🔘  The definition of   ignorance” is “not knowing or not understanding.”  It comes from  To IGNORE,  But the definition of “stupidity” is “ knowing or understanding something, but doing the wrong thing anyway.”   Surveys indicate Americans are re-defining themselves as stupid. So stupid, they are the laughing stock of the free world,  they  are losing the smarts war.  That make them “ ignorant”  converted to stupidity — 

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 8.58.52 PM

🔘  T-RUMP hats are now a sign of ignorance and stupidity — We were conned by T-RUMP fake media, voting poorly, appointing the wrong politicians, believing in Hollywood, grifters, crooks, swindlers, false messiahs and the fake IRS tax breaks —  all at the cost of our children and their future education —    MAGA now means  Make America Great — Assassinate

🔘  Education:  Four years of T-RUMPS Ms. Betty Devos did not help our children.   First in the world for years in Math and Science,  and now a Klingon or Romulan from another planetary system is smarter.   OK, but going from first in the world to 27th and 33rd is no great accomplishment.  Just an Evangelical douchbag who screwed the education system.

🔘  Are we getting stupider?   Yes — Part one of  “ The Death of the American Dream “,  the frauds and lies of the media hero's who are as fake as a three dollar bill and, festered and supported by some of you — " Masses of dumb asses who  believe in them”.

🔘  Newspapers told the truth through verification — Wiped out by T-RUMPS Fake News Lies — FOX (Other copy cats too) TV is opinions by celebrities — All Bullsh*t, Hannity and Tucker, others — 

🔘  First thing T-RUMP Destroyed was the press and created FAKE NEWS — to cover his lies — ON TV 

🔘  Now they are the media for the lies in just about everything from reality shows to politics to pots and pans— 

🔘  Destroyed the Supreme Court with McConnells Help — Both should be hanged or assassinated —

🔘  One of the biggest cross-national tests is the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which every three years measures reading ability, math and science literacy and other key skills among 15-year-olds in dozens of developed and developing countries. 

🔘  The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th  out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. Among the 35 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which sponsors the PISA initiative, the U.S. ranked 30th in math and 19th in science.

🔘  Parts of this are an expansion of the Brown Cow survey  — A literary giant of a questionnaire proving maybe we should not make fun of Apes.  Chimps in Particular — We list all the combined questions that idiots can’t seem to answer due to a mental condition — contributions came from many GOP making false claims the sources all blaming the Democrats.  

🔘  Not true, Our investigation —  parallels the investigation by the press and multiple surveys indicate “  Dumb is a distinct Republican trait”  — that truthfully we found dumb leaned a lot more toward the Republicans — 
We found during our investigation  — 
In Constant Inbreeded Ignorants Disease Symposiums we  found predominantly in the Southern Republican States, and the most common cause is CRDS, scientifically  known as Cranial-Rectal Dyslexia Syndrome,  AKA on the street as, “ Sh*t for Brains”.  Much of it is because we believe in sick media  and make hero's of scumbags television reality shows which are entertainment and should never taken as truth.    

🔘   The decrease in the use of libraries, reading, studying history, newspapers and growth of mis-directed media of the information dispersal via TV and the internet has made us into a nation of idiots — where there is no truth, there is destruction — 


Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 8.14.27 AM



Department of Justice  —  
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Northern District of Georgia
Tuesday, June 7, 2022

ATLANTA, Ga. – Following a three-week trial, a federal jury found Todd and Julie Chrisley guilty of conspiring to defraud community banks out of more than $30 million of fraudulent loans. The jury also convicted Todd and Julie Chrisley and their accountant, Peter Tarantino, of a number of tax crimes, including conspiring to defraud the IRS. The Chrisleys were found guilty of tax evasion, and Peter Tarantino was found guilty of filing two false corporate tax returns on behalf of the Chrisleys’ company. The jury also found Julie Chrisley guilty of wire fraud and obstruction of justice. 

“The jury found that Todd and Julie Chrisley committed multiple fraud schemes for several years and their accountant, Peter Tarantino, filed false corporate tax returns on their behalf,” said U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan.  “This office and our partner agencies will continue to vigorously investigate and prosecute white collar criminals who flout the law.”

“As today’s outcome shows, when you lie, cheat and steal, justice is blind as to your fame, your fortune, and your position,” said Keri Farley, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Atlanta. “In the end, when driven by greed, the verdict of guilty on all counts for these three defendants proves once again that financial crimes do not pay.”

“Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley and their Certified Public Accountant, Peter Tarantino, conspired to evade the assessment and payment of the Chrisley’s income taxes.  The Chrisleys and Tarantino knew the law was clear on taxable income and who is required to file and pay taxes,” said James E. Dorsey, Special Agent in Charge, IRS-Criminal Investigation. “These convictions should send a clear message regardless of your fame or notoriety, everyone will be held accountable for paying their fair share of taxes.”

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Thomas J. Krepp and Annalise K. Peters are prosecuting the case.  For further information please contact the U.S. Attorney’s Public Affairs Office at or (404) 581-6016.  The Internet address for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia is

•  Sentencing for the Chrisley's and Tarantino has been re- scheduled for November 21, 2022.  You gotta love the IRS, First Capone and now these humorous fake jerkoffs  •  They need jail time to stop others.


 🔘  In truth, almost 100% of these so-called “reality shows” were and are actually staged, pre-written, agreed to,  amplified,  and predetermined. They involve carefully crafted scenarios, archetypal actors, or sometimes even both.  They need enormous crews in some cases, time is money, reshooting is costly,  and what you see is not what really occurred.  This is all about audience capture or simulation of possible events, using an age old principle of mixing truth with fake scenarios.  Enough truth is the bait and then the fill is all the pre-scribed scenes.

🔘  In one hour shows, the  entire five hour builds and reconstructions take place, or in fake sports events, the wrestlers beat each other to death with chairs made of super light material or crash through tables with saw cuts so they break when the opponent crashes in, and the hits and blows are all fake.  The noise you hear is the hand hitting the stage or object before the face, and the recipient acting out the resultant fake crash.  Two part acting.  Because tomorrow night they will be in another arena doing the same act.  And unless they make a mistake, they will be unhurt.

🔘  Many of the shows are shells, the whole job never gets completed and they show you the good parts.  A sheet metal part fabricated for some replacement parts on cars gets two minutes film time and could have taken five hours to make.   And a chance just the shell gets done.

🔘  The list goes on and on — its all about selling the shows theme and honestly is not always present — 

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 8.46.11 AM

🔘  REAL REALITY SHOWS — Least amounts of fake insertion's — 

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 9.27.26 AM

Many of these people who are Anti-gov, Anti-Vaccine, or Simply Ignorant of truth tend to bury their head in the sand when it comes to change and truth.  

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 9.40.30 AM

🔘  In a widely reported 2017 survey, 7% of adult Americans agreed with the statement that Chocolate Milk comes from Brown cows.  Just how dumb are the American people?   That is “ Udder” nonsense. 

🔘  Or maybe we send some of these idiots back to school where Government or History is taught.   The comical cow survey result belongs to a tradition of pollsters posing the burning question:  Their findings are not reassuring. 

🔘  Voting Machine Or Ak47  —  I agree,  we have the stupidest voters in the world who vote the wrong teams, rather than the right people.  They are only out-voted by folks who know there is a AK-47 at the back of their head —  

🔘  We can change things  —  By expediting the charges of those who participated in January 6th, re-establish the death sentence,  putting people away on work projects like the chain gangs of old, they all seemed to have great spent up energy.

The Questionnaire Answers — Total Ten Thousand — Several Surveys — 

  1. Surprising numbers think that vaccines are not safe (45%)
  2. Climate change is not real (20%);   
  3. Dinosaurs and people lived at the same time (14%); 
  4. The moon landing was faked (7%);   
  5. Was Martha Stewart really doing all that cooking  ?
  6. Donald T-RUMP passed a lie detector test with the results interpreted by Donald T-RUMP junior — 
  7. Crystal healing has efficacy (6%);   
  8. The earth is flat (2%).  Only Pizza should be round --
  9. Only 26% of Americans could name all three branches of the federal government  —  
  10. 33% could not think of one branch of the Federal Government —   
  11. Thirty-seven percent could not name a single right protected by the Bill of Rights —
  12. Many tested barely read on a seventh grade level — 
  13. Less than half of us know which nation dropped the Atomic bombs — 
  14. Only one-third of us know that the Congress, not the President, declares war  — 
  15. Only 30% of us know that members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms — 
  16. And only 25% of us know that Senators serve six-year terms — 
  17. Most Americans continue to believe that the 9/11 terrorists came from poverty or were neglected as children despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary —   
  18. Even after the 9/11 Commission had stated publicly that Saddam Hussein had provided no support to Al Qaeda, a poll showed that half the population still insisted that he had— 
  19. Only 25% of us can name more than one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment but more than 50% of us can name two members of the Simpson family.


Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 5.51.47 AM

🔘   These revelations, and many others, come from Rick Shenkman, and Charles Pierce plus others  in their new books entitled Just How Stupid Are We?   And the American Idiot  — Facing the Truth About the American Voter—  The vaunted wisdom of the American people, Shenkman says, is a myth. When it comes to government and politics, we are ignoramuses - ill-informed, apathetic, and easily manipulated. 

🔘   Ed-  Thats why I have adopted names like T-RUMP Supporters are now called  T-RUMP-Pets  and GOP Voters and Politicians are called Reptilians—

🔘   The worst part is when you show a MAGA hat wearing moron imbecile the truth in black and White they deny it because they are radicalized by FOX and T-RUMP and have become “Zombiestic  T-Rump-pets” — God , please save them — or a wooden stake — in the heart —  

🔘 A generation ago presidential speeches were pitched at the level of twelfth graders. Today they are pitched at the level of seventh graders—  So the idiots might understand and that alone after four years of Mrs.  Betsy DeVos,  the appointee of Donald T-RUMP for education,  completely who completely f*ked up the system —  Add the COVID  crisis and we are producing a nation of idiots as we dropped from first in the world in education.   

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 9.41.49 AM

🔘 The United States is not investing as much in human capital as other developed countries.  For Four years T-RUMP took education money and used it for the wall.  
As a result, its comparative advantage is falling behind.  

🔘 For example, US students' math skills have remained stagnant for decades.  This means they are falling behind many other countries, such as Japan, Poland, and Ireland, which have greatly improved. In fact, US test scores are now below the global average. 

🔘  The Program for International Student Assessment tests 15-year-old students around the world and is administered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In 2018, when the test was last administered, the US placed 11th out of 79 countries in science. 

🔘 It did worse in math, ranking 30th.  The US scored 478 in math, below the OECD average of 489. That's well below the scores of the top five, all of which were Asian nations: Singapore at 569, Macao at 555, Hong Kong at 551, Taiwan at 531, and Japan at 527. China was not included in this ranking, since only four provinces participated.

🔘 In science, the United States scored at 502, above the OECD average of 489. The top five highest-scoring countries were Singapore at 551, Macao at 544, Estonia at 530, Japan at 529, and Finland at 522.

🔘 When analyzing the U.S. results over the years, it's clear that the scores have been stable over time—while not declining, there aren't any signs of improvement, either. In fact, there's been no detectable change in U.S. students' math scores since 2003 or science scores since 2006.

🔘  Many companies simply outsource their tech jobs overseas.  American citizens because they may not be qualified.The result, however, is the same: There are fewer high-paying jobs going to Americans.

🔘  Despite the low scores dating back decades, some Americans see no problem with the state of US education.   Ignorance of truth handles that.  In 2008, nearly half of those who participated in an Associated Press poll said that American students’ achievement test scores were the same as or better than those of children in other industrialized nations.  However, 90% of them recognized that education helps economic growth.  Thats asking the stupid to judge the stupid.

🔘  The states that are poorest have lower education scores. This cycle creates structural inequality.  Most are Republican. That one answer for dumb voters.  Impact on U.S. Competitiveness  —  This slippage in education, along with President Trump's trade policies, has hurt U.S. competitiveness.   

🔘  The IMD World Competitiveness Center reports that the U.S. is ranked 10th in its 2020 Competitiveness Report. After ranking first in 2018, the U.S. fell to the third spot in 2019. The seven-point tumble to 10th place in 2020 represents the lowest the US has ever been in the annual ranking system by far.  Dumb Presidents like T-RUMP do well with dumb voters as they offer little intelligent opposition to crackhead ideas.

🔘  Mitch McConnell tells the HOUSE AND SENATE GOP  how to vote, when to vote, when to crap, — nothing left of the party, it is a group of followers just like the NAZI stormtroopers.  As a group each owning up to this thing called truth does not exit, they follow orders get rich on your dollars and put no effort into change.


🔘   Fear is a strong tool to attain goals — Three generations back my grand parents immigrated from a town Vishnoa, just outside of  Odessa, Ukraine,  when it was part of Russia because another bastard the CZAR,  didn’t like Jews.  They were called POGROMS.  Leave Russia or be killed, sound familiar.   

Putin is the latest of the Czars.  Only to see it rise again with Adolf Hitler and the NAZI’s. And resulted in the Holocaust killing of six million JEWS, but WORLD WAR II  globally which one man started, Adolf Hitler is responsible for sixty plus million  civilian, military, men , women, children,  DEAD, VERY DEAD! And his methods of fear were very, very real. 

🔘  Seeing it again,  with Putin and the American ‘Fascist-Communist’  T-RUMP who in four years has made hatred, prejudice, cheating and lying and destroyed our core foundation of fairness and DEMOCRACY,  and the Constitution a joke.    Normal  will return when some of these authoritarianism leaders and politics are hung in front of the Constitutional Halls of Justice.   THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE — 

🔘  The more chaos and fear the GOP puts on the airwaves every day scares Americans into thinking they are the only ones that can Save America.  This is the basis for the big lie and Donald T-RUMP, Mitch McConnell and others who should be removed as traitors and liars.   “ Freedom of Speech", our most cherished part of the Constitution does not accept “ Freedom to Lie”  as acceptable behavior or mis-direction and should be punished.



🔘  OUR SUPREME COURT CAN'T CARRY A GOOD TUNE  —   our Supreme court is failing miserably playing politics, they are not of the people anymore, they follow their personal beliefs in religion, drinking, and just about the worst crew I have seen in my life.  They are a corrupt goose stepping court. 

🔘  I do not believe you can tell a woman she cannot have an abortion if she chooses,  if within good medical and mental evaluation standards of safety for the woman and fetus.   Otherwise Senators and House Mice keep your mouth out of her womb, we don’t need Taliban religious rules for believers  in a country devoid supposedly of denial of human rights.  Our core is slowly being torn apart by the Evangelical right —  Where the hell did the separation of Church and State go?

🔘  Our appellate courts have been loaded by Mitch McConnell without proper vetting and appointed with 200 new judges on every level hand picked by incompetent’s,  some judges who never tried a case in their legal careers but devoted money contributing Republican voters. So now our appellate courts are harbingers of party corrupt policy.  

🔘  Somebody Wake Those Evangelical Schmucks Up!  Our religious Evangelicals have to understand this is not the United States Of Jesus.  It’s called Church vs. State.   Our country serves all religions fair and rights are shared by all.  

🔘   Roe vs. Wade was an accommodation that rationalized the program fairly and has existed for decades.   When I hear a Congressman making a speech to halt abortion, I want to throw up.   Lieing, cheating vote getters telling morons who believe in the tooth fairy and flying deer need to get real.   How many of these Christian Consious Believers protecting the unborn have adopted a child. Not as many as they would have you think.

🔘  How many of the those promoting ban abortion talk have undertaken adopting a child from the thousands needing help by unplanned pregnancies? Theses are people who talk the talk for politics but do little for those who need the help  —   How many of  them even tried to help those with a single parent child who cannot afford good care, medically and  helped them to get better education, financial services, companionship, anything. 
But you are not in the mothers shoes trying to survive.  You are in your world of righiousness. You are the problem.   For our scumbag politicians, it’s just a case of unwanted pregnancy vs votes.  Life and death is now a political thing.
The real life, has an answer, it’s called avoidance of progeny, by education primarily.  Early, by several means, and free condoms, educational materials and leave the scamming Religious Babbling Barons Of Bullsh*t away from TV.  Both the political and theological bullshitters —




🔘  Our real problem started with the death of the newspaper, people stopped reading verified news. By Donald T-RUMP with the fake news scam about so-called fake news and right out of the “ Mein Kamph Hitler Playbook” 

🔘  And the rise of social media and creation of a platform that served conspiracies so stupid only a moron would believe it , opinions, lies, mis-direction, cheating, misogamy,  scumbaggery, obstruction, deviant fake news,  and denigration of our most important protections such as the FBI, CIA, HOMEland Security and not printed news and the truth. 

🔘  Thats how Adolf did it, but he burnt the papers and killed the writers.  Destroying the papers was the first step in creating the "Third Reich”.  Creating the FAKE NEWS SLOGAN WAS T-RUMPS match for the Hitler Plan.  

🔘  Add Rupert Murdock, and son international scumbags known to dislike America controlling the remaining papers and media and you have the perfect storm.  Lies on TV, Lies in print, constant harassment of truthers, exploiting the liars, day after day.  Understand that was the playbook of one Adolf Hitler, one man and in the end sixty-million people world wide were dead.  

🔘  Hitler had Goebbels, Himmler, Goering, Ribbentrop, Donitz, Speer, Eichmann, Keitel,  and one hell of a staff, all killers and corrupt.  Look at those smiling faces and you see death camps and annihilation of six million JEWS.   Adolf learned a lot from the staff of the first world war.  Thats why World War II total annihilation Axis, Allies, military and Civilian, combined deaths all side went over 60 million plus — 

🔘   The world looked seventy years later for the US to get on the ball , bring a stop to Covid-19.  The US under T-RUMP dribbled, lied , conspired  and the US population has one million COVID deaths by sheer negligence and dumb hunches by one man — Donald J T-RUMP — but the total deaths in the world from COVID is  six million.

🔘   Who say history does not repeat itself ?  I challenge you !


Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 8.15.15 AM


Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 6.29.48 AM


Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 8.23.56 AM


🔘  The worst Cabinet selection in the history of the US,  many selected by campaign donations and cronyism,  few survived the four years, most good ones had enough and quit, or were fired,  this left a gigantic cabinet crew of the most incompetent of the worst, those who left in a hurry offered comments about him —

🔘  The cabinet was the perfect platform for a deviate like Donald J. T-RUMP and his band of merry men and women who follow him.  His entire time in office and his associates, and acolytes like MIKE PENSE who couldn’t run a whorehouse in a third world country,  party leaders like Mitch McConnell who plays the game and has been stealing  your money for thirty years.  

🔘  He was so feared by House and Senate Reptilians they all carry rolls of toilet paper in the briefcases.  Just nerves…  The Chart shows  T-RUMPS closest associates who left him with very unfavorable commentary.

🔘  Truth and transparency is the hallmark of the Democracy, we do not have it anymore , it is gone and it will seal our fate.  T-RUMP killed it.   Our strength in our country was in our unity and you defeat unit by hatred , conspiracies, racial bias and the more you create the easier it is to win heart and minds of the totally stupid friggen morons that abound within the GOP base voters.

🔘  Dumb and dumber Americans are created, we were not made that way, we were proud of country, we fought the wars side by side to stop the tyranny, now after January sixth, tyranny is as it appears, acceptable, we have to get rid of the scumbags in our government, removing them from the earth if need be. 

🔘  They stopped being Americans and became  Republicans —  Trumpest Republicans — Killers —  Traitors —  Imbeciles , Losers,  Obstructionists and Self-Serving greedy Bastards all of whom should be tried and jailed.  Call it what you want they were a mob of traitors and the severest form of punishment is needed. 



🔘   If the findings from a new ABC News poll are any indication, then the answer is a resounding yes, make that  YES:  There's no honeymoon for Donald Trump in any news poll, but go to a Republican Rally and they think he’s the messiah.  The funny part to me is many of the base GOP are Evangelicals.  Too much Jesus too little reality — 

🔘  Didn’t they read the part that warns of false Gods.    ABC News/Washington Post ran this poll and he approached his 100th day in office with the lowest approval rating at this point of any other president in polls since 1945 — yet 96 percent of those who supported him 2016 say they'd do so again today. —  Idiots do not learn, they just show more dumbness.

🔘  We call them T-RUMP-PETS and need to get off the dog food they have been on radicalized beyond help.   Among those who report having voted for Trump in November, 96 percent today say it was the right thing to do; a mere 2 percent regret it.   This is despite all the lies Donald Trump has told and all the campaign promises he has betrayed: 



🔘  He has not “ drained the swamp" of lobbyists and corporate fat cats —  The NRA became worse — 

🔘  No peace with North Korea  — Now they are a Nuclear threat — 

🔘  No peace with IRAN — Who is becoming Nuclear —

🔘  LORD BULGE-BOTTOM — Not welcome in Europe  ever again  —  

🔘  The Golf courses he brags about are losing money big time  — 

🔘   Millions, he’s using RNC money for himself — 

🔘  His Hotel in DC is up for Sale  —  No Buyers — 

🔘  Did nothing for Education, Infrastructure or immigration  —  NOTHING

🔘  Spent more time on the Golf course than in office  —

🔘  Screwed the middle class with the fake tax breaks, the rich got richer and the middle class got Borscht.  

🔘  Fake Donations - He Stole The Money For Himself - The Feds closed Donald’s charities and are now under investigation for making false donations and photo-ops  of 100,000 dollars to various charities and not really doing it.   They were photo-ops and he never delivered.  Trump has 16 going on 17 Federal and State Investigations concurrent.  

🔘 Under investigation:  For the January 6th sedition — 

🔘  Under Investigation:  For Document Treason at Largo

🔘  Under Investigation:  Like Al Capone TRUMP refused to show his returns for the past ten years.

🔘  Certified Scumbag Draft Dodger - The truth about our draft dodging president is out - Nothing lower than a draft dodger, a true scumbag.  Vietnam cost us 58,000 young Americans died and he and his DAD pulled strings as a coward, not as a conscientious objector with bone spurs which we would define as COWARDICE.  Daddy bailed Him with letters from a tenant of his for the Draft board, five times with fake medicals.   the Doctors children acknowledged  their father never tended to Donald.

🔘  The Last Guardrail -- The Secretary of Defense James Mattis the last of the Generals Trump spoke so highly about,  obviously had more integrity than the fearless leader,  resigned .  This wass a devastating blow to foreign policy and our collaboration with all our allies who do not trust T-RUMP.  At that point we realized the country had a nut with the keys to a Nuclear Bomb.

🔘    Hard To Find Good Help —  Trump can’t really find a new Chief of staff as the good people are smart enough to stay away, the Trump regime is now considered toxic to careers.  ( This is a clue for the weak-minded ) 

🔘  The Youth Of Collusion -- Jared Kushner (son-in-law) and Prince IBN SAUD are both friends and business potentials in their thirties and basically the reason TRUMP supports Saudi Arabia.  The daughter’s and Jared’s future money laundering because the personal gain of Jared and Ivanka’s banking is at stake as NY banks won’t do business with T-RUMPS.  

🔘  Money Laundering - It is under investigation,  about 100% true…that the Saudis and the Russians have been laundering through TRUMP Enterprises.

🔘  Yemen And Murder -- And backing SAUDI ARABIA that with support the war in Yemen thats killed unknown numbers of people and brought almost 60-80,000 people to starvation that is eminent. 

🔘  Payoffs -- 500 rooms rented at Trumps hotels is one of hundred of payoffs from the Saudis. It’s not chump change, try $500 a night x 500 rooms equals  $250,000.  Duh, you think there is an interest in money changing and collusion. 

🔘  Illegal Coaching —  Jared, Trumps son in law, caught coaching the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,  now known as  MBS,  young, belligerent, arrogant, dangerous murderer on how to handle and manipulate the Saudi position in the US for the killing of  Khashoggi, a journalist in a brutal ambush slaying. 

🔘  Immigrants Or Prisoners - Fourteen thousand immigrants still in federal housing ( Like prison camps) while Trump plays politics over a wall no one wants.

🔘  Border Fiasco -- He spent 221 Million dollars to move troops to the border for an imagined invasion, guess who pays for that.  Who cannot act under the laws of “Posse Commititus”.  And he gave them the power to use lethal force.  

🔘  Corrupt Tax Plan -- He is making millions off the tax cuts, exploiting the government and his whole family is corrupt and you just stand still like morons and idiots yelling “Lock her Up” against Hilary who has been accused of Trumped up charges by Nunes, Gowdy, McCarthy and others of the GOP.  

🔘  Irony Over A Chant -- The “ Lock her up chant”, first spoken by General Michael Flynn was a GOP harassment quickly adapted by stupid people with no sense of value in truth,  just simple minded people.  The IRONY is that the man who started it [Flynn] is the one that probably will be going to jail, guilty and pleaded for what he did as a traitor to his country.  Words have meanings and his words now have become... the greatest backfire in politics... The new FLYNN chant is  “Hang Him High”.  And got a pardon from Donald when found guilty.

🔘  Captain Bullsh*T -- He used the Thanksgiving message to the troops from the golf course and ranted politically to our best servicemen.  Someone said there is a lot of sand in Syria, so is there a lot of sand in Donald’s fake golf game. see the story “CUT HIS BALLS OFF” 

🔘  Rake California -- He blamed the fires in California on the Forestry Department for not raking the leaves in California.  The President Claims California fires are caused by not raking leaves.  Idiotic

🔘  Trump Is As Guilty — Jared Protects Saudi Prince, KILLER of JAMAL KHASHOGGI  — 

🔘  Beat Up Reporters —  No one of faith condones reporters being beat up  —

🔘  Genital Grabber — Nor Women grabbed by their genitals - “Quote, Donald T-RUMP” 28 Women  —

🔘  Disabled Remarks -- Making fun of a disabled writer by mimicking him - Donald T-RUMP  —

🔘  Denigration By A Draft Dodger Of An American Hero --   John McCain —  

🔘  Nazi Lover -- A supporter of the NAZI’s - Charlottesville - Donald T-RUMP  —

🔘  The Divider -- A divider, not a builder, Donald Trump in his tweets is a three year old with a toy  — 

🔘   Never Paid The Help -  And a man who failed to pay for work done - Donald Trump has over 3500 lawsuits  — 

🔘  Bankrupt King In NY - In NY and four bankruptcies, three on one project. 

🔘  30,000 TOTAL LIES —  Fact-checked by the best in the business Washington Post and Politico.  Donald Trump has been vetted by the best liar finders in the country who said he can’t help it as he is acknowledged to be a paranoiac narcissistic vicious actor bully, verified by over a hundred psychiatrists who looked at his record, temperament, actions and characteristics  — 

🔘  Protect Abusers - A protector of abusers - Donald Trump support some of the NAZI friends in their party. Claims he didn’t know who David Duke was   — 

🔘  Breaks Up Families -- A disruptor of families, puts kids in immigrant prisons and forget’s about them.  The last count was 250 children not accounted for  — 

🔘  Lost Children In Prisons -- Now two have died. We have 14,000 children in camps like prisoners because ICS can’t process them  — 

🔘  Destroyed America Legal Systems - He has destroyed the reputation of the FBI - With lies, innuendoes, mis-statements and accusations - Donald Trump owns all that trash —

🔘  He Has Made False Remarks --  The Press, calling them Enemies of the state, when they are the only defense we have against a madman, forget the GOP House and Senate, like the Gestapo they are in lock-step marching like the third Reich.  Adding the DOD, The Attorney Generals Office, NATO, Immigration, scumbags like Mitch McConnell  —

🔘  He Will Destroy -- With the help of the GOP will destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Obamacare  —  

🔘   Backed Out Of Treaties With Allies -- He has gone after every treaty and destroyed relationships with our allies and friends who do not consider us a good brokers any more.  Donald T-RUMP  —  

🔘  Lover Of Killers And Power Brokers -- He befriends the scumbags of the worlds and praises them for their strengths.  Dictators another word for killers, like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un and Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdelaziz Al Saud.  Donald T-RUMP owns this  —  
He has a love affair with Kim Jung UN who shot his uncle with a 23mm anti-aircraft gun, used to shoot down aircraft, fed his other uncle alive to 50 starving dogs and poisoned his own brother in Hong Kong, and we don’t know whats next except he is good at playing T-RUMP.  —  

🔘    Treaty Breaker And Liar — He destroyed relationships with our allies and friends who do not consider us a good brokers any more. Donald Trump avoids truth, he is still as corrupt and unstable as the day his father gave him his first 413 million. He lied. He claims he’s so smart, he only got a million and his dad said, go forth and prosper.  So he avoided the IRS.  Donald T-RUMP  claims “He is his own man”,  right his Dad and his son-in-law both cheated the IRS for years and millions upon millions, over the years.  200,000 a year from age three and a total of 413 million, thats why his tax returns are secret  — 

🔘    Cheater —And he cheated people, and lied about it, cost people their homes and valuables and showed no empathy.  Donald Trump was the biggest scumbird in business in NY.  NY banks will not lend him money, so he had to go to Deutsche Bank, the Saudis, the Russians and anyone else looking for favors.  Thats where the collusion was and is going on for decades. His towers and Golf Course were paid for by laundering money for the Russians  — 

🔘    Hated In Florida At Mar-A-Lago  -  His weekend retreat which costs the fair people of Palm Beach $250,000 a weekend so he can play golf.  Total so Far 183  MILLION DOLLARS OF TAXPAYER MONEY  - Even after being out of the White House, his security detail cost a fortune  —  

🔘    Moreover, the fact that 96 percent of Trump's voters would make the same decision again despite overwhelming evidence that President Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 presidential election with the goal of installing Trump as a puppet candidate raises many troubling questions about how tens of millions of American voters were "flipped" by a foreign power to act against their own country — 


🔘   It is easy to mock Donald Trump's voters and suggest that their loyalty reflects poorly on their intelligence and capacity for rational thinking.  (ED: It Wasn’t Very Hard)  Weak-thinking people shows signs of their depressed cognizance and to rationalize the truth, in other words they easily believe lies if it benefits them. 

🔘  In many ways Donald Trump's incompetent, ignorant, reckless, racist, demagogic and cruel behavior in office is worse than even his most concerned and cynical critics had predicted.   Political scientists and other researchers have repeatedly documented that the American public does not have a sophisticated knowledge on political matters. 

🔘  The average American also does not use a coherent and consistent political ideology to make voting decisions. As Larry Bartels and Christopher Achen demonstrate in their new book "Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government," Americans have identities and values that elites manipulate, which voters in turn use to process information — however incorrectly.

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 10.50.56 AM


🔘  2016 —  Donald T-RUMP,  Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jan Brewer,  Rick Santorum,  
John ‘BooHoo’ Boehner,  Robert  Bentley, John Ensign, Rick Scott, Mitch McConnell,
Bobby Jindal, Rick Snyder, Trent Lot, Sharon Angle, Brian Sandoval,
Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Matt Mead, Christine O’Donnell, etc — 

🔘  2022 —  Donald T-RUMP, Donald T-RUMP Jr, Eric T-RUMP, Mitch the Bitch McConnell, Marjorie Greene,  Matt Gaetz,  Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Joe Manchin, Jim Jordan, Thomas Massie, Mo Brooks, Rand Paul —   And the rest of the Radicalized Modern Day Nazi’s Goose Stepping GOP Reptilian Scumbaggers —  



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