To go fishing is the chance to wash one’s soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of sun on blue water.

It brings meekness and inspiration from the decency of nature, charity toward tackle-makers, patience toward fish, a mockery of profits and egos, a quieting of hate, a rejoicing that you do not have to decide a darned thing until next week. 

And it is discipline in the equality of men — for all men are equal before fish.”     

                                                                    Herbert Hoover
—The Engineer President, and Avid Fly Fisherman

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The red tide organism, Karenia brevis, was not observed in samples collected statewide over the past week.  No reports of 
fish kills suspected to be related to red tide were received over the past week. Respiratory irritation suspected to be related to red tide was not reported in Florida over the past week.

🐟  Welcome To My Thoughts,  Fishing,  And Our Planet  —  President Hoover…He was right about fishing…   I too,  like it's solitude, it’s a chance to reason and think things out.  A chance to seek “ What really is”.  I have been a soloist all my life, I follow my path, in some cases it worked out.  My curiosity drives me — 

Sometimes landmines… But I had great coaching from uncles and acquaintances with invented patented products and successful import businesses —  They were not content with mediocrity, they were soloists too, gamblers, futurists and inventors. I walked my own walk, and not afraid to talk about it.

Brooklyn bound, I learned to read early  in a world with no TV and no internet, books were my medicine.  Somehow my curiosity watching, reading and learning told me I was on my own.  I think, I alone found the school library,  attending one of the worst High Schools in NY and the wonderful Public Library on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn which led me to the   esteemed NY Public Library,  which to me was Valhalla.

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 6.16.39 AM

The libraries were my real school — wonderful librarians who helped me and cared, it opened my mind to all kinds of things,  and a safe haven when playing hooky.    Truant cops never checked the libraries.  I never went to the second and eighth grades, the school system advanced me,   it was my strategy and I graduated HS at sixteen and two months. Two years ahead of my peers.

To escape I went fishing at the Canarsie pier in lower Brooklyn or near Floyd Bennet Naval air station.  Couple trips to the upper Hudson and some reservoir fishing in fresh water.  Met some strange local characters but they knew how to catch the flounder, stripped bass, bluefish, weakfish, porgy, fluke, sharks, even sturgeon. Over fifty varieties frequent these waters , many were transient and seasonal, and the locals knew where and when.  Buying a guy a beer filled my cooler on occasion.

Much of my site encompasses what I do, I am a researcher, in Politics, the Military, Aviation, Food Dangers , and Fake Theologians and Frauds, but my other interest  is in the damages that Pollution and Global warming cause.  There are two kinds of people in this world, those who construct, and  correct and those who obstruct and destroy.  I chase the latter.

I simply say life is just  like a library, you get the choice to read all the fiction and non-fiction and make choices of your own, believing in truth or unsubstantiated fodder, conspiratorialists and greedy bastards.  

Converting that to my passion, looking for truth, I find Democrats like creating positive construction while Republicans practice destruction and dishonesty.   When a GOP player tells you their bill ( which is rare, they offer nothing) is great, it’s like Himmler or Goebbels telling the inmates in the slave death camps next year they’ll get air-conditioning.

Thats why I Fish, it’s like research, you never know what you will find or whats on the other side or end of things.  It’s called curiosity followed by discovery and sometimes a whole bunch of rabbit holes.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 4.04.05 AM


🐟   My World  —  Back in The Game

In my later years I had somehow accumulated lots of parts, plumbing, hardware, gadgets, stock and gizmos from closings, stores that went under, almost a garage full.    Many of the gizmos you find in my photo sections from high-speed slide scanners, custom built rigs and DIY gadgets were put together from this stockpile of human failures, scraps and refurbished for the market. 

Several of my attempts at building fishing tools and gadgets from this  junk worked as well, surprising me more than  anyone else.  Half the fun of building something is just that.  Using your stuff on hand and being successful with it is the second half.   It’s not about frugal, it’s about challenge and winning.   Twenty years of junk netted piles of  Steel, Brass, Copper and Aluminum. Screws, nuts and bolts,  I guess that makes me a recycler.   Off to the metals recycler and a paycheck.  I can see the garage floor now.

🎺 —  I am now in command with enough room for a possible  Kayak and two  hundred dollars richer. The two hundred had a Fly Gear Basic Kit —  #8  ORVIS FLY ROD  adding to my two-piece cheap trunk light weight fly next to my sabiki rig  —  and my favorite 7/8 streamer rig wading in temperate 7/8 Inshore - Islands, Inland and Bays around here.  My Japanese Fly Rod is a wall hanger circa ’60.  No guts, no broken bamboo… does however look impressive in my rack —  Four fly rods, five spinners, one bait-caster, couple kids Zebco's.

My Motto:  Yes, my favorite dig is “ Yup, that fish brain sure outsmarted you”.  The science and the art in fishing, is really situational awareness.  It is investing the time and preparation so you understand the patterns and processes of your adversary.   You are against the simplified brain in that fish for some and it can be a challenge for many  —  

I found all two of my pristine Penn Spinners, added three new I traded a small motor for more I had put away, I sold off my Penn Senators “ 4/0 -5/0 with the boat decades ago, but I kept a new Senator  Special 3/0.   Everything got clean-relubed and conventional and spinning gear, lubed,  re-spooled and polished.   All is well and looks good too.  No junk in my bunk --

I live in Tampa Bay and with an abundance of salt-water wade-able bays, shoreline and flats  — Over a hundred miles  or more of such, the 7/8 does the trick.  Baby tarps are spawned in our inlets and a blast on lighter tackle.  A strong leader is critical as their scales are like knife edges.  Flourocarbon is favored in 20/30/40  lb.

Tampa Bay waters are fruitful with Trout, Snook, Redfish, Jack Crevalle, Cobia, Ladyfish, Mackerel, Flounders, Grouper, Snapper, Baby Tarpon and lots of  Shark.   Thats for a serious wading game day on the flats.  Sunup by seven and with Florida heat out by eleven.  Lunch and a cold beer at eleven before a heat stroke.  

My charter friends with boats have off-shore heavy stuff gear, and  I can use their gear.   I stick with light to medium, I’m too old for dragging  and cranking bigger Senators,  and the charter guys rig all their gear and know better.  We have some great fisherman in this area, most of the local captains call the bay and offshore West Coast the Valhalla of The Sport from the great Bend to Key West.  

I Am An Aviator — Thirty-Two Years  — We too on the SW side of Florida are great boat builders, really  great boats.   I was a boater, power, skiff for fishing, even raced on catamarans and sailboats 16-18 - 41 ft., big and small.
I had three boats before I was 35, but too much work.  
One was too small for a marina, and offshore, and too big for my garage.  I gave up on boats, being that they are a hole in the ocean you fill with money.  I had a greater dream  and found out the truth, the sky is bigger than the ocean and that hole as I found out is bigger.  I bought and sold my first of many airplanes, not models real planes  —  And it made access for great fishing.  Here’s how it worked out…  I had use of one later on within a partnership but went back to aviation alone.  Some partners are great, some are dangerous.

Pure Luck —  Couple thousand hours plus in different models of Pipers, Grumman's and Cessna's and flew for 32 years… I just swapped trips in my plane, they paid the fees for the boat charter, and paid my share of room, board and the charter, I went along onboard for the fishing.   Gas was cheap then. No money involved and legal, called trip sharing.

My plane covered the state pretty quick, and we fished the East coast, one hour away and Key West, which is 217 NM direct from Tampa in under two hours.  We left at “ O-Dark Thirty” two hours before sunrise.  Flying North to South, sunup was not an issue.

It was a nice long day on the water, not having to do much except fish, we ate, relaxed, swapped lies, we talked, had a good time, and went straight to bed.  Fished a half day the next morning and headed back to Tampa later that day.  It was condensed, but fun almost every minute.

  It was just people and toiletries and if we were successful  a box of filets frozen flew back with us, “ No guts, just the glory”  —  Had some great week ends.  It was good deal for me.  Three passengers, sober people, overnight,  light on baggage.  KEY WEST DRESS CODE — flip flops and shorts, a hat and toiletries gear, meds and fluids, the charter boats had all the right gear and rigs.   Rules were important, No muss, no mess, no mas, and my usuals were guys of medium statue keeping under the limits of the aircraft and most important non-drinkers,  we just fished.  We also did a couple of larger charters in my friends twin, the 411 twin. 


🌪  Weather  —  Tornadoes Thunderstorms and Lightning Don’t Like The Weather  — Mother Nature is a Bitch  — give her ten minutes and it will change —

🦀🏌🏿‍♂️ Four Freshwater Ponds —  less than fifty yards from  my garage door,  are part of the ponds of the golf course… they are connected.   Strickly recreational fishing,  nothing is there for the table.  Safe for fly casting prowess,  and just testing techniques.   

🦐   Pawns and Prawns —  Yesterday two kids that live nearby fished the ponds and got two bass,  a one pounder juvenile and a two pounder on a worm 18 inches and a crank bait.  I was going to recruit them, I mentor kids in High School  and they can test my latest baits for me but school, masks, COVID is so screwed up in Florida due to the stupidest mini-clone T-RUMP actor,  Governor moron,  things are tough on these kids getting treated as “ Political Pawns".

🩺    Chemical Poison  Never take a fish from a golf course pond.  Golf Courses, and those who live near ponds  use Chemistry, some ( most) deny it… and with flood rain it leaches into the ponds.  I  wear  a nitrile medical glove while handling anything alive.   Bottle of sanitizer hung from my belt is a precaution.   

💨 🌊   Hurricanes  Warnings of  a rough Hurricane season which turned drought into fifteen days of horrendous thunderstorms. The lead was ‘ Hurricane  “ ELSA Update”  06/08/2021:     And something we call  Red Tide.   which gets it’s own page.

🚱  Fresh Water  —  We Have Snakes  —   Mosquitos — Insects  —  Florida has lakes,  inland streams, and just a few miles away, a beautiful mangrove shoreline with all the best saltwater species in attendance and a fridge with cold beer not too far.   A small Yeti is a good idea.  We also have Water Moccasins, and Rattlers, Coral Snakes and some nasty bugs along lakes and streams.  Be alert!  We also have many good snakes like the Black and Corn racers that keep mice and fruit rats under control. We also have a mock black water snake that imitates a Cottonmouth.

🌁   Bridge Fishing  —   Some of the best bridge fishing in Tampa Bay and the inshore and offshore near Pasco country is excellent trout country on silver mullet colored  L& S Bait company, MirrOlures,  during May, and April.  Their plant is a three iron or wood one  shot from my condo front door.   My personal golf game calls it a par nine.

🚸 🌆  Safety  —  Today it is 93 Degrees and About 77% Humidity.  You will dehydrate just standing still.  You need both Hydration and skin protection, fifty is a good start, our sunburns go off the charts, many wind up in the hospital, and will get you to the ER a lot faster than you might think.   

🏥   You Will Dehydrate  And Sunburn - 2021 is a year I want to forget.  Recently I had removed two small lesions, a relative minor but never-the-less bout with skin cancer.   Got to be careful and alert.  It's more dangerous than you think and judging by the crowd at the dermatologist all too popular a sport.

  • Dress for success and that means breathable heat changing clothing,  With my recent heart condition, which having an alert and a great doctor,  I have to watch things more carefully but I am doing very well so far.  I am home before eleven -thirty or twelve.   Just too damn hot this time of year.
  • Almost every Captain I know wears long sleeves, wicking shirts, hats with a neck or face protector, polaroid glasses and a water bottle.   Sunburn and skin cancer are not taken lightly.

  • They know the damage it can do for you.   All of the fishing stores and shops sell approved wear for the angler, look cool and be cool.   On the flats I have even in the skiff I wear a personal protection life jacket,  or belt safety shown.   Fifty-nine dollars can save your life… does not get in the way and a quick release on my belt.
  • Neither interfere with fishing and the way weather and tides change here in Florida, its important.

🦈  SHARKS Warning:  If smart,  do not wade after the sun heads down, few know that Tampa Bay, Florida is the great birthing area for many specie of sharks who deliver at sundown  in the shallow coastal darkness many frequenting both coastal and intercostal areas.  Especially the beaches.

YOU NAME THE SHARK SPECIE IT—  probably lives here, some part time, not usually whites but anything is possible,  aggressive bulls and hammerheads,  pointers, white/black tips,  nurse, thresher,  spinners and others.  Read the regulations again about what you can harvest and what you can’t.  These laws change frequently as the researchers battle Mother Nature, and have to adjust the harvesting.  So make sure you have a current brochure handy or on your cellphone for your area and harvesting regulations.  The Fines Are Not Small  — And Our Fish And Game People Are Very Protective, Friendly But They Write Tickets.

🌾  Harvesting  —   Handle game fish carefully and release and let them grow up and reproduce.   I have a cooking session on this site;  I prefer Fresh Grouper, Snapper, Tilapia, Salmon and Tuna cooked in a variety of styles including Fish Tacos… I know where to buy and have a fishmonger friend and he has his own boats, I trust him.   I fish for the solitude and sport, once in a while I get a good keeper.

The weather and mother nature caused much harm this year,  global warming is apparent and ignored  —   I cannot believe how ignorant people will be when BS political stations play down the warming  and reality,  TV and bullsh*t shows count more than truth.

NOTE:  New Circulation About Round barbless non-offset hooks avoiding stainless ( see new Florida regs and suggestions) for saltwater use for easy release and no injury to the fish… tournament rules all available on line.

🐟  Fish Scams —  Something Fishy Here  — The BIG Lies — Before a new sheriff in agriculture for Florida came on the scene, the big signs on the restaurant sidewalks in Tampa Bay, all sides of the bay, Pinellas Pasco, Sarasota, Manatee Counties told us of   “ The great catch of the bay today” .  

 Bullsh*t”   “ It was catch of the day in a bay somewhere else in this world ”  — 

  • “ From Somewhere else in the world” — Fish and shrimp traveled very far frozen.  Today almost nothing in retail and  big box stores, the shrimp or pond grown fish produce is US based.   Maybe Tilapia is farm grown and is OK. You can do a lot with it, mild, non-allergenic, cooks quick, easily transformed. Reasonably priced.
  • Shrimp is from the Indonesian Peninsula, Eastern China Area, Thailand, and India.  And only the Lord knows how fresh.
  • And If it is cheap we’ll get some from the Klingons and Romulans served with green cheese from the man in the moon.
  • Some locals like me have their own select vendors,  exclusively supplying them with premium prawns and shrimp.  Good friends are culinary sharer’s. Treat them nicely.
  • Chicken, not fish is now being imported from Europe, namely POLAND, the largest producer of Chicken products in Europe.  Chicken Wings  (Considered trash in Europe) are a huge American import.  We send them the guts, necks, gurgles, feathers, bones etc for cattle food.  Sooner or later you learn whats really going on. Read my food section on scams.
  • SAMS CLUB  shopping yielded alone, four or five countries supplied the frozen shrimp, Indonesia, India,  Thailand, China and Unknown, etc… Again, most of our packaged frozen shrimp is not domestic.   
  • When they speak of a New World Order,  it had to do with where goods and money flow from.  It’s worldwide and half the time we know not what we got and probably not to our standards.  We import a lot  and now we have a colossal traffic jam on the West Coast with 55-50 ships unable to unload. They are working on it as the GOP has frozen more money than the fish we get and our infrastructure is nil because of partisan politics.
  • Restaurants were notorious for lying  —  It became a statewide investigation, also helped get rid of a corrupt idiot of an Agricultural Commissioner for Florida and if you go to The Food Court on this site, read about restaurant games here.  The fish substitute game.  Skate fins for 
  • I am quite well hated as a food critic, I must be.  It’s due to the fact I tell the truth.  And I am not afraid to speak out.  I get trashed a lot for truth, I am also well qualified for protection, I do carry —  Permitted, Legal,  State Competition B - Class - Sniper, and three gun qualified.

🐟  I Got Into Lure Building For My Spinning, Conventional, And Fly Gear — 

I ordered a lot of small items to fill out my return to lure building, a giant part of my site with a couple of fresh approached and Do-It-Yourself ways to save money and increase your stash.  The goal of my site is to give you choices. I enjoy dealing with  a few companies I will mention.

Two good stores on line are Jan’s Net Craft is excellent for Lure and Rod building, of almost anything, and so is J.Stockards…specialists in Fly Fishing… and they have excellent tutorials and most of the real secrets are really out in the open for you.   Locally in Tampa Bay on the Tampa side we have:  There are lots of good guys around about a half dozen who do the right thing.

🐟  Tampa Fishing Outfitters.

  • You walk in and take a breath, it’s Alice In Wonderland for fishermen, huge and stacked  to the ceilings with every conceivable piece of gear made.   And a really smart staff who know what going on.  More on them later. They are fishermen.

  • If you go there bring food and water, the store is huge and they got it all.   The place blew me away when I went there the first time.  These are also Good Places for the unusual parts — Where and what to buy if you are fortunate enough to enjoy the personalization building your own.  

  • So I inquired of big names in Fishing Parts that sold retail on line,  plus I do a lot of business with Amazon to avoid 93-100 degree days and 85% humidity and a funeral. With gas attempting to rise again to the three - four dollar mark,We get horrendous thunderstorms, tornadoes and waterspouts.

  • Again one must be cautious, on line, I am a touch and feel person, many of the items on line are not what I call first class or the best possible choice.  Both Amazon and eBay selling stuff similar to the Chinese Cruise Line “ Le Junk” says it all.

  •  If short on disposable gear the larger Wal-Mart's have small stuff  but the biggest percentage are price items.  All their rods and reels are low- end discount, thats their market.  Sinkers, brand name hooks, worms soft lures, good prices in a pinch.  But the local tackle stores know what colors, lures, species are running, where they are, things are working

🐟  Over 65 — No License Needed  — But There are Some Rules  —  

  • Florida is a great state for older fisherman, sport, catch and release people.  Bonus:  If you are a resident over 65 no permit or license is needed, either for fresh or salt water.  At times for research there might be a registration period for a certain specie. just register, no fee but they would like for you to report what is harvested or released.

  • But you must have Valid Florida ID or if you are a tourist go to the state website and get the tourist card with you.  Certain other collectibles in the water, scallops, etc you might consult the regulations.  

  • Again some species, you may catch but you cannot retain them, then  there are many seasonal species. And even over sixty-five you might have to register for certain fish, it’s not a cost to you, its more for the specie watchers who determine the heath of our fish populations. 



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