🔊  You want truth about Uvalde,  read the Texas Tribune — Axios and Wikipedia — You want things to happen — think out of the box  —  If you are a bleeding heart and forgiving Evangelical, leave now,  you won’t like what I have to say, but I have seen enough, written about enough, and my forgiveness bank has run dry.  I'm for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, so was Hammurabi, the Romans, Jesus, and Moses, it’s in the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. Religion should be about truth and reality  — It needs to follow the same tenets as the law — 

🔘   I am tired of excuses, false statements, sickening prayer statements; of lying Politicians, lying Theologians;  lying Lawyers and Murderers,  it’s time to set values that mean simply, you better not do something stupid — Or you will indeed with no recourse, pay the price.

“ We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America —

🔘   This is not your country, this is not my country,  this is OUR country, and everybody has an equal share, by the people, for the people.  Maybe you should read the Constitution instead of FOX news. Even the preamble to the Constitution — for starters —  


🔘    I am also an ardent supporter of bringing back the death penalty in capitol cases, masses murders, and all we got from removing the death penalty and no pardon severe terms  was we softened the treatment of these animals.
The Religious Right need to make a left turn once in a while, they got too much into law,  
pushed the states and government to eliminate the death penalty.   Jesus hasn’t got the time to redeem mass murderers.  This is how you get tough— 

👁‍🗨   I want the Death Penalty to be carried out in thirty days.

👁‍🗨   And in the public, through all forms of media —  we have to show consequence 

👁‍🗨    Seems barbaric yes,  but a positive influence on the next person thinking crazy.   

👁‍🗨   Closure for the family — they will see they have been respected and acknowledged — 

👁‍🗨   We have 2500 on death row currently and 162,000 in life sentences 

👁‍🗨   And that is at a minimum of 50,000 a year per convict per year for their life  

👁‍🗨   They will serve no purpose other than what they can contribute to chaos in the institution — 

👁‍🗨   And many rule gangs out on the street — 

👁‍🗨   Our tax money pays for the jail services, guards, food, medical, clothing not needed anymore — 

👁‍🗨    Gets rid of lawyers who spend our money playing appeals games.  — 

👁‍🗨    The best thing for society is to rid a murderer who was witnessed, proven guilty 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt by professional trained jurors who will judge him, not a bunch of hacks or a group of his peers.
👁‍🗨   We need a better class of 
jurors  — I suggest nine qualified un-biased non-Jesus freaks who are not exposed to the press for commentary and more of an active tribunal

👁‍🗨    And a word for the Evangelical forgivers  — who should believe in what they read in the old testament — Moses and Jesus agreed, here it is:  The Good Book mentions it —,  should be given a simple choice.   “  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”  was a simple easy to understand decision maker.  It prevented people from doing stupid things. 


👁‍🗨   So the state needs a menu —  offer the murderer his choice of execution — 



👁‍🗨   People love redemption if they believe in it, but no one really forgives unless they forget.  Closure — And when the occurances is in their family it's a whole new ballgame.   Instead, that does not sit quite well,  people love religions that forgive,  and all bad people think they will live forever,  so the evangelicals invented forgiveness, salvation, born again, sounds great.   We read in the papers too many times a couple weeks later when someone gets out he’s in trouble again.   Too often! 

👁‍🗨   In Texas two decades ago,  the famous Ax Murderer who dispatched her husband into  twenty-eight distinct pieces was on death penalty for 16 years with appeals and now at the stroke of midnight was to be executed in the prison electric chair.    
Arriving on scene  was the prison pastor,  and his congregation, by bus,  came up to the fence, many got off  and screaming,  singing,  and yelling,   that while in prison she found Jesus and they should set her free.  I do not believe thats in the Texas penal code. They were waiting for a call from Governor Bush to commute the sentence.  He was probably washing his pickup truck.
The conclusion —  At four or five minutes past midnight the light blinked a few time and then the warden came out and announced,  sorry we did not get a commutation.  But the good news is that,  “ She  is definitely going to heaven and I have arranged for her to meet Jesus a lot sooner.  

👁‍🗨    “We learned about honesty and integrity—that the truth matters  —  that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules  — and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.” —Michelle Obama —  In arguing over causes of the latest mass shooting,   political debate often overlooks the range of incremental steps that could lessen the chances of mass killing and help address the nation’s persistent gun violence.  

👁‍🗨  The way to stop something like the complex gun issue is with multi-level approaches to the various parts of this puzzle.  In addition we have to initiate very severe, consistent, non-relenting  and permanent consequence.  And if the consequence is abrupt,  speedy,  and barbaric, IT JUSTIFIES what was it like for the victim.

👁‍🗨  Eliminating  those providing financial, legal , corrupt, and political, support.  Make the warnings and statements loud and often just like T-RUMPS lies so these future perpetrators who would do harm to others know whats coming.   Solid mandatory laws equal for those stupid enough to warrant them.  No Trial - Just an official order and the Murderer is dispatched. This will really piss a few lawyers who make money from these scumbags playing the appeals game,  good riddance get a real job --


👁‍🗨  Already deeply entrenched in their positions, politicians mostly argue over the particulars of the most recent tragedy, and how it might have been prevented.  At Uvalde we had Governor ABBOTT at the first press conference tell us how much Texans love their guns.   What?  Nineteen kids and two teachers are dead and he’s making a heritage speech defending guns.  

👁‍🗨  Are Texans that stupid and heartless?  Yes — Are Texans that scared they have to wear guns ?  Yes  — Are Texans that prejudiced they don’t care about minorities?  Yes —   Are Texans so naive they elect the most crooked politicians never vetting good people?  Yes—   It appears to be true on all accounts. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 7.04.53 AM


Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 4.17.52 PM
Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 3.58.48 PM

🔘  The  Texas GOP scumbag list hasn’t changed in six years.  They have legislated a shockingly similar brand of misogyny for years.   And corruption, Misogamy,Bribes and now lots of dead people and children.  You the voter didn’t do a damn thing and some of the blood is on your hands.

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 8.19.10 AM

🔘  After audio of Donald T-RUMP — 2016 —  the Republican nominee for President — bragging about sexually assaulting women surfaced over the weekend, Texas Republicans feigned shock and great acting condemnation. 

🔘  But these are the same men who have been imposing a shockingly similar brand of misogyny — legislating control over women’s bodies, undermining women’s economic independence, and demeaning the bodily autonomy of Texans  — for years.

🔘  These politicians have dedicated themselves to denying women their right to determine their own reproductive future, preventing women from getting equal pay for equal work, and exploiting fear of sexual assault as a means to deny transgender people their rights.

🔘  So let’s take a look at the leaders of the Texas Republican Party who are standing by their racist, xenophobic, misogynist candidate for president who likes to “  Grab them by the pussy.”   

🔘  Sorrowfully we must claim that TEXANS are not that smart — and voted for T-RUMP — you get the scum you vote for. 

US SENATOR TED CRUZ —     We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Ted Cruz is the worst. Before reaffirming his support for Trump, Cruz took to Twitter to express his sham moral outrage: “These comments are disturbing and inappropriate, there is simply no excuse for them. Every wife, mother, daughter — every person — deserves to be treated with dignity and respect." What. A. Crock.

From limiting sexual assault prevention and abortion and birth control access, to undermining equal pay protections and paid family leave laws, Cruz — a man who in his own words sees women only as an extension of men, their wives, mothers, daughters — treats women with zero dignity and respect:

  • Cruz voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, a law aimed at combating domestic violence and campus sexual assault.
  • Cruz wants to outlaw abortion and force every woman to carry her pregnancy to term.
  • Cruz wants to deny women access to affordable birth control, by letting employers control their employees’ reproductive health care decisions and by repealing Obamacare.
  • Cruz dismissed the need for equal pay for equal work solutions and voted to block the Paycheck Fairness Act.
  • Cruz complained about how his campaign schedule left him with little personal or family time, but thinks employers should be able to deny employees paid family leave.
  • Cruz tried to shut down the federal government to defund Planned Parenthood.

TEXAS GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT —  Not to be outdone, Gov. Abbott took to Twitter to do the impossible — create distance from Trump while sticking by his side: "Deeply disturbing rhetoric by Trump. An insult to all women & contrary to GOP values. Absent true contrition, consequences will be dire." Contrary to GOP values, eh —   Both before and during his tenure as Governor, Greg Abbott has amassed an impressive record of insulting women:

  • Abbott campaigned alongside his “blood brother” Ted Nugent, an admitted sexual predator.
  • As a judge, Abbott repeatedly sided against victims of sexual assault and rape.
  • As Attorney General, Abbott was on the front lines of using a bogus “protect women’s health” justification to deny Texas women their constitutional right to access abortion care.
  • As Governor, Abbott is leading the charge to outlaw abortion and undermine women’s access to reproductive health care in Texas. Bypassing the legislature, Abbott cut Planned Parenthood out of the state’s Medicaid and HIV programs, and launched a rule that would force women to hold funerals for their fetal remains.
  • Abbott opposes legislation that would help women get equal pay.
Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 5.30.29 PM

🔘  Ted Cruz —  It found that during the 2018 election cycle Ted Cruz was the biggest recipient of money from gun rights backers with $311,151. For comparison the next highest recipient was Martha McSally in Arizona who got just over $228,000.  When it comes to the money Cruz received it is not just from the NRA, they have affiliates like the Gun L of Manufacturers and thousand of dealers.  The rest of $311,151 number includes donations from other PACs and individual gun rights backers giving more than $200.  Like The Gun Owners and clubs, parts manufacturers and gun shows.  The gun lobby makes Texas-sized donations to the state's congressional delegation.

🔘   Details: Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, both Republicans, are among the top three lawmakers whose campaigns or PACs have accepted the most money from the gun rights lobby. 

🔘  Why it matters: Lobbying groups spend big on lawmakers to directly influence policy. Powerful interest groups like the NRA, can be what stands in the way of gun safety legislation.

🔘  State of play: Three members of the Texas delegation make the list: Cruz at No. 1, Cornyn at No. 3 and U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions at No. 9.

🔘 Combined, they have collected more than $1 million from the gun lobby since they first arrived in Congress.



🤡 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday  he was "misled" by inaccurate accounts  —  from authorities about the massacre and he is demanding a full account of what happened.    Look in the mirror schmuck — there’s your problem!

🤡  How can you mislead a moron?  Well  —  Their thinking is misleading to begin with — Simple,  Governor Abbott is a moron and listens to morons — they kind of connect — It’s a Texas thing!    

🤡  Morons are always surrounded by morons so they don’t look bad and have other morons to blame.   A false background check?  He had problems, that were not reported, internet chat should have produced red flags,  a locked door that was never locked, who lied?  In narrow debates, policies are touted or decried based on how applicable they are to the latest killing and the schmucks who did not do their jobs..  Better mental checks not only for the shooter but the politicians who are lieing their way through this. 

🤡  Just look at the picture of the Press Conference they are holding on to each other for dear life!  Nineteen dead children and Abbott, that frikken idiot is promoting gun sales and telling everyone about open carry.   At that moment I prayed someone would walk up and put a bullet in his head —    Uvalde is a clear cut example Of moron political for greed and not the people leadership, morons on the police job and resulting in a tragedy.  

🤡   A US Border Patrol tactical team shot and killed the gunman, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.  While an off-duty agent said he rushed to the scene with a borrowed shotgun, he clarified in televised interviews that he didn’t kill the gunman or go inside the classroom where the shooting took place. he was not allowed to enter, we learned.

🤡  What kind of a simpleton is this TRUMP clone.   So I started looking deeper into this jerk and found enough to hang the bastard, except TEXAS is not exactly an intellectual enterprise.   No wonder he was surrounded by Texas Rangers, I believe the good folks of Uvalde should have hanged him.  He wants to do away with background checks —
I can see it now— Attention Shoppers:   Buy a New Glock19's and get a box of free ammo on aisle three —



🔘  A litany of the recommendations would require legislative action. But that may not begin until the next regular legislative session begins in January.


GOV. ABBOTT is not fit for the position he holds, he is weak, and owned by the GOP who decides for him, the Reptilian party.  A supporter of stupidity in a state that T-RUMP worshippers and scumbags should be removed.  and restore pride in Texas not their politicians —  The best show in Texas are the Fish and Game Wardens on TV.

His comment  “ I hate to say this, but there are more people who were shot every weekend in Chicago than there are in schools in Texas,"   Abbott said on Wednesday, arguing stricter gun laws are not a solution.  There are indeed a horrific number of gun deaths in Chicago each year.  But that is because of  greater population density , drugs, and gang violence, with states nearby feeding the gun needs with excess weapons illegally purchased or stolen — It’s a thriving trade  — 

This man GOV. ABBOTT is a certified frikken idiot —  And his statistics are bullsh*t — Texas suffered 4,164 gun deaths in 2020, the most recent year for which the CDC has published data and that's a rate of 14.2 deaths per 100,000 Texans.  California, by comparison, saw 3,449 deaths, a gun death rate of 8.5.

You have a right, the 2nd Amendment to own a firearm, not a weapon of war, not if it is an illegal or modified version, not if used for crime or you have a record of mental instability or illness.   But you can keep a one shot flintlock on your mantle — normal hunting weapons or weapons of self defense. 

I covered many, then many more,  and photographed scenes I want to forget. But the aftermath intrigues me, the search for the why’s and they are coming more apparent as the list gets bigger in heinous acts.  We tie it together in detail with the true story of why we have mass murders in the United States.

The big player is the corruption of Congress, the corruption of the NRA, Our corrupt politicians, Gun Lobbyists,. The false charity of the NRA ( IT IS TAX FREE AS A CHARITY) that makes millions from its members,  and divides the pot amongst its favorite members ,  the Gun Lobbyists and Gun Sale’s bribes and is corrupt facing bankrupsty and needs to lose its fraudulent status as a charity.   Its partners are the corrupt Senators and Congressmen to take those bribes. They should be thrown out of Congress —  and charged with Bribery.


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🔘  “Systemic failures” in Uvalde shooting went far beyond local police, Texas House report details


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