinking is stem-cell transplantations might hold promise.  Many in the medical profession believe he is showing signs.

But T-RUMPS attacks need to be addressed and I’m doing it the only way I know how.  I do not believe he has Alzheimers, I think he has Ballsheimers and instead of a circumcision should have a lobotomy and complete removal of his genital organs so he could not propagate.  Now we are stuck with the two morons, Eric and Donny Jr and his pole dancing exhibitionist daughter Ivanka who does have a great rack. ( Some things are socially redeeming). 

Since T-Rump is demanding Hillary’s medical records, we have started to do a little digging of our own and contacted T-RUMPS abstract letter writing doctor who testified that Donald T-RUMP would be the healthiest President the country will ever see.   

No self respecting Dr. would or could write a letter of that kindergarten quality “ Proclaiming TRUMP’S health is positive, in a medical reference with no data attached that would receive a mark of D-minus in the third grade”.  

Trump’s Family Does Have A History Of Alzheimers —   

ED—  But T-RUMP suffers from Ballsheimers which is not related.  Thats when uncontrollably someone says something really stupid, false and asserting wrong about another and can’t remember saying it the next day.  He is in stage four, with total un-recollection and claims of sarcasm apparent. His total cognizance is on concubines.  Our Dr. tells us knows he has exhibited these attacks on a daily basis throughout the election and has refused medical treatment.

Another trait Donald has is “ Friendiphobia”, the relationship disease.  Whenever he quotes someone he never tells you the name of who said it.  It’s always a good friend, great guy, nice person, long time friend, big business man.  Knowing T-RUMP as well as I do chasing him the past year he has no friends, only alliances revolving around money and power.  His real friends or fiends are invisible.   He has all the innuendos and conspiratorialists anyone could ever muster through the Holy Grail of Tabloids.  In a grocery store near you.

I wish the media would start short circuiting those comments by asking and pinning him down before they quote him and confirming it. That is how media should work, not the circus they are part of now and being played for suckers. 

Four Years  —  For almost four years, I’ve been hearing from people in the inner circles of Democrats and Cult GOPism official Washington – The Real Press, GOP lobbyists, Republican pundits, even a few Republican members of Congress – that Donald T-RUMP is remarkably stupid.  

Something on a tenth grade level education… His college was mostly sports, Academia was not his thing.  He thought academia's were peanuts… confusing it with Macadamia.  Millions bought him a Degree. That I do believe, people don’t want their names mentioned but did bring it up.

He shows signs of illiteracy, he’s in his seventies, repeating himself, dementia, mispronounced words, references to past experiences, no answers to direct questions, he reverts to talking points and distortions. 

All of his speeches were off monitors and large TV’s, solo, stunts and diatribes against his enemies.  Basically, with no smarts, he’s dead in the water.  He has to read who, he is.  And there is a reasons for that. He lies and liars have memory problems because the more he lies, the more memory used. Thats why he is surrounded by his pimps and whores…their fear backing up his lies…because he will turn on people in a split second.

My personal investigative belief is he is not a Rhodes Scholar, more like a high School education with few skills…self contained and unadorned, due to incapability of shade of compassion or love, poorly educated by Dads money and those paid to take his exams,  information which is now surfacing is of a full blown sick individual.  His rhetoric is best when he is lying, he cannot separate truth from lies as he lives mentally in an alternative universe.

I have to disagree, in part, but as far as corruption, playing people, cheating, and lying goes he is a genius.  About the only thing he does do well is cheat at golf.  He is well known in the major professional Golf circles for cheating and lieing about his scores and then sending them to the USGA Golf Association that handles handicaps… verified. Just More Lies…

Thus he did not really learn, he played all sports, a draft dodger by Dads influence because it was easy for him to cheat and  avoid testy thing like exams when he sent his surrogates in.   If I could go back in time giving his dad a condom might save the human race.  There were finally a few who knew him, quite specific in their thoughts and comments…

Trump doesn’t think he’s stupid, of course. As he recounted, “I went to an Ivy League college …I did very well.  He  might of achieved a ( DAS) Degree for Attendance in Sports. I’m a very intelligent person.”   Yet T-RUMP wasn’t exactly an academic star.   One of his professors at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Finance purportedly said that he was “ The dumbest  student I ever had.” 

No one is supposed to know of the Donations by Daddy to the school, thats a secret. Well kept too. But there is more…Nor did he tell anyone he had people take tests for him…like entrance exams…( Shhh - It’s a secret)  Bob Woodward’s Book  RAGE is a best seller on T-RUMP and a lot of recorded truth comes out

The Mental And Sociological Aspects Of The President  —   

First we have to understand what makes a liar.   Compulsive lying describes a condition in which a person tells falsehoods out of habit, sometimes for no reason at all.  It is also known as pathological lying, mythomania, and habitual lying.
A German physician named Dr. Delbruck first described the condition in 1891. Five of his patients had a habit of telling excessively large lies. He named their behavior spelled 
pseudologia fantastica in American English. In addition the… 

BPRS Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale — 

The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) is a tool clinicians or researchers use to measure psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and psychoses.

Persons having or suspected of having schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder manifest the disorder in multiple ways. The BPRS assesses the level of 18 symptom constructs such as hostility, suspiciousness, hallucination, and grandiosity. It is particularly useful in gauging the efficacy of treatment in patients who have moderate to severe psychoses such as Narcissism, Delusions, within ten categories…

It is based on the clinician's interview with the patient and observations of the patient's behavior over the previous 2-3 days. The patient's family can also provide the behavior report.

The rater enters a number for each symptom construct that ranges from 1 (not present) to 7 (extremely severe). The time necessary to complete the interview and scoring can be as little as 20-30 minutes.

T-Rump Is Narcissistic — And Dangerous — Source:  USF Data Base — 
We started to look at the mental status of our president, the man who has the keys to world destruction. The faculty we spoke with  (Names Kept Secret) are competent in Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Psychology disorders and  provide an intensive and individually tailored Ph.D. program at the school. 

But Narcissism is a unique mental disorder.  Puzzling to me as I had one year of pSychology in higher education and I still do not think this is the only problem President T-RUMP has.

Beginning in the first year, students choose and then work closely with a faculty advisor to develop a specific research focus based on shared research interests.  Students may specialize within a variety of areas, including cognitive sciencebehavioral neuroscience and social psychology.  

POINTS -  (Research)  Donald J. T-RUMP —  

  • We selected Narcissism as indicted by his behavior pattern which is very evident.   
  • Narcissistic  personalities like T-RUMP harbor sky-scraping delusions about their own capabilities.
  • They exaggerate their accomplishments, focus obsessively on projecting power, and wish desperately to win.
  • The grandiosity of narcissist personalities belies an extreme fragility, their egos as delicate as foam. They live in terror of being upstaged. 
  • They’re too thin skinned to be told they’re wrong.  
  • Narcissistic personalities love nothing more than engineering conflict and sowing division. It destabilizes everyone, keeps them in control.  
  • Narcissistic personalities are vindictive. On a clear day, you can see their grudges forever. 
  • What that means, during this pandemic: T-RUMP is genuinely afraid to lead.  A fear of failure.  He can’t bring himself to make robust use of the Defense Production Act, because the buck would stop with him.
  • He’s got a captive audience, an attention-addict’s dream come to life. It’s just that he, like all narcissistic personalities, has no clue how disgracefully — how shamefully, how deplorably — he’ll be enshrined in memory. 
  • It will be a legacy of death most people will want to forget.  And the model of COVID-19 death for January 2021 will be 540,000 dead.
  • His quest  “ To end corruption and clean up the swamp”.  He did… He replaced the good Obama swamp with a bad cesspool of T-RUMP stooges, liars, crooks, imbeciles, and incompetents, losers… many of whom are in jail now, bad choices all around many based on their campaign contributions.  He will write the most amount of pardons as these people might go against him if arrested or receive a warrant.
  • Pay T-RUMP for your job…What have we learned?  Simple you want to end corruption, look right in the mirror… if you voted for him you helped screw America.  That makes you as guilty as him…

His Dementia Is Apparent - Nuttier Than A Pecan Salad —     

  • POINTS OF DULL BRIGHTNESS - He keeps going back to the past, the 2016 election, Hillary, Comey, Parades, phony audience counts and fake news about the people counted at the inauguration that he lied about and now believes his own lies.  

  • Depressives like Alszheimers dwell in the past and alternative realities. He thrives on blamesmanship.  He is so badly equipped mentally to handle current events, he repeats himself using the past.

  • He tells us of his great works, and so far we can’t really find any.  His school records have been kept secret.  Because it is suspected that he used surrogates to do his work and few professors speak up for him.

  • His so-called “ The Art Of The Deal” was written by Tony Schwartz.  The book is the American Version of Mein Kamph, something Hitler wrote while in confinement.  And T-RUMP had little to do with it except make a lot of money teaching people to lie.

  • Whereas T-RUMP knows nothing of current events or what really happening today because he does not read, he watches FOX news who speak of his glorification. They are liars too, so they get along and the scumbirds who work at FOX get great paychecks for fake tabloid news reporting.

  • He does not get good security briefings, he relies on his instincts, about 4% accurate,  and really hasn’t got a clue about whats really happening.  And people die

  • Relationship with other known liars like Fox news and friends like …Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs both of whom should have been boiled in oil long time ago, as both are just about anything bad I can think of, but true T-RUMP-E-TERS, liars and scumbirders. He makes them a lot of money for his lies and on occasion they invent a few for him

  • He talks about his great business epics.  Whereas when scrutinized were failures and bailouts to the tune of a billion dollars and he survived by bankruptcy, screwing all his partners.  

  • Daddy’s money  -  he received 410 million, nice start for a “ self made man”.  That’s how much money Donald Trump’s businesses lost from 1985 to 1994, according to The New York Times. The newspaper learned the details about a decade’s worth of Trump’s tax records, which indicate that he lost more money than nearly any other individual US taxpayer during that time period.  Thats why he wanted them hidden.

  • His remarks are Junior or Middle school equivalent, he repeats a lot of simple words like great, bigly, terrific wonderful, really good job, and so forth when he is in a complimentary mode which is usually some ignorant cabinet flunky or staffer who got lucky that day and will get cursed out a day later if they do not do his bidding

  • His lame cabinet — All unfit for the position they are in.  We call them placemats.   All supporting the fallacies and corrupt money-making modes Donald operates in.  The others don’t say much, and do nothing or pretend and screw things up.   Take DeVos and Carson for example.

  • When his remarks are usually a lie which he denies the next day and calls it Fake Media, thats why he can’t have  a real press conference since his short time statement ad hoc shooting from the hip, he can’t remember.  His mind in not on the subject it is on some form of hate or retaliation.  Thats why  All press folks now carry small tape recorders to justify his absurd, hilarious and totally Frickin stupid remarks so they cannot be questioned…a day later when he denies saying it

  • It will make very little difference that he lost as he is rejected, by a landslide because his legacy, the defining trait of his presidency and will be his lasting legacy on politics will expound on Cheating, Lieing,  Destruction, Obstructionism, Collusion, Cronyism and Covert scams.  Thats his alternate universe first brought to the surface by KellyAnne Conway, another liar.

  • He has made the big lie acceptable on the first point, it’s important to remember that Trump didn't win in 2016 because people thought he was honest and trustworthy.  Just 33% of voters said they believed him to be honest and trustworthy, according to exit polling, while 64% said he was not.  Most remarkably, 1 in 5 people who said T-RUMP wasn’t honest or trustworthy voted for him anyway.  
    They voted out of hate for the incompetency of the Federal Government and so-called corruption which was nothing more than greed , money, power, caused by a systemic methodology of doing business by corrupt politicians like McConnell and others.
    Generally that fits in the category of blooming idiot syndrome. Instead of eliminating a few scumbags, you replaced the government with T-RUMPS scumbags who are really, really from another planet in our solar system…URANUS

  • That will be the T-RUMP part of the legacy — no matter when he loses in 2020, he thinks his legacy that not telling the truth is OK — as long as you get away with it.  We will make sure that is not what will happen.

  • Four Presidents lied to us about Viet-Nam.  Even today my intel tells me we are not getting the real story about Afghanistan.  Thats because Mike Pompeo is not trustworthy either.  That facts are fun things to play with.  That reality is in the eye of the beholder.  And when truth is uncovered a lie was made and has to be accounted for

  • It’s sad that there are no more Harry Truman’s.  He was strong, determined and honest. It took guts to use the bomb, it takes guts to be honest with the people, these are traits  Donald “Bone Spurs” T-RUMP is missing.  Bully’s act like that, most like T-RUMP are armchair warriors, cowards, not leaders.

T-RUMP and Toilet Paper  —  His record is very clear… not much of anything good there thats good to look at, cheating and substitutions, delays and poor business habits were apparent but one thing he does have good taste just like Henry the Eighth,  who was known for his opulence and getting rid of eight wives.   T-RUMP has three so far and a host of porno queens and would screw a snake if he could get it to stand still. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 8.55.54 AM

He has great taste and other peoples money, when you have 3500 lawsuits from people you never paid you can afford luxury toilet paper.

We did get a peep at DonaldT-Rumps personal toilet tissue.  Then the great toilet paper shortage struck — Covid supply problems of toilet tissue  asked the question — what does Donald wipe his ass with  —  We found Donald T-Rumps personal Trumpet toilet paper  —   And he had an ample supply.

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A TYPICAL T-RUMP Kingly Indication —

He Shows Symptoms Of Pseudologia Fantastica  —  

  • Many people are dishonest on occasion. Yet pathological liars tend to lie more frequently regardless of context.  Habitual lying often has the following traits:

  • The lies are believable and may have truthful elements. A person who has the flu might tell co-workers the symptoms are in fact AIDS or some other serious illness.

  • The lying continues for a long period of time and is not caused by some immediate pressure. A person who lies repeatedly about an affair would typically not qualify as a habitual liar, since the lies result from the desire to keep a secret.

  • The lies tend to present the person lying in a positive light. A person is more likely to lie about having a Ph.D than claim they dropped out of high school.

  • The lies have an internal—rather than external—motivation. A child with abusive parents might lie compulsively to avoid harm.  These falsehoods would not be considered compulsive because the lying is motivated by an outside threat.

  • Before determining that someone is lying compulsively, clinicians will generally rule out other possible causes. Someone who has delusions or false memory syndrome is unlikely to qualify as a habitual liar. In general, a pathological liar must recognize they are saying something untrue.

Compulsive Lying Vs. Pathological Lying  —  

  • The terms “compulsive lying” and “pathological lying” are often used interchangeably. Medical literature currently does not differentiate between these terms. Yet there are professionals within the mental health community who classify the terms as subtly different conditions.

  • In this framework, compulsive lying is the habit of telling falsehoods uncontrollably. People in this category may be more comfortable telling lies than telling the truth. They may lie repeatedly about important as well as unimportant matters.
  • People who lie compulsively often have no ulterior motive. They may even tell lies which damage their own reputations. Even after their falsehoods have been exposed, people who lie compulsively may have difficulty admitting the truth.

  • Meanwhile, pathological lying often involves a clear motive. A person may lie to gain attention or admiration. Other lies may be designed to garner pity or help from others.   Even self-harming lies may provide some form of internal gratification.

  • People who lie pathologically may mix falsehoods with the truth to make their lies more credible. As such, pathological lying is often considered a subtler form of manipulation than compulsive lying.

  • Trump seems supremely cognizant of the fact that he is always acting. He moves through life like a man who knows he is always being observed. If all human beings are, by their very nature, social actors, then Donald Trump seems to be more so—superhuman, in this one primal sense.

  • Many questions have arisen about T-RUMP during his tenure for the past four years, his lack of knowledge, about his platform, issues, language, his level of comfort with political violence. This article touches on some of that. But its central aim is to create a psychological portrait of the man. 

  • Who is he, really? How does his mind work?  How might he go about making decisions in office, as president? And what does all that suggest about the sort of president he’d be?  I guess we all found out that he is a mentally incapable narcississtic habitual lying individual lacking moral and social skills.

  • Psychologists disagree whether compulsive lying can stand alone as its own diagnosis. Currently, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) does not recognize it as a separate mental health condition. Yet compulsive lying does appear as a symptom of several larger conditions.  Compulsive lying may be a symptom of:
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 7.11.08 AM

  • Irony, they cheer when he promotes hatred and smears toward people and then they call themselves Evangelicals.  Even his religious followers are frauds… Like a magnet he attracts losers 

  • He has never asked for forgiveness from anyone or anything a day in his life.  As one columnist said when Donald gets down on one knee pretending he’s praying he’s probably looking up someones skirt. 

  • He claims he picked the best.  His advisors are sycophants and one is ( Stephen Miller) worse, a White Nationalist Team Leader and a promoter of racial hatred who writes his scripts.   He is the Goebbels of the NAZI era working for T-RUMP.  baby of the other cohorts went to jail till T-RUMP pardoned the to had Barr f*ck things up.

  • He is hated by his own family. It seems his relatives don’t like him in books and tapes by his niece and his sister, word is out he cheated on his college entrance exams, he had others take his tests for him. His sister claims she did his homework.   And then there is the problem of the draft board.   Next…

The Presidents Older Sister on Tape…And In A Book  —  

  • President Donald Trump’s older sister Maryanne T-RUMP Barry described him as a “cruel” man with “no principles” in tapes that were secretly recorded in 2018 and 2019 by his niece, Mary T-RUMP.  The recordings, which were published by The Washington Post late on Saturday, are the first to emerge from one of the president’s siblings criticizing his character.

  • They show Mrs. Barry, a former federal judge, delivering a critical assessment of her brother’s handling of the presidency and provide the basis for some claims made by Mary T-RUMP in her recent tell-all memoir which casts her uncle as a dangerous narcissist.

  • “All he wants to do is appeal to his base,” Barry said in one recording. “He has no principles. None. None. And his base, I mean my God, if you were a religious person, you want to help people. Not do this.”   “His godamn tweets and lying, oh my God,” Barry said. The lack of preparation. The lying. Holy sh*t.”

  • Mary T-RUMP told The Washington Post that she recorded 15 hours of conversations between her and Barry in an effort to demonstrate she had been misled about T-RUMP family patriarch Fred T-RUMP Sr.’s will.   In July, Mary T-RUMP published “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” and she has said she is supporting Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden.

  • In another recording, Barry said she worked to help get her brother into college, including by doing his homework for him. She also makes an allegation that appears in Mary Trump’s book: That Trump did not take his college entrance exams.    

  • “He got into University of Pennsylvania because he had somebody take the exams,” Barry said in the recording.  “SATs or whatever,” Barry said. “That’s what I believe he did , it was a pattern.
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