In This Shakespearian  Comedy And Tragedy

—  Jill Kelley - The FakeTampa Socialite  Wannabe— 

—  Gen David Petraeus - Infidelity Participant — 

—  Paula Broadwell - Party To The Affair —

Gen James Allen — Retired  —  

Story By Emma Brockes —  Radical Commentary and  Research By Al Jacobs- RED
㊙️  The Japanese Symbol for Secrecy 

㊙️  FORWARD ED:  COLLATERAL DAMAGE — They would lIke to forget her, and her story as told by Emma Brockes of The Guardian who delved Into The Tampa Social Swirl,  now a cesspool, that we call It  “ The  Catastrophe”  by Social Climber Jill Kelly",  an event that sucked in and spat out a celebrated local socialite, the CIA boss, a Four-star General,  a Journalist, and an FBI snoop —  

I was on a project at MacDill and saw the whole thing go down.  It was all Shakespeare, it had the makings of a movie all caused by a social climbing not so innocent member of the Tampa bay social set.  

We had the elite solicited by four of the most prominent components of Shakespeares work and they are: appearance and reality;  change;  order and disorder; and conflict. They vary a bit between: wars, betrayal, jealousy, love, fear, revenge, existentialism, history, duty, morality,  power and ambition. 

Another  prominent theme of Shakespeare is He successfully used the device of  “ Play Within A Play‟ as a theme in his plays.  It was not merely a ornamental convention but used very judicially,  pairings of individuals, excesses going beyond good thinking into betrayal, false titles given to a non-entity by a foreign government making the recipient ( Jill Kelley) an Honorary Consul Person.  Who approved that with a voucher to the North Korean Government? 

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women, are merely players, They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.  

㊙️  It was costly for the base and the devoted patrons and followers - all volunteers who contributed to the well-being within the community of Tampa bay suffered because of this woman —  The secondary problem from the DOD pulling the access for  “ Members and Friends of Macdill” in the community and killing a monumental project—  I was there— hundreds of  volunteers lost their access and what projects they supported at MacDill —  Her scandal, this is all on her,  really hurt a relationship with MacDill,  and any forthcoming projects we had on the drawing board, unfortunately were cancelled,  and the good wishes of all the volunteers — as a result no more projects on DOD land.   

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 6.07.45 PM

EMMA:  This is the tangible effects of the scandal on society in Tampa, a balmy resort city in western Florida. Tampa has become the focus of the affair because it is home to Jill Kelley, the wannabe socialite whose circle encompassed not only the Petraeus's, but General John Allen, Petraeus's successor in Afghanistan, an FBI agent identified as Frederick Humphries II, and a community now scrambling to distance itself from the story.

ED:  Jill Kelley is beautiful, vivacious, has the glamour and the silicon, the poses and the allure,  but instead of letting those ass-ets do their thing she pushed the envelope, ironically called  PETERS PRINCIPLES —  and rose to the heighth of her own destruction, sooner or later truth surfaces and this is not a truthful lady.


Tampa social life also provided what all parties must now consider a regrettable photo – of Holly and David Petraeus standing with the Kelleys at a party at their house, bedecked in beads, the general looking, out of uniform, disconcertingly stoop-shouldered and un-marital. 

This image has come to symbolize the poor judgment that would bring down Petraeus, forced to resign when news emerged of his affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

For the hosts, the party must have represented the pinnacle of a campaign to establish themselves at the heart of the social swirl that centers on the MacDill Air Force base in Tampa, a milieu of wealthy business people, aspiring politicians, four-star generals and anyone with the chutzpah – and credit, until it ran out – to put on a good show. Even when it fell apart, it would rival even Tom Wolfe's powers of manic exaggeration.

In the streets around the Kelley house, the trees hang with Spanish moss, the elegant properties protected with preservation orders. The Kelleys moved to the Hyde Park North neighborhood 10 years ago from the north-east US when Scott Kelley got a job at a cancer clinic in Tampa. 

ED — In the forthcoming weeks the house had more press people from all over parked all over the place in that expensive neighborhood.  Really PO’d neighbors with  all the attention they didn’t want.  

EMMA —   Their house was empty when I visited, a single Mercedes in the drive, although Jill Kelley, 37, was seen at an upper window the previous day, looking down at the camera crews like a better dressed version of the Woman in Black. 

She promptly called 911, describing herself, in a gift to news teams, as “ an honorary consul general, so I have inviolability  — I don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well.”

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 5.17.44 PM

Honorary Consul  or Consort  

㊙️  Kelly was an honorary consul general,  literally self appointed bafflingly, by the South Koreans, probably pushed by a General or Generals  (UNKNOWN) who are now busily reviewing the honorific.  It was removed.  One forced to leave , one retired and papers participation under lock and key.  

㊙️  Other choice details include the fact she has a problematic twin sister; she is married to Scott Kelley, a doctor; and they bought their home for $1.5m in 2004.   As well as three children, they have nine open lawsuits, brought by various banks and credit card companies trying to recover their assets.

㊙️  While in Tampa, Kelley served as a volunteer social-liaison to MacDill Air Force Base.  The couple has hosted numerous events for military leaders at their home near the United States Central Command. Her husband Scott Kelley says he and his wife feel an obligation to share their good fortune by showing support for the military.

㊙️  In 2011, Kelley received the Joint Chiefs of Staff Outstanding Public Service Award.  In 2012, Kelley was an honorary ambassador to US Central Command under General James N. Mattis, then-commander of U.S. military forces in the Middle East.

㊙️  From 2011 to 2012, Kelley was named Honorary Consul for the Republic of Korea, due to her connections with both US  military personnel and South Korean businesses.  Kelley believes she was inappropriately removed from the post because she was a key figure in the Petraeus-Broadwell scandal

㊙️  Kelley was an honorary social ambassador to the MacDill Air Force Base military community, as well as honorary ambassador to Central Command commander Jim Mattis and Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus.

㊙️  They threw parties which generals from the air base attend, some of whom lost their heads and entered into email correspondence with Kelley that would sit better in a story about teenage sexting.   For her part, Broadwell appears to have been jealous of Kelley's social relationship with Petraeus.    

㊙️  Broadwell sent anonymous emails to Kelley demanding that she back off;   Kelley went to her friend, the FBI agent, setting off the investigation that brought Petraeus down. None of which answers the broader question: who on Earth are these people and what is exactly their deal?

㊙️  The neighbors aren't saying. “  Do you live here, ma'am?" asks a photographer as I approach the house, giving me his best head-boy smile before turning away in disgust; he has just squandered A-grade civility on a journalist.

㊙️  There is a clue in the local press. Shortly after arriving in Florida, the Kelleys were pictured in Tampa Bay Magazine, a monthly glossy with a Tatter-style gossip column, standing chummily with their new neighbours.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 5.19.25 PM

㊙️  "The Tampa social scene is like Washington DC," says Aaron Fodiman, editor of the Tampa Bay Magazine.                   “  People develop affinities for different groups. There are those in Tampa who become friendly with, for example, visiting conductors who come to the orchestras here. There are the politicians. There are different niches of celebrity, influence and power. It's just the way the world works."

TOP BRASS  —  JILL KELLY — COHORTS  — SOCIAL CLIMBER — Jill Kelley, the woman whose actions precipitated a scandal that ended up costing CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus his job and distinguished reputation, said in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Juju Chang that she thought she was in danger after getting harassing emails from an anonymous sender.

Kelley, 40, reported the harassing behavior, spurring an FBI investigation, which traced those emails to the computer of Paula Broadwell,  Petraeus’ biographer. The investigators uncovered evidence that Petraeus and Broadwell were having an affair, and Petraeus ultimately resigned.

THE WHOLE TOP END WAS SHAKEN  —  Arguably the most glamorous set in Tampa is top brass at MacDill, particularly after 9/11, when the community felt proud to host US central command. For gravitas, for sheer national importance, who wouldn't want the man who ran the war in Afghanistan in their social circle? A friendship was born between Kelley and Petraeus, as were friendships between Kelley and Allen; and Kelley and the rogue FBI agent whose snooping into Petraeus' emails brought the whole circuit crashing down.

Nor has anyone fully explained why Gen. Allen while busy overseeing the war in Afganistan exchanged a blizzard of correspondence with Kelley between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of e-mails according to sone DOD Senior Defense Officials . Other officials say that figure contains many duplicate notes and exaggerates the extent of their communications, adding there were only about 300 e-mails, regardless thats a lot of possible trash talk floating around the internet that could be vulnerable.

The Defense Department inspector General investigated and concluded that Gen Allen had not committed any wrongdoing.   But has kept it’s report and all of Allen's e-mails under lock and key —   Shortly after he retired —

New Assignment for Gen Allen — John Rutherford Allen was president of the Brookings Institution from November 2017 to June 2022, having previously served as a distinguished fellow in the Foreign Policy Program at Brookings. Allen is a retired U.S. Marine Corps four-star general and former commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and U.S. Forces in Afghanistan.

That party of the Kelleys has come to encapsulate the scene, the Petraeuses arriving with a 28-cop motorcycle escort, heavily flanked by security who, according to reports at the time and in contention for best supporting detail of the entire saga, were required at some point to Taser another guest.

Fodiman, at the party in his role as chronicler of the social scene, is inclined to defend the Kelleys from accusations of vulgarity. "It's one day," he says. "It's like Mardi Gras. It's an anomaly."

The question still remains: how did Kelley, operating on fewer resources  than her millionaire rivals and with no particular social capital (she grew up in Philadelphia, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants who ran a Middle Eastern restaurant) attract the best guests and so decisively keep them?  

Not only keep them but, in the case of both Petraeus and Allen, get them, for example, to lend their names as character witnesses in her twin sister's custody case, a woman described by the judge as having offered "misrepresentations about virtually everything"?

At the Tampa Yacht and Country Club, there are theories, most of them about the voodoo art of self-promotion. "People here live good lives but don't need to be advertising it on a regular basis."

"These types of things are all fueled by alcohol," says Laurie Hicks, the wife of a retired wing commander living in Tampa and veteran of the circuit, who characterizes  Jill Kelley described as  “ silicone implants, silicone attitude", and Paula Broadwell as " a foolish twit". She says loftily: “ A more usual military-civilian liaison person would be, say, the Governor of Massachusetts.  Not the wife of a surgeon."

It's not complicated, says Fodiman, who can't see what the fuss is about. "She is charming, lovely, a fun person at the party. We're told not to judge a book by it's cover, but you know: it's a very nice cover.”  


In June, 2012, Kelley contacted the FBI and later filed a report that she received multiple anonymous harassing e-mails that appeared to be an attempt to blackmail General David Petraeus. The FBI's investigation led to the discovery of CIA Director General David Petraeus's extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell who was Petraeus's biographer at the time.   The FBI determined that Paula Broadwell was responsible for stalking Kelley and was the source of the threatening emails.

During the course of the investigation, government officials disclosed Kelley's name as the victim to the Washington Post, along with the evidentiary emails she provided to the FBI. The accusations sparked an investigation by the Department of Defense, which they eventually refused to investigate further.

The accusations stated by government officials and the media made Kelley a near-daily feature during the scandal.On November 6, 2013, Kelley penned an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal warning against government surveillance and describing herself as the "human face" of the damage that can be caused by government probing into Americans' personal communications.

On June 3, 2013, Kelley filed a privacy lawsuit against the federal government alleging that investigators violated her privacy rights by unlawfully searching her personal emails and disclosing false descriptions of the nature of them to the media.   In addition, she stated "false and untrue headlines created a media sideshow" at her expense, including her being wrongfully implicated in the extramarital affair between Petraeus and Broadwell. Kelley has become an advocate for internet privacy and security.

LIES — LAWSUITS  —  LIAISONS  —  Describing the moment when Petraeus told her who her stalker was, Kelley said: "I saw him break down, and he immediately looked at me in the eyes and said,   'It's Paula Broadwell.'"

In her first ever broadcast interview since the scandal erupted, Kelley talked about receiving the threatening emails. Asked whether she thought she was in danger, she replied: “Oh, absolutely.”  

The emails in question “ did not go to us at first,” Kelley said. “They initially went to the Generals and General Petraeus, or Director Petraeus and another ambassador and then they came to my husband on my birthday.”

Kelley writes about the experiences in the self-published memoir, “Collateral Damage: Petraeus, Power, Politics and the Abuse of Privacy (The Untold Story)." Also involved in the scandal was Marine Gen. John Allen, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, who ultimately retired from his position.

In the book, Kelley explains how she got access to two of the nation's top military officers and denies allegations of an affair.  “ I was very close with their wives," she told Chang. " They were my best friends."

Kelley, who told Chang she “ never had an affair with anybody in my life," also dismissed claims that she inappropriately touched Petraeus at an Easter dinner in 2012.    "It never happened," Kelley said. “ Sadly nothing was the same after that and that's when the stalking started to happen."

Last year, Petraeus -- a four-star general who had served nearly four decade in the U.S. Army -- was sentenced to two years’ probation and a $100,000 fine after he admitted leaking classified information to Broadwell.

"I actually felt sorry for David,  " Kelley said. "In his defense, he was in a difficult situation where he had a very unhappy ex-girlfriend and the most amazing job in the world, and friends who were now being stalked."

Kelley told Chang she hopes Broadwell -- who was never charged with stalking or any other crime in the case -- is “ in a better place today.”  " I really have nothing to say to her," Kelley said. "I wish she never sent those emails."

Kelley recently dropped a long-standing lawsuit filed against the federal government. She told Chang she is speaking out now about her experience because the right to privacy is something she is passionate about.

THE PRESS LIT UP THE NEWS —   In June, 2012, Kelley contacted the FBI and later filed a report that she received multiple anonymous harassing e-mails that appeared to be an attempt to blackmail General David Petraeus. The FBI's investigation led to the discovery of CIA Director General David Petraeus's extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell who was Petraeus's biographer at the time.  The FBI determined that Paula Broadwell was responsible for stalking Kelley and was the source of the threatening emails.

During the course of the investigation, government officials disclosed Kelley's name as the victim to the Washington Post, along with the evidentiary emails she provided to the FBI.  The accusations sparked an investigation by the Department of Defense, which they eventually refused to investigate further.

The accusations stated by government officials and the media made Kelley a near-daily feature during the scandal.  On November 6, 2013,  Kelley penned an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal warning against government surveillance and describing herself as the "human face" of the damage that can be caused by government probing into Americans' personal communications.

On June 3, 2013, Kelley filed a privacy lawsuit against the federal government alleging that investigators violated her privacy rights by unlawfully searching her personal emails and disclosing false descriptions of the nature of them to the media.   In addition, she stated “ False and untrue headlines created a media sideshow" at her expense, including her being wrongfully implicated in the extramarital affair between Petraeus and Broadwell. Kelley has become an advocate for internet privacy and security.

EDITOR —    Passionate?  BULLSH*T  —  Somehow I really don’t believe half or more of what she says.   Somewhere there is a hole she can climb into — maybe not in Tampa Bay — she’s what we call  “ poison”.    It did however have some lasting effects in the community — 

Now we have :  The Scandal Story At MacDill -  The story made headlines and the press ate it up, made a mountain which became a volcano and he got caught up in it.  It should have been kept internally, handled and solved.  

He resigned from that post in 2012, after providing some  “ need to know”  classified information to his biographer, Paula Broadwell, with whom he was having an affair.   He admitted to it.  Paula Dean Broadwell is an American writer, academic and former military officer.  She served in the US Army on active and reserve duty for over 20 years, including time as a school undergraduate, with experience in over 70 countries.  

Even though she had a clearance, she was an officer in the military with twenty years behind her and frankly much worse was going on involving incidents at Macdill AFB.  A compromise took place,  Petraeus later pleaded guilty to one count of mishandling classified data and is today still involved for his commentary in many circles as a valued participant in the war against terrorism.   


㊙️    I served with enough of the high brass to know what kind of pressure they are under and it might have been,  he had nothing to do with it,  other than Jill Kelley’s s big mouth and Paula Broadwell's stupidity and he is still one of my favorite heroes of the country.   There are few with his keen insight into terrorism.  He got more than he deserved. He should stick to making war,  not love.  Thats the only guilt I see —  Talking too much during WWII created the line,  “ Loose Lips Sink Ships” .   Today it seems more than ever,  the upgraded version, “ Loose Dicks Sink Chairmanships" — 
No harm took place over the data, it never saw daylight and was a breech caused by another series of incidents at MacDill which had bigger repercussions, really grocery store tabloids that the press just ran with.  

㊙️   I was there,  I saw, I understood, they blamed the wrong people.  For some at MacDill it was a long and embarrassing situation caused by one individual trying to climb the social ladder,  I blame him for nothing,  other than you or I being human, might be overworked, beyond, beyond, weakened by time and needed a break from every day and the book deal certainly is appealing and so might his affair have been.  But thats his business and her business and it worked against the two of them.

㊙️   What brought it to the next levels was the players of the parties, two witless bitches and escalated a national scene, ruined careers and lies — And the other one added to the fire and “ as we would say in Brooklyn —  the two b*itches went at it — 


㊙️   There was still no sign of the other doctor dragged into the increasingly tangled web of betrayal -  he is Dr. Scott Broadwell,  Paula's husband. The radiologist, at Vascular & Interventional Radiology  in Charlotte, NC. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center and Atrium Health Pineville.

㊙️   They have two sons with his wife.    He and his wife had been enjoying a romantic weekend for her 40th birthday at a B&B in West Virginia when news of her long-term affair with CIA director Petraeus broke on November 9.

㊙️   The Broadwell's then headed for Washington D.C, where Mrs Broadwell has been pictured hiding out at her brother's house. Her husband has remained out of view.  Both Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley have refused to speak publicly about the scandal.  Can you blame them?  We do have an update — Read on — 


㊙️   Who the hell is this woman?' Army chief reveals how he confronted socialite Jill Kelley over 'flirtatious' emails —  Senior military figure said he was appalled by Mrs Kelley's behavior at lavish parties thrown in her $1.3million mansion

㊙️   Mark Rosenthal, a civil liaison officer for the MacDill Air Force base in Tampa where Central Command is based, said he was appalled by the flirty behavior of Kelley at lavish parties she hosted in her $1.3million home.

㊙️   He warned 37-year-old Mrs Kelley, a mother-of-three who is married to cancer surgeon Dr Scott Kelley, to stop bombarding the general with emails. General Allen is the top US commander in Afghanistan.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 6.55.38 PM

📸 To Close: General David Petraeus kisses Jill Kelley after accepting community service award presented at Kelley's Florida home during the summer of 2011

㊙️   Dr Kelley, a renowned cancer surgeon with his own charitable foundation, was seen leaving his mansion which overlooks the bay this morning.   The surgeon looked weary as he left home wearing a shirt and tie. As he made his way to his car, he glared at the photographers who have been camped outside his property for several days.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 6.58.56 PM

📸   Investigation: General John Allen (pictured with his wife Kathy) is under scrutiny for sending up to 30,000 emails to Tampa socialite Jill Kelley  — He is not a happy camper — 

㊙️   It is the first time he has been seen since his wife was revealed as the lynchpin of an FBI investigation that led to CIA director David Petraeus' resignation after an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell.  

㊙️   The wife of General John Allen, the top military commander under investigation for sending 'flirty' emails to Mrs Kelley, was reportedly unhappy about their close friendship.

㊙️   Kathy Allen complained to the wife of the civil liaison officer at Central Command in Tampa about the number of emails her husband was receiving from Mrs Kelley. Officials probing the links between Allen, 58, and Kelley, said there are 20,000 - 30,000 pages being examined.  One official said the content of the emails were so explicit they amounted to 'phone sex'.  Allen, who is the commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan and due to take up a position as head of NATO, has denied any wrongdoing.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 7.03.09 PM

📸  Tampa socialite Jill Kelley with General David Petraeus at a party

Mr Rosenthal, a civil liaison officer, said Kelley was 'loud, ostentatious and revealing' at the parties where she kissed and hugged high-ranking military officials. Rosenthal said she wore revealing short skirts at the parties. 

Other sources said Kelley never spoke with anyone below the rank of colonel and focused on those officers with the most power.

Rosenthal was aware the Tampa socialite was bombarding General Allen with thousands of emails. He said Mrs Allen complained to his wife about the emails and he contacted Kelley to ask her to stop.

Since becoming a key player in the military sex scandal, Kelley has had access denied to the MacDill Air Force base.

She was among a handful of civilians who had easy access to the base in her role as a unpaid liaison officer and “ honorary consul” — What in the name of heaven is an 
“ Honorary Consul”  and for South KOREA — Not exactly in the Centcom AOR —

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 8.09.27 AM

📸  Where it all began: Former general David Petraeus, who has been married to wife Holly for 38 years, had an affair with biographer Paula Broadwell 

㊙️   Our TV Star Con — Jill, The doctor's wife and mother-of-three has remained at her colonial style mansion during the scandal, appearing briefly in bold designer dresses for the media who have gathered outside her home. 

㊙️   She has been bombarded with offers from TV networks to conduct a sit down chat about her relationship.   Friends believe Kelley will agree to talk - because she desperately needs the money.

ED:  Just a “ Generalization”  together with her sister and a few others I see a spinoff,  “The Women of Tampa Bay”  or a really cool reality show called
 “ The Medals of  The Social Climbers Club”  It would sell.


㊙️   Regions Bank filed a foreclosure lawsuit against her and husband Scott in April 2010, claiming they failed to make a payment on the mansion. The bank demands repayment of $1.8 million in principal and interest on the mortgage. 

㊙️   Their company, Kelley Land Holdings, defaulted on a $2.1 million loan from Central Bank. Credit card issuer FIA Card Services sued Jill Kelley for defaulting on more than $25,000 in credit card debt.

㊙️   It is a dramatic leap into the national media glare despite her eagerness to be a player on the local Florida social scene with her husband. 

㊙️   Dr Kelley and his wife held lavish parties at their $1.3million home overlooking Tampa Bay where senior military figures, based at nearby Central Command, and their wives were feted, and fed.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch  — The Other Woman — 

㊙️   It is no news that business organizations try to separate business from fun when it comes to relationships among employees. Some companies are totally against romantic affairs in the office space; one of the lovebirds must be prepared to resign and work elsewhere if the love will blossom. 

Unfortunately, Paula Broadwell and General David Petraeus did not heed this standard when they decided to have an extramarital affair with each other. 

㊙️   The truth always comes out. The secret affair between a top-ranking US military officer, General David Petraeus, and his biographer, Broadwell, was exposed in November 2012.  Paula was married with kids but consummated the illicit affair while pretending to be strictly doing business. Her business went public, and the profits were so appalling that she had to shut it down and sort out the damages done to her life and marriage. 

㊙️   Who is Paula Broadwell?  According to Paula Broadwell's profiles, she was born Paula Dean ‘Kranz’ on the 9th of November, 1972.  She will be 49 years old by November 2021. Paula Broadwell's parents are Paul and Nadene Kranz. She was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota, US. 

㊙️   Additionally, she has one known brother, Stephen Kranz. Paula Broadwell's education profile is quite impressive. She graduated from Century High School before obtaining a BSc from the US Military Academy. The ex-military officer furthered her education and bagged two masters degrees, one in Art and another in Public Administration, from the University of Denver and Harvard University, respectively. 

㊙️   Paula Broadwell's career and family  —   The former military officer had a long and successful career with the US Army. She worked in different departments in different capacities before she got promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Reserve Army in 2012. 

㊙️   However, she was demoted to Major after she was found guilty of some charges during the investigation of her illegal affair with General David Petraeus. Paula Broadwell’s husband is Dr Scott Broadwell. They got married in 2000. Unfortunately, he was exclusively celebrating with his wife on her birthday when the news of the illegal affair broke. Unluckily, Paula Broadwell's children, Lucien and Landon, were caught in the wrong paparazzi. 

㊙️   Broadwell was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota, US.  The mother of two was not just a Military officer, but also a writer and researcher. This was how she met the man who was going to cause her a lot of marital heartaches. Paula met David Petraeus in 2006 when she was studying for her masters at the University of Denver. The duo became close after exchanging contacts. The ex-military officer became General David’s official biographer. 

㊙️   She had unhindered access to arguably the most powerful man in the CIA. Paula Broadwell's book titled All In: The Education of General David Petraeus was part of the souvenir of an illegal affair between them.  No one knows how long the affair had been going on but the mother of two got the most awkward birthday gift on the 9th of November, 2012. Her illegal affair with General Petraeus was all over the news. 

㊙️   According to reports, she had sent some harassing emails to one Jill Kelly to stop any form of intimacy with her secret lover. This backfired and led to series of unravelling investigations. Paula Broadwell's Charlotte NC home was no longer a fortress. She went to hide at her brother’s place while the whole thing simmers down. However, this did not spare her family from the embarrassment of having their home raided by the FBI. 

㊙️   The FBI found some confidential files in her possession. The narrative was that the ex-military officer had accessed top military information through her illegal affair, and since then, her life has never been the same. 

㊙️   Broadwell and General David Petraeus Source: Getty Images Paula Broadwell today It is almost nine years since the affair was made public. Although it was difficult to face the consequences, Paula managed to storm the weather and make something out of it. 

㊙️   Paula Broadwell's husband stood by her while she dealt with the issues. Reports have it that they are recently divorced. So, what is Paula Broadwell doing now? She founded an initiative known as Think Broader Foundation. The organization discriminates against gender and social stereotypes. 

㊙️   Net worth According to the Celebrity Net worth website, Paula Broadwell's net worth is $21 million. She is associated with several brands like Boston Globes and NY Situations. In addition, she was an ex-US military officer and an author. Social media Paula Broadwell's Instagram bio reads, CEO, Optimist, and Doer. It is the perfect short description of the mother of two. She shares some of her personal and family experiences with over 1,000 followers. Unbelievably also, Paula Broadwell's Twitter account is not so busy. She joined in 2019 and has 13 followers to date. 

ERRATA —  Who’s Who  —  For The Record —  

Holly Petraeus — Holly Petraeus is the wife of David Petraeus. She is the assistant director of service-member affairs at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.Scott Broadwell --- 

Dr. Scott Broadwell  —   was the husband of Paula Broadwell. He is a radiologist in Charlotte, North Carolina.Scott Broadwell and his future wife Paula Kranz met in 2000 when they were both active duty US Army captains. He was then a physician and commander of the Mannheim military clinic in Germany. Paula Kranz was in military intelligence. They were married in Heidelberg Castle with Lt. Col. Ronald Leininger, a Protestant Army chaplain officiating.

Scott Kelley —  "Scott Kelley" redirects here. Not to be confused with the astronaut, the musician, or the politician, all named Scott Kelly.  Dr. Scott Kelley is the husband of Jill Kelley. He is an oncology surgeon in Tampa, Florida.  Scott and Jill Kelley hosted social events attended by David and Holly Petraeus, becoming their friends. 

Kathy Allen
    Kathy (Katherine Glickert) Allen (born February 16, 1954) is the wife of General John R. Allen. They have two adult daughters, singer Bobbie Allen and Betty Allen Wightman. According to some reports Kathy Allen was supposedly good friends with Jill Kelley.  

EMMA BROCKE —  Is A  British writer based in New York, Writes For the Guardian and has several great books published —  Her new book, An Excellent Choice: Panic and Joy on my Solo Path to Motherhood, was published this summer by The Penguin Press —  I love her stuff she tells it like I like to tell it — the way it really is —  

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