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447 Mandalay Avenue, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 

 / 727.442.4144 /

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I said in the beginning that food quality, preparation, presentation, cleanliness and service, are the validation points for restaurants. In all the categories Heilman's meets the norm. 

The food is delicious, consistent and in some cases unique. I first ate there in 1964 with family and at that time the house dish was Baked Chicken. They are still known for their Baked Chicken. How's that for a run! 

It was first opened in 1948 and though many have come and gone Heilman's is still a Clearwater Landmark almost an institution. 

The unique appetizers which come with the meal consist of a four part relish dish with apple butter, beets in a radish sauce, cottage cheese and you also get fresh butter, homemade bread, muffins and banana bread. I could of made a meal from the appetizer tray. It was followed by a house soup (a rich tomato steak blend) and a fresh greens salad with tomato and cucumber in your choice of six dressings. 

We had the Chicken, baked, yet moist, and lightly seasoned. What it did lack was the grease normally associated with fried chicken and that I could (according to my doctor) live without.  Chicken may be replaced by Salmon, Incredible Steaks, Lobster and other fine faire. 

Service is top notch, most of the employees have worked there for years, and a sign of good service is when you don't have to ask for something. When my drink was empty it appeared full as if by telepathy. Waiters and waitresses cover each other’s tables. 

In restaurant parlance thats a package, looking out for the customer and that means repeat business.  It's really quite a simple business, good food, combined with good service and people come back.  When a place fails nine times out of ten, I look at the management and policy. The food comes out HOT and surprisingly at the right time. 

A quick look into the kitchen and it was immaculate.  Decades ago I looked back there.  When Bob Heilman opened the doors in 1948, years ago he claimed anyone could inspect their kitchen at any time. Years ago, I did. It hasn't changed.

I have probably been there 70 times over decades. The foundation of the business is still solid though many have come and gone in fifty years in Clearwater, good food, good service, clean and consistent dinning make a place a landmark.  Heilman’s is that place for a special occasion. 

It's in my top five in Tampa bay. About 75 dollars with tips for the two of us which was very reasonable at that time.  Valet Parking in the rear and you might just get the guy who has been there long enough to claim he parked Moses's chariot….

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