10801 Starkey Rd Near Publix
Suite 24  Seminole
,   FL 33777

Location: Bardmoor Village    EXCELLENT

A great little place that seems to be busy all the time, just around the corner from Bella Italia, in the Bardmoor shopping center.  

A pleasure to have two jewels in the same mall area.  Stock American cuisine , burgers, eggs, etc and you won’t go away hungry or disappointed.  

Big  favorite with the locals and usually thats a good sign. Breakfast is served all hours especially since they are located next to a hospital complex. 

The place is ultra clean and modern looking. The service is top notch, the food fresh and it's got a busy attitude about it and I like that.  It tells you others think the same thing about it.


After donating some blood at the hospital across the street, with the usual fasting for twelve hours, I was a hungry raging bull by ten AM.  

The nurse, Mrs. Dracula, recommended I try the CLUBHOUSE since they order from there all the time.  That tells me consistency, medical people are very food conscious.

Bingo, I ordered the “ Carb-diac" special, I needed a food transfusion. Much protein. I had three over medium, a huge hamburger x two, a large pile of home fries, three coffees, a liter of Cranberry juice I had in my canteen (just in case I got too dried out from the fast), and toast.  I redeemed my fasted body.

It was hot, on the spot and service with a smile was excellent.  By the way, we don’t disclose what we are doing and tell it like it is.  Their menus are on a big screen, the food fresh and hot…they do the ordinary quite well.

I have eaten there about twenty times. Great little quiet nice homey joint....

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