— The Gray-Haired Pretenders Of The GOP Senate Are 

Frozen In Time, Deep In Fraud, And Corruption…

 Lock-Stepped And Dancing To Mitch Mcconnell’s Beat

And Donald T-Rumps Threats…Of Destruction

They Need A New Brand…The GOP Elephant Is Old

More Like A Wooly Mammoth,  Extinct, Ready To Fold… 

And Mitch the Bitch Finally Killed the Court

And Took away Women's Rights To Safely Abort

He’s Just a Gray Haired Pretender Who Pulled The Wool

One Day Retributions will take this Lying Bastard to School 


Proclamation — Henceforth I deem it neccessary to rename the GOP as The Reptilian Party.  New research indicates the Party of President Reagan and President Lincoln is dead.  The goodness of those two men is not apparent in the current members of the GOP party who are fakes, greedy bastards, liars, cowards and scumbag ignorant compassionless, people, some who deserved to be hanged for their lack of human traits.

Their obstructionist, lies and with the help of a sick mentally deficient moron has killed more than half a million people. Forget all the other bullsh*t,   it doesn’t count. Their fake tax bills, many reaped over forty billion dollars during the pandemic.  Thats blood money… Jared and Ivanka cleaned your tax dollars of almost half a billion dollars for outside work 

Earlier this month, we learned that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made up to $120 million between January 1, 2020 and January 20, 2021. While that was less than what they’d made the year prior, it was still quite a lot, particularly given that Kushner’s father had angrily claimed in 2019 that people should cut his son some slack because he’d allegedly made “a substantial financial sacrifice” to work at the White House. 

  • But as it turns out, this could have been merely a drop in the bucket, or a drop in the Scrooge McDuck–style pool of money that the couple raked in during their four years in Washington, a sum that financial disclosures reveal may have been well over half a billion dollars.

  • Government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) ran the numbers, and its analysis found that while working in the White House, the former first daughter and son-in-law reported between $172 million and an astonishing $640 million—or netted 457,142,000.00 dollars.

  • $1,400 stimulus checks—in outside income. (If we’re calculating based on the $1,200 checks Americans got last spring—some of which may have been held up because Donald T-RUMP insisted on putting his name on them—the figure climbs to 533,333.) 

  • When Javanka first started working as senior advisers to the president, they announced they wouldn’t be taking salaries, seemingly in the hopes of casting themselves as selfless public servants. But, of course, $18,000-a-month Kalorama mansions don’t rent themselves, and $30 million dollar plots of land in areas subtly dubbed “Billionaire’s Bunker” don’t buy themselves either.

  • It died at the hands of McConnell, Graham, Rand Paul, Savino, Meadows and other leadership, even one who took a bullet for the cause.   It shall henceforth be called the Reptilian Party since they are the closest living organism to the ideals of the party.   We had a problem calling the Party the Elephant anymore or calling them Scumbaggers…they are worse…

The SENATE Reptilians -  Also called Reptoids, lizard people, reptiloidssaurians, draconians) are supposed reptilian humanoids, which play a prominent role in fantasy, science fiction, ufology, and conspiracy theories.   

  • The idea of reptilians was popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate human societies. Icke has stated on multiple occasions that many world leaders are, or are possessed by, so-called reptilians.

  • With party members believing the Qanon's and the NAZI run T-RUMP Administration, As 12 million Americans “ now,” the United States government is run by lizard people (or, to be scientifically accurate, Reptilians). But they never said which members of the government are the Reptilians.  I didn’t know that

  • "Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet" was a pejorative used to refer to then Ontario Liberal Party opposition leader Dalton McGuinty in a press release disseminated by the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario on September 12, 2003, during the provincial election campaign in Ontario, Canada.

  • In the closely fought 2008 U.S. Senate election in Minnesota between comedian and commentator Al Franken and incumbent Senator Norm Coleman, one of the ballots challenged by Coleman included a vote for Franken with “ Lizard People” written in the space provided for write-in candidates.  

  • Lucas Davenport, who later claimed to have written the gag ballot, said, "I don't know if you've heard the conspiracy theory about the Lizard Men; a friend of mine, we didn't like the candidates, so we were at first going to write in 'revolution', because we thought that was good and to the point. And then, we thought 'the Lizard People' would be even funnier.”

  • In February 2011, on the Opie and Anthony radio show, the comedian Louis C.K. jokingly asked former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld a number of times if he and Dick Cheney were lizard people who enjoyed the taste of human flesh. Amused by Rumsfeld's refusal to directly answer the question, C.K. suggested it as a possible admission of guilt. He went on to further muse that perhaps those who are lizard people cannot lie about it; when asked if they are lizards, they either have to avoid answering the question or say yes.

  • On March 4, 2013, a video depicting a security agent with unusual features guarding a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama was spotlighted in a Wired report about shapeshifting reptilian humanoids. This led to a tongue-in-cheek response from chief National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden who said "any alleged program to guard the president with aliens or robots would likely have to be scaled back or eliminated in the sequester".

Our Totally Corrupted Senate — Subversion — The GOP Plan  —  

  • “Don’t just blame President Trump.  Blame those who naively or vindictive enough into believing him — and all the other Republicans who aided and abetted and, yes, benefited from protecting a political party that has become dangerous to America.  Some of us knew better.  But we built this moment. 

  • Four years the Republicans most who are in the market supported him for tax breaks and greed from the market.  They forgot about their oath and thought about their wallet and power.    And again, we looked the other way.  The failures of the government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis can be traced directly to some of the toxic fantasies now dear to the Republican Party.  

  • T-RUMPS philosophy used many of the following statements but the swamp and the corrupt Senate were all Republicans and many were simply fakes themselves, they were the obstructionist and party players.
    • Government is bad. 
    • The Courts are Bad.
    • The FBI is Bad and so forth.
    • Establishment experts are overrated or just plain wrong. 
    • Science is suspect. 
    • And we can go it alone, the world be damned.
    • All of these are wrong, of course. But we didn’t get here overnight. It took practice.  And Long before T-RUMP  the Republican Party adopted as a key article of faith that more government was bad. 
    • We worked overtime to squeeze it and shrink it, to drown it in the bathtub, as anti-tax activist Grover Norquist liked to say. But somewhere along the way, it became, “all government is bad.” 
    • Now we are in a crisis that can be solved only by massive government intervention. That’s awkward.
    • Next, somehow, the party of idealistic Teddy Roosevelt, pragmatic Bob Dole and heroic John McCain became anti-intellectual, by which I mean, almost reflexively opposed to knowledge and expertise. 
    • We began to distrust the experts and put faith in, well, quackery. It just got stupider and stupider.
    • Never mind that Republican leaders are among the most highly educated crooks and cheats on the planet;  it’s just that they now feel compelled to embrace ignorance as a cost of doing business.  
    • The GOP’s relationship with science has resembled some kind of Frankenstein experiment: Let’s see what happens when we play with the chemistry set!  Conservatives have spent years trying to cut funds for basic science and research, lamenting government seed money for nearly every budding technology and then hoping for the best. 
    • Circa 1939-1945  Adolf Hitler

  Our Beloved Senate Core Of Losers    The Republican Party sometimes colloquially is referred to both seriously and sarcastically as the “  GOrand ld Party.  

  • And for years the Elephant was the symbol of the party.  Little did we know they were referring to the Wooly Mammoth the Elephant of fifty-million years ago.  

  • Thats our Senate today, old bullshitters still around because no one had the balls to get rid of them.  Most with gracious silver hairdos and a total do-nothing attitude just collect paychecks, retirement benefits and bribes from the National Rifle Association.  

  • More recently they in the Senate are known as the Gray-haired Old Pretenders. They are one of the two major political parties in the United States.  The Senate runs under Mitch McConnell Supreme Ayatollah and Goose Stepping Dance Teacher of the GOP and  currently controls the White House and spends 95% of its time obstructing anything good in the United States Senate unless it adds to their personal wealth or power.

  • The party is composed of a number of small, unofficial, and highly factionalized “sub-parties” with drastically different beliefs with a practically nonexistent partisan organization.  They don’t play nice, they are scumbags and freeloaders but also do nothing but talk and more talk.

  • All of which just so happen to (on the outside at least) maintain the illusion that they are a collective, when, in reality, they are disjointed cliques and cabals who only have in common the fact that they all personally consider themselves to be vaguely “conservative” to some degree.  I prefer “ disgusting, misleading, full of sh*t and retarded at times from too much party line”.  

  • While there are various wings in the party characterized by different ideological viewpoints, some of which are completely rational, the most vocal “  Republicans” these days tend to be right-wing populists, reactionary assholes, the psychotically religious, and, of course, white nationalists.  They never tell the truth and are scared sh*tless of T-RUMP.   Graham, Meadow and the others as examples

  • here is an increasingly small center-right section representing moderate conservatives who generally happen to be the hawkish type, libertarian-leaning folk, and the tiny remnant of what used to be the establishment.  Most of them, especially the last ones mentioned, are extremely confused, still pondering over where in Lincoln’s name it went all wrong, while the "normies" and the truly far-right vilify them as being "not true conservatives", or RINO for short. 

  • This wing has shrunk to almost nothing culminating in the rise of the neoconservatives, the Tea Party, crypto-racist Trumpists, and the blatantly racist Alt-right faction, which, at this point, is probably close to getting a candidate of their own into Congress, possibly a clone made from Hitlers DNA. 


Chickens Are Related To Reptilians, Taste The Same 

🐓 McConnell’s / McCarthy Master-Debaiters In The House…

  • Since one man took office almost four years ago, and the previous eight years of obstruction by the GOP,  we have been lied to almost 27,219 times by a president and have had to endure one miscalculated stupid insidious embarrassment after another as a nation… because there are no balls on the GOP …

  • 🐓 The Republican party of Chickenhawks ( the gentle Elephant giant died years ago) and their leadership of McConnell and McCarthy should be relieved as obstructionists and violating their Constitutional beliefs actually working against Americans rather than for the American people.  

  • 🐓 Anywhere else in this world they would be called them traitors, in some countries they would be shot.  Thats a good idea.  The House party once represented by an Elephant Congressman is now represented by a Chickenhawk, talk like hawks and act like chickens. Doing nothing but pecking corn and pooping poop.   The Senators  are now referred to a Reptilians…

  • 🐓T-RUMP  was not alone, it took the cowards in the Senate and Congress afraid to stand up to him and they are not serving the people they are serving T-RUMP.   T-RUMP is the third party and the fourth part of the Government.  It was originally Hitlers plan which succeeded by control of the three factions of a democracy. the Senators are now Reptilians…

  • 🐓 AKA The Chickenhawks, is composed of many ball-less cowards, needing to be culled out as swift as possible or there will be no party... they are mainly to blame under the leadership of Mitch McConnell who has been the leading scumbag of the party... also known as the grim reaper....followed by a grand assortment of idiots, liars and imbeciles with gutless wonder... and nothing is being done about it,  thats the part that says if the voters are that frickin stupid, they deserve him.

🐓 Chickenhawks and Reptilians  —  

  • We now call those in the Congress  The Chickenhawks,  the new  Republican symbol,  officially the extinct and wooly Elephant has been replaced by a Chicken.  It won’t be a chicken in every pot but a GOP chicken in many House and Senate seats and that leads to seats filled with an abundance of Chickenshit.

  • Wow, what a bunch of real fake cowardly pooper’s afraid of Herr Donald and the Grim Reaper Mitch “ the Bitch” McConnell.  And when they didn’t vote Donald’s way, a tweet will follow.  Tweet-Tweet, just like baby chicks the only media Donald trusts because real media seems to see him for what he really is, very sick, and needs immediate help and someone to chop his head off and feed the rest to the dogs. Ask T-RUMPS best bud Kim Jong UN for how to do it.

  • The best thing in 2020 was Donald losing and being kicked off Twitter.  I see how our fake politicians operate, more fake hair than a Gaither Family Evangelical Gospel Sing-a-long.  I see the same, lock-stepped, in perfect tune, we are unfortunately inundated by scumbags, now called Scumbirds because they all fly in formation, and most should have been thrown out a long time ago. 

🐓 Photo-Op:    Above. Here is a shot of T-RUMP addressing Mitch McConnell, the Head Chicken of the Senate, a real  Cluck-sucker.   The photo on the left is from the last Republican Caucus where they said we stand shoulder to shoulder against decency.

I would like to see guilty sentences passed down, and treason charged to some.  Hopefully after the 2020 election there will be a balance in the Congress and Senate and many of the really fake Chickenhawks will be gone.   Don’t lock them up…cook them…Like Trumps Cabinet,  Graham, Pence, McConnell, McCarthy, and Nunes, Meadows, Jordan...and a few others.               ( Canola Oil, 450 degrees, twelve hours or until they stop clucking)



  • There is no Republican Party anymore, it was a party of cowards anyway controlled by McConnell, and the latest shape-shifter traitors to the country Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul,  Meadows and McCarthy.  

  • It is now the party of Trump which is so close to Leninism / Marxism leading to an Oligarchy.  Heavily coated in Hitler philosophy, carefully crafted by Steve Miller, and somewhat supported by cowardly clones.  

  • And, Melania T-RUMPS beautiful statuesque monolith wife took to the re-election rally program furthering the spread of COVID-19.   She is a true Republic-cannot Chickenhawk now…and a target.

  • The swamp is no longer, as many see it as a huge, really huge septic tank.  Swamps are usually not-problematic with dirty water filtered in some cases, and well thought out by nature,  in some cases essential for the environment.  

  • Like the Florida Everglades ruined by the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS.   (Hmmm, Army’s usually destroy things, not engineer things) which is now in a new billion dollar project to restore the river that cleans most of Orlando. (A point they never addressed when they killed the Everglades and will take a millennium to repair the wetlands.)

  • ON the other hand  Septic tanks are filled with sh*t and thats something only T-Rump, McConnell and Graham does best who added so many incompetents to handle things backed by losers who were already in office… they do LIES well, for the new class of Americans.  We have the rich, we a middle class, we have the poor.  Now we have tooth -fairy loving moron supporters called “ T-RUMP-pets” many who served in his septic tank cabinet.

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