Hail Caesar - They Sent Him To Hail  —  I bet you expected a picture of Julius Caesar, HaHa... fooled you. It would seem obvious, right? Caesar salad must have been named for Julius Caesar, or maybe he might have even invented it. After all, those ancient Romans knew how to eat, and this guy was the most famous of them all!  WRONG 

Caesar salads have no connection whatsoever to Julius Caesar, or indeed to any of the Caesars who ruled Rome and their far-flung empire.  It instead honors an ordinary citizen with a flair for the simple and limited resources. 

Caesar Cardini, a famed restaurateur who, according to lore, invented the dish in Tijuana, Mexico, in 1924 when a rush of diners on the Fourth of July strained his kitchen’s resources and he had to make do with whatever ingredients were left on hand.

Cardini’s original recipe called for Romaine, Garlic, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese, two minute boiled Eggs, Olive oil, and Worcestershire sauce. He was said to be staunchly against the inclusion of anchovies in the mixture, contending that Worcestershire sauce is adequate to provide the faint fishy flavor.  Try telling that to an aficionado, they want their anchovy’s.

So, for the record, Alton Brown of FoodTV’s Good Eats is against little fishes, and eschews anchovies in favor of Worcestershire, as per the recipe he shared with television audiences as part of a 21 September 2002 “Salad Daze” segment.  It will be an ongoing food argument for the next millennia.  

I am a purist and like the taste of the anchovy but then again I also like Sardines and other fish delights.   I do respect those that don’t.  Cowards... The funny part is if I don’t tell them it had anchovies they don’t mind.  I once said mind over matter, it you don’t have a mind it doesn’t matter.

Others have said when Cardini ran short of supplies during a busy weekend and didn’t want to disappoint his customers, so he concocted this salad and to add flair, he prepared it at the table. The dish soon became a hit and people came to the restaurant just to eat the Caesar salad.  Most good , higher end restaurants like Berns in Tampa prepare it at the table with all the ingredients for the flair...


MONKEY WOOD is a beautiful wood made onto bowls from South America, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia and is the choice preparation tool for Caesar Salad.  You rub the garlic around the wood first for aroma and for the stimulation of the palate.  Beautiful styles and serving tools are made from monkey wood. 


  • 10-inch bowl easily serves a meal-sized  “Salad for Dinner for one"  or two restaurant-size side salads
  • 12-inch bowl serves “Salad for Dinner for two" or four restaurant-size side salads
  • 15-inch bowl serves “Salad for Dinner for four" or six-eight restaurant size side salads
  • 17-inch bowl serves “Salad for Dinner for eight" or more and restaurant size side salads for a crowd


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