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🇺🇸  For my thinking, and yours, the American dream represents an opportunity for people to live freely, in democracy and equality; but it also concerns many fights, in the past, like the labour struggles of the New Deal era and the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movements.  Our most important dream or wish is to lead a SAFE life and those in Congress are not delivering.

🇺🇸 People who are rebelling and fighting want the same rights as the ones promoted by the American dream.  Therefore, the American dream, to us, is the set of American ideals that must lead to a better life.  It aims at making inequalities between all people disappear.  And that dream of simply living is being taken away.  By crooked political enterprise.  Gun control is part of it — and this site will show you the connections — 

🇺🇸 The American dream is fading today because some greedy cheating people take everything while others cannot earn a living wage.  The fortunate two percenters driven by greed and selfishness.  That’s why people have to remember the first labour struggles and human rights movements because like these men and women, we must fight and protest to achieve and maintain the American dream.  It is not and never has been a free gift — 

🇺🇸  If we don’t do it, the situation will never change and the American dream will disappear.  Some think mass murders are indicative of this pressure of the have-nots, not all, we have some pretty sick people in our society who know how to turn naive idiots and simpletons in to killers — and do their dirty work — corruption is merely a tool --

🇺🇸 Those in positions of power take from those least capable of giving for their peers and through the chicanery of politics   [ fake tax breaks make the rich richer and the lower classes get the bones]  literally  destroy dreams —  I write about these scumbags — I pull no punches — and I am prepared —  I own weapons — I know how to use them —  I get threats for telling the truth — I have seen war — I will respond if challenged, if me or my family are attacked — 

🇺🇸  My dream will never become a nightmare — 


🇺🇸 vs 🇷🇺  In the first part of  my early service life, I managed to get some flight time plotting  COM-BARS —  For nuclear bombing of Russia —  From Loring AFB Maine. Long gone, the cold war ended and that led to smaller hot wars.  Like Korea, Vietnam, the middle East —  I was called on a flight crew, ( 87.00 extra per month)  so my survival gear issued weapon kit contained  a model 10 S&W .38 cal relic from just after the first world War,  and few rounds.  

Our targets  ( Now Declassified) were Moscow, or the Northern Fleet's headquarters and main base, located in Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast, with secondary bases elsewhere in the greater Kola Bay area.  If we went down in the North Atlantic the model 10 was to shoot the guy next to you in the frozen water and he could shoot you,  better than hypothermia dying in the North Atlantic.   I went into town and bought a used .45 — I had to register it on base.  Flight crews had to qualify yearly, with a Pistol or Auto, and our ancient WWII M-1 Jungle carbine. Air force issue.  “Relics” — Museam pieces — 

Got out the books, made friends with the armorers, hunted in Maine, got my first deer,  with a .308, from the base, 10 minutes on opening day, and good people in the gun club on base taught me a lot about the .45 and upgraded it.  I used it later on as a base for an IPSC level competition piece and when I had the funds had it rebuilt into a full blown comped gun.  Brush chromed and all the toys at that time.   I  decided to join the NRA — It was in those days what I had imagined it to be, it went south when it grew.  Under another madman, Wayne LaPierre—  

The NRA got “ Greed-ified"   👉🏼 New word In The Jacobs Dictionary

That was the beginning, as being from NY we could not have handguns.  When I moved to Florida, things changed — My stimulation  before Nam I was treated to a welcome sign at the North end of St Petersburg  “ NO JEWS OR DOGS ALLOWED”  — I have a confession to make,  and in the middle of the night a can of red spray paint altered their sign.  I have carried for the next fifty-five years.  I got the message though and increased my collection of weaponry —  .
I became a
Shooting Sports Enthusiast involved in a group of competitive and recreational sporting activities involving proficiency tests of accuracy, precision and speed in shooting — the art of using ranged weapons, mainly man-portable guns. IPSC - IDPA and others — 


🏛   With  the provision that those rights have rules and are subject to revision  if conditions warrant change.   That is in the law as provided by the Constitution.  The false expression often used by the liars is that gun ownership is a so-called “ God Given Right “   God has nothing to do with this.   Show me in the Bible, mans greatest collection of stories where it says a Weapon of War is my gift to you.  He prefers calling on Mother Nature — 

We did the research, we checked, the phrase “ God-Given”  and neither God, nor Jesus, Moses, Muhammed or Donald T-RUMP,  the self proclaimed false Messiah and Murderer own a retail gun shop, nor,  do any of them sell guns, nor do they own manufacturing gun plants for guns.  God needs change, he sends a burning bush to Mother Nature and we have the latest plague,  it is Global Warming. 

Global Warming is God in conjunction with Mother Nature who helped him and she said at least this we don’t waste water  this time —  and Global Warming arrived with  a generous  “ Thank you from Lucifer Mestopheles, Lord of The Basement”,  who said, “ Good Job, The hotter the better”.  Cuts down on prepping — 


🔘  The NRA have chosen  a path of behavior not warranted by need and flavored with lies, falsehoods and mis-truths.

🔘   A  flourishing scam and dealing in such a way that people are dying for no reason simply because of ignorance, fear motivation, lies, and motivated by greed while creating a supersaturation of war weaponry to a public where we have more guns than people and the mass percentage unchecked and untrained, and too many are unstable

🔘   The perfect storm and 240 MASS MURDERS  by July is not a tolerable situation and changes have to be made or we will lose the country internally. 

🔘  I was a Republican  for forty years and a NRA Gold member.   But I left the NRA when I learned the truth about its corrupt scumbag leadership and where the money was going and being used for —  And I intend to bring whatever I have learned naming names and scams they are involved in  —  and I intend to expose them — 

🔘   Younger, I was a gun lover, competitive shooter,  and today a gun is my protection  the competitive ness is there but age and direction, isn't.  It began 20 years ago when the children started dying —  in a materialistic world, next to my MAC computers,  I write as a  journalist, and photographer,  word hacker,  American consumerist, and I jokingly value my personal defense weapons my next favorite thing.   

🔘   I retired from Competitive shooting.   I  can’t compete with kids I’m three times older than, and supported by manufacturers.  I  recently sold my heavy  “offensive and competitive ” weapons.   But I do carry religiously plus my  “Annihilator, a full house 12 Ga. 1187 Combat Shotgun — with  11 rounds and custom titanium shells —  

🔘   When you write about Politics, Theology Scams on TV, Food Corporations and Bad Food as a critic, in my dreams, “  I have a vision of a hatchet crazed chef mad because his Chicken Cordon Bleu tasted like KFC on steroids, and coming at me because I reported it as such” . 

🔘   Theology is interesting and carries as many lies as our politicians.   And being Jewish and having what the holocaust did to my family affiliation with it,  there is always a chance for a nut-case starved wannabe supporting anti-semitic causes or white supremacy threatening me.

🔘   I would say to them, “ Let me help you get to Jesus sooner,  a lot sooner and end your personal misery”.  Please provide the name of your Funeral Director and forwarding address. 


🔘   Those believers who send checks for thousands of dollars to  an unknown fake NRA CHALLENGES to your Freedoms, OR THEOLOGICAL FAKE CERTIFIED PRAYER REQUESTERS on TV have got to be the dumbest marks and suckers on the planet —  

🔘   Praying, titheing, donating, and healings of cancer, leukemia, heart attacks, strokes, or a deadly ingrown toenail could easily be gone if it were true.   But it is not — About 60% of charities are fakes.  

🔘   Please call me when you have a burning bush in you living room and only then I will believe God returned your call.  Oh, better tell your Mom not to send them money.  If you had the guts to look further some of those people got paid for fake endorsement. 

 T-Rump wrote giant 100,000 dollar checks to charity for photo-ops but never did the real check ever get there —  Con is a Con is a Con —  He kept all of your donations to his return — gone, gone, gone as the song goes —  He looked good but they never got the money — 


🔘   The NRA didn’t do too bad either with 7,000,000 members at 30.00 plus per year they sucker each year plus donations from corporate gun manufacturers. There are better uses for these funds, real people in need.  But funds are dropping off as members find the lies within. Not true anymore, they are busted.  

🔘   The cycle is simple, dues money goes to NRA — But very little is really spent, their programs are bullsh*t and underfunded — It’s been spent on product for the lucky eighteen Gun CEO’S for sales — the other members of the board — totaling 76  stays amongst the lobby members — Everyone getting rich and singing “ Kumbaya” —


🔘   The millions collected is given to politicians to keep them re-elected — 31 million went to T-RUMP team-mates —  and Congress Members for protection — to keep the operation going and Wayne La Pierre living a life style a feudal king didn’t have —  

🔘   Just call it what it is protection money —  And the lies about the 2nd Amendment go unchecked —  The Gun Lobby steps in for disbursement, and the gun dealer kick back per gun funds to the NRA  —  Anything the NRA purchases or funds has to go through the eighteen  members who are gun accessories manufacturers for sale to their members and commissions are paid.

🔘   Those eighteen are the elite of the NRA and Wayne La Pierre, the ultimate scumbags best buds — But some seeing the writing on the wall and are deserting the ship —   More rats will go — 


🔘   I spent years and lots of dollars as a dedicated Competitive shooter trying earning points, not kills, but for the sport of it.  The combat defense side, rifle and some simple sniper training was provided by my affiliation with the Armed Services, enhanced by IPSIC, specialized courses and as a certified range officer.  

🔘   I loaded my own ammunition, in Dillon loaders like many competitors, and so forth.   I was fully emerged and the NRA was in a leadership role at one time in the shooting sports, not anymore.  I shifted really liked the sporting clays and skeet shooting.  

🔘   Found my self with a Beretta over and under — and a slightly different class of people — Even met the son of Beretta and the Mandrel sisters,  great singers, and greater shooters, such as when working with General Schwartzkoph --

🔘   I retired from clays competition some years ago, my age and my  dentist told me I’ll need a new cheek if I kept up with the shotgun.  The long rifle and the shotgun were edging me into a condition called TMJ by displacing the cheekbones my right side. 

 🔘   I worked on charity events for the women’s sporting foundation, potentially meeting some of the younger shooters priming for the Olympics.  I shot sporting clays with the bear, General Norman Schwartzkoph, one hell of a shooter.  I met with the Beretta family, even got a hat and borrowed a  $20,000 dollar shotgun and fired iconic greatness on one stage.  I was ready to sell the house and get one.   

🔘   Then I was introduced to Louise Mandrell, an American country music singer.  She is the younger sister of fellow country singer Barbara Mandrell, and older sister of actress Irlene Mandrell.   Louise had a successful singing career in country music from the 1970s, with a string of hits all during the 1980s.  All of the Mandrells are shooting enthusiasts.  She is an extremely good clays shooter in the top ranks.   Top drawer.  

🔘   One picture here is significant, the guy in the grey shirt shooting a prototype M-16 Shorty with picatinny rails, forward assist, small scope, collapse stock is me.   

🔘   The significance is that it was taken by my wife 35+ years ago when the shorty or correctly designated for testing the M-4  carbine prototype was being field tested, a privilege and had not been issued as yet.   

🔘   Actually the AIR FORCE got the first issuance as their combat defense teams were still shooting  WWII M-1 JUNGLE CARBINES — and other relics with a round identical in .30 caliber  (7.62x33mm cartridge) but looking more like a .357 round.  

🔘   Ancient but popular, and I could shoot a great group with something older than me,  after the big war and the AIR  FORCE was spending its dollars in a strategic cold war with better planes.  But their ground protection needed upgrades.  Their SWAT Combat Defense type teams got the first shorties.  I was happy for them.  


🔘   I lost it, chest pains and all, when I saw what happened to those children.  Uvalde was the last straw.  My other companion, she has kids in that school range, and middle to high school, and thinking it can’t get worse, I was wrong.   It keeps happening, I know the logic, big impact, soft target and do nothing by the GOP and the NRA.  Over and over again— and again.  Now adding more to the carnage enough is enough.  It is a time for action not words, it has turned me against the lies and the politicians bought off by the gun lobby.

🔘   Voters don’t vet who they vote for  — and the result is chaos - most voting decisions are made in the curtained voter both usually based on a previous decision by what TV Channel you watch or name recognition.  This is wrong.  Many votes are simply unthought of, unchallenged, unqualified and unsupported, you pick a name and lets see what happens. Lately seven, maybe eight of ten are bad choices.
And year after year, those same politicians will do nothing, respond to nothing, repair nothing, but cheerfully accept very large   “ Donations from groups ¨   of  semi-humans with small caliber brains that fuel the gun lobby.

🔘   Follow the money , it’s all about a scam, a fraud , using charity and has to be stopped period.  


🔘   Mainly the National Rifle Association with the complete knowledge of the usual propaganda and mis-truths they are stupid enough to believe. The Punt gun was the only gun the NRA ever banned, we believe it injured more shooters than flocks of ducks or fowl and crippled many.  Quotas and numbers of birds harvested came into being and that ended that.  

🔘   The only other usage would be in Godzilla movies.  To take out “ Mothra” . I dream often of lining up selected Senators who vote down gun bills and using the Punt gun on them — the rest of them are nothing but chickensh*t  cowards just enjoying voting no,  when McConnell tells them to vote no,  and they get re-elected with the fraud money.   SCUMBAGS!   

🔘   Though a big majority of  NRA members voted for more stringent gun controls, it went unheard by the NRA hierarchy.  They did what they wanted not the members wishes.   In any other industry this would be called “ Fraud or Bribery”.  In other countries, they might get shot.   But this not the whole or real picture.    This is wrong and it has gone on too long.  The NRA recently stands for “ Nothing Real America” and has become in a sense its own militia.


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