That global warming is a fact… Donald T-rump does not believe that and he forced us to follow his thinking for four years by controlling funding and quitting the world organizations that do understand the science…and will be causing great pains down the road…Borrowing a suggestion from Joseph Stalin… “ He said when you have someone who disagrees with you, in reality you have three problems… the dissenter, people who believe him, and the poor thought he is promoting” In Donald’s case you have an ignorant moron, with followers, and a policy we could not follow and people died…

The leader of Russia during the Second World war solved his problem quickly: We need some kind of action.

  1. Stalin just lined up five complainers or dissidents belly to back and tied them together
  2. Pulled out a Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle Cal. 7.62x54R and with one bullet close range right throught the hearts.
  3. It totally eliminated the problems they caused and saved rubles, one shot, two cents and five decedents gone. 
  4. No others came forth after that,  great new loyaltyNo one was ever late for meetings … attendance improved…

I’m not promoting anarchy nor assassination of that sort, I believe the pen is mightier than the sword …especially if filled with arsenic and stabbed in the carotid artery




Warming and Ice Melt  —   The heat wave that just roasted Europe is now toasting Greenland. and that’s bad news for everybody. Greenland, home to the world's second-largest ice sheet, is expected to have significant ice melt as temperatures edge near record levels. Just this month, Greenland’s ice sheet lost 160 billion tons of ice, the equivalent of 64 million Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

🏊  The effects of the ice melt will be felt across the globe. The melt will flood the North Atlantic with freshwater, which could affect the weather in northwestern Europe and lead to stronger storms. Sea levels will rise. And it will fuel a cycle of extreme weather that has caused Greenland to endure near-record heat just after its coldest year in decades.

🏊  Global warming skeptics sometimes say rising temperatures are just another naturally occurring shift in Earth’s climate, like the Medieval Warm Period of the years 800 to 1200 or the Little Ice Age, a period of cooling that spanned from roughly 1300 to 1850.

🏊  But a pair of studies published Wednesday provides stark evidence that the rise in global temperatures over the past 150 years has been far more rapid and widespread than any warming period in the past 2,000 years — a finding that undercuts claims that today’s global warming isn’t necessarily the result of human activity.

🏊  “The familiar maxim that the climate is always changing is certainly true,” Scott St. George, a physical geographer at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, said in a written commentary about the studies. “But even when we push our perspective to the earliest days of the Roman Empire, we cannot discern any event that is remotely equivalent — either in degree or extent — to the warming over the last few decades.”

🏊  Since the beginning of the 20th century, the global average temperature on Earth has risen by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit. A consensus of climate scientists pins the increase primarily on the burning of fossil fuels, which spews carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the air. In the absence of concerted efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations says, the global average temperature could rise an additional 5.4 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100.

🏊  One of the studies, published in the journal Nature, shows that the Little Ice Age and other natural fluctuations affected only limited regions of the planet at a time, making modern warming the first and only planet wide warm period in the past two millennia. The other study, published in Nature Geoscience, shows that the rate of modern warming has far outpaced changes that occurred before the rise of the industrial era.

Warming And The Forests  —  Humans are doing everything from reducing emissions to not eating meat to not having kids in an effort to combat climate change. But this could be the most effective move of all: Reforestation. Restoring the world's lost forests could remove two-thirds of the planet-warming carbon that's in the atmosphere because of human activity, a new study says. Humans have added about 300 billion tons of extra carbon to the atmosphere. Restoring lost forests could capture about 205 billion tons of that carbon. (Remember, trees are natural carbon removers, and store it above and below ground.) The researchers say there’s enough suitable land on the planet where trees could be planted to increase the world's forests by about a third.

Warming And Poverty  — Changes to climate patterns could create a whole new world of haves and have nots. The prediction comes from a new UN report that says 120 million people could slip into poverty within the next decade because of the climate emergency. A "climate apartheid" is envisioned, where the rich pay to escape the worst effects of climate change, while the rest of the world fends for itself. And most countries aren't on track to meet their climate targets: President Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 Paris climate accord; an EU proposal to curb carbon emissions died last week; and the G20 is set to water down its climate promises during its summit in Japan.


Climate Change  —  Just how bad is our greenhouse gas problem right now? There's more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point since the evolution of humans. That shocking bit of news comes from data from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. It says the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is over 415 parts per million. That's higher than at any point in the last 800,000 years, since before the evolution of homo sapiens. Elevated carbon dioxide levels prevent the Earth's natural cooling cycle from working, trapping heat near the surface and causing global temperatures to rise. 

Climate change is hitting Greenland hard -- and it may be too late to do anything about it. The sobering assessment comes from a new study that says a warming Earth is melting Greenland's massive ice sheets much faster than previously thought. The study’s lead author says we may have reached the point of no return when it comes to fighting climate change and the “  Only thing we can do is adapt our thinking, processes and mitigate further global warming.” 
Melting ice sheets mean rising sea levels, which is especially bad news, since almost half the world’s population lives in areas vulnerable to rising sea.


Really Stupid Statements By Fearless And Brainless Leader  — T-rump states global Warming is not real and promoted by scientists with an agenda.  Donald Trump is one of the two or three people in the world left who don’t believe global warming is real and is a danger to the US as announced today by the Environmental Agency.  He is in the minority and when it comes to intelligence he scores much lower, somewhere between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon.  

Global Warming is and probably the most dangerous thing we face other than a direct hit by an asteroid, a fact that has happened when a large one hit the Gulf of Mexico about 500 miles west of Tampa, Florida ( 263 degrees W)  and is considered one of two possible reasons for the extinction of 95% of the animals on earth.  Possibly part of a larger asteroid or meteorite force thats occurred.

The common ground against Evangelicalism and the Big Bang theory is truth... that scientifically man and Dinosaurs never met.  Dinosaurs and people coexist only in books, movies and cartoons. 

The last dinosaurs, other than birds died out dramatically about 65 million years ago, while the fossils of our earliest human ancestors are only about 6 million years old. Thats truth, Evangelicals believe in fairy tails…

Dear Fred Flintstone Lovers  —  So much for big bang theories which are more “ pass the grass”  big dino-crap.  The cave men never killed the dinosaurs.  If so they would have had to be twenty to twenty-seven millions years old.  Just more Evangelical horse-shit to justify Biblical Bable, with no scientific merit or believe-ability and fake research by even bigger liars and religious nuts than T-RUMPUS McFARCE who failed Genesis, his close associate SECOND PENCE who fails at anything and everything except being a bigot to the LGBT.

T-Rump Is Anti-Science Due To Being Stupid  —  There is an agency that tracks asteroids and meteors for this purpose.  Occasionally, we have been able to reach some of these terrestrial objects and gain information about the creation of the earth.  But, Donald TRUMP is cutting their budget and may do away with it.   If one day a ten thousand ton rock lands in your garden and kills you. You have been warned as thats what killed off everything on earth million of years ago.

In fact a giant asteroid which might of crippled earth just passed through our solar system. “It has already been shown that its observed characteristics are consistent with a comet-like body ejected from another star system.  “And some of the arguments in this study are based on numbers with large uncertainties.”  This thing was huge and a hit would have devastated us.  Yes,  movies have been made about nuking errant asteroids and sometimes the future does catch up with us and its real.

Astronomers from Harvard’s Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics detected an unexpected boost in speed and shift in trajectory in Oumuamua as it passed through the inner solar system.  The change in course and speed was so pronounced, they concluded the object “might be a light-sail of artificial origin.”  Constantly streaming solar particles, called photons, could be harnessed in huge sails in the same way wind is on Earth.

Trumps budget calls for the elimination of this agency.  Dinosaurs diverged from their archosaur ancestors during the middle to late Triassic period, roughly 20 million years after the Permian–Triassic extinction event wiped out an estimated 95% of all life on Earth... and he’s too stupid and stubborn to admit he’s that stupid.  But we know his secret.  He hides it under his hair.

There was global climatic change; the environment changed from a warm, mild one in the Mesozoic to a cooler, more varied one in the Cenozoic. The cause of this climate change, and the speed at which it proceeded, are the major concerns of both schools of thought for the short lived dinosaurs.

As well as a permanent global climatic change, there is evidence that there were less lasting changes at the end of the Cretaceous period. These changes may have been the result of a massive terrestrial disturbance, the Gulf of Mexico Asteroid which threw up soot into the air, causing short term acid rain, emission of poisonous gases, and cooling (similar to a nuclear winter). Long term consequences would have been a global greenhouse effect (warming and reduced sunlight).


Climate Change Is Making Allergy Season Worse  —  (CNN) You’re sneezing your head off, and your eyes sting. The air around you is yellow -- along with your house, your car, your pets. Yes, of course, you already know that allergy season has arrived. Now for more bad news: Climate change makes it much worse.

Nearly 20 million Americans sneeze and sniffle due to pollen and dust, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many more of us will be BFFs with our tissues in the future.

The number of allergy sufferers has grown, research shows. One in 10 Americans struggled with hay fever in 1970, and 3 in 10 did by 2000. Asthma, which can be made worse by exposure to pollen, has become more common too, with higher rates among kids, low-income households and African Americans.

Experts think climate change shares some of the blame for this. Warmer temperatures increase the level of airborne pollen because, scientists say, the growing season has, well, grown

Climate change could expose 1 billion more people to bug-borne diseases, study says

Between 1995 and 2011, fewer freeze-free days meant 11 to 27 days added to pollen season for most of the United States, research shows. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which does an annual survey of allergy season, noticed that it's been growing each year.

With warmer temperatures, parts of the country are going to get even worse for allergies because plants like ragweed will start migrating north, studies show. New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine will probably see a lot more pollen in the future.

"Warmer temperatures allow the trees to pollinate earlier and for longer times," said Angel Waldron, the director of communications for the allergy foundation. "We didn't used to see our cars covered in pollen before March, but we do now, and we hear from people all the time who are dealing with allergies for a lot longer than they used to when they were little. That's definitely connected to climate change."

If warming continues at its current pace, by the end of the century, the growing season will be longer by about a month in most states. States that weren't home to the pollen-producing plants and trees will soon see them in abundance, exposing whole new populations to pollen.

It's not just the warmer temperatures adding to our misery. Plants love some carbon dioxide, and when there is more of it in the atmosphere due to the greenhouse gases causing climate change, they flourish. Studies on ragweed show that the amount of pollen the plant produces actually doubles with higher levels of CO2. The pollen becomes more potent too, according to the US Department of Agriculture. There are similar patterns for grass pollen and other plants.

There are aisles and aisles of allergy medications at the pharmacy, and Waldron suggests that you talk to your doctor about the one that's best for you. Your doctor should also be able to help you identify what triggers your allergies, so you can avoid them.  And take heart, winter is only eight months away.

SCIENTISTS Agree —  Many organisms; both marine and terrestrial, vertebrate and invertebrate; went extinct. The reason for this extinction was probably this climate change.  Our President is both ignorant and stupid.  IGNORANT stems from  “ to ignore the scientists”, and stupid in his argument which come naturally in his arguments.  Plus willing to take deadly chances we can’t afford to take.

SCIENTISTS PRAY  —  HOPEFULLY, Bold and Wishful Thinking   A small meteorite about the size of a Hyundai Sonata to a FORD Excursion reaches the earth at the following coordinates 26.6771° N, 80.0370° W  at 8,000 MPH ( the 27 Hole T-RUMP Golf Course at Mar-a-lago) while T-RUMP is on the 16th hole telling lies again, popping his 10th mulligan of the day.  And wearing his fat ass pants with the mulligan ball dispenser in the right pant leg.

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