Don’t Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam

Cause I’ll Show You A House Full Of Sh*T / or Rats

One Word Description, Food and Service  —  Horrid 

  • Four times - Three locations witnessed Cro-Magnon leadership by management, 
  • Mental  problems at four locations —  
  • Upmost at high decibel noise levels of “ sportspeople, enthusiasts  and idiots possiblymore inebriated than just loud…
  • Not a place to take a wife or date, the impression it will leave is that you are a moron.

High Lights — More Horrid —  

  • Worst wings we ever had at three of their locations, small burnt, coated uneven, dark (perhaps the fryer oil was dirty or cross contamination in the sauce bowls… not too much to them, some had the end feathers still on, low quality… I know wings, these are very low end imports.
  • Worst Service - At all three locations south and in Pinellas County  —  All three locations — The two burgers we ordered were either burnt and basically inedible. At two times like sat under the heat lamps for a slow waitress making beer runs.
  • Casual dinning failing miserably in numbers, at various locations, thats nothing but poor franchise or high level management problems.
  • Obviously the corporation high end know nothing about a chain of this size and was forced to sale.  It was sold to owners of Arby’s, another failing chain and Sonic, of people who like to eat in their car.  
  • This answers the question, if you had three loosing deals in the food industry which would you pick.  Arby’s and Sonic just wasted 2.4 Billion dollars.
  • Great new advertising food is still crap but plenty of free corporate bullsh*t extreme excuses.


Rat Dies In Buffalo Wild Wings In Los Angeles    An unwelcome surprise dropped onto a woman’s table at a Buffalo Wild Wings in the Westchester area of Los Angeles the other day — a live rat dropped from the ceiling onto her table.   Alisha XXXXXX  says the manager claims construction is to blame.   “I knew the rat was going to be injured because it hit like a Mack truck,” she said.  ( Didn’t know rats drive nor they were aware of construction, they move to a place because food is available) 

Norman says she hadn’t even ordered when she heard something overhead.  "You could hear something come down," she said. Norman, on vacation from Texas, says she requested a manager who came over to help, with two plates in his hands.  

EDITOR:  Two Points—  I do not believe people from Texas are that stupid  — But obviously this couple is —and they are Lucky it wasn’t the whole ceiling falling on her head. 

Meet The Schmucks  —   “ He took two plates and then they just picked it up and dumped it in a bag," she said. "It was terrible. It was disgusting.”  She's not angry.  She says the manager took care of her bill.

Wow and Holy Sh*t —  To  compensate for the lunchtime fallout.  I hope they washed the plates and the menus and the table.   And saved the carcass for the examiner to test…but burn the place down first…

  • NOTE:  Obviously these people must have gotten right off the boat. from Texas  —  
  • This is ignorance at a very high level. This is endangerment.  
  • Too stupid to comment on, I would have been out the door in a flash, and scrubbing. 
  •  I would have to be checked for  Diseases directly transmitted by rodents, 
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, 
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, 
  • Lassa Fever, 
  • Leptospirosis, 
  • Lymphocytic Choric-meningitis (LCM), 
  • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, 
  • Plague, 
  • Rat-Bite Fever, 
  • Salmonellosis, 
  • South American Arena-viruses (Argentine hemorrhagic fever, 
  • Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, 
  • Sabin-associated hemorrhagic fever, 
  • Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever) and Tularemia, 
  • Calling the food police and the state Heath inspectors.   
  • The dust breathing from rodents carries these disease’s and with fans and AC going, what about other people included in the dinner at other tables during the past week who were not aware?
  •  Obviously Americans have two shortcomings, they vote for the loudest voice, facial recognition, TV ads and biggest lies and know little about the crap ( literally)  they put in their mouths

Typical Corporate Bullsh*t Reply  —  A spokesperson for Buffalo Wild Wings issued the following statement: “ The isolated incident at the Westchester-area Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles yesterday was unfortunate. The center where the restaurant is located is undergoing significant construction and we are confident it was directly related. 

We hold buffalo wild wings to the highest operating standards and promptly closed the restaurant for proper remediation, cleaning and sanitization.    we look forward to reopening soon to once again serve our guests in the Westchester area.”  

Burn The place Down You Asshole  — They should burn the place down for the rats and the lousy food… 

They Don’t At Corporate Level Reply To Or Answer Letters Or Emails  —
Now I Am After Them — 


Look Ethel, Thats Fred Down There, He Must Have Been In The Wings Again
… I Warned Him…They Were No Good… He Was Reading The Menu…
I Know It’s Fred, He’s Got Your Ears… He Should Have Read Al’s Page 
On Wings, Their’s Really Suck — 

Letter To Corporate Imbeciles — And Even Dumber Customers —

Dear Incompetent Person Who wrote Corporate Reply —  Whoever you are, maybe you are not aware of what the rat, our little furry friends can carry,  I hope they changed you to work another area, preferably another location miles away put you in charge of garbage removal… and it would have been better if you had left.  Obviously where there is one rat there are more rats and you don’t know the extent of the infiltration.

And explain to the customers who are really weak minded and ignorant who met the rat, to have taken pictures left and found an attorney.  Went home and scrubbed.  We take rat infestations seriously here in Florida.  It’s obvious you’re not aware or understand the connection and stayed there for the free meal… not smart…  Ever hear of rat droppings, etc.  

That means the place was contaminated.    They were shut down and BWW is being sold to ARBY’s and Sonic who will screw it up worse… Los Angeles has rats they come across oceans with disease from foreign countries aboard ships.  Many of these problems like Hep-A can stay alive from contact for hours and be contagious.

  Al Jacobs        

Diseases Directly Transmitted By Rodents  —  Our Medical Safety Staff — 

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome,  Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome,  Lassa Fever,  Leptospirosis,
Lymphocytic Choric-Meningitis (LCM),  Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever,  Plague,  Rat-Bite Fever,  Salmonellosis,
South American Arena,  Argentine Hemorrhagic fever,  Bolivian hemorrhagic fever,  Sabin-Associated hemorrhagic fever,
Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever,  Tularemia…

Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) are a group of illnesses caused by four families of viruses. These include the Ebola and Marburg, Lassa fever, and yellow fever viruses. VHFs have common features: they affect many organs, they damage the blood vessels, and they affect the body's ability to regulate itself

An autopsy should have been done on the rat to make sure he died from the fall, they don’t live alone and have babies every twenty-one to twenty-nine days.  Rats can survive falls, he might of eaten some of the Buffalo Wild Wings lousy food as they love the smell of stale food, beer (Hops and Barley) and Chicken wings there.  Maybe he died from food poisoning.  See above chart and if you don’t feel well get medical attention fast,  think Ebola and COVID level illnesses from rats 


Tyrone Buffalo Wild Wings Shut By Food Police To Get The Place Exterminated 

Inspector's Note 7/21/2021   Largo —  High Priority - Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area and/or bar area. 4 dead flies on floor in walk in cooler left of cooks line. 5 flies on cooks line cutting board and serving handles. 100 flies on dry storage racks, light panels, and boxes in kitchen. 20 flies around bug light in rear of kitchen. 10 flies in dining room. 3 flies observed behind bar on bottle spits and soda gun.

PRESS RELEASE - High End Corporate Guano  — 

  •   Efforts by Buffalo Wild Wings’ new franchisor to revive the brand are already paying off for franchisee Diversified Restaurant Holdings (DRH), with same-store sales rising at the end of 2018 for the first time in three years, said DRH CEO David Burke.  ( Not Again, Another Total Crock of  Sh*t, Different Day)

  • He attributed the 64-unit franchisee’s comp sales growth of 2.2% during the last quarter of 2018 squarely to initiatives undertaken by Buffalo Wild Wings’ new owner, Inspire Brands.  Adjusted for bad weather in some of DRH’s markets, the comp gain amounted to 3%, the company said.  ( Professional Fake Bean Counting Applications Utilized For Stockholders)

  • Inspire Brands, Inc., formerly Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc., is the owner of the Arby's restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, Rusty Taco and Sonic Drive-In. The company’s headquarters and Global Support Center is located in the city of Sandy Springs, GA, in Atlanta’s Perimeter Center district.  

  • “We believe this is a testament to the creative, measured approach being taken by the new franchisor to reenergize and rebuild the Buffalo Wild Wings brand, coupled with our focus on guest experience, loyalty attachment and development of the delivery channel,” Burke said.   ( Champion Suck-Up And Professional Horseshit) 

  • He did not specify which of the initiatives undertaken by Inspire were most effective in boosting sales. INSPIRE executives have said their turnaround plan is still being drafted.   ( Thus It Was Pure Luck)  To date, efforts to rejuvenate the brand have largely been marketing-related and tied to the NFL season.  For instance, dine-in guests could vie for prizes during a fantasy football game offered exclusively by the chain during the fall and winter.  Wow, Holy Sh*T Batman, Thats Novel, Not One Frickin World About Making The Food Better And Better Hiring To Improving Employee Relations)  

  • Inspire is testing a new format for the chain in four locations, but that endeavor was unlikely to generate material benefits for DRH during Q4. It was not revealed if one of the test sites is a DRH operation.  ( They Are Keeping It A Secret So When It Fails No One Will Know,  We Know About Electronic Waitress Less Ordering)

  • Nonetheless, DRH CEO Burke was effusive in praising the home office’s efforts to date.    He cited confidence in the brand as the reason for DRH’s decision to purchase nine Buffalo Wild Wings units in and around Chicago. The seller and other terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Burke noted that the stores generated earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of $4.5 million on revenues of $32.7 million for 2018. It Was That Or Commit Seppuku The Real Term For Hari-Kari) 

  • The figures were aired in a prerelease of DRH’s unaudited results for the fourth quarter of 2018. Despite the rise in comps for the period, DRH’s revenues fell 6.7%, to $39.1 million. The quarter consisted of 13 weeks, compared with 14 weeks in the year-ago time frame.  DRH’s restaurants are located in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri.  ( Leave Florida anytime you want, you won’t be missed) 

Three Buffalo Wild Wings Locations In Florida We Ate At They Were All Bad — 


I state right at the bottom of this page the disappointment with BWW and  I would not eat again at BWW for fear of dire consequence from my significant other because she called it —
“ Nothing but a loud sports bar with Crap food”.   

She said there were a lot of other sports bars with better food and atmosphere in the area.  Since we had visited several and she was right.  Low and behold,  my frequent food partner and designated picky eater and taster ( She is great and can dissect a meal across the room) won a gift certificate for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings in a Christmas drawing.  

So we took up on the prize offer, (no collusion it was an auction drawing) and being at the mall made it a no-brainer.  Well, this trip we learned some valuable lessons. But with the turnover in these places what do we see next.  This is the third time a corporate beanie counter problem.  We never went back, bad again, never again.

Buffalo Wild Wings - Three Local Places  Had Better Wings  —  

  • Wings are their theme, but I thought it was a bit pricey, a nice way for a critic to say, “ Too frickin much”  for chicken wings.  When you measured them against their zillion or so varieties of sauce, who cares, cheap wings with little meat,  no meat on the wings. You are paying for sauce, expensive sauce.

  • They brag about, and minutia sized  (A nice way for a critic to say (super small cheap wings)  which was nothing spectacular.  They were a low grade wing smothered in concoctional sauces that might just be sitting around for days.

  • When you survey, looking for the best you develop a sense of what a good wing is and what a commercial grade B price per pound of imported frozen Chinese Chicken, Indonesia, Thailand or All Of Europe is.  Theirs was the latter but like we say after the third beer, anything can taste good.  Maybe morons and lots of beer make them taste better and louder, the noise levels are high and my guests on three occasions never felt comfortable there.

  • This is a sports bar and wings are sports food, sort of a culinary Neanderthal, not quite Cro-Magnon touch to the noisy hooping and hollering male communion called “a Sports Bar”. 

  • Basically quality food is superseded by the essential of a myriad of sauces and very cold beer.  Healthy?  No nothing in there is healthy, it’s sports food.  Lots of salt and deep frying, creates very few healthy choices on the menu here.  The “ sports enthusiasts”  had bellies, some huge bellies told the whole story.

  • The salad was a prepackaged mix, commonly used by chains but some of whom made the salmonella list this year.  I don’t want bagged salad with dressings in packages hand shoveled onto a plate.

  • When we entered the newly opened establishment, located at the Largo Mall it was brand new clean and had all the BWW Corpo decorations.  I asked for a table far from the bar realizing I couldn’t even hear myself.   Shortly we were seated, as no one else was on line to get in.  

  • Seating took maybe five minutes in Largo. In Sarasota it took ten minutes to be acknowledged, another ten to get seated.  In Palm Harbor less time but it took longer to order because we had to scream over the noise. None were that busy, badly trained help.  

  • Finally after ten minutes someone, I suppose the server realized we were there.  A young typical college age server with the vocabulary of the times, “ Hey wazzup yuse guys”, or “ youz guys”, and so forth.   Bad super bad employee training…we ordered 10 wings, half of them sweet Teriyaki  and half Parmesan cheese, with celery, blue cheese and two burgers for the entree.  Thirty-five minutes later they arrived by a different server. Sounds like the kitchen was no better than the servers…

  • We only drink water, as my guest and I have been ordered by our doctors.  Soda is a drink compounded by three things that kill you, sugar, carbonic acid, and artificial  “God know what else they put in them”.    We ordered one of the burgers, a house special and one a relatively plain burger for my gal.  

  • We did not see our waitress nor the food for almost 35 minutes.  Neither did the other tables around us with four waitresses and they were not that busy at all. In fact one of the managers was busing the food out so something was not right.  The water never got refilled till we were leaving like an afterthought, tip time.

  • The wings were small, either grade three or four.  Way too crispy and overcooked.  The saving grace was drowning them in the commercial blue cheese.  They tasted fried to death, dried to death, probably sat under the heat lights too long and shrunken is the best word.  We left two as basically inedible.

  • The burgers were horrid, basically overcooked beyond the 165 fahrenheit, no pink at all, just shrunk and brown throughout. One of the worst burgers I had this year even giving Wendy’s competition for the worst.  And the tab was outrageous for the quality and service.  Three strikes…  This was not worth 32.00.  Service was poor. Food was horrible. Prices were high.        WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID — THIS ONE SUMMED IT UP  — 



This Location Was The Third Stop We Do With A Franchise To See If There Is Continuity 
Either Good Or Bad In The Chain… All Were Bad 100 Reviews got them a 2.5 count