Plain Simple Talk — For Idiots and The Dumb  —  On Your Level — No Bigly Words

♦️  Some of you are killing people claiming your rights to not vaccinate.  You are correct, you have the right to illness and death for yourself, but not to others, you come in contact with.  

♦️  If you choose for yourself to risk death, it’s called suicide, if you choose ignorance, and contact with someone else as dumb as you, or who is also not protected with vaccine you become a potential murderer.  

♦️  But we have a plan for your demise! As soon as possible after being thrown out of purgatory please follow the simple instructions.  Thats the red button on the elevators that go to lower level  666 —  

♦️  Lucifer has a room waiting for you and a shovel for garbage removal - we are proud of how well we keep this place — we remove regular garbage and human garbage — 

♦️  We have breaking news — Al five of the nations most prominent anti-vaxers on the radio airwaves will now be spewing their lies and bullsh*t from the promontory over the burning pits —  Some of the greatest lies were told about vaccines and these heroes made sure you heard them.  All five within the year died from COVID-19 and all five were not vaccinated -  We welcome them, please show your joy at their arrival since it was responsible for you being here.


Anti-Vaxers —  Reservations Are Needed  — 

♦️   Due to the large amount of people who choose to not vaccinate please contact the Angel of Death our own Dr. Mestopheles @ 1-(666) 666 -0000  for an appointment during business hours as soon as possible.   President Lucifer Mestopheles of the Underworld refuses to pay overtime so be prompt!   Hell’s Business hours are 9:AM to 5:PM - Mon to FRI.  Reservations are piling up and so are the bodies.

♦️  And after hours or dinner, if necessary the Gargoyles Assistance Group  (GAG) will gladly attend to you after they gorge themselves on the roadkill.  They think people taste like dried chicken and roadkill is still roadkill and tastier.

♦️  Few rooms in the T-RUMP Hotel-In-Hell are left.  Many more under construction,  sales were brisk as T-RUMPS entire former cabinet and friends bought a block of suites, sold and booked.   What a great bunch of scumbags we got.   And we wish to take notice with the real estate guys who might have started the rumor it is the only air-conditioned Hotel rooms in Hell.  Not true, a vicious rumor — and those Trumpets got screwed — 

♦️   Not True!  Don’t be fooled even if you are a fool already.  It’s not, there are none. Trump never paid the Electric nor AC company.  His checks bounced — We use fire, not electricity.  Please dress summer like, fur coats get burned here and they stink when burned. 

Special Offer From Lucifer For Anti-Vaxers !  
♦️   For 19.00 dollars a month you can support a Gargoyle of your choosing and we’ll send you a genuine rock-carved Gargoyle Neckless by the Italian Masters you can wear around your neck and show your friends the love and support you have for Gargoyles and Hell.  Five great selections to choose from, something for everyone. 

CHRISTIANS - A Great Limited Offer —  

♦️   We’ll include a handwoven neckless made from the strands of Hangman’s ropes used by the Hanging Judge Isaac C. Parker on many, many occassions.   He’s one of our best supporters.  Always keeping us busy.   We like it when he hangs around.  Offer is on a first come basis and the rope is getting scarce as we are overflowing with GOP politicians who were told the T-RUMP hotel in Hell had AC.  Sorry no refunds. T-RUMP Lied — We do not care if you were pardoned, scumbags are scumbags and we do not discriminate — 

For ISLAMIC Sinners — 

♦️For our Islamic brethren killers like ISIS and the Taliban we have a special edition, endorsed by  Muhammed and Allah Certified   لها سبعة أبواب لكل باب منه جزء مقسوم ,  each of the miniature gargoyles comes in a little cage  with the inscription:   “Indeed the hell fire is the dwelling place of them all. It has seven gates and within each gate there is an appropriate punishment for each inhabitant”


♦️   Our planet has lost six million, five hundred thousand plus people that we can count, Our counts of Indigenous tribes and isolated areas as in South America, Mongolia, The Far east  and Africa are not accurate. One person can create a morph if their body fights the spore and the spore changes its mot-us operandi  — 

♦️   "Yes, it is likely another SARS variant, or even more radically different COVID-related virus will emerge sometime in the future.   "'Variants of the present COVID-19 strain will keep appearing as long as the virus is circulating in the population; especially in large, unvaccinated and previously unexposed populations that have little resistance to infection, such as Anti-vaxers.

♦️    Many, because they are dumb Republicans, the GOP is the bulk of the anti-vaxers,  they started politically against the scientist led by T-RUMP.   They are a threat to us all, and  I’m mad, I am a volunteer, have been one all my life serving in war and peace to help people.

♦️    But seeing as much death from this,  much could have been avoided by simply putting elimination as a solution.  Mis-informants being stopped in their tracks.  Not one of the solutions, the quacks came with,  worked and many like the Pillow Guy and Oleandor could have killed thousands.  Another T-RUMP scheme and more could have died.  I call that murder.

♦️   These 'variants' will contain new mutations of the present COVID-19 strain that might make them more infectious, more deadly, or more resistant to immunologic responses to earlier infection.”  A Dangerous Theory exists and is possible identified another possible factor that could lead to more COVID infections. 

♦️  There could be a new COVID mutant that “ jumps" from an animal host into a human, one that is distinct from COVID-19 but spreads just like that disease and the coronavirus behind the SARS pandemic of 2002 to 2004.  Then we will be screwed.   Defending against it might be futile. It could even be transmitted by an insect and on a scale we have never seen before.  “Evusheld"  the dual anti-biotic praised and used on T-RUMP has now been neutralized by BA. 4.6.

♦️   Loosing  6.5 million people creates a new standard of more law and less compassion — very different - when you see as many as I have die,  you start to think of survival in my world where life and worthy compassion is only graced with intelligence,  we would have to create new rules —  for the ignorant or mis-informed — 

♦️    Harsh but saving the lives of the innocent —  and the possibility of COVID morphing to a higher impregnable or unimaginable level is scary — If the number five million, deaths world wide that we know of, doesn’t wake you up, I salute you with the wish,  may your death be speedy and without horrific fear, suffering and pain.  But Doctors tell me thats not the case and kept quiet about it.  

♦️    If you declined vaccinations —  and with no legitimate reason, you would get no sympathy from me  as you might be bringing harm on others,  that could make you a carrier and possible murderer — I believe it’s called Negligent Homocide — 

♦️   As for your support if you do get ill, you are just unlucky,  because it’s obvious you didn’t care.  Why should I ?I have seen enough death in my lifetime in several wars but this is different.  It’s never easy, but this pandemic has a solution.  If we were all vaccinated we could stop it.  

♦️   I  have lost my compassion for those who don’t care — You are the problem, your thinking, your demeanor,  your stupidity,  is aiding the expansion of this killer, you are on the wrong team.  Thus No free hospitalization  —  No Vaccinations - No Credit —  No Insurance  - Make your plans to leave the earth before you infect anyone else — We need to get rid of you — 

♦️   The percentage of those in ICU are patients who are undergoing mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit (ICU) is foreboding-  I have heard from reliable sources its worse than reported and the death count was as high and severe as 75% .    

♦️  From Covid  reports on admissions  (90%) close to ninety percent or more had no vaccinations and they are the ones in ICU—  It costs a fortune to treat/care for/etc 1 COVID patient, which could be prevented, in large part, by 2 or 3 FREE shots — this just amazes me  — 

♦️  The only advances lately in this country unfortunately are in the fields of  corruption, mis-information — stupidity and ignorance — all flourishing and doing well — you might need a good look in the mirror — many , too many find themselves there 


♦️  Four conservative radio talk-show hosts and three religious conscripts of Bible Babel Bullsh*t  bashed the  Coronavirus vaccines.  Then they all got sick  —   And all died —  Was God sending a message ?  Anti-vaccinations have been around for sometime, Marc Bernier, left, interviewing Karl Rove,  another big mouth Reptilian jerk-off  in 2006, proclaimed himself on his radio show to be “Mr. Anti-Vax.”  He was unfortunately re-named at his funeral Mr. Dumbass Anti-Life!  

♦️  Marc Bernier,  “I’m Mr. Anti-Vax,”  He was not going to get a Coronavirus vaccination.    He’s a Republican and a Trumpet  —   he told listeners of his talk-radio program in Daytona Beach, Fl,  after the federal government provisionally approved the first vaccines in December. 

♦️ He made a living persuading others not to get the shots and many died by his words,  irony or justice?   He died,  we learned horribly under intubation, neither being a  Republican or Trumpest helping him.  

♦️  He had declared that the government was “  Acting like Nazis” .   More lies.   Not correct, not true in any sense, pure political bullsh*t.   They were urging you to get the shot and live,  as we expected and one million dead.  He could not turn his back on the lies he had already spread.  He lied then died. 

♦️  In urging people to get vaccinated , the information is available and it is truth.  What you were told or believe by unqualified quacks, and ass clowns with a mike and no real morality or honest belief or deliberation eventually will kill you —  I have zero, no, none, nada, nicht, nothing, in compassion for these ass- clowns who make entertainment from death at the expense and lives of others.  They are going to hell, their words and thoughts were lies.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 2.14.22 AM

♦️  END - GAME —  In early August, WNDB, On a Saturday, the station said that Bernier had died.  He succumbed to Covid-19 in less than a week.   From a family member who could not see him, it was not easy, almost becomes a strangulation if in the lungs or a complete heart shutdown.  Nurses tell me sometimes they don’t go peacefully and a lot more go than they let out if it’s bad enough to intubate. 

♦️  COMMONALITY —  All four men were shock radio jocks spewing their lies and comments. They all had publicly coached their opposition to mainstream public health efforts in the typically hyperbolic and sometimes paranoid ranting stupid rhetoric of conservative talk radio.  

♦️  RATINGS GAME —  It’s  kind of a ratings game where the bigger the lie, the bigger the audience  - Not new,  that was Hitler theology by Goebbels.  You have a big mouth, telling big lies, paranoid, weak-minded listeners,  and cohort guests,  and you have no conscience. You lied to people and they died,  Hell welcomes you.  All four sounded the same like they copied each other.  They made on mistake, they all got COVID — They all are dead from COVID — 


🥀 Mark Bernier, Mr. Anti-Vax, Daytona Beach, WNDB  —  Did not believe in vaccines but he wished he did, he died after three weeks of a living hell intubated from COVID,  RIP  — on his deathbed he admitted it was the stupidest thing he did — he should of gotten the shots — RIP —  He did not go well.

🥀 Jimmy DeYoung, 81, a nationally syndicated Christian preacher also based in Tennessee,  Lucifer liked him  —  At one point earlier this year, DeYoung, host of the “Prophecy Today” program, well known as a “ Bible Babbler “ asked a guest whether the vaccine rollout could be “ Another form of government control of the people.”  God must have caught you lying — again and again —  

🥀  Dick Farrel, 65, who had worked for stations in Miami and Palm Beach, Fla., as well as for the scumbag newcomer conservative Newsmax TV channel.  Newsmax claims better bullshitters, Farrel, big mouth , small brains, for example, called coronavirus mitigation efforts “ a scam-demic” and described the government’s top infectious-disease expert, Anthony S. Fauci, as “ a power-tripping, lying freak.”   That jerkoff must have been confused and looking in the mirror because he was a scam lying freak and he croaked very fast. 

🥀  Phil Valentine61, a popular talk show host in Tennessee.  Valentine’s sentiments took the form of a song parody — a format that had also been a favorite of the late talk-radio titan Rush Limbaugh, another scumbag drug user.   Valentine’s tune was called “ Vaxman,” based on the Beatles’ “ Taxman.”   He was very creative into music, when he gets to hell, you could sing along with the Iron Rock group, “ The  Gargoyles of Hades” whose hit song,  “ My Burning Desire Came When My Ass Was On Fire “   rose to The Top Of The Charts.

🥀  Christian TV Marcus Lamb, Anti-Vaxer, Dies, From Covid-19  —  

Prominent Christian Televangelist, Bullshitter, Fraud and ANTI-VACCINE advocate Marcus Lamb died after being hospitalized with Covid-19 with a full load of fake excuses and bullsh*t  he took with him.

Lamb founded Christian television network Daystar Television Network in 1997.  
TRUTH:   He was very healthy, he ate healthy, he kept his weight down, and always kept his sugar at a good level. 

But with trying to treat Covid and the pneumonia, the different protocols that are used, including many of the protocols they talked about and PUSHED for sales on Daystar, part scams, part voodoo,  lots of BS, sales pitches, fake drugs, frauds, scumbags, and they don’t work, he died.   And many of his followers of Daystar's BS,  most likely joined him if they listened to the b*llshit and scams.  

Marcus Lamb often spoke out against the Covid-19 vaccines on his show.  In an episode earlier this year featuring anti-vaccine activists,  Robert F. Kennedy Jr — whose full story as a Anti-Vaxer, liar and considered the only idiot Jerk-off  the Kennedy clan had in their family and disowned him.  

BIG LIES — Lamb lied and said , “  the Covid-19 vaccine was not really a vaccine," but an "an experimental shot" that was  dangerous.    More lies, Marcus Lamb alleged that people were dying or having neurological disorders from the vaccines  When do these JESUS  freaks just keep their dumbass slanted corrupt IGNORANCE  to themselves.  

Marcus Lamb's son, Jonathan Lamb, described his father's Covid-19 diagnosis.  “ There's no doubt in my mind that this is a spiritual attack from the enemy” he said.   God has your number — problem was no one answered, you lied —  It might have been a spiritual attack, was it the Vodka spirits or the Bourbon?  Lying leads to Dying!

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