4360 Park St N, St Petersburg, FL 33709
Tyrone Blvd and Park Street
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Phone: (727) 345-1022

MANAGEMENT MAKES IT WORK RIGHT —  Other locations simply were not as good.  My wife said she liked it better than Outback. She had a Salmon Filet and I had the Steak Special, a one pound Sirloin and it was perfect, the endless salad great with a nice house ranch, and a sweet potato with trimming.  Service was excellent and this was the fourth time we had eaten there each time with good results on a Sunday. Our waitress was new and was well versed and trained, 2nd day on the job and did a really nice job. Food was hot, timely and had great eye appeal.

BUT and it’s a big but. I have eaten at two other of their locations and got exactly an opposite feeling when I left.  It's really simple, one place has good managers and owner and the other doesn’t. The downside is they are always very busy.

Almost ten years we have eaten there and the food is consistently good, very busy on weekends, or during the tourist season, get there early and if you can make it a weekday do so.

👺 WEST BAY DRIVE STORE - NOT SO GOOD —  The store on West Bay Drive gave me half-cooked chicken, poor service on two occasions, and we would rather drive eight miles to Tyrone than travel one mile at West Bay. There is no comparison. To me it's nothing more than a good back end manager problem, management problems can be solved.  A good manager knows what going on. 

👺 US 19 LOCATION - NOT SO GOOD  —  Update:  Like idiots we went to the "lets try it again mode". We tried the Cody's at US 19 in Clearwater again.   It simply was not as good as the one on Tyrone ordering the same food. My steak was first too raw, then they killed it with overcooking.  

They are in a tough location to get in and out of and management appeared to be brain dead here too.  We never went back.  We call that area the restaurant curse area. In that same center, FUDDRUCKERS, and PSSGHETTI’S both went belly up under problems, surprisingly or not so, because of management problems.  CODY’S moved into that location, good move, now make the food better.   It didn’t.

08.24.2010   Update:   We hit the West Bay store, mediocre at best. √√1/   Nothings changed.
10.12. 2015  Update:   Tyrone at Park Store, excellent as usual
09.16.2018   Update:   Tyrone at Park Store, excellent as usual
06.18.2019   Update:   Tyrone at Park Store. excellent as usual.

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