🤡 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday  he was "misled" by inaccurate accounts  —  from authorities about the massacre and he is demanding a full account of what happened.    Look in the mirror schmuck — there’s your problem!

🤡  How can you mislead a moron?  Well  —  Their thinking is misleading to begin with — Simple,  Governor Abbott is a moron and listens to morons — they kind of connect — It’s a Texas thing!    Morons are always surrounded by morons so they don’t look bad and have other morons to blame.

🤡  Just look at the picture of the Press Conference they are holding on to each other for dear life!  Nineteen dead children and Abbott, that frikken idiot is promoting gun sales and telling everyone about open carry.   At that moment I prayed someone would walk up and put a bullet in his head —    Uvalde is a clear cut example Of moron political for greed and not the people leadership, morons on the police job and resulting in a tragedy.  

🤡   A US Border Patrol tactical team shot and killed the gunman, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.  While an off-duty agent said he rushed to the scene with a borrowed shotgun, he clarified in televised interviews that he didn’t kill the gunman or go inside the classroom where the shooting took place. he was not allowed to enter, we learned.

🔘  A litany of the recommendations would require legislative action. But that may not begin until the next regular legislative session begins in January.


GOV. ABBOTT is not fit for the position he holds, he is weak, and owned by the GOP who decides for him, the Reptilian party.  A supporter of stupidity in a state that T-RUMP worshippers and scumbags should be removed.  and restore pride in Texas not their politicians —  The best show in Texas are the Fish and Game Wardens on TV.

His comment  “ I hate to say this, but there are more people who were shot every weekend in Chicago than there are in schools in Texas,"   Abbott said on Wednesday, arguing stricter gun laws are not a solution.  There are indeed a horrific number of gun deaths in Chicago each year.  But that is because of  greater population density , drugs, and gang violence, with states nearby feeding the gun needs with excess weapons illegally purchased or stolen — It’s a thriving trade  — 

This man GOV. ABBOTT is a certified frikken idiot —  And his statistics are bullsh*t — Texas suffered 4,164 gun deaths in 2020, the most recent year for which the CDC has published data and that's a rate of 14.2 deaths per 100,000 Texans.  California, by comparison, saw 3,449 deaths, a gun death rate of 8.5.

You have a right, the 2nd Amendment to own a firearm, not a weapon of war, not if it is an illegal or modified version, not if used for crime or you have a record of mental instability or illness.   But you can keep a one shot flintlock on your mantle — normal hunting weapons or weapons of self defense. 

I covered many, then many more,  and photographed scenes I want to forget. But the aftermath intrigues me, the search for the why’s and they are coming more apparent as the list gets bigger in heinous acts.  We tie it together in detail with the true story of why we have mass murders in the United States.

The big player is the corruption of Congress, the corruption of the NRA, Our corrupt politicians, Gun Lobbyists,. The false charity of the NRA ( IT IS TAX FREE AS A CHARITY) that makes millions from its members,  and divides the pot amongst its favorite members ,  the Gun Lobbyists and Gun Sale’s bribes and is corrupt facing bankrupsty and needs to lose its fraudulent status as a charity.   Its partners are the corrupt Senators and Congressmen to take those bribes. They should be thrown out of Congress —  and charged with Bribery.

The anti-Trump organization claimed that the University of Texas at Austin allowed conservative news outlet Breitbart News to conduct an interview with Abbott this month at their football stadium. 

The Lincoln Project said that one month earlier, they were allegedly told by the university that an ad critical of Abbott’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was supposed to air on ESPN during a university football game, could not air due to “an undisclosed policy against running political advertisements.”

The Lincoln Project said in a statement they would be filing an ethics complaint with Texas Ethics Commission against the Republican governor “for misuse of official time and resources in furtherance of his re-election campaign.”

The organization also said in their announcement that they had filed FOIA requests with both parties over whether there was any communication over the PAC’s ad.

“As his approval continues to sink, Greg Abbott has become more and more extreme in his use of state power to achieve his political goals,” Reed Galen, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, said in a statement. “We aren’t surprised he would deny free speech to his opponents. We’re also not surprised that Abbott, a former Supreme Court justice and Texas Attorney General, would so flagrantly violate state law by using the Longhorns’ hallowed ground for his venal and cynical political purposes.”

Earlier this year, The Lincoln Project saw itself mired in a similar controversy, claiming that an ad that was critical of Fox News amid the COVID-19 pandemic was not aired by Comcast.   The Hill has reached out to Abbott’s office and the university for comment. None came.


Initial complaint and litigation filings in American Oversight’s lawsuit against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking the release of records of certain communications, including official messages sent using personal accounts or devices.

Aug. 11:    Attorney General Ken Paxton’s answer to American Oversight’s lawsuit
Aug. 11:   American Oversight’s motion for default judgment
July 28:    Gov. Greg Abbott’s answer to American Oversight’s lawsuit
June 30:   Initial complaint

1.   ABBOTT IS A MISOGYNIST AND WANTS TO TAKE AWAY REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOMS FOR WOMEN IN TEXAS   —  Amid Maternal Death Crisis, Texas Reproductive Rights Coalition Condemns Governor Abbott’s Cruel Anti-Abortion Agenda —  When It Comes to Misogyny, Texas Republicans Practice What Donald T-RUMP Preaches  —  Texas GOP Get Back to Basics: Shaming Women with Fetal Burial Laws  —  Governor Abbott Is Trying to Force Women to Bury Fetal Tissue  —  Texas GOP Passed A Scarily Cruel Bill to Force ‘Fetal Burial’ & Ban Abortion After 13 Weeks --

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3.   ABBOTT IS NOT WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP OUR SCHOOLS SAFE FROM GUN VIOLENCE  — Governor’s school shooting prevention plan misses the mark

4. NOT ONLY IS ABBOTT ANTI-IMMIGRATION, BUT HE’S ALSO A STRAIGHT-UP RACIST —  Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Equality Platform Reflects Rhetoric of Abbott, Patrick  —  Here’s Everyone That’s Suing Texas & Gov. Abbott Over ‘Papers Please’ SB 4  —  Trump, Abbott, Patrick and the Tragedies of Mass Deportations  —  Would Greg Abbott Defend Interracial Marriage Ban?  —  Abbott and Cruz Celebrate Divisive Ruling on Immigration  —  Perry, Cruz and Abbott Speak Before Sexists and Bigots

5. ABBOTT DOES NOT THINK WOMEN DESERVE EQUAL PAY  —  Greg Abbott: Pays Women Less Than Men for Same Job  — Can We Trust Abbott to Support Equal Pay?  

6. THE MAN IS CORRUPT  —  Greg Abbott Should Return $85,000 in Dirty Money  —  Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick Double-Down on Their Support for T-RUMP  —  Perry and Abbott Allowed $222 million to Companies that Did Not Ask for It  —  In the Locker Room with Trump – Where Abbott, Patrick and Other State Leaders are Hiding 2017: Trump, Abbott, Patrick Obscene Grabs for Power  —  Greg Abbott Takes Additional $87,738 from Predatory Lenders  Greg Abbott is Campaigning With a Sexual Predator  —  Abbott Defends Predatory Lenders, Not School Kids  — Greg Abbott Lets Bank of America Use Texas Taxpayers Like ATM  —  Greg Abbott Ignores Requests for Legal Rulings - Unless He Personally Benefits  —  Another Abbott Predatory Lender Crony Fined $10M  —  Politifact: Abbott Paved Way for Nearly 200% Predatory Lender Growth  —  Ten Facts About #Briberygate and the Cancer Research Center Scandal  —  Top Ten Texas Stories Slamming Abbott on Chemicals  —  It Doesn't Seem Right That Gov. Abbott Only Paid $100 Bucks in Taxes  — Cancer Funds Funneled to Abbott Donors  —  Abbott Protects His Payday Lenders’ Payday  — 

7. REMEMBER THE TERRIBLE 2017 SPECIAL SESSION? ABBOTT WAS TO BLAME FOR THAT —  5 Ways Texas GOP Will Try to Screw Texans Over During Governor Abbott’s Special Session  —  Call Gov. Abbott Today to Stop Attacks on Texans' Fundamental Rights  —  The Resistance Killed Gov. Abbott’s Special Session Bathroom Bill  —  Women’s Reproductive Rights Thrown Under Bus (Again) in Gov. Abbott’s Special Session  — Open Letter to Gov. Abbott and Texas Lawmakers: An Attack on Any Texan Is An Attack on All Texans

Gov. Abbott Uses Fake Videos to Jeopardize Health of Real Texans  — Greg Abbott Needs to Admit the ACA is Working Nationwide  — 734,000 Texans Sign-Up for Health Care Despite Perry, Abbott  —  

9. ABBOTT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO VOTE AND IS NOT INTERESTED IN MAINTAINING THE INTEGRITY OF OUR ELECTIONS  — Peeking in Putin’s Bathroom Window, or Will Greg Abbott Get Serious About Election Integrity?  —  Court Strikes Down Voter ID As A Poll Tax - So Greg Abbott Vows To Defend It  —  Greg Abbott Destroyed Evidence of Possible GOP Voter Suppression  —  Greg Abbott Doesn't Want Fair Remedial Redistricting Maps—  Blake Farenthold, Greg Abbott and the mess in Texas’ 27th Congressional District

10. BOTTOM LINE: ABBOTT’S YEARS IN OFFICE HAVE NOT BEEN GOOD FOR TEXAS — There is a much better choice for governor on the ballot this year  —  More Teachers Leave Texas Schools Than Are Hired  —Conspiracy's, Manifestos, and —  

YOUTUBE:   SEE 9 Weird Things From Greg Abbott’s First Year — Greg Abbott's (Not So) Greatest Hits —  Greg Abbott's (Not So) Greatest Hits - Volume 2  — Greg Abbott: Against Raising Minimum Wage  —  Progress Texas Anti-Endorsements  —  Greg Abbott Pals Around With Some Creepy People  —  8 takeaways from the only #TXGovDebate between Lupe Valdez and Greg Abbott  —  

Abbott’s corruption and extremely conservative positions do not align with the increasingly progressive values of Texans throughout the state.


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