"Presertim Executor" - Is Latin, it translates as Chief Executive Officer, the position Rock Scott held when his company was FINED $1,700,000,000 dollars for Medicare Fraud. The case was notable, it was the largest case in history for Medicare fraud.  Remember those few words Floridians, I fear they will come back to haunt you.

Rick Scott pulled about four points ahead of Attorney General Bill McCollum in the Republican primary for governor and that was enough, probably about 50,000 votes, mostly by those who haven't a clue as to the possible damage they have done to themselves if this man makes it to Tallahassee.

He bought  the job of Governor with money. He beat McCollum by a narrow margin in the primary with three times the money, slick ads, he overpowered him with image control, very good unique ad's indeed against the only thing McCollum could field.  The fact that Scott got off Scott free from a bigger scam than Bernie Madoff. 

If you have the money you can pay the talent to create an image or hide one. And he used another page from the Cheney Rove book of politics which  is keep your mouth shut "when it won't help you", "you are in front of an inquiry", or "Senate grand jury". Say nothing and only put out what you want. Don't run, stand your ground and the press will capitulate.

HE AVOIDED THE TRUTH WELL —   What do you do when those questions go unanswered. You win. That was Scott’s stance.   He refused to debate McCollum on live statewide TV. He dismissed the ritual of editorial board interviews. He repeatedly refused to make public, a deposition he gave in a civil case six days before announcing his campaign.

He aggressively supported the Arizona law toughing illegal immigration because it is a popular idea though against laws already established in Florida. He painted McCollum as a “desperate career politician”, a message that resonated at the polls Tuesday when voters did not respond to McCollums campaign. Scott has no political background. Never held office. Scott's campaign branded him as the “jobs'' candidate, using the slogan “Let's Get to Work”.  That message rang the church bells in Florida because of very tough times. 

TACTICS  —  How he did this is more astounding.  The key player might be more voter apathy and disgust than common sense. Weeks of negative campaigning and almost 50 million dollars of personal money which McCollum didn't have turned a critical three to four points in Scotts favor.  Money partially stolen from Medicare.

Here in Florida, the Republican establishment is deeply imbibed, embedded and glued to the special interests who dominate the Capitol and the state. Sort of reminds you of a club like the "good old boys" club. Actually, a comparison to the “Good Fellas” might be more accurate. We had them here too.

After all everyone roots for the underdog. And with a ton of scandals in the Republican party this year timing was perfect.  There was so much waste in political dollars in Florida it was in the papers everyday, it looked like an ongoing soap opera.  

Day after day, the GOP, (Grand Old Porkers) Republican Party of Florida, was rocked by scandals.  He was on them constantly blasting them for their bad habits, such as graft, payoffs, topless bars, pork projects, veal projects, and a few filet mignon projects.  

THE TRUTH and WARNING  — Scott's win bears witness to his personal wealth. He scored on the settlement for him to leave his company position and the severance pay for being ousted was substantial by any means. He spent at least $50 million of it on the campaign. The severance pay from his past life as the CEO of one of the largest conglomerates of hospitals in the world reportedly was over 300 million and benefits as usual. He was in reality paid to “ Go away, to leave, be-gone, out-out damn spot, vanish, puff of smoke, permanent sabbatical, call it what you want”.

And the fortune and business were changed to his wife, to avoid any other problems like jail or being burned at the stake.

Scott, is a 57-year-old Naples resident. He jumped on the bandwagon when he sensed a weakness in the ticket with all the scandals going heavy and an outgoing popular governor who is now running for the Senate after his own party battle. Clear battle against a so-so Republican Attorney General with a moderate track record.  

And with no real Lt. Governor in sight, it was the perfect storm of confusion to come on scene with his distinctive style against the establishment.  He used his bald head and blue eyes in almost every ad. These are things we usually pay little attention to, but in this case it worked!  These small distractors are subliminal in nature. They may not know his full name but remembered the bald head and bright blue eyes. These are things we talk about and are used to gain attentive span.

FLORIDIANS DIDN'T VET HIM  —  It seems clever ad blitzes, and money, can take an election from the people of Florida who are either negative-politically brain dead or really haven't gotten the message.  What happened to the thinking of the good people of Florida to endorse a known person whose major credit is his credit which came about by robbing the organization that pays for their medical bills.

He claims he knew nothing. In that case he is a buffoon, he thinks you and I are stupid, or he was hoodwinked. He ran a trillion dollar enterprise and never looked at what was being done. Please spare me these lies. If he was innocent, then he truly is the worst CEO in the world. I will believe that when he takes a level three FBI polygraph test.

He has made promises with no backing, a track record of financial mis-doings, meant nothing. No one could stop 50 million dollars worth of ads.  Thats a record no one has been close to in any elections in Florida. Only WWE wrestler lady Linda McMahon might be a player in this buy me game.

What I find most astounding is the fact that Florida is a huge Medicare State based on the simple demographics of the age of our citizens. Who in their right or even a dementia-laden mind would vote for a guy who possibly took money that could of been used for them and their health and kept it. Robin Hood he is not.  He robbed from the poor and rich alike and kept it.

Could it be because he owns day clinics called “Solantic”. They are  currently under investigation for various topics like "fraud". The Obama plan takes those who use his clinics and allows them to go mainstream medicare. Sure he’s against overhaul. Thats how he makes more money with those who haven’t coverage.


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