The Mis-statements, Construed Facts And Fake Fraudulent Science About Vaccinations, Autism, HEP-A, COVID, MMR and FLU By Some Of The Dumbest and Weirdest People Promoting  Falsehoods — Who Are Unfortunately Still Breathing —  But They Created An Attitude Of Unfounded Beliefs In Covid Vaccinations Today Causing Chaos And Death —  When all is said and done so far one million Americans on our soil, in our homes are dead — Dead by poor leadership of a sick President and naive imbeciles who elected him and his lies.


A porn star with a nice figure, especially if endowed with appropriate cells in the breasts and bootie region can make you a celebrity.    Anyone can be a false prophet when there is a mike in their hand.  The wife of a celebrated Hollywood celebrity told the world on a popular ladies talk show (the VIEW) that the basic MMR shots given to children caused her sons autism.

MMR VACCINE  —  The MMR vaccine is a vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella, abbreviated as MMR. The first dose is generally given to children around 9 months to 15 months of age, with a second dose at 15 months to 6 years of age, with at least four weeks between the doses. 

Result —  28% of vaccinations fell off and a lot of kids got sick and blamed for the wrong reasons.  Meet Jenny McCarthy.  Blaming the worlds scientists for the possibility of her own DNA shortcomings and dumbass theology.

Her claim that Autism was caused by vaccinations, nothing was further from the truth and proven so by many medical teams, but just like dumb voters, dumb thinkers fall prey.   

But her appearance’s on TV spiked a riot of stupidity NATIONWIDE.   Luckily she ’s not on the air now for the safety of the children  —  

Many have stated she was given the body of a goddess, and the brains of a commode —  there is that Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia syndrome again usually found in politics, religion and TV doctors —  

How did this anti-vaccination trend start. The vaccine-autism myth is one chilling example of fraudulent science. February 28,  2018,  marks the 20th anniversary of an infamous article published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet , in which Andrew Wakefield, a former British doctor, falsely linked the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine to autism. 

The paper eventually was retracted by the co-authors and the journal. Wakefield was de-licensed by medical authorities for his deceit and “callous disregard” for children in his care.  

Obviously he was off his meds when he wrote it, a mixture possibly of Cocaine and toilet water from a backwoods pond in the Micronesian ring.

It took nearly two decades for the immunization rates to recover. By the end, UK families had experienced more than  12,000 cases of measles, hundreds of hospitalizations — many with serious complications — and at least three deaths.

Why is measles, which was effectively eradicated in the United States in 2000, on the march? Because so-called anti-vaxxer parents are refusing to use a vaccine that decades of research proves works while actually offering non-immunological benefits, including community immunity which protects people who cannot get vaccinated. 

Who could have seen this coming? TV producer Derek Bartholomaus, who started the infamous website that arose,  in 2009 after the famed actress espoused radical and irresponsible views on The Oprah Winfrey Show. And then on the view.   Over six years, Bartholomaus tallied 152,763 illnesses and 9,028 preventable deaths.  He didn’t stop because the deaths stopped. He stopped because he became a father and because he gave up.

Meanwhile, the anti-vaxxers movement gained momentum and Jenny McCarthy suffered no repercussions for providing debunked and discredited scientists with a massive platform. McCarthy continued to tell the world that her son Evan’s autism was caused by vaccines laced with dangerous chemicals. How did McCarthy reach her scientific conclusion? She told Oprah it was “ Mommy instinct.” She had a bad feeling before the MMR shot.

Today, she hosts a regular radio show on SiriusXM and serves as a panelist on the hit show The Masked Singer — and children in Washington are safe again as she was told to shut up.

Amazon is removing from its online marketplace “autism cure” books that unscientifically claim children can be cured of autism with pseudoscientific methods such as ingesting and bathing in a potentially toxic form of bleach and taking medication meant to treat arsenic and lead poisoning.

Amazon confirmed Tuesday that the books “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism” and “Fight Autism and Win” are no longer available, but declined to answer specific questions about why it had removed them or whether they were part of a larger cleanup effort, citing a policy of not commenting on individual accounts.

The move by Amazon comes on the heels of a report in Wired published Monday that criticized the retail giant for offering medically dubious books and dangerous methods for reversing autism spectrum disorder. For years, news organizations have pointed out Amazon’s practice of hosting books that promote vaccine and other health-related misinformation, but the pressure has intensified in recent weeks.

Possibly the most famous anti-vaccine topless activist in the US  is Jenny McCarthy. She has a son possibly misdiagnosed with autism.   She holds a degree in Bogus Autism, its causes and treatments from  “The University of Google.”   And a Masters in bullshit from MASTER/

Jennifer Ann McCarthy, legal name Jenny Wahlberg, is best known as an American Porn Star actress, model, television host, author, screenwriter and anti-vaccine activist.  She began her career in 1993 as a porn star and nude model for Playboy magazine and was later named their Playmate of the Year.  That alone  “ CERTI-FRIES" her to expound on medical prevention and treatment.  


Across the pond In the UK, we have Polly Tommey, another actress whose biggest parts seem to have been as a body double in nude scenes.  She is unapologetic in her support for swindler Andrew Wakefield and has recently moved to Texas to be at her hero’s side peddling their reality TV wares.   She, too, has a son with autism.  Her book and movie, and her have been banned in Australia. 

Aside from their out and out rejection of well conducted science, both women insist that vaccines can and do cause autism. The latest measles outbreak in South Wales attests just how damaging an idea this is for public health. 

Young children, more than most, were likely to suffer complications of this infection which include pneumonia, SSPE and death and thats what happened.

When you basically have soft minded nude women teaching you and the medical profession, the scientist and medical explorers, it time to research the source.


Prenatal viral infection has been called the principal non-genetic cause of autism.  Prenatal exposure to rubella or cytomegalovirus activates the mother’s immune response and may greatly increase the risk for Autism tested on many mice with results.  Congenital rubella syndrome is the most convincing environmental cause of autism.  

Suspicions are the real one proven reason for autism by science and there is a chance Jenny McCarthy gave it to her own son and is using this charade to cover her beautiful ass.

The idea that vaccines cause autism received yet another blow this week, with a new article in the British Journal of Medicine declaring the 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield, which originally found an autism-vaccine link, an "elaborate fraud." The article is the latest criticism of a theory that has been widely discredited. But if vaccines are off the table, what does cause autism?

While scientists are still investigating the issue, they say the disorder likely has a number of causes involving both our genes and our environment, or some combination of the two. For instance, people may have underlying genetic susceptibilities to autism that are triggered by something they encounter in the environment.

Making things even more complicated is the fact that autism, which is characterized by problems interacting and communicating with others, is not a single disorder, but a range of disorders that may have various causes.

“People are going to manifest the disorder in different ways, and that could be because there are different sets of genes, or different sets of environmental factors,” that contribute to how the disorder presents itself.

Genetics - There is strong evidence that changes in our genes contribute to autism.  For one thing, the disorder is highly heritable. Families that have one child with autism have a 1 in 20 chance of having a second child with autism, according to the National Institutes of Health. This is a higher risk than in the general population. And twin studies have found that if one twin has autism, the other twin as a 90 percent chance of having the disorder.  Research has also shown that the genetic changes that contribute to autism don't have to be inherited — they may also arise spontaneously.

Autism Spectrum - In total, scientists have identified about 20 genes that may be involved in autism spectrum disorder, While these genes are located all over the human genome, they share a common theme, she said. Many have a role in brain development, brain growth and the way brain cells communicate.   For example, a recent study found that children with a genetic mutation on chromosome 17 were 14 times more likely to develop autism than those without the mutation.

Pesticides - Exposure to pesticides has also been linked to autism. Some studies have found that pesticides may interfere with genes involved in the central nervous system, said Dr. Alice Mao, a professor of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  Scientists think that chemicals in pesticides may adversely affect those who are genetically predisposed to autism, leading them to develop the full-blown disorder, Mao said.   “ Maybe they were born with a vulnerability to autism, but then exposure to the pesticides might have cause the presentation of autism,".

Pharmaceuticals  - Babies that have been exposed to certain pharmaceuticals in the womb, including Valproic acid and thalidomide, have been found to have a higher risk of autism.  Thalidomide is a drug that was first used in the 1950s to treat morning sickness, anxiety and insomnia. The drug was withdrawn from the market after it was linked with birth defects, but is currently prescribed for a severe skin disorder and as a treatment for cancer.  Valproic acid is a medication prescribed for seizures, mood disorders and bipolar disorder, according to the NIH.

Parental age  -- As parents grow older, they have a higher risk of having children with autism.  A study published last February found that women who are 40 years old have a 50 percent greater risk of having a child with autism than women who are between 20 and 29 years old.   Researchers aren’t sure why parental age may influence autism risk, but it might be related to genetic mutations that occur in the sperm or the egg as parents grow older.


When they aren’t working or taking care of their autistic children, Melissa Eaton and Amanda Seigler are moles.  Eaton, 39, a single mother from Salisbury, North Carolina, and Seigler, 38, a mom to six in Lake Worth, Florida, have spent much of their free time in the last three years infiltrating more than a dozen private Facebook groups for parents of autistic kids. In some of these groups, members describe using dubious, dangerous methods to try to “heal” their children’s autism — a condition with no medically known cause or cure.

The parents in many of these groups, which have ranged from tens to tens of thousands of members, believe that autism is caused by a hodgepodge of phenomena, including viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, parasites, heavy metal poisoning from vaccines, general inflammation, allergies, gluten and even the moon.

The so-called treatments are equally confused.

  • Some parents credit turpentine or their children’s own urine as the secret miracle drug for reversing autism. 
  • One of the most sought-after chemicals is chlorine dioxide — a compound that the Food and Drug Administration warns amounts to industrial bleach, and doctors say can cause permanent harm. Parents still give it to their children orally, through enemas, and in baths. 
  • Proponents of chlorine dioxide profit off these parents’ fears and hopes by selling books about the supposed “cure,” marketing the chemicals and posting how-to videos. 
  • “It really weighs on you, but kids are being abused,” Eaton said. “You see it. You have the choice of doing something about it or letting it go. And I’m not the kind of person who can see something like that and just forget about it.”
  • To gain entrance to these groups, Eaton and Seigler disguise themselves as desperate parents looking for answers to their child’s autism. Once they’re in, they take screenshots of posts from parents who describe giving these chemicals to their children, often with disastrous results.

“My son is constantly making a gasping sound,” posted one Kansas mother who claimed to treat her adult son with chlorine dioxide, according to screenshots shared by Eaton and Seigler. “He won’t open his mouth,” a Canadian mom wrote of her 2-year-old’s unwillingness to drink the chlorine dioxide. “He screams. Spits. Flips over.”

  • Horrified by the treatment of these children, Eaton and Seigler research the parents online to determine their identity and location, then send screenshots of the Facebook posts to the local Child Protective Services division, though they rarely hear back on whether action was taken. 
  • The pair say they’ve reported over 100 parents since 2016. They also report the posts to Facebook and have submitted their findings to the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Justice and child abuse organizations.
  • Recently, the tide has begun to turn in their favor.  Over the past year, amid growing mistrust of big tech — as well as rising concern about anti-vaccine misinformation during a resurgence of measles — lawmakers and health advocates have turned up pressure on Facebook and other companies to stop the viral spread of harmful anti-vaccination propaganda and similar health misinformation on their platforms.
  • Facebook, YouTube and Amazon all answered with policy changes, removing some fear-mongering content related to vaccines. Those crackdowns also swept up content related to faux autism cures, including chlorine dioxide.


  • The groups are filled with parents who say they have tried treating their children with chlorine dioxide.
  • “Have not been able to get 5 year old to cooperate with enemas,” a Massachusetts mother complained, according to a screenshot provided by Eaton and Seigler, who work together in the investigation.
  • One Georgia mother posted a photo of a long thread of what looks like mucus that she said dislodged after giving her autistic son a chlorine dioxide enema. In the caption, she wrote, “It broke in half when Jojo trying to escape.”
  • NBC News reached out to each of the parents behind the posts but did not receive any responses.
  • The worst part is the comments, which suggest that the children’s adverse reactions are just proof that the chlorine dioxide is working, Eaton and Seigler said.
  • Eaton and Seigler often do their work with little sense of whether they’re making a difference. State privacy laws mean they don’t hear back on most of their child abuse reports, and federal agencies have been hesitant to act on their tips, often claiming a lack of jurisdiction or evidence, according to emails viewed by NBC News. 
  • The Department of Justice declined to comment, and the FDA did not respond to a request for comment. And for years, until the recent crackdown on health misinformation groups, Eaton said, Facebook simply replied with a “blanket statement that it doesn’t violate their policy.”
  • It’s not just Facebook. Evangelists for dubious autism cures have long relied on Amazon and eBay to sell their books and chemicals like chlorine dioxide, YouTube to share their how-to videos, and Skype and other social media to spread the word to their millions of followers — adherents who take to all these platforms to profess their devotion.

A former  SCIENTOLOGIST and gold prospector

Chlorine dioxide — a hazardous mix of sodium chlorite and an acid activator such as citric acid — was first  promoted as a miracle cure two decades ago by 
Jim Humble.  
Wow, now JIM is a heavily credentialed individual by the  NUTS-R-US Foundation, Inc, LLC, FOS, The United Voodoo Associates, ROMULANS- ARE-US and the WY-FUNG POO Foundation.  You got to be shiting me if anyone believes this ass clown.

Humble, 86, claimed he’d used the chemical compound to heal a case of malaria while on a South American expedition. It worked so well, Humble says in his book and on his website, that he named himself the Archbishop of a new religion devoted to Chlorine Dioxide, branded it the Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS for short, and promoted it as a cure for AIDS, cancer, diabetes and virtually every other malady including it as a brightener when you do your laundry… Humble did not respond to a request for comment.

But it was Kerri Rivera, a former Chicago real estate agent, who brought chlorine dioxide to the autism community and became its best-known proponent.  Kerri Rivera is interviewed by NBC Chicago via Skype at her home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 2015.

NBC Chicago and as she tells it in her 2013 book, “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism,” Rivera, who is not a doctor, stumbled across Humble’s teachings while experimenting with autism cures on her son. Rivera had made contacts in the autism cure world by trying different en vogue regimens like hyperbaric chambers and heavy metal antidotes.

SIMPLY PUT  —  A frickin idiot meets another frickin idiot with no medical training or expertise in anything other than google rumors and bullsh*t…  these folks should be arrested as their books and plans might be ok in the rhelm of first amendment free speech but stops at free lies and bullsh*t involving possible harm or death from insane medical treatments…


Robert Baldwin promoted his miracle liquid as a cure for malaria, HIV/AIDS, cancer and many other sicknesses. It was actually industrial-grade bleach, a report claims.

A New Jersey pastor has been doling out industrial bleach to thousands of poor Ugandans, promoting the poisonous liquid as a “miracle cure” that can cure cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and numerous other ailments when ingested, The Guardian reports. 

Burlington County’s Robert Baldwin reportedly plugged his “healing water” in Uganda using Biblical imagery, claiming it was a divinely blessed, natural, earth-based remedy for everything from diabetes to malaria.

The liquid is actually “miracle mineral solution” (MMS), a mixture of sodium chlorite and citric acid, The Guardian reports. The two chemicals combine to form an industrial-strength bleach known as chlorine dioxide that is used in the textile industry.  

MMS has no known health benefits and can actually pose a significant health risk to consumers, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ― including causing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration. 

Baldwin has been importing bulk quantities of sodium chlorite and citric acid into Uganda, according to The Guardian. His ministry, Global Healing Christian Missions, boasts that it has “trained” over 1,200 Ugandan church leaders on how to use this “natural health solution.” The leaders are in turn administering the liquid to up to 50,000 sick people every month, according to a Global Healing Christian Missions Facebook fundraising page that was still visible on Wednesday. 

HuffPost has reached out to Baldwin and to Global Healing Christian Missions for comment. In an interview with NJ Advance Media on Monday, Baldwin denied distributing MMS or any liquid containing bleach. He claimed he was being demonized by people who didn’t understand the benefit of natural medicines. 

“It’s so confusing to the average person,” Baldwin told NJ Advance Media about his so-called “cure.”   The pastor said he has disabled the Global Healing Christian Missions website and social media page after the Guardian story was published. “I had to shut everything down. I’m getting hate e-mail. People are calling me Satan,” Baldwin told NJ Advance Media.

YouTube videos from an account titled “Global Healing Christian Missions” were still visible on Wednesday. In the videos, a man described as “GHCM President Robert” is recording conducting “training” sessions with pastors and churches in Uganda. He pledged to give free smartphones to pastors who are particularly “committed” to the cause.

In one YouTube video, “Robert” speaks to a group of Ugandans through a translator about how the inspiration for the ministry came straight from God. Assuming the tone of a charismatic preacher, he claims that modern-day pharmaceutical companies have become corrupted by “Satan” and are only concerned with profiting from people’s suffering. 

“The first thing I want you to understand is this is not a medicine, it’s not a drug,” the pastor says about his solution. “If you call it a medicine or a drug, the health ministry will demand a license and warranty to treat people.” 

“The mineral, you don’t have to take it but for one week, two weeks, three weeks and you’re healed in Jesus Christ’s name,” he said. 

In another YouTube video, “Robert” can be seen speaking to a crowd of people waiting to register for the program. He refers to the Biblical story of Jesus healing a blind man by spitting on the ground to make mud, and applying it to a man’s eyes.

“So Jesus gave us examples in the Bible of how we need to follow instructions of a man of God,” the pastor says. “When you follow those instructions and you take the minerals every day, then a healing will come when you die from it”

EDITOR:  Really, I think different, I suspect if you drink enough, you will die and you might not find Jesus, stupidity and ignorance do not earn a seat at his side  —  Mr. Mestopheles has a bus waiting  —  

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