• And thats what I do especially important during bad times as we all have been subjected to.  It will make me some friends for the good places  I frequent and some enemies…  who will read my critiques and reviews, but when you serve garbage, have a dirty place or bad staff, I locate it,  “ Jokingly I drive the garbage truck and I pick up on it".   It’s quite a challenge and experience covering the spectrum of eateries, some  good, some not bad but missing something, some really bad and some should have been closed a long time ago.
  • We do mark the specific locations as some in franchise like Culvers and Chick-Fil-A go by the book.  are managed quite well and they met the “C’s” of the culinary experience. That is that they be Clean, they serve the Community, have a reasonable amount of Consistency, and Control their service and their individuality.  Some violate their terms with their franchise contract and some are just ignorant of the laws governing eateries… If I had a nickel for all the SUBWAYS who buy wholesale outside their franchise agreement, I would be rich… And now Subway is claiming a resurrection of their desire to be the best… another corporate exercise in advertising...

  • For the good, on a simple level, it means their food was fresh, cooked properly and delivered in a reasonable time, or their gourmet experience took them in unique and interesting safe directions.  Since the high end $$$$  places have been written about, it seems they get greater coverage and a free meal for the writer, I usually pick the places the Plebeians frequent some after waiting on line for a cold burger.
  • I do not disclose that I write about food and just pay the bill.  If they are bad I will report the next day about them and publish to TRIPADVISOR…and the papers, this website and five other sources, and the world if I can.

  • I pick the locations the common folk try to get a decent meal for sustenance. And if they fail simple standards of cleanliness, and customer service I will come down on them like Thor’s hammer.  And I have also decided that in the course of my travels to comment on “unique eats”… those places that might be a bit off the grid but the foods they serve might be  “Out of this world”.  

  • The other end of the spectrum…Simply put their food, property, staff was sub-par… really bad enough nor safe enough to send someone there… A definitive lack of good food which encompasses taste, consistency, competitive, different, and not updated, not very good management, over worked by bad supervising hours, staff, offerings, service, speed , efficiency, a good location with entrances, and parking, poor training, poor treatment of the help,  and sometimes a lack of customers will close a place down.  

  • Anything involving Human Trafficking…  Confusion, this is the major problem with corporate food places called fast food.   In some cases half-fast food might be a better term.  Bean counters come with programs and never worked the line a day in their life…and it shows…In the past we have sent several folks to jail for trafficking people and today it is carefully screened.

  • NOTE:  Many of the locations on the worst places to eat we first discovered almost eight years ago, from time to time we went back to see if there was some kind of improvement in their modus operandi.  Unfortunately not only did the bean counters and corpo-guano experts not do better.  In many cases like the Chinese Buffets which have gotten worse, some ranked almost dangerous.  The entire Golden Corral must have met the Vigilantes and hanged the corporate staff from the nearest tree…they are gone, all of them.  Millennials don’t do buffets well…they are looking for better  healthier food.  On a budget

  • My Short Shopping List  I knew you would ask  These are places I shop frequently for food or to dine, some for decades, and I recommend because of their consistency, cleanliness and fresh choice food selection or talent behind the sous pan or griller…  This is doubly important especially during the confinement periods of the COVID-19 shelter in place…  Just good common sense…  Addresses for these places in or near Largo Florida are under the Tampa Food Scene.  
    None of these places are high priced, and the quality of the food and service is outstanding.  In addition, few or no notations with Kitchen police or fined violations I have seen.  These are the few I will eat out at because I know things are right.    Those mentioned are all reasonably priced and I will account for their cleanliness and diligence to good food.

😃   Fast Food Hamburgers  — Culvers  on East Bay Drive… ( 2 years) My Culver was the cleanest, quietest, best foods with very high standards. Good service, nice people…all cooked to order, no microwave day old burgers, no loud screaming rock music like at Five guys, no cold burgers like at Burger King, No Mickey mouse food at McDonalds and decent pricing.

😃   Chinese Food —  Zom Hee - Seminole Park Blvd… ( 35 years)  I have been eating at Kens Zom Hee for decades and it is the most consistent place I know of for good food, giant portions, fresh quality, cooked to order and great servers and when busy three generations are working there.  During Covid, and before  I am ignoring Buffets, most are closed, and some Asian Fusion business models.  If they don’t do volume, you are going to get “ Old food”

😃   Best Italian Food & Pizza  —  Country Village Inn Largo, Best Pizza and full Italian Menu …  (15 years)The owners are from Greece to Italy to New York and now Pinellas County over two generations.  Best moderately priced Italian store in town, It all real here and cooked to order. I have frequent flyer miles here and we eat there about three, four times a month. Their reputation keeps it busy. And possibly some of the best Pizza in town and my Pizza judge (she’s a Pizza addict) won’t go elsewhere,  my favorite are the Ham and Pineapple, and the Vegetarian.

😃   Steak And Meat Dinner Sit-Down   Longhorns At US 19 and East Bay   (  23 Years)  I am on a low meat regimen but when time comes for a steak, I just go to this particular Longhorns, it’s franchised and corporate but with an incredible staff it doesn’t seem that way. Great management, low turnover and a senior cook who have been there 24 years.  Medium priced and I never had a bad bad meal.   great team and management, great service and food.

😃   Steak - Meats - Delicacies For Home — Costco Has Real Quality Meat, Slightly Higher In Price…But Quality, top ranked and fresh and the butcher shop is totally visible and spotless. the store is busy, quality items and item from other countries you do not see in the standard groceries.   My favorites are The Basil Pesto from Italy, the best I have ever had, and the Genuine Korean KIM CHI, a new item there.

😃   Rotisserie Chicken  — Costco  Best Chicken Period!  Caused Sam’s to rethink theirs…they won the rotisserie shootout and blew everyone out of the water.  Their Chicken is excellent, and Hotdogs are customer give aways and delicious.  Full COVID regulations enforced and promoted.  
NOTE: It’s just a rumor that Sam’s Rotisserie was terrible and they kidnapped a Costco Chicken executive to improve the product after years of complaints.  Bigger chicken standards, Sam’s were undercooked and anemic, bloody at times, better seasoning, better cooking times, better help.  But it took very long, too long, no one was listening. I get mine at Costco.

😃   Warehouse  Grocery  —  Costco  **  Higher level of Quality in stock and prepared items then Sam’s, who is Wal-Mart.  Also a very different clientele, prices are higher in Costco but the quality of the food, diversity and staffing is on a higher level.  It’s almost a different market when I shop.  

😃   Oriental Market —  M&D Foods - 49th Street and Park Boulevard  —  a True Asian Market - Some of the produce will wink at you,  Live Shrimp, and Live Fish, Mussels, giant selection of Sushi Rice, this is the go-to store  for those things you see in recipes for pan-asian cooking, with ample stock of real genuine items.  The store is well run,  lots of in-house,  but I still carefully look over everything regardless of what store it is… especially fresh produce.  With COVID and harsh times, you have to be more diligent.  Many groceries might not be as up to date on regulations.  

😃   Commercial Grocery  —  Gordon Food Services (Clearwater)  ** With them for years, great vendor…we use them for all our charitable events and when we need bulk items.  Great staff and the best sliced meats cut to order. Buy a half a cooked ham and have them slice it Sandwich width and have a party. Also they have the best selection of prepared foods in tray you just heat up and serves six to ten, their Lasagnas are great ( three kinds) and stuffed peppers, Macaroni, Pulled pork, all the work is done, have a party.

😃   Best Waffles And Pancakes  —  Still I-hop After 40 Years, and now they are having specials, always cooked to order and fresh.

😃   Sushi And Sashimi  — My Kitchen - I Make my Own — I have a few places I trust for these delicacies,  but too many are add-on to buffets and not the same thing.  Many complaints to the food police because it is not a refrigerated item after preparation and may have been sitting around quite a long time. Not that hard to make your own.

😃   Best Grocery Chain  — Publix  — Love Their Multi-Grain Breads,  and BOGOS, the store is immaculate, clean and fresh My store is located at ** LARGO MALL**  Super Publix is 93,000 square feet and well managed, best produce, good management and an incredible friendly staff and complete with a Starbucks, and a Pharmacy of nice people,  Ashley, Penny, Diane, and Norman.   I shop for groceries that are not bulk items, for bulk  it’s Costco and Sam’s, from their warehouse, Publix is offering Moderna COVID-19 Shots, a well run organization.  


  • ★★★★★  Five Stars Only With Full Bar 
  • ⬆️⬇️ Indicates Trending  Better or Worse
  • ↔️       Indicates Consistency







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